World of Tanks has always had a hard time balancing autoloaders especially tank destroyers like the AMX 50 Foch B - here's why it's in a bit of a state!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • thesandtiger

    every time see its clip i keep thinking why cant we have our waffeletrager e100 back i mean the have a massive about of op tanks it fit right in

  • Alan Flake
    Alan Flake

    This game has become a game for the end-of-year holidays.

  • Striker

    Not OP by any means imo. If you dont load gold against most of tier X, you won´t pen half of your clip. Also the entire grind of this line is just a nightmare.


    Full pay to win cancer. Bravo.

  • Nicazer

    1:46 hey! i will keep my +12 stealth +12 deception -1 int thank you very much!

  • Juan José Del Pino Rivas
    Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    WT Auf E-100 is on consoles with 4 shells and it's doing pretty well and you can also get the Grille as well.

  • Trainzman 507
    Trainzman 507

    I've been playing the Teir 9 Foch a lot lately. Its definitely way funner to play than the teir 10. I play it aggressively with a turbocharger. Get in front of the enemy, unload, then run away like a good frenchy haha. I don't think a lot of people know that it has an autoloader. I also do the same in the tier 8 Foch. Out played plenty of GSORs during the Christmas break with the tier 8 (they aren't the only ones with high clip potential).

  • Superchief USN
    Superchief USN

    BS, it does not hit, or pen maybe 50% of you shots are effective. Don't even try the front of a heavy without gold. Sure flanking works well but that is very situational. Have it don't play it much as I hate just spamming gold.

  • Raphael boily
    Raphael boily

    Wargaming:let's balance everything with giving advantage to arties instead of removing them like most of the players want.

  • vanvan22

    Well QB, I know that someones cousin (Pierre) does like this tank and game, was nice game indeed !! !

  • Green_Shadow _HD
    Green_Shadow _HD

    In my opinion Quickybaby is like the Gordon Ramsay of World of Tanks

  • EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious
    EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    I would give it an autoloader like the chi-ri or the TVP. Super bursty, almost like having a single shot, with its low interclip but also small mag. a decent reload to keep an acceptable dpm, with 3 shots it would be a 1200 damage low pen burst, perfect for supporting mediums, or with 2 shots it would be more like an 800 alpha sniper.

  • King David
    King David

    I’m just going to say it since no one is. WG will forever always keep buffing and nerfing tanks. It’s an artificial market that they have made. If they stopped constantly “balancing” then they would make less money. Get people to talk about the new tank, or even how trash this tank is. Get more people to spend them credits/free xp/gold/money etc. Get people to play something new to try and counter that new buffed tank. I could go on but yeah...

  • David Larson
    David Larson

    This video came across cringy and arrogent

  • Qvor Damqnov
    Qvor Damqnov

    Skill4ltu the best

  • warriorofice33

    This td sucks, period.

  • Luke Kibzey
    Luke Kibzey

    I have done the grind to T9, researched the Foch B, now I see this...

  • fergoka

    Wtf E 100 was big as a house, bad gundep, couldn't fight in the frontline, etc. I mean I remember fighting against and with HE it was easy to deal with it unless he cought you in the open. The reason it was took out from the game is because it was german in my opinion, and only russians can be that OP. V4 for has a speed of the grille, the armor efficiency equivalent to the armor of the maus, good gun, etc.

  • KV-2 Master
    KV-2 Master

    basicly WTF E100 and tier 9 Foch married and they have a child :P

  • alaa marwa
    alaa marwa

    اللعبة هي اذا ما معك مصاري بالحقيقة لا تلعبا لأنو زبالة ودايما بتخصرك كردت بدون حساب مميز

  • Matěj Markovič
    Matěj Markovič

    Same for t57, Iliked it a lot. But nowadays, the gun handling is so bad, as my poem knowledge. Bon accessories, dream crew, still not good enough.

  • Elandiel

    I actually like the Foch B very much, not only for trapping loners but alsof for long range burst sniping, you can easily get the viewrange over 500m in this td. And the speed provides the ability to outflank engaged heavies in areas with cover, burst shots and retreat, its actually very versatile

  • MJN

    you dont need gold ammo lol.. thats just an easy excuse.. i have 1400 battles in the E-100 and fired gold at most 50 times in total and im doing fine without

  • Nick Grishin
    Nick Grishin

    I really like the foch b. Clipping people is fun.

  • charles savignac
    charles savignac

    Well I can tell you that the foch in warthunder is probably the most fun you can have in the french tree when it’s in its proper lvl.

