DON'T SELL THE IS-3-II in World of Tanks
In World of Tanks many Tier 9 vehicles just feel better than their Tier 10 counter parts and the IS-3-II is no exception - here's why!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • James Mee
    James Mee

    why if this is a free to play account does he have so much gold? just a question lol

  • 8 Bitfan
    8 Bitfan

    Bro. How does he get such games in the same servers as me. I have never even gotten a t7 and i meet people with 50k games . 3000 days logins. 1.9 million damage and all the other ones.

  • The One
    The One

    6:30 - as far as i know it does not work this way. Rotation device gives you +10% to gun traverse speed. More traverse speed = more dispersion. Reduced dispersion is only to compensate that increase.

  • Ravenous Pathogen
    Ravenous Pathogen

    I've watched you on and off for years and it sure feels like WoT loosen their game code for you and other youtubers. I don't care how good you guys are, very few have great or even good games on the levels that you show. I love WoT, but looking at my stats and others, this gameplay and other content creators seem a bit above regular players,

  • Talking Mango
    Talking Mango

    I love how he speaks of the keyboard like it’s the most powerful gun in WOT. 3 key > 2 key.

  • sss

    pro tip with the key rebound, thank QB

  • Arkangel88Mr

    All these aberrations, two barrels, cars, etc should not only be sold, but deleted.

  • Unbekannter Nr. 1
    Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Selling 703s big brother?! No way!!

  • President-Elect Helton
    President-Elect Helton

    I do like the live commentary vids.

  • Thunderboy 1025
    Thunderboy 1025

    I have to say... the way the line was going with the IS-2-II and the IS-3-II you would expect it would be the T-10-II or the Obj. 257-II since those are the next ones along the IS-3 line.

  • Justin Kashtock
    Justin Kashtock

    That beard is making you look like Quirky Baby - You should do a cross between a Napoleon III Imperial goatee and a Petite Goatee - basically the chin hair comes to a point but doesn't extend to or past the corners of your mouth, and you can have either a handlebar mustache or a more thin Errol Flynn style mustache - basically you'd be wearing a theatrical Robin Hood style of Goatee. You should definitely give that a try, as I think it would look just capital.

  • Vitor H
    Vitor H

    26:38 I can relate to this so much hahahaha

  • James

    I never changed LMB for salvo, it's still there...all you need to single fire the double barrel is tap, or if salvo just press and hold....easy. Rather than having to bind on a key that you might forget later. I play like that on my 703 and is3 2

  • Ayad Barem
    Ayad Barem

    I thought that this was a playsforfree account you got 6k gold and 18 mil credits :/

  • Andrew Park
    Andrew Park

    The IS 3-II in the end be like: °°

  • Gunadie

    The IS-3-II is a broken tier 9 that banks 10 basis points over a players average w/r. Its reminiscent of the Obj268v4 prior to its nerf.

  • Tsiney Kinori
    Tsiney Kinori

    Try doing a barrel roll! Silly me. This tank got health issues.

  • Ech0 Four19
    Ech0 Four19

    I can't believe shooting behind you gives you a speed boost, that's hilarious!

  • Kevin Hoang
    Kevin Hoang

    bruh it was a it why did it go to x tank xd

  • Villa hugo
    Villa hugo

    Bro how tf u made ur UI look like that is that a custom interface look like that I hate mine plzz help

  • vfr1vfr2

    Base tracks have better traverse rate than upgraded tracks on the IS-3-II.

  • Unbekannter Nr. 1
    Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Just put turbo, rot. mech. and vents-and ready is the FunHeavy, that feels like a premium.

  • Goanță Sebastian
    Goanță Sebastian

    Quick Baby: Is-3-II has the best Tier 9 armor E75 and Mauchen and obj 705 have never heard such bullshit before

  • Juan José Del Pino Rivas
    Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    How did he do it to get 6k gld in his free to play account? Damn.

