122 TM - Tank Review - World of Tanks
World of Tanks 122 TM. Today we're looking at a T8 premium Chinese medium that seems too good to be true - here's the 122 TM!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • poop jeans
    poop jeans

    Another garbage video from the biggest shill for Wargaming. At least Foch had the balls to call out crap like this.

  • osmacar

    "used tank salesman, even though the tank is new" it's chinese, it's not

  • Aaron Crawford
    Aaron Crawford

    It’s litterly a amx30 at tier 8

  • Mc Shagan pronounced Shaegen
    Mc Shagan pronounced Shaegen

    Just fought one of these and it vanished from in front of me at 200 yards behind partial brush. It would let me target it for a split second then disappear again.

  • Ghostray325

    122TM (lowest DPM 1371) VS Panther 8.8 (Highest DPM 2434) Soooooo.... which is better?

  • Cal Hungus
    Cal Hungus

    I grinded this down to a 60% discount,the i started to play my Type 59.

  • Vladimir

    Just played my first game against this, it was hugging a ridgeline throwing every round through the gun mantlet of my is-3 couldnt believe it.

  • Golden Storm
    Golden Storm

    on WG list or premium tanks with preferential MM its Super Pershing also but 20 of 30 games i got tier 9 or 10 MM

  • Ľudovít Bradovka
    Ľudovít Bradovka

    Duck the statistics i Like this tank and nobody will stop me from thinking that it is op

  • Evren Alici
    Evren Alici


  • Jorge González
    Jorge González

    122 TM - map dependent tank + team dependent = shit tank ... 1 tier 6 can eat him only for dpm.

  • Wolfogre

    Nah, won't be getting it.

  • Sir Frydryk
    Sir Frydryk

    Thanks, I bought it before watching the review....oops. its working out anyway. Should be the last tank I'll buy, going on retirement.

  • Mikhail Vershinin
    Mikhail Vershinin

    Yeah that premium match making is a lie tell the truth quickybaby. I play tier 10s all the time with every single tier 8 premium I own including this one.

  • Sami Sipilä
    Sami Sipilä

    Just got the tank, after completing lvl 7 of the challenge. Gotta say I love it, and was worth it at least with the 70% discount!

  • Marshal_SRB

    War Thunder player here, ive never played WOT but i enjoy watching tank gameplay from different games :)

  • Marko Bozovic
    Marko Bozovic

    Tank deserves some kind of buffs. Like 440Alfa with this rate of fire. Or increase in rate of fire and mobility ETC. Like this this garbage.

  • Ian Howe
    Ian Howe

    Is this a fantasy tank to sucker those into making a purchase ?

  • ENG 08:18AM
    ENG 08:18AM

    im tired of wg.. tanks in general is bad.. at least for me sluggish, slow , torture for me. why do they continue spamming tier 8s with t10 alpha, tier 9 armors and pens, why defender exists why burrasque with shit accuracy pens a shit load of shots, why do tier 8s have standard APCR shells? and more shell velocity than tier 9s why they have more pen than tier 9s, t54 patton, maybe next prem will be a 750 alpha tier 8 heavy with t95 speed lt432 silhouette and kv2 accuracy and call it a day. why dont they make decent tanks anymore...t44100 decent, better than regular t44 but still decent, progetto decent tank, renegade again decent, caernarvon ax again decent , with all this tanks, you need to do something to win, is3a ? defender ? this things you just stay in a corner and shoot, if you fuck up with this thing tho well say hello to garage..

  • Mark Stevenson
    Mark Stevenson

    As an OI player, I have had so many times on a long reload when the enemy forget that I'm there and focus on something else.

  • Fletcher 413
    Fletcher 413

    Man I wish accuracy meant something on console like it does on pc.

  • Siew Kim Ng
    Siew Kim Ng

    Finished the marathon in 7 days. Could have done it in 6 if I really tried. Averaged about 8-10 hours play everyday which is not viable for people with full time job ofc. Pretty tired after the marathon, but I really like the tank so far.