  • Heinz Guderian
    Heinz Guderian

    My B.U.G.I has 3606 DPM and I don't use food or directives. Orderly Ammo Rack takes it to 3710. Bread takes it to 3762. Both together is a unreal 3870. It is absolutely insane and a Tier6 medium just begging for a massive nerf. Between the Foch B and the Foch 155, it's hard to choose which one is more fun/not fun.

  • Amores Have fun Amigos
    Amores Have fun Amigos

    I have heavy 5 tank japan

  • Kagetsu Scarlet
    Kagetsu Scarlet

    Unbalanced tank yet still In game LOL

  • Eljhon Lanuza
    Eljhon Lanuza

    It's meant to be a 1v1 God. It was created to secure 1v1 situations. A good team who looks out for one another can surely take this out with no problem. It doesn't need to be nerfed as it has been multiple times and it doesn't need to be taken out as the Foch has been in the game for a while now and it hasn't been the most popular T10 TD. It is a tank that fits a specific niche and is unbeatable at that niche.

  • Flying Berserker
    Flying Berserker

    Foch b is not popular tank just because its a wallet drainer, 250 pen in tier x td is bad, its a 2 key tank

  • Alex Just
    Alex Just

    its WoT so ...silly autoloaders are a thing ..i personaly weit for the day when they release soviet armoredcar autoloaders whit x6 clip :)

  • Royce Tristan Maca
    Royce Tristan Maca

    meme: Foch you!

  • Timothy Tan
    Timothy Tan

    what tank tree is nxt on the ON TRACK

  • christian staats
    christian staats

    they removed it cause of all the purple players were complain that why. Stop it!

  • Folly Industries
    Folly Industries

    It's so unpopular because you have to run premium ammunition and most people don't dab at two key quite as freely as you do

  • me-HANG-lo

    Want balance? Go to console, it’s one update away from everything being the same. No point in big guns and armor means next to nothing. It’s stupid, but that’s what happens when everyone keeps crying about “balance”

  • W J
    W J

    I totally understand and agree that after playing it several times it has lost it luster and needs to be rebalanced in the buff section and feel more pen and less shells would allow this focus to shi e and be fun again.

  • Matt Carrier
    Matt Carrier

    Has it met the Souma SM? That thing is an animal in tier 8...

    • Stormtrooper

      Somua,Bourascue,Gsor 1008,Progetto... Pay to win

  • Captain Napalm
    Captain Napalm

    It's interesting how many people thought QB was advocating a nerf for the Foch B, when he wants it to be more fun because its statistics are lack luster. Watch the entire video before leaving your comment folks.

  • Antonio Rogojan
    Antonio Rogojan

    Every time u open your mouth about something and complain about a tank that is not balanced, they get NERFED.

  • Emir Berkay ECE
    Emir Berkay ECE

    Does anyone knows where is that QB from?

  • David.L

    For average player its balanced, but not fun true, but again what is fun in WOT, if you dont want spend creds for gold ammo? :)

  • Jamie World of tanks
    Jamie World of tanks

    How can you get world of tanks mercineries and what platform can you play it on

  • Josh Digger
    Josh Digger

    People complaining about these tier X tanks, me still grinding for my first tier X :(

  • Jayson Cruz
    Jayson Cruz

    I really hate this tank. 155 much better for me.

  • Corathus

    Didn't you call the new GSOR TD the new WT Auf E100?

  • 자이언츠손아섭

    The Old days' Foch 155. Also known as 'Foch You'. I remember it...

  • Marie BCFHS
    Marie BCFHS

    Foch you

  • Classy rassy
    Classy rassy

    QB I think this tank would work much better if it worked like this. Give it a 10 round magazine, much shorter reload time but much slower intra-clip reload. For those 10 shots this vehicle has tortoise level DPM but with the benefit of being much faster then the tortoise. So this vehicle instead of clipping tanks in moments would instead play more like an assault gun that has to pull back every now then to "charge up" it's DPM.

  • veenoable

    Thank you Quickybaby.. Now you give idea to WG to nerf this tank more same like they did to amx.

  • toaster microphone
    toaster microphone

    Wait so this is unbalanced because it is a one trick pony using its “mobility” and “firepower” but for example the bc 25t med is not unbalanced because it uses its “mobility” and “firepower”

  • Leo Vinci
    Leo Vinci

    11:33 stoned quackybaby :D

  • doug robblee
    doug robblee

    you cannot "balance" a war machine wtf - they're not supposed to be balanced, what r they thinking? I know all wargaming is interested in is their bottom line - we all know that! So just "WHAT" r they trying to do? ALL they r doing is making enemies by thinking we are believing that shit. This is a GAME people! You CANNOT make tanks "fair"!