  • Electric Speedkiller
    Electric Speedkiller

    24:30 I always though people were referring RA2, they even said it. But the Mammoth tank is in C&C3, not RA2. And if we are talking about it, they forgot to add the rocket launchers on the sides of the turret :@

  • Domi

    I just sold my IS3II and then I saw this vid ._.

  • I died long ago
    I died long ago

    nice play man :D, also your right about the salvo preparation key, i change mine to using my space bar instead, and yeah i lost my hand break button, but my heavies don't really need it XD

  • Bohdan Tanker
    Bohdan Tanker

    IS3-II in stock is terrible, makes me to stop playing WOT. These "pro" videos are pretty misleading. In these videos everything is great, tanks are full upgraded, skill perks and equip'd. In reality basic grinder facing 20-50 horrible battles against tier 10, where stock IS3-II cant hold anything and alpha is low..if any be course you cannot pen anything. And gun depression...yep Russian "gun depression" is great... During those 20-50 battles grinder "enjoy" game experiences on 600-1000dmg/game, watch how wn8 drops and just wondering why wasting time to this crap.

  • Mr Lukic SHOW
    Mr Lukic SHOW

    O yes i am F2P and i sell this S***

  • Pat W.
    Pat W.

    Thanks for the advice about locking the single shot key

  • L.O.R

    Would you sell the tier VIII double barrel IS-2-II? Or you would do as if It was the tier IX is-3-II?

  • Ugly Motherfoker
    Ugly Motherfoker

    Dude quixky baby... the is2 2 is way way way better than is 3 2.. sorry man stop messing around

  • lana turner
    lana turner

    Hi there, QB just wanted me to tell you the Covid vaccine is very dangerous and none of you should ever even consider taking it.

  • hustak mucha
    hustak mucha

    oh the video where u play and dont comment replay :D (česko gogogo)xDDDDDdd

  • Martin V.w
    Martin V.w

    I prefer the obj257 over the is2 or the t10.

  • Jacke e-is-silent
    Jacke e-is-silent

    So, when did Evil QuickyBaby take over? Who else can it be with that beard?

  • The Legend27
    The Legend27

    I absolutely love the t-10 it is an amazing support tank and it can do the job it needs to do as a heavy with its amazing heat rounds

  • PumaYolo Chemia
    PumaYolo Chemia

    If you want to get the best key for double shot, you shold lock it on E key. It's the bet option

  • PumaYolo Chemia
    PumaYolo Chemia

    You increased your speed from 37 to 43

    • PumaYolo Chemia
      PumaYolo Chemia

      And increase this bonus by Turbocharger module and this weird tracks module with weird name. Holy fuck !!! Then you can ram lighter tanks xd :O

    • PumaYolo Chemia
      PumaYolo Chemia

      Funny question: If you have faster shell velocity on apcr than on he, so can you get the bonus speed after double with apcr ? Hmm ... interesting If with he you got 6 km/h bonus speed, so how much more can you get with apcr ? haha i'm genius :P

  • Obsydian Shade
    Obsydian Shade

    Red Alert called; they want their tank back.

  • [OMG] [ARDA]
    [OMG] [ARDA]

    CODE ?World of tanks code

  • FairestBlock

    I sold my st2 for obvious reasons

  • Yasen Velikov
    Yasen Velikov

    Play more with is-3-ll

  • Phantom

    I was going to sell it

  • Sirbutz Official
    Sirbutz Official

    Today 25 December is 703 II on advent calendar and we can't buy it with gold i am so mad about it

  • CopyTH

    I’m selling the IS-3-II.

  • iScream

    with OG ST-I you can contest with Is-3 II, i would say i loved it and got disappointed with is-4, the armor is quite troll in is-4 somewhat slow and has a lot of weak points

  • Reshtarc

    how to cowardly hide and waste your team. ty for the how to vid.

  • Shane Grimes
    Shane Grimes

    Can some one please tell me why it's a totally different game on PC to xbox

  • Janek

    Don't subscribe QB

  • blyat

    Tier 9 > Tier 10 in general its so much more enjoyable


    Noob question: (I just bought an IS-2-II today) . How do you fire the 2 barrels at the same time?