  • Steven Incognito
    Steven Incognito

    QB. You need to make a video bringing into view this hacking bullshit autoshot hacking. It's bad on us server

  • Duncan Kimmett
    Duncan Kimmett

    It has a 17.5 sec reload which is crap, not going to bother wasting my time trying to get this pile of junk

  • Martin Galindo
    Martin Galindo

    I see it as a hybrid between chinese mediums (121, 120) and a E-50M. Good accuracy, penetration and aiming like e-50m, good all around armor, chinese turret. But lack of DPM like E-50M, yea even worse than E-50M but you have to pay for the great accuracy, pen and also the great turret, that payment is the DPM. Dinamics and speed are OK, worse than E-50M and worse than 121 more like an E-50 (tier 9)

  • CopyTH

    Lol sounds like a balanced tank to me. no need to bring it down QB they dont all have to be OP ;)

  • Shin Lucario
    Shin Lucario

    can anyone say seal clubbing chinese tank

  • Peng Hong Ho
    Peng Hong Ho

    WG is trying to change World of Tanks(WOT), into World of Tank Destroyers (WOTD).


    Hola saludos, la verdad ya lo tengo pero me estreso cada vez que lo juego, disparar y corra a esconderce mientras recarga, no se si valga la pena, estoy arrepentido de comprarlo

  • Yu Sun
    Yu Sun

    those two ears are anti_tank missiles, but can't work in this game.

  • BlackMasakari

    Oh, some nice highrolls you had there QB, and these always came when u killed the guy, 416dmg vs mod 1, 430dmg or something 3 mins earlier ;)

    • BlackMasakari

      had a 340dmg and a 350dmg roll today in my 400avg dmg progetto tier 9 HT vs a 720hp obj 704 - was huge fun cause they team sucked balls deluxe and this was just what i needed to make the game an absolute catastrophe

  • BlackMasakari

    Mmmmmussssstttt pppppppplllllaaaaayyyyyy WOOOOOOTTTTT

  • warriorofice33

    As if we needed more stalinium turreted tank, roll eyes: sigh:

  • Arnold Kamers
    Arnold Kamers

    Believe me its a shit tank, pretty slow and to long reload! My advise don't buy it.

  • Eclypse

    What a horrible grind to get this thing. Def not worth it.

  • iloveplayingpr

    Shave the facial hair, it looks disgusting.

  • MohawkDriver

    That skin is undeniably gay.

  • 22 Magnum
    22 Magnum


  • Dylan Nix
    Dylan Nix

    So mister QB doesn’t even like hot choccy milk?! THE HERESY

  • The1RlyShadow

    DPM is overrated.

  • Deus Ex Machina
    Deus Ex Machina

    Reminds me of the Lowe

  • Vincent Sluga
    Vincent Sluga

    So this vehilce is better than the T-34-3 all the way around then? This thing has more armor, decent enough DPM plus a gun that has good pen and accuracy! I'm hella excited to see this on Console, my primary platform.

  • lotdez_

    Quickybaby: poor gun handling me: looks at .3 dispersion and 2 sec aim time \_(シ)_/

  • J0llyroger

    Terrible speed and loading time...No thanks

  • Philip Rodhe Magni
    Philip Rodhe Magni

    Whats is the edelweiss?

  • Nick Ghilea
    Nick Ghilea

    This bish just said only 470 from 370, when most play at base view range and the spot limit is 445

  • Jordan May
    Jordan May

    Just to spite you, from now on I only play the T-44 with the 122mm and only shoot HE

  • punkin the cat
    punkin the cat

    Hey QB I had a question I'm new and starting out and I was wondering if you think it is possible to get a tier 10 without a premium account? Also could you make a video about how to make the quickest money and how to not lose your money so fast on consumables and shells? Thanks!

    • Vlad Ştefan Popa
      Vlad Ştefan Popa

      Play with fire extinguisher, not food. Play with high standard penetration tanks. I recommend the obj 277 line or a TD line. You can also play light tanks, focus on spotting and staying alive until the end of the battle, when you can flank and penetration is not that important. You can go watch taugrim on youtube, he's super good, and plays only with standard ammo.

  • Luís Augusto Panadés
    Luís Augusto Panadés

    Grille 15: has no dpm; no depression; no elevation; no accuracy; no penetration... it has only alpha and should be tier X but that shit is not even tier VIII. This vehicle will eat Grille like nothing. Another one. Grille can't pen its turret without gold. My god, it is a joke. Compare this tanks with the Panther II buffed. It is a joke... And Wargaming said that buffed Panther II... my god.