  • Edson Kidwell
    Edson Kidwell

    The whole reason ERA FIGHTING needs to be

  • captaincrazyhat

    I don’t play this tank either lol I play the old 155 Foch b because I had it before they took it out of the game so I have the gold version. I had the wt e100 before they removed it too. And the old fv 183. The old tanks are way way more fun then the replacement vehicles. That is kinda the issue and why I keep trying to come back but I just can’t stick with it because everything is just starting to feel the same and none of the new tanks appeal to me that much that I want to jump back in to get them. I did come back to play with the wt e100 event and a couple other times but that’s about it. It’s a shame really the game has sorta become stagnant

  • vasky22

    Coincidence Rangefinder is the T-shaped thing on top of the Foch B and several others.

  • Na z
    Na z

    yeah because balance in this game is a theme... syke

  • Hannah Hunt
    Hannah Hunt

    Can we talk about the shot taken at 5:51? QB is on the move, and the exposed part of the FV4005 is taking up less than 5% of the reticle, and the shot still goes in...

  • Yman Mateo
    Yman Mateo

    i don't even know if they still have removed the WTF E100 in a Different Image of a Tank (FOCH)

  • Storm Captain
    Storm Captain

    I enjoy this tank, however it is very limited, can carry if fully reloaded and low hp enemies as you can put down 6 enemies if they had below 400 hp

  • Netraven001

    "Poor Tank Design... I Like the IDEA of the vehicle..." THIS! Louder for those in back please! Unfortunately, This is the direction that WG is going making everything Burst Damage. Autoloader this. Auto-REloader that... Everything Faster and faster... (Looking at you EBR!) It used to be the Thinking Man's FPS, but with the latest vehicles it's just getting out of hand. I'm tired of trying to keep up with the meta. It wouldn't be so bad if it were incremental changes, but everytime they do this, it changes the game so much! I'm still playing, but not as often as I used to. And I feel that will be the way it goes for me as long as this keeps up.

  • cfgvd

    These tanks destroyed the game forever. Its beyond stupid. They should add a gamemode without autoloaders

  • mujexzilla

    God, I use to love the Foch 155 back when it had 850 alpha, played the living shit out of it before it got nerfed.

  • Bagheera

    4 shells with a very short reload?

  • Bagheera

    there's nothing dangerous about a tank that cant routinely land even half its magazine....

  • Devyn The Unbroken
    Devyn The Unbroken

    Idk to me I love my Foch B and have so much fun with it, I kinda play the support roll and once I see an opening it's free real estate

  • Jonas

    QB, this time i do not agree for once. Playing with regular ammo you can count on not hitting or not penetrating with at least 50% of the mag. Ok, then play with gold ammo but then you can include all tanks....

  • Willem Helmes
    Willem Helmes

    I absolutely love the AMX Foch B, played almost 1000 battles with it and with a 56% win ratio, it certainly is one of my go-to tanks :D

  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas

    Why can't we get this thing in blitz. The 155 is so weak

  • cody biersack
    cody biersack

    Honestly on console this is one of the worst tds in the game because it has literally no armor and the hatch on top are a mojor disadvantage

  • Christian Bittner
    Christian Bittner

    I'm actually pretty sad that we didnt get the Foch 155 as a collectors vehicle to purchase...I would love to play it someday :/ I mean you could balance the TD by letting it have like idk a 3 times 560 mag instead of 2400 dmg... I personally think 6 shots are too much, why would you need so many? Frenchies live from their mobility and mags that usually dont sacrafise a lot of pen for its alpha. 3 Shots with 2-2,5 sec intra clip and then pull back to reload is what it should be... but being an all in monster sorta gives it its own place I guess. Isnt it funny that the FV4005 is massively hated for being able to rip apart squishy targets when this thing here does a similar job, yet its not hated quiet as much..its probably bec of the reaction time one has instead of literally getting one shot.

  • Wolfsokaya

    WT E100 an unbalanced tank? For this reason,they should remove the wheeled trashtanks too.