  • Tankergamez

    Can u do a t-34-2 tank review maby??

  • Francisco Mathias
    Francisco Mathias

    Got it yesterday. Looks pretty good in stock. Can wait for the last gun.

  • Girish Shenoy
    Girish Shenoy

    Ammo racked a full health conqueror with the stock gun

  • Tautvydas Markelionis
    Tautvydas Markelionis

    War thunder players watching this be like👁👄👁

  • ZZstaff

    QuickyBaby, got some chop watching your video or was that lag? And, 85 to 90 FPS is a bit low these days. I know you can afford to upgrade your computer if necessary. A large screen 1440p 120[+] Hz and an RTX 2080 would do wonders in this game. You uploaded 1080p, not certain what you played at.

  • TheGrandexeno

    Why do you angle in an Is3...

  • code

    14:00 are you gatsby

  • akça koca
    akça koca

    Blah blah! Wot decides winner team and looser team. One day %65 wr another day 35. Wot changes ammo dynamics etc. This game is a cheater by itselve ! Dont play !

  • remco moerland
    remco moerland

    I'd say that your recent commentary starts to feel a bit awkward. That youre forcing yourself to talk more and non-stop. But I cant say that it bothers me. Wouldnt know what would fix that or if other people perceive it in a similar way. Just a reaction to you asking for feedback :)


    Giving cw tips? Why not participate in clan wars for the upcoming campaign? I feel like that would give your content some unexpected spice from the usual stuff.

  • Albo Pastrami
    Albo Pastrami

    thanks for the equipment tips!!!

  • ObsessionPC

    I suspect if that tank existed in real life, the turret would come off, if you ever fired both guns at the same time. At least the crew would be rattled so hard from the jolt, they would have to pop their eyeballs back into their sockets every time.

  • Greenand Red
    Greenand Red

    I like the longer video

  • Alberto E
    Alberto E

    I didn't know until now that gold ammo sounds different

  • obj 54
    obj 54

    okay guys that follow BQ i need you to tell me something. Q1 how the hell did a he get a bourasque? Q2 6k gold ? Q3 the m41 90mm?

  • Arthur Wellsley
    Arthur Wellsley

    Keep up the commentary

  • Lane Hacker
    Lane Hacker

    Ehm... silly me did buy it after this vid, and im killed like no armore at all. equip it for 5mil ,5000bons and deth star, needet just 1shot... buuu Porážka Bitva: Westfield Vozidla: IS-3-II Získáno zkušeností: 144 Získáno kreditů: 16 284 ,prem acc

  • BC Wilder
    BC Wilder

    ok, thx QuickyBaby. i hadent this Line in my thoughts. i think i grind them. looks interesting

  • Julien Courmont
    Julien Courmont

    Hello from over the channel. Nice live replay. It changes. I like. You can do some more like this. Try to make a video with side scrapping with some different tanks and also try to do a video with reverse side scrapping please.

  • Firebird Sweet
    Firebird Sweet

    I like meeting T30’s in my T95. They usually run, :-)

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I think the ST-I could give the is3-2 a run for its money

  • Stephen Verner
    Stephen Verner

    I skipped the is3-ii with blueprints. I bought the st-ii yesterday and actually had some good games with it. I still like is7 best but I like the st-ii better than obj-705.

  • Explorin'Jenkins

    Bought the ST-II. Sold the 9. Big regret.

  • Liang Zhao
    Liang Zhao

    I mean, the small boxes right now can give garage slots so no one should sell it UNTIL the On-track is gone. I always buy tanks(up to tier X) when they're on sale, then sell them once they're off sale. I don't see a point in keeping tier 9s though when clan battles are 6/8/10.

  • Kingmobmor

    How long before wot releases a premium IS3-2A with auto loader, 2 sec inter clip reload an 12 sec full reload from enemy, an upgraded engine and thicker armour? At tier 6!!!!