  • Hans Von Mannschaft
    Hans Von Mannschaft

    Dude, cut the bull. By saying that it's a "solid choice" (and even managing to keep a straight face while doing it) some people -might- will indeed even get to spend real money to get this tank. You're shamelessly helping WG rip people off. Now i know who was the one that Claus, after showing what a piece of utter crap this tank is, disemboweled at the end of his review when he said: "...or maybe I could do a garage review with an English accent..."

  • Pontus Wendt
    Pontus Wendt


  • Staxu Eve Wot
    Staxu Eve Wot

    There is a question for you guys. If my crew from standard tank (lets say)121 is in a prem tank, they work without penalty, if I retrain my crew from a standard tank to a prem tank, do they work with all standard tanks without penalty?

  • Passing Through
    Passing Through

    Not worth the grind.

  • Ponkington Heights
    Ponkington Heights

    Considering the launchers are linked to be pointed the same way as the gun, in essence aimed at the same time, and their size compared to other smoke launchers in-game on the tanks, those are probably rocket tubes, not smoke launchers. Think Zuni Rockets from BF4, probably.

  • PaNDoRiaN 37
    PaNDoRiaN 37

    The vehicle description says those are 4 anti-tank missiles on the side of the turret.

  • PaNDoRiaN 37
    PaNDoRiaN 37

    You could have some iced tea.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    That reload speed is on par with the tier 8 motherland tank before they buffed it. Thats horrible

  • Manuel

    how do u have this smooth zoom ?

  • Tyson Donaho
    Tyson Donaho

    Mr. QuickyBaby i love your vids. I know u like Sabton. I have recently found them and quite enjoy their music vids. As a colonial from the NA server thanks for your vids in most aspects i have somewhat improved. Keep up the great work

  • Noah Crookshanks
    Noah Crookshanks

    I now have zero motivation to play this game, everyone just spams heat as standard

  • fafla12

    my range is 493...what are u talking

  • bojsa

    I played it for 20 battles and for my playstyle works really well. For me it is very comfortable tank to play with. I've put bond rammer, turbo and optics in it and it's fairly mobile, very accurate and when you are in hull down not much can pen you easily. Also damage is substantial in same or lower tier battles. DPM comes as an issue only if you get isolated and rushed, but that is the problem for any medium not only 122TM. For now it looks like a tank for consistent results. All my games where between 1600 and 2800 dmg, and around 90% hits and most of them where pens which is great. The tank is fairly balanced for t8, t9 battles and it struggles in t10 battles due to the low dpm. All in all very happy and for me it works better than progetto 46 and type 59 which i have in my garage. Mostly due to the fact that you get yourself exposed much less, while having much better armor. This in my case results in less shots fired at me, with larger percent being bounced. That makes me alive for much longer and in the game, which in conjunction with reliabile gun results in very good average dmg per battle for my skill level (not very skilled around 1400 wn8). Hope this review helps someone interested in this tank.

  • Skott62

    A shame the rocket launchers are in a covered up mode. It would look even better uncovered.

  • Marko Tuomola
    Marko Tuomola


  • cheapbooks


  • MegaStan316

    never noticed this before but ive just got to lvl 5 or 50% discount for this tank and the amount that wg gives you in the bundle that comes with the tank goes down the more discount you get on the tank thats is a disgraceful business practice if its offered at 20% it should be the same offer at 100% shame on you wg

  • wilxly

    Plz can ai play bit you am good plz

    • wilxly

      Plz can ai play vit you pl

  • Mr_King96

    Is wargaming getting creative with tank design?

  • Michael Marcotte
    Michael Marcotte

    This tank is a interesting looking collectors vehicle. That's it... Bad DPM trollish gun, whats not to hate? sorry Quicky i disagree strongly with u about this pos...

  • Jammie Carl Gregory
    Jammie Carl Gregory

    About half the games on the NA server are 2-3 minute rushtarded games, little strategy or tactics just charge in and trade a few gold shells, and as soon as one team is 3 or so ahead people start lemoning off cliffs or drowning themselves to just "die and get it over with", making most games overwhelming defeats or victories, this tank is not made for the attention span of most NA players, no I think they will hate it.

