Carro D'Assalto P.88 - Tank Review - World of tanks
World of Tanks - Carro D'Assalto P.88. Today I'm reviewing the T7 Italian heavy tank the Carro D'Assalto P.88!
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  • hallopri

    tier 7 italian tanks are the worst tanks in the game

  • hugo lopes
    hugo lopes

    yall complaining about Carro P.88... imagine being a churchill tier V stock gun, playing against tier VII...

  • Martin Galindo
    Martin Galindo

    Seems like a VK3002 D in heavy version with italian armor like p43 Ter. Bad pen but the DPM is amazing

  • ScubaRooster

    Enjoyed playing this tank....don't know what your proplem is. I do agree that you wont make any credits.

  • Ginger Bread
    Ginger Bread

    Quicky Paddie seems to not wanting to just look the cold truth......simple- remove to stupid module ( turbo) from this waful game then buff the tankS speed and PROBLEM SOLVED*** + and now you get another USEFUL module... slot to put anything more USEFUL . Wargaming with their new patches gonna find a way to reduce our 6-7 skills crews with **special skills** the same way they did with our 1.0 equipment....what a scam.......Dont even bother reworking artys and maps= good players have already quit this worthless scam game PLZ LESS **SALESMAN** AND MORE REAL CRITICS ABOUT THIS *** GAME

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • Ginger Bread
    Ginger Bread

    Wargaming do not want players stay low tiers since it is cheaper to play and they dont sell any premium accounts neither credits bundles...,.Thanks Quicky to not reveal the scam 😀

  • G Cape
    G Cape

    War thunder is better

  • Pärlan

    I like it.

  • orbit

    Make video about tier 8 , i heard its best tank in italian heavy lline.

  • J D
    J D

    This thing is a miserable idea of drunk engineers that used to design garbage trucks and remembered it needed a gun as an after thought. The exemplary game play here is atypical of game play - the tank just sucks, the grind will piss you off. Just keep your eye on the prize - the next Tiers above this POS.

  • T3kNoxious

    This game is a scam for new players. Old players spent to much money to walk away.

  • 22nd account Due to censorship
    22nd account Due to censorship

    It's meant to be shnit, if it was any good the pay 2 win players with prosciutto would be mad.

  • Jan Luzar
    Jan Luzar

    16:00 bunny hop mouse movement

  • Grzegorz Samar
    Grzegorz Samar

    Me just saw this....

  • IonKatt

    For some reason I actually perform somewhat in this tank

  • Graystoke _
    Graystoke _

    This tank is pure shyte..

  • Bruski

    Still a better heavy than the Tiger P

  • alina muntean
    alina muntean

    better then tiger:))))

  • rafacich

    i have to play wot 3 months

  • Miroslav Tordaji
    Miroslav Tordaji

    and you lost me at 2.20

  • mwnciboo

    8:50 "In these medium tank engagements" *faces 5 x Heavies*

  • Robi_CK

    I managed to skip Italians up to tier 9, run out of Italian blueprints ;) Have to grind tier 10 only

  • knight felipe
    knight felipe

    the new italian fat tanks are here

  • Alejandro Barreto
    Alejandro Barreto

    907 or 45t?

  • kristijan medved
    kristijan medved

    What happened to arty rework?

  • ZoM_ _
    ZoM_ _

    15:17 when you realize how screwed up the Vet program is. Its ONLY for US Vets. not EU or NA vets, United States vets. You legit have to enter your Social Security number among other things to a 3rd party company that has a "F" rating.

  • peteycrack

    The whole Italian heavy branch SUCKS! what a total let down for Christmas.

  • Qi Wang
    Qi Wang

    AMX 50 120 is torturing me for a long time please have a video on how to play WMX 50 120

  • MrShinydude

    Fun fact: If you want to hide the fact you've got a stock turret, you can just throw on the HP buff equipment, since it gives you the exact same HP increase.

    • 22nd account Due to censorship
      22nd account Due to censorship


  • _Titty_The_Animal_

    yeah ive had some free xp for those tanks.. like 3 million

  • Krzysztof Fialkowski
    Krzysztof Fialkowski

    The first gun does not work at all when you play against tier 9s or even 8s. Even if you use premium ammunition, you won't pierce the lower plate on an 112 or an E75 from 10m. Also, you struggle with piercing a turret of an enemy P.88. When it comes to the second gun, you still struggle with piercing a lower plate of a Defender/Object 252 using premium ammunition (240mm penetration).

  • Russianblyat

    This guy can talk about a rock and make it interesting ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

  • Roland Rimbala
    Roland Rimbala

    Hi, can you help me. I heard from Quickybaby, the best first T10 tank is Obj. 430U, I know it had been nerfed, is it still good?

  • Prokop Svoboda
    Prokop Svoboda

    good job video i love world of tanks

  • DedoAglar

    It will be a pain in the ass grinding this thing 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Riley

    Poopy head

  • Alfikri Malgus
    Alfikri Malgus

    when will we see u on Team Clash?

  • Zack White
    Zack White

    I love how the lowest tier Italian heavy has the highest dpm.

