A Game So Stupid It HURTS - World of Tanks
Today in World of Tanks I'm going to have a game so stupid it hurts...
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • XriZinger

    first i saw the t95 i fell in love for it. 13km/h max.. so what i was happy. hearing i can do 20 now makes me grin

  • Šarūnas S.
    Šarūnas S.

    i have played when it was 13 km/h like 6 years ago, i was average player with 49-50 percent win rate, but only in t95 i had winrate of 56 percent in 300+ battles.

  • Jimbo Height
    Jimbo Height

    So true 😂

  • V1C7OR

    A game so stupid it hurts - "World of tanks" ok my dude :)

  • Patrick Conlon
    Patrick Conlon

    😳it’s been 2 years since ive watched this mad Ladd.... he has a jingles beard now...

  • We Are The Lamb
    We Are The Lamb

    Advice: Got Gud.

  • Floyd The droid
    Floyd The droid

    Play free to play. Without premium quicky. See how long you can afford to play in the higher tiers...

  • Dan Barnett
    Dan Barnett

    Your try hard excuse for a beard is so stupid it hurts.

  • james watt
    james watt

    Why doesn't WOT console not have this unfrozen version of this map

  • VladiSSius

    That EBR 90 won the January 2021 Cringe Award.

  • John Kelly
    John Kelly


  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • Tudor356


  • Bullets ForTeeth
    Bullets ForTeeth

    Here's something stupid... Wargaming chat banned me for 72 hours for, get this... Insults and Harassment. Fine... I banned Wargaming from my Credit Card for 72 days. Lets see who squeals first.

  • Adam Nosek
    Adam Nosek

    How to activate free camera pls answer

  • DarkMagic420

    What is this game how did you manage to get two of you over to there cap and not ha e any health taken away???? I've had some games kinda like it but had to fight 1 or 2 tanks

  • North Valley
    North Valley

    that M53 rushing at the end was so funny , he ran like a weasel after he fired

  • Janith Dasunpriya
    Janith Dasunpriya

    i'm playin in Asia (hong kong) Free2play never paid for anything 8/10 games everyone is dead with no kills 2 or 3 players are left at the end with some kills but can't do anything because 90% of the enemy team has full health ! i really believe that they has some algorithm that put somewhat good F2P players in teams with crap players

  • The BlackLister
    The BlackLister

    I love the fact that yet again the quacky twat is shooting his mouth off! and gets an stb1 to yollo and die because he wants to succeed and does not give a crap about anybodie else what a muppett

  • matthew kustusz
    matthew kustusz

    Mine's fully upgraded for years

  • matthew kustusz
    matthew kustusz

    a lot of games I'm in people not playing the game as a strategy trying to get in good positions fighting positions tanks that are not spotting and light tanks are playing in the backfield all the time lately

  • Pumpkinhead1986

    lol 7 shoots from t95 to kill AMX Thats why i play War Thunder

  • James cecil-jones
    James cecil-jones

    The t95 is a good tank apart from when you have artillery in the game and my mates have gave the t95 a nickname it is the doom turtle

  • Schimml0rd

    WHY play this game while war thunder exists??? How much u getting paid lol

  • Timothy Tan
    Timothy Tan

    Mr.QB, How long do the Prosperity bundles last in WOT Premium Shop?

  • Igor Markovic
    Igor Markovic

    That is not original 105mm gun for T95. It's 105mm is 3 times longer then that popgun

  • Robert M
    Robert M

    Been a while...got the goat going! Cheers.


    Calling other players stupid or clowns.. you have to excuse them,,, they have lives and dont get to sit and play tens of thousands of games like you do and WOT doesnt give them tons of shit to promote their game.


    It is called crappy MM which should look at more than just the tanks and their tiers.


    wheeled vehicles need to go.. they are ruining the game..

  • Thot Slayer 420
    Thot Slayer 420

    sum up (almost) everything in one battle:

  • Johnpaul Moorcroft
    Johnpaul Moorcroft

    I play on console wot and the pc wot looks like fun

  • Michael Pollard
    Michael Pollard

    Wow thought you were playing on the Asian server ROFL, shit like that happens EVERY game on Asian server.

  • Ahmed A. Al Abri
    Ahmed A. Al Abri

    The development team of this game they are sucker they always Reduce tank performance expt russian tanks .. sucker :)

  • martin cancino
    martin cancino

    wot random game choose bad players every time....

  • Ashton b
    Ashton b

    I wonder how different WoT is between Console and PC

  • Gloinker Gloober
    Gloinker Gloober

    I just realized the kv-85 has a 122 mm armament with a 10 second reload as long as you have an alight crew. Is it only on console ?

