HUGE HE CHANGES - World of Tanks Sandbox
World of Tanks is testing huge changes to the way HE shells work on the sandbox test server - here's my take!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • Fire Monkey
    Fire Monkey

    I already uninstall this game when i watch wg video

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    I thought that spall liners had this purpose?

  • Lord Farquaad
    Lord Farquaad

    After a hiatus of a few years i returned only to see that my O-I will not be able to do 400 damage splash, this sucks. I just want to be able to kill tanks like the T34-85M without needing to find every little weakspot

  • Andrea G
    Andrea G

    “Fun and exciting gameplay” = here’s my ideas 1) rework the old tiny maps like Mines, make them bigger. 2) WG can afford to pay a bunch of people whose only job is to create new maps on a regular basis. 3) Outlaw any kind of mods 4) remove the ingame team chat 5) nerf the wheeled vehicles or limit the number to 1 per team.

  • DieFlack

    this would mean that arty is completly useless damage whise. :D

  • Greendragon 245
    Greendragon 245

    Hope this change goes through maybe now you will feel how my type 5 feels, useless..

  • CrisURace

    wg will never fix the game, or if it's ok, it's gonna break it. Happy players are not payers, remember that!

  • klayed

    they jus make the game a little more noob proof many 2000 3000 4000 ratings with tier x will survive a little longer in battle and the good players will still be good they adapt

  • Emre Ozcelik
    Emre Ozcelik

    Getting HE dmg only annoying while you are trying to do some "armor" missions. Remove those stupid missions and HE is okay for me...

  • G.D. Graham
    G.D. Graham

    So, long story short, bye bye to these tanks: 1. Thin skin tanks, including lights and TDs 2. M4 3. Pz iv h 4. Cavalier 5. M4A3E2 6. T-43 7. KV-1 howitzer 8. KV-2 9. All Japanese heavies from O-I onward 10. Arty? 11. T49 12. Sheridan Congrats wg, but you just ****** the derp players in the community. Like if you agree.

  • Jesper Mathiesen
    Jesper Mathiesen

    The Greed of WG is unlimited OMG now we force everybody to shot Prem Rounds

  • Zenn

    and what happened to the gold ammo changes btw ?

  • Lo

    I feel like WG is trying to make WoT more and more noob friendly but they're just having a lot of difficulty doing so while also at the cost losing their older players

    • Lo

      @G.D. Graham What I sorta mean is they're tryna streamline and simplify the game? Such as the new crew systems that were announced, the streamlined tech tree, the new equipments system, that sorta stuff all feels like it's going roughly towards the idea that the game's trying to be noob friendly but just failed badly at doing so. I'll admit the HE reworks don't seem as noob friendly now that I look at it again

    • G.D. Graham
      G.D. Graham

      Noob friendly by nerfing cheap HE? Not even close.

  • Nikolay Tanev
    Nikolay Tanev

    An awesome analysis! Keep up the good work. It will be really useful to add a comparison with reality - how much these explosives would actually damage a tank in reality (depending on space and angled armor, how much these rounds cost? I wish one day you will be able to test this in an actual tank, or at least some high level simulations :)

  • George M
    George M

    Just to mention artillery shells aren't being changed in this patch

  • G.D. Graham
    G.D. Graham

    Can't believe this, but it seems that wargaming might be going through with the HE changes, apparently having "70% positive reviews," which I call bull@#$% on

  • Bradley Behrens
    Bradley Behrens

    I cant believe that firing low penetration rounds against the thickest part of a tank doesn't work. Yea no fucking kidding

  • BeholderGuard

    Finally the HE noobs will wither and die.

  • ივანე მასხულია
    ივანე მასხულია

    More need of goldspam.

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge

    So many horrible players make the game unenjoyable. Horrible.

  • Skorpion

    Stopping the video at 3 minutes in to form a prediction: They'll add a modifier in the calculation that can detect how far away a certain weak armorvalue is compared to the impact location. So, when weaker armor within the explosion radius is found, the new mechanic can 'see' how far away that armor is from the point of impact, the farther away it is, the less damage the explosion of the HE does. Lets find out ...

    • Skorpion

      Alright... I'm now about 20 mins in the video ... WTF!?!