  • Joyroc

    Sorry but the front armor on this tank sucks. The turrent is ok

  • Marius

    Just bought this tank recently and it is way better than tier 8 tank and got Master easily on this one. Definitely recommend to try it. Don't know how will be tier 10 tank, hope not worsen than tier 9.

  • wun1gee

    Harkonnen siege tank.

  • Rens Klaassen
    Rens Klaassen

    Did a few games in this , because of this vid, yeah im not sure. Wasnt able to pen a Somua 4x, of wich 2x with gold, and dinged 2x in the side of an e50. Oh btw the Somua had no problem penning my Upper frontal armor, no problem at all (oh and funny thing, i was propped up a bit like u were vs the progetto) So HAIL the all mighty RNG, destroyer of games and pleasure.

  • Revo au
    Revo au

    the IS-3-II is what i'm up to atm it's a pretty good tank

  • Abear2006

    Why is he getting so much xp regularly. Idk if it’s bc he’s on Eu servers or pc gets more but even my best games with daily two times I only get 3k to maybe 4 meanwhile I see pc players get 3k easy and get 10k to 15k in one game.

  • Leo Li
    Leo Li

    Definitely selling this tank after watching 14:13 play lmao

  • RagingDERPY

    aaand i'm re - downloading WoT (no premium) because i hate myself.

  • Bogdan Duceac
    Bogdan Duceac

    I like live videos, because the 1st reaction when something happens is more natural. But are some cases when you need to and comment so well on a replay, doesn't matter if it's yours or not. So a mix of these two when is the most needed, like this one. thanks!

  • dadly dinglberry
    dadly dinglberry

    Too late i sold IS-3-II a day before this video

  • Fiives

    Because of this video I started grinding the line. The KV-1 and T-150 were good but the stock grind on the KV-3 kinda sucks. Especially with no premium.

  • Joseph Ervine
    Joseph Ervine

    Yes a tank that never even existed

  • Marko Ćosić
    Marko Ćosić

    WG:*Hires employee who loves meme tanks* Litteraly next patch:*Double barrel KV-2 release sounds*

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge

    The games a joke. Full of little kids who cant play and to make it worse when to get to tier ten tanks after tons of work all you do is lose games with em. The people who make this game think there gonna get people to invest money in the game by frustrating them once they get there tier tens but there wrong. I got a tier ten tank that has a 32 percent win rate. My game average is 50 percent. Talk about a fixed game. Non of tier tens and I have 5 have a win rate of more than 45 percent. This game is broken. Just one guess why.

    • Arghast

      The matchmaking in this game is a mystery. If the game is full of bad players, shouldn't both teams get bad players, so that it balances out? But instead, I often get play sessions, where we wreck everything in a win streak, and then, on later occasion I get teams so bad, that many of them die before I can even get into position if I play a slower tank, and I get a loss streak. It's strange, it's statistically improbable. They should rework the matchmaker, so that both teams get at least a roughly equal number o players of a particular skill level.

  • Václav Čermák
    Václav Čermák

    Plop :-)

  • sigve haslie
    sigve haslie

    Love live gameplay QB

  • H3llRayzor

    You say don't sell this Tank as you miss 5 out of 6 Shots in a row... Fully Aimed... 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sean Mawson
    Sean Mawson

    I love this tank and I just got my mark of excellence!

  • Franklin Coffey
    Franklin Coffey

    22:41 The REAL games you dont see lol

  • Noel Molina
    Noel Molina

    Discounts? You guys have tech tree tank discounts in the EU server? Are they coming to NA?

  • raphaël Tertrais
    raphaël Tertrais

    Wtf no turbo?

  • KrK007

    On NA the Progetto would have been firing straight HEAT and QB would have died in that position while achieving nothing IMHO...

  • Simon -
    Simon -

    Tier for tier I think tier 8 is best in this line.

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xniks2x - 03:10
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