GUESS I'LL TAKE A DRAW in World of Tanks ?!?
Today's the day where QuickyBaby plays to draw in World of Tanks... or is it?
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • mustang sally
    mustang sally

    coronas getting a death grip on all humanity..Accept the LORD JESUS before it's too late!! JESUS is the ONLY way to go to HEAVEN..Blessings ALL

  • Schokolaal YTK
    Schokolaal YTK

    Quicky "repairs" his driver. Stick a wrench up his ass and he's ready to go again lol

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    maybe they were just really cheap?

  • Enee on Blitz
    Enee on Blitz

    I want this tank bad

  • Falsehood _
    Falsehood _

    Broooooo 5 DAYS! WTH!!!!

  • Ruben van Dijk
    Ruben van Dijk

    one word: stats, doing more dmg gives you better wn8, thus good players will not always play for the win as that might mean less dmg

  • Bradley Meinsma
    Bradley Meinsma

    "far and few between" 🤣🤣

  • terry arthur
    terry arthur

    quickybaby, i have watching your content here and there, basic pointers and strategy, because i have been using some of your type game play, a player with around 400 to 500 battles called me you, i have roughly 8,000 battles and still learning, i want to say thank you for your content

  • Ashton b
    Ashton b

    Quick question, is getting a tier 8 match up with a TR6 Hellcat more common than not because I have done it doesn't matches in a row and all of them were tr8 on solo but once I went in platoon I got a TR6

  • Mc DerpEyes
    Mc DerpEyes

    The mentality is fairly simple tbh. If its 2 tanks vs 7 tanks, your chances of winning that, and not getting completely run over by them are abysmal at best. So why not just deny as many opponents as you can a victory.

  • Pubg Chanell
    Pubg Chanell

    0:57 new players : The... WHat?

  • Dj leo
    Dj leo

    So sad wot Australia died off

  • JaroodTheFab

    The 60TP player knew he couldn't win and he didn't want the enemy team to win either, so he tried to draw.

  • TheDarkAsur

    Даров! Hello!


    This game is a fucking joke

  • Afonso Thorstein
    Afonso Thorstein

    OMG, i "woohoo'ed" when you killed that EBR 90! Great play there!

  • Nobaris

    Static or not, glad you made it clear you would do better. It's rare these days for people to admit to their mistakes, so I definitely appreciate it happening on this channel!

  • Raymee101

    Twice hitting that scout was insane rng

  • PDX_Eric

    It’s a manufactured holiday.

  • russell Beramina
    russell Beramina

    My tank said happy valentines day too while he shot a T-34

  • TheKarol044

    A wounded crew member gets no exp from the battle as far as i know.

  • Frank Chen
    Frank Chen

    Sounds like I'm listening to car radio that's on QB station.

  • Anders Jackson
    Anders Jackson

    I do agree, I can't understand people that doesn't try to win.

  • Jesus von Nazaret
    Jesus von Nazaret

    draw is as bad as win by cap in the first 5 minutes of the game, it's a loss for everybody

  • John Robb
    John Robb

    I wander if the 'draw' mindset is based on tactical probability. Perhaps more than 50% of the time if you play a safe game for a draw, the enemy doesn't accept that, acts aggressive and loses?

  • TheJamesthe13

    Anyone actually notice the noise QB was on about? Wierd ass audiophiles...

  • Jaylemagnifique

    It's like drowning arties. Just why

  • Justin Kashtock
    Justin Kashtock

    While I always play to win, I can easily understand playing for a draw in Tier 10 under certain circumstances. Everyone knows Tier 10 is a money pit, and if you don't have a premium account, the game is winding down, and perhaps you haven't had the best of games due to being too cautious, your team playing poorly, or even maybe even RNG just wasn't on your side - there can be a legitimate question of whether it's worth getting your tank blown up and having to pay to repair it or simply hiding and running out the clock. With no premium account and a mediocre game played, surviving in a draw is likely to lose you less money that dying in a win. Granted, any teammates who had a cracking game might hate your guts if you don't at least make an effort to win, but their rage doesn't pay for your credits, so if credits aren't in a surplus for you, it can be all you can do to sometimes to try to have enough credits saved to replenish your ammo for the next game in the hopes that it goes better. It doesn't happen often, but there have been a handful of times after buying new tanks to advance my tech trees I've found myself digging through my Depot looking for old unused ammo from guns I no longer use on tanks I have sold or obtained elite status on in an effort to be able to afford ammo or purchase a new module or bit of upgraded equipment. While I have yet to "play for a draw" intentionally, I could easily justify doing so if I found myself in such a situation - A.K.A. flat-out broke in WoT.