  • Leslie

    Throw some wheels on it :D

  • MSsanttuliini

    its a 3 shot autoreloader whitout CC rng 😜

  • raphaël Tertrais
    raphaël Tertrais

    There are a lot of tanks needing buff, I don't think this one is the most important

  • Mythicraven

    Can you do a review on Russian arty

  • raphaël Tertrais
    raphaël Tertrais

    U neither want to sit in front of the tortoise, I prefer to be in front of foch than tortoise

  • Sentient Cloud
    Sentient Cloud

    I bought this tank then sold it becasue I hated it as it had no penatration to get the Foch 155 for 22000000 credits. I later bought it again. I actually like this tank but I agree that it can be hard to use. Desite this I have managed get 7 kills in a game. For the best expericane I equipped : Improve rotation mechanism class 1, Additional grousers class 1 and a Turbocharger class one which makes this tank hilariously quick and very maneuverable. If it was not for this setup I would not like this tank anywhere near as much as I do.

  • Nicola Orsingher
    Nicola Orsingher

    So.... Is better to have EBRs?? I think this tank is pretty shit as it is.. the problem is not Foch B, is EBRs and fck chieftains

  • Leon Weber
    Leon Weber

    On this vehicle looks like that the french picked chasis of a kingtiger and maked a tankdestroyer of it. I mean just look at the engine deck, the placement of the wheels and the fenders

  • Sergey Trusevich
    Sergey Trusevich

    I remember watching this on stream. The only thing that balances this is that it's turretless and its penetration sucks.

  • UtahNavyVet

    Hates the tank but does 8k in damage. Hmmmm.....yeah, I would hate that as well.

  • Duke Johnny
    Duke Johnny

    I think that the TDs were the Apex predators during the times of WT E100. Then they got nerfed or plain removed and so dawned the era of the lights especially with the bloody EBRs. Then they got nerfed and now it's definitely all about heavy tanks. Wondering what will come later - meds? Arty? :D would love to know your thoughts about this QB, as well as the players.

  • Michael Clarke
    Michael Clarke

    Well the last time you will see it like the WTE100 gone like all good tanks WOT nerf off the line with it never seen again, like in next up grade, thanks for telling them

  • Jean Coetzee
    Jean Coetzee

    I'd vote that the STRV-103B is significantly more threatening to sit in front of than a Foch B.

  • nenadmish

    What took you so long to place a new video?🙂

  • _NautiluS_

    Please remove this video until WG doesnt see it 😁. I have some feeling that you all contributors actually made many tanks got nerfed, for example like Progetto 65, everybody talked how amazing that thank was and beautiful, OP, just great tank, and it was, that was my favorite one tank, and then they fucked up that one

  • Bence Zrinyi
    Bence Zrinyi

    Let's make the sides and the rear paper

  • Sarah Swanson
    Sarah Swanson


  • Sarah Swanson
    Sarah Swanson

    I just faced that tank yesterday it was pretty managed to kill it though!!!!!!

  • MY Gaming Channel
    MY Gaming Channel

    I can deal 2k damage with one shot in fv4005 tho

  • Scroloton

    please dont do what rb6 does. this tanks is the most fun how it is now pls no nerf

  • Alex Vermeulen
    Alex Vermeulen

    @1:50: how is that different from eg Jagdpanzer E100. its damn slow, its huge, its got shittier armor profile and its only perk is its massive alpha combined with a reload that is insanely slow compared to this FOCH magazine unload in same time......

  • BlackMasakari

    Tank is weak enough. You showed great bravery - that's why you were rewarded...One can also camp with it, but then....whatever...sure is a weird one.

  • BlackMasakari

    Close-quarter combat-baby at it's finest. You shoot my weakspots ? Ok - i will hurt you...ALOT.

  • Insane

    the WZ is just a bad version of the Obj 268 so why should u play it

  • LEThebest78

    Nice gold spamming fb,udes and conq

  • d4D1L

    Man it hurts looking at this game when I think about what they have done to the console-version. Many players have left the game on console. The good ok times are gone. The hud, the grafix, the complain about WG removing tanks? They removed the whole game for us in console🤷Think about that🤷It now looks and feels like a mobile game for casuals. It’s so sad!

  • Damien N
    Damien N

    I think the AMX 50B and the Foch B are a lot more alike than their classes say. The 50B with the same gun (but a smaller drum and slightly longer inter clip reload), behaves like a flexible Tank Destroyer rather than a heavy tank, whereas the Foch B has "better" armor and the fast firing 6 shot drum.

  • Mateiu Stefan
    Mateiu Stefan

    Hello quicky baby, may i ask, when you will make a review for Progetto CC55 mod. 54 and Progetto C50 mod. 66 ?