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  • AcedFox

    QB, At Dezgamez came with a theory about if auctions go for gold or for credits. It all got to do on the lights in the background that shine on the tank. Blue-white light: Credits Yellow light: Gold no light: no auction. first comes, first goes.

  • Therockypony

    lol I just got the E 50 M camo for 333 gold. Sweet.

  • Last Boyscout
    Last Boyscout

    Wg have set "pains" in their C2.0 video. Only 1 is ½ achieved. 2.0 will make vehicle less diverse since players habe to use 30 skillpoints to get the extra skill for free. I have been unable to get the same amount of allround bonuses which I have today. The reson is a combination of a skill cap of 75 points AND a much more expensive new skills (experiance wise). The allround crews are less skilled and make the vehicles clumsy and a pain to drive. It would have been better with no skill cap and a 1 to 1 skill conversion, instead of making a experiance conversion. As it is. I will need real money back! !!!!

  • saqui

    Now the Tog II is a self propelled tank target

  • Cat Bot
    Cat Bot

    I think it’s armor just needs to be buffed. Tiger tanks were known for having extreme armor.

  • Nano-Boo

    13:33 How did that sound so much like squidward

  • Herwin Danchou
    Herwin Danchou

    welp byebye wg

  • Barry Dickison
    Barry Dickison

    How does a "free to play" player have over 5000 gold? Real question, I am not trolling here. I want to learn how to do it.

  • Blu3 D3viL
    Blu3 D3viL

    how about no fkn RNG about the crew and just let people choose any skills they want without COST u allready have your bloody premium There shoudlnt be a difference between players it should be about skill and choices not about payment and how much u wasted on their game. u should have the option to play any tank at full capacity and the only thing to slow u down should be your experience, your skill and your decisions It became a fukin Pay to win shitty game like the rest.

  • Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'ati'te
    Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'ati'te

    Got the E50M skin for 500 Gold.

    • Sifreoxe

      300 for me :D

  • Reality

    I never use auto aim. I can just hit moving targets once and a while. It is cool.

  • vlad

    I just got wrecked by it and ended up here...

  • Staxu Eve Wot
    Staxu Eve Wot

    Since they did absolutely nothing to NERF wheeled vehicles, I mean NERF for real no just politically try to persuade you “yes we did NERF them”, what’s a big deal with crew 2.0? You still have 2 minute battles with score 15:1, you still roll the dice 🎲 when pressing your fire button. Now Crew 2.0 is going to destroy the game? Wake up, it already happened. You have MM where you are tier 6 and must fight OP pay to win prem tier 8’s. In my opinion this patch wouldn’t do any difference to me, I’m free to play anyway as I’m not going to pay for this JOKE of a game🤫

  • Aljosa Nikic
    Aljosa Nikic

    got the E50M skin for 255 gold - EU server

  • A S
    A S

    if they do this ill quit, leave crews alone

  • Tony H
    Tony H

    I won my TL 1 with 5 mill creds, but that was on the NA server and your 5.5 mill is probably on the EU servers.

  • ShabaDabaDoo

    Recently let premium time lapse, haven't wanted to re up and can't stand playing without it(i'm not buying credits to be able to keep playing).... the crew rework is going to ensure I never come back....

  • Helge MacIntyre
    Helge MacIntyre

    Regarding prises Got the tier V french TD at minimum cost

  • Charlou

    And as bonds need to play tier 10 wich require a premium account due to repair price and golds ammo needed agains super thick armors, i think we can say bonds are also pay to win, at least for the averange free to play user

  • night crow
    night crow

    it was 6,3 mill

  • Omar AlAbed
    Omar AlAbed

    Rip World of Tanks

  • Hans Frisk
    Hans Frisk

    I bid 6199999 and didn't recieve it so it was higher then 5.5Million.

  • george triantafyllopoulos
    george triantafyllopoulos

    qb im disapointed man, you dont speak about all the tanks that will get boosted but you speak about the ebr, ebrs are better then artys tho if you cant hit them try better but artys no you cant avoid them 15 sec reload 261 oof whats the point of playing with stunned crew of 20 sec and every 15 sec you will get restunned. im main ebr ofc i agree with you and not at the same time but i can deal with those ebrs better then arty, there is no arty safe in this game and having 3 artys is pain.but no instead of watching the overall boost you go to ebr. those crew will be nerfed 15-20% when they will arive to live server btw so you dont have to worry.