  • canonfodder 808
    canonfodder 808

    No draws on console. Will come down to damage done.

  • Marc Bjorg
    Marc Bjorg

    A Draw means both teams loose credits... Better than loosing and feeding the dragon.

  • Niht Hrafn
    Niht Hrafn

    Further to that kind of attitude have you noticed some of the awful gameplay recently. The lemming trains are back, 'ALL GO ONE SIDE' is echoed at the start of matches and now there are the penguin huddles of a group that don't move forwards to the regular choke points but are just sitting. You know they aren't bothered about a win, are just there to see if they can fill mission criteria for the 122 TM. Stupidity in this game just spreads further every day.

  • Jery BestPvP
    Jery BestPvP

    mod pack link pls

  • silver hoop
    silver hoop


  • Mr Assassin
    Mr Assassin

    8:31 fortunately???

  • Edson Kidwell
    Edson Kidwell

    Great topic reload lol Annihilator is no walk in the park its like for ever at 13

  • Elnezest Nekerj
    Elnezest Nekerj

    Can you please trim your mustache?

  • Nathan

    News flash, certain amount of players don't know and don't care what their stats say.

    • [Content Deleted]
      [Content Deleted]

      They don’t have to care what their stats say, though, those stats are still a decent indicator that sure, doesn’t display a player’s skill level entire, but gives a good idea for others to understand how well they play and what kind of playstyle they have. I used to not care about my stats but aiming to improve them and play better gave me a goal other than grinding for more tier Xs.

  • Ray Tarbox
    Ray Tarbox

    i got a terrible win rate due to me being agro in these kinda spots. I don't claim to be the best and i make a fair amount of mistakes but in most cases I use my tank as a bait for others to get a minor edge in some games. Also the sound was fine tho i think it sometime sounded like them hearing tests i got at school xD.

  • nathmaq Ma
    nathmaq Ma

    Didnt even hear it

  • Holden 308
    Holden 308

    👍. That’s why stats mean nothing! It’s how the player plays that battle. Not the ones before!

  • Asobimo Sithlord
    Asobimo Sithlord



    Hello to have a better audio in your vidéos try RX vst.. It cleans all your audio problems ! ;)

  • Sylver

    I'm very glad you have taken a position on this topic because it is indeed horrible how many players indeed prefer to play the draw (lose) than take the risk to give away the victory. Perhaps because there are enough players left playing for the win and giving them an actual chance to win with less efforts (camp somewhere and hope the ambush will work). Perhaps that's the issue, the lack of initiative/responsability in many players that prevent them from taking risks for the team.

  • Dominik Polaček
    Dominik Polaček

    Not true. You get more personal rating if u survive and lose than die and lose lel

  • TheGrandexeno

    8:32 lmao

  • Sebastian Avila
    Sebastian Avila

    Rip WOT console....

  • Rich T
    Rich T

    What is up with the recent uptick of AFK players on teams... I push them in front of me as a portable shield.

  • Denis Safronenkov
    Denis Safronenkov

    Thanks for all the terrible content

  • Peter Nemšák
    Peter Nemšák

    it's just the same behaviour as stopping at pre-designed bottlenecks. "this is a heavies position, I'm not going forward, I'll camp here and wait". "that's a med path, not going there with my heavy". "let's lemming with 3/4 of the team this side and ... stop at the first enemy sighting. everyone. and take peeks and wait for them to pick and shoot us one by one to death". it's an effin game ffs. you don't DIE. if you're destroyed, you go to garage and start again with another tank. what the hell are you afraid of? having fun? of course, I'm not saying everyone needs to rush yolo and just die. but ... geez.

  • Daniel Brownson
    Daniel Brownson

    I mean, if you get a draw cause your cap got interrupted and then you can't catch the last enemy vehicle, it happens.

  • Daniel Brownson
    Daniel Brownson

    My speakers are thrashed anyway.

  • murat metinkale
    murat metinkale

    İts was a awesome game. İ was the WZ 111 td. And i see qb in all position on map.rly good player alone a team gj qb

  • Silverghini

    Hey QB, please lose the beard, it’s freaking my kids out.