  • Michele Bellantuono
    Michele Bellantuono

    is Qb's modpack for Wot 1.11.1 already out?

  • Jakosvet

    i call this tank carrot :)

  • Teekeks

    Sorry QB but I absolutly dont agree with that you can make the stock gun work without loading like 75% gold like you imply at the start of the video. The AP pen is so bad that you cant reliably pen a T6 medium tank in the front. Encounter anything at T8? have fun even with gold. So yes, if you basically only load gold, this is a choice. if you dont: its a freexp honeypot put in by WG.

  • Matěj Kracík
    Matěj Kracík

    Will you make video on Team Clash 2021?

  • Tomi Nagy
    Tomi Nagy

    Cazzo D'Assalto

  • S H
    S H

    hey u might not read this but maybe ill get lucky i would like a 2021 how i would fix world of tanks. u made this video 2 years ago a lot has changed since then i feel a new one would be great.


    this tanks ass id rather play a super pershing in tier 10

  • Vasy Blag
    Vasy Blag

    fuck gold fuck p2w !

  • whya2ndaccount

    Putting fuel "Jerry Cans" on the glacis plate - Outstanding design decision! What next, optional external ammunition storage?

  • niu chajianfa
    niu chajianfa

    come on quickybaby, who cares about tier 7

  • DyingCr0w

    One thing WG never fails at, making complete garbage. I'm just picturing this without the fancy stuff in the hands of the average player. Might make a tragedy sound like a good thing.

  • simosmaximos

    The t10 is all over the place

  • Gabriel Shavgulidze
    Gabriel Shavgulidze

    Quick rundown: it sucks

  • Miloš Lazarević
    Miloš Lazarević

    That tank is BS. I get Ace, only God knows how, and after that - disaster. If all the tanks from tech three are like that, I pass...

  • Drew L
    Drew L

    Why aren't you reviewing the tank that made you question your path in life?

  • Timberwolfe

    I've been playing against 4 carro's every match for last 2 days! Now I understand that as a medium why all my shots were not working! First me and high dpm, that's my London if tank

    • Steve Pritchett
      Steve Pritchett


  • lucy482

    Like a FIAT. Fix it again Tony.

  • Robin Khn
    Robin Khn

    This tank could have been alright if it had a higher top speed and higher view range. Tha way you actually could play it as a medium/heavy hybrid.

  • Wudman For All
    Wudman For All

    Thanks QB. My plan, grab the T29 and hunt some P.88 before I take Chuck and his Santa's Girls crew out for the grind. Every tree has a DW-2 heavy to punish you. Mine is already loaded up with extra gold. As to the consumables, my first rack of equipment is more survival-oriented, Hardening and Configuration, along with rammer. Like you I see this grind being less painful hunting mediums, and with either gun, sniping isn't really an option. So the crap view range will have to be worked around. I have plenty of blueprints to step up after grinding the modules, so I won't hesitate to burn them at the earliest opportunity.

  • Matt K
    Matt K

    I am destroying people in this thing. 88% wins overall. 1000 avg base xp per game.

  • Daniel Stoica
    Daniel Stoica

    Not a Word about team clash? It is not an event in wot? Are you a cc or not?

  • Hamster Nchips
    Hamster Nchips

    Same forward and back speeds and a 22% spread on power to weight. Thanks QB for showing us that stat is meaningless.

  • Draxx Them Sklounst
    Draxx Them Sklounst

    This thing is a ammo rack magnet. Its slow, gun is mediocre, armor is meh. Should be classed as a medium. Even then, its still meh at it.

  • Eunski

    This tank is absolute trash.

  • Jake Coyne
    Jake Coyne

    This is really sad tbh. It seems this whole tech line is kinda pathetic, weak and worse than a majority of lines. It's quirk isn't even good, it leads to it having an awful dpm, it's alpha isn't high enough to say screw dpm, you can't trade. It seems they were for once too worried about balance and they decided to balance it too much. Coooool, bet if this was Soviet it would be the best tank line in the game

  • john smith
    john smith

    "shutdown the last Caro P.88" - looked like whack-a-mole to me ....

  • john smith
    john smith

    How much to free XP it ?

  • smoqify

    tier 7 stock has dpm like the tier 10.... great job WG. you are getting worse and worse at beeing sane. utter madness. even a Maus gets up to 2.8k dpm and 2090 with a maxed out rino is just hopeless. tanks can just rush it and win with reloads. all to it.

  • PsychoticEwok

    Vents, gun rammer and turbo have been working well for me on this tank 🙂

  • c astle
    c astle

    It's Absolutely CRAP


    Most interesting thing about this tank is its license plate =D

  • Wedge Evans
    Wedge Evans

    why do you still play world of tanks its dead.

  • Markus Hämäläinen
    Markus Hämäläinen

    Hi Quickybaby! Pls make a video where you play worst tanks in the game as stock in +2 matchups.

  • Jonathan Walls
    Jonathan Walls

    If it gives anyone perspective as to the side armor, I one-shot one of these yesterday in my KV2.

    • Jonathan Walls
      Jonathan Walls

      @Gregory Holtorf I have no idea what you mean by "no you didn't" XD

    • Gregory Holtorf
      Gregory Holtorf

      no you didn't

  • Nathan

    Tacko truck lol that was a totally different way to say taco. toc-o like tock in tick tock.