  • x xx
    x xx

    this tank is underpowered, total crap, not going to grind for it

  • Matěj Láznička
    Matěj Láznička

    Shame QB compared this tanks to a Guard and T-34-3, without taking into count upcoming buff of these tanks. But I might be wrong and info about it might have been released after this video came out.

  • iamlatsku

    "Nothing is going to penetrate this turret" Jagdpanzer E100 HEAT has entered the chat

  • iamlatsku

    It's a min-max tank where gun stats are maxed but DPM is minimal. I don't like.

  • A non
    A non

    Iced tea is a thing, just sayin'.

  • Mitch

    Next high alpha hull monster on tier VIII. WoT died for me a month ago, after almost 10 years. It's just so fucking senseless to try and get any new tank when the power grind is continuing like it is now. This was also the last Wargaming game for me. That's for sure.

  • Anteros1966

    For those of us that have played WOT on PS/XBox this tank is preoccupying, it will push WOT to the clowngame it is on the mentioned platforms. I wish they kept it authentic!

  • Ian Bird
    Ian Bird

    Perfect game/map for this tank, 80% of time against tier 10 not so.....QB whitewash game never shows tanks in good light....

  • angus harding
    angus harding

    To see just how “good” this tank is, see Claus Kellerman’s review. He shows off its mobility and gun accuracy to best effect and how regular players will find game play.

  • Bradley Lombardi
    Bradley Lombardi

    quicky what aim circle and recticle do you use

  • Nele

    After trying the tank, I can only say that you mate become a wg salesman. Sluggish, trollish gun, huge cupolas, and the dpm is just horrific. Imagine someone new to the game taking this as his first chinese premium to grind a new crew. 17,5 seconds reload time!!!??? Not worth single hour of grind, not worth a single euro. Tanks is just crap. You just made it look way better than it is. That's misleading and money bate for wg.

  • masterk102

    Do you plan on making an updated Top Earners video any time soon?

  • saxonsoldier67

    No mention that the tank doesn't have a 122 mm cannon as its name implies ?

  • zy x
    zy x

    Fun Fact: the two covered thing in front of the turret are actually anti-tank misses

  • ManFred TheLast
    ManFred TheLast

    Crazy armor, derpy low DPM gun, slow... Basically a Defender with gun depression?..

  • ManFred TheLast
    ManFred TheLast

    Compare this to the T-44 with the 122, lol

  • LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone
    LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone

    This sounds like a Bull. Sit back cause you are too slow in movement and reload. Find a ridge and use your depression. Binocs, Gun Rammer, Vert Stab and snipe until you can move in and finish them.

  • marh415

    The 122 TM... a solid turd!

  • J R
    J R

    I thought this tank might fit my playstyle until quickybaby said it is for the "controlled, calm and measured player"

  • Wingnut’s World
    Wingnut’s World

    Wingnut _USAF T-95 is my favorite tank.

  • Inquisitor Squish
    Inquisitor Squish

    14:00 PRO's the reload is so slow the enemy forgets you exist.....

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • Jay Hernandez
    Jay Hernandez

    That tank is meh. I don’t know too many players who play for free or mostly free who will have all the 2.0 equipment needed to make this tank work and then after everyone figures out you have a 17 second reload will let you sit there and take shots. So hard pass for me unless I can get it for free.

  • Wrecker1738

    How ironic is the fact, the a Chinese tank made in China is called TM - Trade mark. :D

  • 420-Friendly

    why can 45 winrate idiots play tier 8-10.. DESTROY the fun

  • CNT

    QB is trying really hard to sell this tank. Running it with bond equipment, best crew and food still looks like the tank is crap

    • Bloke 75
      Bloke 75

      Yes , exactly . I thought a one stage, he was going to offer us some cash to help purchase it !! Also , not a great tank for mere mortals to play . Support tank at worst , play like a mobile TD at best . Anyone with half a brain will HE that great turret , ( as the ISU did ) !!

  • Artur Azimov
    Artur Azimov

    11:43 it's a ATGM

  • Jason Long
    Jason Long

    this tank is total shite

  • Amzar Nacht
    Amzar Nacht

    0:29 - That thing on the end of the barrel looks like the 'mouth' on a blow up doll. A mouth with handlebars... This is one of the most vomitously ugly pieces of shit they've ever put out. Looks like WoT is jumping the shark...

122 TM Oyun Derlemesi
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