  • БалалаечНиК 6aJIaJIaiwHiK
    БалалаечНиК 6aJIaJIaiwHiK

    На ЮТуб появился новый, молодой канал и ищет своих подписчиков. Приходи на Балалаечник 6aJIaJIaiwHiK, подписывайся и участвуй в развитии. Ты можешь помочь мне изменить канал в лучшую сторону. Автор, тоисть я прислушиваюсь к мнению любого подписчика, потому пишите коментарии и спасибо за подписку! Здесь ты очень нужен!

  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael

    Good game, thanks for sharing.

  • Valok


  • Mikolaj Krzeczek
    Mikolaj Krzeczek

    'Play to win' ryhmes with 'pay to win'...

  • Heath Milan
    Heath Milan

    Dat beard! 👌🖕

  • Nagappan Muthiah
    Nagappan Muthiah

    beep boop boop beep i am here to dominate in tank to tank combat

  • daniel smith
    daniel smith

    too much HE rounds, get more AP/HEAT

  • Coasterr200145

    QuickyBaby uber alles - 'nuff said.

  • szamif

    Maybe he had a mission to survive? Maybe? And thats why he went for draw? Maybe?

  • James Porter
    James Porter

    sheesh, if you're moaning about people accepting a draw, I'd hate to see how many tears you will shed with people suiciding when they know that their respective team is about to loose. I have seen a sharp rise in that happening lately.

  • Michael Hornschuch
    Michael Hornschuch

    I can confirm from my experiences that crew that are knocked out at the end of a battle do indeed get less xp. I have long noticed that.

  • Isak Monstad
    Isak Monstad

    Well if it's beyond winnable I won't give in to the odds, so if I can't win I'll either dig in to take as much damage as possible and get as many kills as I can, but if I'm in a fast tank with no armor I might try to run away while gunning them down ass well I can. Sure a draw is as bad as a loss, but a draw is worse than a win, and if I am salty enough or competitive enough I'll say "sure, I can win, but if you can't get to me then you won't win either". So if all hope is lost I will play for the draw, out of essentially pettiness.

  • Ron Phillips
    Ron Phillips

    you are right qb, less exp if you are incapacitated

  • falsemcnuggethope

    Not driving directly to support WZ at 9:00 was definitely a misplay in retrospective. The possibility of a ram kill is only one of the reasons, here's more: 1. ELC doesn't know if you're reloading or not so they may make the decision to retreat. 2. ELC could have shot you instead of WZ, keeping you both alive. 3. You maybe could have pushed ELC so that WZ can turn and shoot them. 4. You reloaded just after ELC killed WZ, so you might have been in a position to kill the ELC immediately, leaving you to 1v1 with arty. On the other hand, you might have ended up in an awkward situation. Another possibly winning play would have been to go cap. Options, options...

  • Evon Flores
    Evon Flores

    I didn’t even hear the static QB don’t worry yourself to much

  • Phantom Echelon
    Phantom Echelon

    Damn that is some seriously impressive gameplay. In a big, awkward, turretless vehicle with horrendous reload, he still managed to support his team pretty well and pull out an unlikely win.

  • Flavia Pitariu
    Flavia Pitariu

    You can borrow by selling t8 premiums since you can buy them back for 10% extra cost which is fairly favourable. I used that to get foch155, deathstar and the btsv

  • WillWoll

    Damn qb seems pretty caught up over that 60tp driver.. Could've just been ftp, or had run out of premium time. High tier repairs are crazy.

  • Vermis

    "We're going to sneak up behind the Defender and hopefully deliver some..." "...french justice to the back of this soviet tank." Those moments when you remember you're not watching Jingles.

  • LKnight126

    Why does he look like a different nationality of jacksepticeye lol

  • Smirre _
    Smirre _

    For a winning game you get 50% more xp and credits. If you take it even further: - every point you make damage and the total amount of damage done by your team counts for more xp and credits. That applies to both winning and loosing. In a lost game even one shot to enemies increases both. - If you get a successful base capture or defence, you get more xp and credits. - If you loose and achieve a battle hero, you get the same xp and credit bonus as you would have won. In a draw this is not the case. I've been struggling to understand the same thing. Why would anyone want a draw as it's the same as loosing, or even worse than loosing, if you would have had the battle hero bonus(courageous resistance) .

  • Gratka

    You are right about dead crew at the end of the battle but its not slightly less. It's significant

  • William Dozier
    William Dozier

    It’s a game ,that is all it is and all it will ever be.Point being ,win or lose it means nothing,only to those that are nothing or will ever be anything does it matter.Their whole existence is wrapped around how they play this silly game.