  • Steve Cardiff Cardiff
    Steve Cardiff Cardiff

    Welcome to MY world

  • ammc2004

    Wot is só bad compared with wt

  • Nikola Hajdukovic
    Nikola Hajdukovic

    I think quickbaby messaged me a few days ago telling me im good, i genuinely think it was him

  • Michel Radosevic
    Michel Radosevic

    Is it possible that Wargaming uses name and tanks of normal players and makes them play with an AI (and doesn’t record the result)... to have more people to play. We are waiting a lot less but the number of bizarre teams is also increasing!!

  • Eric Does Stuff
    Eric Does Stuff

    Hey QB, I dont know if you're going to read this, but somehow I've been banned in your chat under X7DragonsX7, I dont think I said anything as I haven't watched a stream in a while, but could you check it out?

  • pish180

    This is literally EVERY GAME on NA...

  • John En De Rest
    John En De Rest

    A Skill1 player give you the final shot,.........Skill4Ltu sense

  • Edvin Dervisevic
    Edvin Dervisevic

    Guys, any idea of which tank i need to use to complete my mission of blocking 1k damage with light tank?

  • Kamen Tcholakov
    Kamen Tcholakov

    LOL indeed... I Don't care for the marathons at all! Play a battle or 5 and go away for 2 days :)

  • Electro playz
    Electro playz

    this is literally not even my average game, my rng is so bad

  • Subverse

    You play with 22 HE and you call enemies and allies clowns?

  • Nateksubaru subaru
    Nateksubaru subaru

    Play WoT b

  • Iulian-Casian Merce
    Iulian-Casian Merce

    What‘s your solution to this stupid games?

  • Alex

    Pu**y fur baby is back again

  • UpForGrab !
    UpForGrab !

    heyyo, being new to WoT would u recommend the object 252 as a possible buy for me? i kinda like the heavy tanks in game and with a decent gun...

  • Alunita Inghinala
    Alunita Inghinala

    Haven't played since Day One of Italian Heavies, took them all out and uninstalled the game.

  • Mark Elgohary
    Mark Elgohary

    i’m leaving wot and so i won’t be watching u anymore. great channel but wot just sucks. i’ve spent over 2k on the game and sadly i’m leaving. this game is just shit now.

  • sadick davids
    sadick davids

    Miss wot 8 years ago .Playing 10 battles only one win that's what some people sitting up with free account making no credits

  • Horsesdrumstick

    Its games like this that made me switch to war thunder, which i will inevitably get tired of as well

  • Battlecruiser Plays
    Battlecruiser Plays

    no thats just an average battle. it's why i don't play anymore.

  • R K Aldnon
    R K Aldnon

    First time?

  • Sonny C
    Sonny C

    yeah it seems these battles are just hitting this guy for me these stupid battles are consistent and pretty much every battle this game sadly for me has become pretty much unplayable

  • LeXmen

    Then you havent seen War Thunder lol

  • Roger Osman
    Roger Osman

    Completed the challenge on base experience only. One hell of a grind. 10 days 14hrs/day. Luckily we were snowed in which allowed me to dedicate the time.

  • Martika Kotopoyli
    Martika Kotopoyli

    if i start counting my games like the one you show...it would take me...2-3 months talking....

  • cvr24

    The T95 DGAF

  • Mirza Bajramović
    Mirza Bajramović

    Howbdo you activate free cam

  • Kitek94

    "Craft Gee King" ... or maybe "Craft Geeking"? :P

  • fred red
    fred red

    TM-122 Not buying at 50%. As a bad player I played alot but with poor progression so would of considered maybe buying at 80%. But seriously with 17 second reload they are one of the least scariest tanks to face and I reckon it will only be a few short weeks before they disappear from battles. My thought early on was that I would feel offended by this tank if I was Chinese.

  • Piotr Wojtyna
    Piotr Wojtyna

    That was a 2021 marathon experience in a nutshell.

  • Terrance Stapleton
    Terrance Stapleton

    I'm not sad about it its just life's progression I suppose . A few years ago maybe not that long ago QuickyBaby and Jingles were the goto news for all things Wot, When Wows came out understandably jingles shifted major focus and rarely covers wot at all. Quicky on the other hand rolls out videos of gameplay nearly daily. The news direct from wargamming is great but its usually impersonal. Or too informative. Now.. the only channel that talks news mostly Is dezgames but unfortunately I can't listen to him for more than a few moments because of that heavy Sovietbloc accent

  • Why Not
    Why Not

    Isnt every game of WoT so stupid it hurts?