  • ChucklesX

    Slow as wet week so very unforgiving if you pick the wrong flank. Cannot trade with other heavies due to poor alpha and no armor, cannot compete with meds due to speed and view range (you will be outspotted by almost everything even with optics). Spawl liner is almost a must as without it you lose 1 or 2 or more crew members each and every time arty splashes withing 20 meters of you. You can make it work in a tier 7 game but anything higher and you'd better pray your team is great and carries you.

  • DxR

    I personally enjoy the p.88 I've had really good games in it

  • luca barbero
    luca barbero

    hello I'm a fan of yours from Italy. I wanted to ask you a question ; why didn't they put you in the game? you are more famous than those four and better. bo. Hi

    • george bogdan grigore
      george bogdan grigore

      Becouse he dont give a shit about you as comunity!He want money!U deserve this he is a drama queen!

  • Costin Cristea
    Costin Cristea

    This tank might be better with a Turbo mounted on it.

  • Penelo911

    Overcook tankolini you're going to regretti.

  • LeGujan

    played the t8 like sh*t until i got the engine. I really recommend researching the engine first, the difference is enormous. i pretty much doubled my playing wn8 after i got the engine

  • Tro John
    Tro John

    Bro that gun looks like It was pulled from random water pipe in Italy and then stick it to the tank.

  • Sighduf

    Easy man before I will finish griding to tier10 they will nerf it and autoloader will be no more so OP and I will never get 4k damage more than my teammates.

  • copeyhagen

    Played five games.. absolute fucking poison. Blueprinted and skipped after that. Absolute blueprint sink

  • Lee Greenway
    Lee Greenway

    I need 20k more exp to finish this grind. It has been very painful and not a tank I will be looking back on fondly.

  • Italian mafia Boss
    Italian mafia Boss

    I'm just happy that I heard QuickyBaby curse

  • Beata Ladzinska
    Beata Ladzinska

    nooo why is it all for today i am obssesed with qb

  • Muhammad Hilman
    Muhammad Hilman

    Carro = Car D' = The Assalto = Attacking P. = Pathetic 88 = 88mm gun Here's my conclusion for the name: The Pathetic Attacking Car with 88mm Cannon XD.

  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott

    the Veterans name makes total sense, one of a services members favorite places to go off base, the food trucks. Looks like he really liked the taco trucks, must have been stationed in El Paso

  • Cristian Filip
    Cristian Filip

    The hardest part is not how good or bad is the tank, the match making is putting us 80% of the time with 2 tiers above which are shooting with heat or apcr, 90% of the players on tier 9 and 10 are shooting apcr and heat..

  • stu harris
    stu harris

    QBaby- I gotta say the "...burnt spaghetti... " it's amusing, but a bit Demeaning, don't you think?... It's a P C world ya know. The P88 is at best a Medium Heavy. I'm going to try it with a Camo Net and play it as a Medium like you suggest since it's stationary Camo rating is high for a Heavy- if I get one. WG is making a lot of cash on the premiums. This is an Opt Out Tank. GL...

  • Joks WoT
    Joks WoT

    Amazing tank. I've done 5k dmg and 8 kills. I couldnt find last arty for 9th

  • Kārlis Ansons
    Kārlis Ansons

    Can you Rewiew the Is M

  • Tomohran

    The general shape of this tank reminds me of the Valentine.

  • Unbekannter Nr. 1
    Unbekannter Nr. 1

    This seems to be the sweet spot of this branch, i persume.

  • Max C
    Max C

    It's so bad, even the AMX M4 45 looks good in comparison

  • Arphila

    Black Prince: Finally! A worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

    • Nudhul

      I loved the BP back when it was new. It was such a blessing compared to the church vii.

    • busterbebustin

      kung fu panda is da best

  • Reyes

    Yeah today the game is more press 2 to win. MM is worse than ever. Premium tanks are much better than f2p ones but no just by reload it is thier armor, penetration stats, dmg and dmg per min that converts them on p2win. Prem player have a better MM and that is easy to demonstrate just create an account play it without prem and your MM is garbage. Man with respect and all. Instead of doing this review you should tell Wg that they need to stop. Instead of adding more broken content just to nerf it later or just adding anything new you should tell them that they need to improve what they already have. Now days the game is not fun, players just find thier way in with money. Just try to recap all the things Wg has done wrong and tell them as a player not as a Wg sponsored youtuber. I love your content and all. But I'm pretty certain that if you speak Wg will here you out.

  • Carl Sagan
    Carl Sagan

    SO THATS WHY THE OTHER CARRO WERE SHOOTING SO MUCH FASTER THAN ME! i have 5 skill crew and food/equipment yet the carros i were facing still reloaded like 1-2 seconds faster than me, because im using the top gun xD

  • Hal shot first
    Hal shot first

    Another thing about these pizza coffins is that the hull and profile is really big. When these things get spotted even HTs have no issue dumping shots into them at distance.

  • Danut2

    This kinda looks like an Italian Tiger P

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58 хиљ.