  • Xris14

    You are the reason I made a twitch account 😊

  • Klaus Nooni
    Klaus Nooni

    Alle Gegner schiessen und fahren zurück in Deckung, außer man ist ein bekannter Streamer, dann fährt man extra nochmals vor, damit der kaufende Dödel denkt, wie einfach das ist. Merkt auch keiner, das Wargaming entweder Bots einsetzt oder ganz schlechte Spieler.

  • loneZombieHeart

    Thank you, "Catweazle"

  • MichaelAussie05

    The go for the draw because you get flamed/reported by your team if you lose instead of drawing. If the game wasn't filled with toxic players people might go for the win more often.

  • Tsanko Petkov
    Tsanko Petkov

    Manipulative MM and RNG!

  • Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    To bad wot is so busy they only have enough time to buff op Russian tanks and there just isn't time to buff tanks left behind by power creep.

  • Dnows Unknown
    Dnows Unknown

    Does the Foch B and Foch 155 have the EXACT same armour profile?

  • santr81

    Why the hell people are so hell bound on winning? This is the biggest problem of this world where everyone is getting categorised into winners and losers. Just enjoy this useless rigged game and logoff thinking how much you felt good when you screw up the so called winners in your team by dragging a game into a draw and read all the angry chat where the dead players are swearing at you ...

  • Mark Frank
    Mark Frank

    banned from chat. downvote

  • WoT NL
    WoT NL

    Me have a gf but love wot

  • Varun Balawade
    Varun Balawade

    Day 6 of asking QB to play World of Tanks Blitz

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    You will wish for a draw when you're playing against QB :)) This is the reason.

  • Duke Johnny
    Duke Johnny

    That's quality content and manners right there: excuses for an issue with the audio, when I, for the love of stallinium, cannot tell what was wrong with the recording. Also: can anyone please confirm what QB sensei said about the wounded crew members at the end of the battle? That they would receive less exp than if they were healthy?

  • Kerem

    You are wrong QB, draw is much more better than defeat. You think no one look stats but we do, we insult people with looking their stats. Thats why we are trying to keep it up, so many people taking t6 in low level matches and playing against bots to only increase their stat values t6 can hit 400 with hesh by the way, thats the reason if anybody ask it. I m sure you never see any bots assigned by WG. This is truth . I m much worst person right now because I m trying to keep my stats high . It makes me nervios , angry, disrespectful. And there is no way to hide fucking stats, I m not enjoying this game at all

  • Viktor

    I gotta get me this tank.

  • tajj7

    If you are many tanks down then the impetus is on the enemy team, they have the numbers and the HP, so if they don't come to you I don't ever feel its worth handing them an easy win they clearly don't deserve, so I yeh I'll take a draw. No real point pushing when at a huge disadvantage, what you get in many games is people who camp base the whole game, one team pushes and tries to win and those campers just camp hard, and the pushing team loses lots of tanks and HP. But those same base campers have no real ability and are clueless how to win, so I am not going to give them that win. I'd rather everyone loses effectively, than giving passive players an easy way out, so in those situations playing passively is really your only viable way of winning anyway most of the time and if the enemy don't push then that is their failure, not mine, I'll take an earned draw.

  • ScreamyBanana

    Do you also like to draw?

  • JDM Loba
    JDM Loba

    dislikes are from 60tp players lol

  • Cao Phước Thừa
    Cao Phước Thừa

    Thanks for the message.... It hit me so hard. It helped me realize something I forgot. It reminded me that I play for fun, for win, not for sickly passive draw, or win!!!!

  • Ben Goacher
    Ben Goacher

    On camping maps like murovanka or prokarovka i will always take a draw over a loss. I'm not rewarding them for sitting in a bush unspotted farming tanks as they try to dig them out. On any other map its a win or nothing

  • Soňa Kelnarova
    Soňa Kelnarova

    Qb seid light thunk

  • DarkMagic420

    Was going down this line when this was top of the tree but I stopped going down that when they replaced it but I made up and got the 183 from the black market but this will always be one tank destroyer I'd play for fun!

  • Arm0ry

    As an F2P player with limited amount of time to play, credits are precious, and draws mean less repair and restocking cost - not a complicated thought process at all. Not sure if a 60TP driver with 60% win ratio is likely to be an F2P player concerned about the repair costs though...

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