  • Chris Madscots
    Chris Madscots

    I think this would kill it for me, 9+ years and have had most of the tanks in that time :(

  • Paul Ignat
    Paul Ignat

    Don't even know who asked for this change in the 1st place. By reading community feedback, it sure wasn't the community.. Instead of focusing on some of the the real issues of the game (spg's, ebr's, gold spam, mm, +2 mm, server lags, etc), they come up with this overcomplex shenanigan.. Here's an ideea: why not just simply introduce 1 or 2 useful skills into the game (perhaps even remove some of the pointless ones while at it) and make the skill grind slightly less demanding... maybe it's just me, but I really see no point in spending years of grind for a full skill crew.

  • Luxor

    Get 6 Million Credits in one day?! How? My name is not QB 😂I wish I could get 6 Million credits in one day 😂

  • Maestro Jordanesco
    Maestro Jordanesco

    To all of you interested, I paid 386 gold to get E50M style. I didn't have the Mirny style, though.

  • Lee Michael Lopez
    Lee Michael Lopez

    War Thunder is just peering over the angry pool of players in the WoT player base

  • john smith
    john smith

    just picked up the E50M camo - minimum bid again ......... it's glorious :)

  • Instinktjagd

    06:30 cause it's a russian bit -

  • Kritish Gopi
    Kritish Gopi

    QB! If u look at the background for the pics it hints at how they will be sold! White lights - credit auction Gold lights - gold auction/sale No lights - pure credit sale That’s the pattern we got on our first three sales ;)

  • Nathan Hansle
    Nathan Hansle

    I havent played for a few years now, because I thought it was p2w then. So sad to see that they're continuing down the same path. I was thinking of playing again but if this becomes live, nope. Back to other real f2p games.

  • XDave21

    I min bid on the E50M 3D skin and won. hehehe i wonder how much WG thought we was really gonna pay for it, cause no thanks i only min bid cause didn't care for it

  • svhr1959

    EBR.. it needs its camo HALVING. It's defence is ludicrous speed and lateral G turning, not stealth (it isn't small anyway). OP vehicles become game destroying with crew 2.0, though I very much like the concept of crew 2.0.

  • Milliardo5

    That's why I stay in WoWs for the most part. I'm new to both, but at least in WoWs I can run to Co-op or Operations and there go up without having my blood pressure go up as well in competing against others who might already have established crews. It's hard for me to get into WoT as a new player since at the get go you already get into PvP, and this only will make things worse for new players.

  • Caporal_Bric3

    T22 sr 🤩

  • bence bukovecz
    bence bukovecz

    My bet for TLC (US prem) was for 6.1m and still i didnt get ..... how ?

  • Thiemo Kellner
    Thiemo Kellner

    WG, how about the concept pay-to-suspense. Make a server, where one can play for a fee and have the luxury to of a matchmaker much based on player skill and not so much on crew and tanks stats?

  • Yousuf Hasan
    Yousuf Hasan

    Join in WoT Blitz

  • Prince Harambe
    Prince Harambe

    Now buy EBR and mission passed in one game.



  • Josef Mužátko
    Josef Mužátko

    hurrrey, i have no more thank 4 perks :) i play for fun killing tomatoes. but this game is shhit.

  • 3shtar

    100% Agree

  • Thiemo Kellner
    Thiemo Kellner

    Nothing better to expect from WG. More measures to disbalance the game towards the better player maxing the pressure to buy premium on the casual player. Just arcade. Fortnite made an example of how to earn decent money without pay-to-win. As long as WG does not change the MM to match player skills with about the same weight to technical stuff, it always will be a pain in the ass with 0:15/15:0s .

  • Matt

    "Error, transaction failed" wargaming = useless

  • Elie

    WG is doing shit by making their game P2W again. A friend told me "where is it P2W ? You can buy with credits!" yeah but I'm not sure everyone is able to have 22M credits on their F2P accounts. My account has been running with premium for 8 years and I never get more than 7M credits 'cause I often buy a tier X or a new grinding tech tree tank. So yes, buy with millions of credits is P2W. 'cause you'll use your CC to get it or use gold to convert it. And bid with gold is clearly P2W x)

  • Killer046

    Hey QB.. just a heads up that the lights in the background signify the currency that it will be sold as (white lights = silver and gold lights = gold) Edit: no lights = immediate sale

    • L. Descamps
      L. Descamps

      White = closed auction, gold = open auction, no lights = flat price

  • DragL

    Let us play older versions like minecraft

  • Robert Dumicz
    Robert Dumicz

    Oh you poor thing, l have about 14.000 battles in the Maus with the 8th skill at about 45%... But yeah, while l played the Maus you came with your invalids chair Bat-cheat-25 shooting me by the back... That´s where you invested your time and crew XP, that was your occupation... Of course l´ll be at disadvantage with my 8 skills, for anyone with 6 skills will have the same amount of points as l with 8 skills do, 75...