  • niu chajianfa
    niu chajianfa

    you can tell QB is running out of video ideas

  • Christophe Regnier
    Christophe Regnier

    it is my last bought tank, and im like like you, playing it stock, that is kinda horrible, kinda funny, im playing it like a spotter as my gun can no longer pen enemies xD i take 5k spot then i die and restart ^^

  • Richmar Jon Tondo
    Richmar Jon Tondo

    Finally subscribed to my favorite world of tanks RSloft content creator, ive learn a lot from you Qb thank you so much From:Philippines

  • Morrice Loy
    Morrice Loy

    Yeah, welcome to WOT. No thing but clowns who think they are the best. Meanwhile, they all suck.

  • Amir Salehi
    Amir Salehi

    Im playing f2 play and i have no perm acc and no perm tank except gift tanks and i have no equipement its so hard to play like this

  • Sinhareeb Hawil
    Sinhareeb Hawil

    can you make a video about the free camera? please.......

  • ArterialCanine

    QB you look like Kkkkkkevin from a fish called Wanda with chips up your nostrils with that mo😆😎😂😳

  • perking

    i watched this live, and i was like «bruh» the whole game


    been hating this tank rn XD

  • Velocisoldier

    Hey QuickyBaby, i did what you did and spent my blueprints on the T95 and am now just working my way thru the american TD line to buy it. but now i know ill need to get used to a few bad games working up enough to get the tracks and engine in order, let alone the gun.... great vid my dude! keep em coming

  • kbahrami346

    @QuickyBaby Can't you anonymize your free-to-play account? Or request Wargaming to do so?

  • Elandilas

    "Mission Moronthon" (take care QB)

  • lmaniac58

    Ah a Doom Turtle replay, always love em! :D

  • 1 in a phillion E.P.
    1 in a phillion E.P.

    Ik u guys hate this game and the logic. But trust me, you haven't tried war thunder if you think this is bad. I shoot the tail and wings fall off. Ghost shells, uptiers etc.

  • Stoyan Radushev
    Stoyan Radushev

    Playing the game for 5 years, many of my games are like this, problem is I am not that skilled :/ oh and another one- after that time I have managed to buy the Patriot with the imaginary cash.. didn't pay a cent for anything though :D

  • Lupo Blues
    Lupo Blues

    Am I wrong, or is it for some time now that in tier X, everyone says they find people who are there just to get killed? I have just reached tier 5, but I think I will drop the title. Not worth it.

  • justin dawson
    justin dawson

    Wanted to try the t 95

  • David Rodrigues
    David Rodrigues

    Can anyone tell me what is the best starting line for a f2p player pls ?

  • HouseOfHam

    You're pronouncing Malinovka wrong. The stress is on the i.

  • Samuel Serdar
    Samuel Serdar

    He is going for beer 2:56

  • Steeljaw XXI
    Steeljaw XXI

    I know Wargaming did that mockumentary ad for WOT of the light tanks and the Tiger and the Maus thingy, but we need one of this battle end with actual David Attenborough narrating it. "Here is the dread 'Doom Turtle'. It's mating season, but that means a truly dangerous season as well. There's no shortage of predators and pests as the 'Doom Turtle' beaches seeking a nesting ground. As awe-inspiring and beautiful nature can be, it is also cruel and indifferent. This particular 'Doom Turtle' will not sire any future generations of battlefield menaces." QB gets into a T28 and hits "Battle Start".

  • George

    What too you guys mean stock????????????

  • DSE 76
    DSE 76

    8:37 Mine ! Mine ! Mine ! Mine ! Mine ! Mine ! Mine ! Mine ! Mine ! Mine ! Mine ! Mine ! Mine !

  • Chris_Gere10

    Lmao you should go see my T95 Replay where I had 3k spotting and almost 4K damage spaz720

  • Ugly Motherfoker
    Ugly Motherfoker

    What I dont understand is how can you just shoot a tank afk for 5 minutes and not kill it. Why I left this game

  • Dylan Holland
    Dylan Holland

    Hey could you show game play of the T11DE4

  • sonnymv

    good vid, clowns & moron's everywhere..

  • James O’Keeffe
    James O’Keeffe

    Best 10 days of my life, 100% worth it.


    After the last console update my T95 went down to 1700 HP, how do I get it back to 1950 HP?

  • BreadPitt

    That's not the normal WOT game. At lasted longer than five minutes!

  • shima pan
    shima pan

    QB will you play fresh on Steam?

Cunami - Svaki Dan
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Cunami - Svaki Dan
197 хиљ.