  • RNGFDME Wot Mission guides
    RNGFDME Wot Mission guides

    I have the t22 and its decent again. 5.4 second reload and much nicer to drive than the other Russian meds

  • Paulius Augonis
    Paulius Augonis

    play obj 430 u and obj 140

  • RNGFDME Wot Mission guides
    RNGFDME Wot Mission guides

    You didn't mention the fv 183? If you watch wgs video it clearly shows the 183 as being in the black market

  • DragL

    Don't worry we fixed pay2win by removing the free to play players

  • DragL

    Well there goes world of tanks again

  • Thorsten Seigfried
    Thorsten Seigfried

    the game is starting to feel like a parody of a game

  • Egbry Egbry
    Egbry Egbry

    Hey QB will you show us some replays of t28 HTC or T22 medium

  • CK

    actually QB u should use this chinese characters for the google translate instead. 麒麟 Qilin

  • Kubosushi

    (05:12) For the WZ-111 Qilin it wont have extra credit potential - you can check on that ingame via the comparison tool. It´s another crewtrainer at best.

  • Cristian

    Never switch crews again, got it :(

  • Nándor Koródi
    Nándor Koródi

    6:59 Those floating MoE on the barrel are really something

  • AakeTraak

    Another thing that bugs be is why have tracks on vehicles at all when wheels have no penalty on any surface?

  • Gonghitz

    Waffelträger Auf EBR 152 A

  • MasterapeFPV

    I’ve just realised how many premium tanks I already have. Fortunately I have kind of already decided I dont need any new premium tanks, and prefer expanding my FPV drone fleet (which ended up being even more expensive *facepalm*).

    • MasterapeFPV

      @Giovanni Ruffinengo aha true! But on something that can break easily too, needing more money to fix it :P

    • Giovanni Ruffinengo
      Giovanni Ruffinengo

      At least you are spending on something which actually exists

  • jordi de waard
    jordi de waard

    T-44-100 and T-44 outshine this tank in every way lol

  • NikosReegas

    Well maybe in War Gaming they saw it coming and decided that is a very good idea. To make the game even more pay to win!

  • Johan Holmqvist
    Johan Holmqvist

    To simplify for most players, they should make a couple of pre-set paths ex. TD cammo and precision, Heavy armor and close combat skills, Light view range and concealment and medium shoot on the move, maneuverability. This would help out for 80% of the players that just want to play their tanks (Digger007)

  • Ice Troll
    Ice Troll

    Instructors, delete. The rest of this new trash will be nerfed significantly before it appears.

  • Johan Holmqvist
    Johan Holmqvist

    WG will probably sell Commanders with 75points in bundles with Premium tanks making the grinding that we have done replaced by a VISA card (Digger007)

  • Shlezz

    Should I buy the Lt 432?

  • ThePowerbloke

    I'm sure Wargaming will take notice once everyone starts leaving in droves!

  • Miloš Petrović
    Miloš Petrović

    Community: EBR is broken and OP. Wargaming: Buff it mooore! 👹

  • anpj2006

    There should be an option on wot to do the following in Random Battles.....The option to have battles with no wheeled vehicles and Max 1 SPG per team.

  • iulian manea
    iulian manea

    Woke up at 4:55 (spain) just to Find a skin on aucion.... at 5:01 i was in the bed already

  • Quang Đăng Phạm
    Quang Đăng Phạm

    If 2.0 comes out like this I might stick to genshin instead

  • Tendou Satori
    Tendou Satori

    Yo guys a question, when was progetto 45 came out? Was it mission marathon vehicle or is it sold on the shop? I was not playing the game for 3 years and start to play again from August last year.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    shouldn't each tank only have one instructor?

  • tomzicare

    4:45 why the hell can't you tell us now lmao .. jeez

  • S. M.
    S. M.

    WG idiots....as always

  • Owen Rhodes
    Owen Rhodes

    I’ve been getting back into wot lately and I’ve noticed that on some of the enemy’s team names have a small light bulb on their tanks. What does that mean?

  • mark rangsa
    mark rangsa

    😍 Love ur videos. QB..😍