    The developers of this game have gotten bored and just need to fuck with something,,, as usual. Idiots.


    They need to take things like the cupola or remote machine guns on the turret such as the one on the T110E5 OUT of the hitbox as it does not actually damage the tank, its armor, its engine, its crew, its gun, ........ in other words, it doesnt affect the ability of the tank to perform. Giving full damage to hits on things like that is utter ignorance and the developers really need to realize how stupid that is.

  • wEight

    "Gold broken" WG: lol k "HE broken" WG: o no, time to nerf "Gold is more frequently used now!" WG: lol k

  • dougMs

    WOT just released the following statement about the HE re-alignment, "70% of tankers liked the following aspects: A significant reduction in damage from reworked HE shells when they hit the frontal armor of heavily armored vehicles". Bull$$hit. This means some tankers will have to use GOLD ammo to do any damage. Hmmmm. Who could benefit from that, I wonder??????

  • Striker

    They obviously want everyone to fire more gold ammo. As if they dont already make enough money. Also he shell can now go through aa gun and even a truck, but wheels of EBRS are still impenetrable for some fucking reason right WG? Fuck off.

  • Underpower Gaming
    Underpower Gaming

    Seems like wg said the changes of HE have 70% of good views while most of the people i read said the opposite. GG WG

  • Mausermann

    Russian player base: the FV4005 still is too powerfull, pls nerf again. WG: we will kill HE and HESH rounds.

  • mathiasktn kiel
    mathiasktn kiel

    The thing I personally find very frustrating about the current HE rounds, is that whenever I go for a game in say my Kranvagn, I would want to get hull down so I can use my turret to bounce anything, its wat makes the tank special and why I spent countless hours grinding for it, the fact that people can just load HE rounds, and do 200-400 damage to me doesnt seem right. I got the tank for the amazing turret, and couldnt wait just to go on a good map and use my gd. Fact of the matter is, even with the good turret im dead after 10 HE shells have been shot at me. So in conclusion, and since the Kranvagn isnt the only tank that gets bullied by HE rounds, I think a change is the way forward, but I'm happy it hasnt changed yet, since I still believe theres room for improvement on the current status on the sandbox server.

    • Underpower Gaming
      Underpower Gaming

      Yep all the hulldowns monsters are now going to be more monsters. Chieftain mainly

  • LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone
    LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone

    HE rounds as they are were perfect. QuickyBaby says it perfectly when he explains the HE allowed people to avoid gold rounds, and it's obvious that WG wants its player base to spend money. This is just a move to pay to win.

  • mcforce

    Great video and researches, thanks!

  • Michael Greene
    Michael Greene

    That's great and all showing us tanks usage with HE what impact does it have on SPG????? Will they be even more useless???

    • Underpower Gaming
      Underpower Gaming

      No changes on artys

  • Mike

    Oh NOOOOOO! They push us to use more and more GOLD amo. GG WoT to tell us "use your credits cards boys". YEEEEEAH who is ajoin it? XD

  • Joe Selden
    Joe Selden

    I guess I will just sell my M4

  • David Miller
    David Miller

    Great, now the sh*t barn with its non existent accuracy will have to fire either AP or HESH and hit 'weakspots' to have any effect?, absolute trash WG!.

  • MegaShadow91

    Incoming refund my Ragnarok KV2 purchase.

  • CroatianExTc

    Cries in my Type 4 and Type 5 Heavy... Rip sweet fun derps 🤕

  • GULIwer1980

    I have hopes its only to distract us from NO works on gold ammo from WG side. It's like they are afraid to get sued by people who bought gold ammo in days when it was only sold by gold which was only sold by real money. Also sandbox during marathon... thats a NO

  • Cody

    Trim the fluff under your nose.

  • Aqualightnin

    Taking away the sphere and changing it to only vs the impacted plate is terrible.

    • Aqualightnin

      Maybe if they have it this way only on tiny calibers. Large caliber HE needs explosive radius or it's pointless

  • Tom O
    Tom O

    Eez moar monee for WG comrade

  • Lee Garrard Ministries
    Lee Garrard Ministries

    Thanks quick.. Great video

  • Dobos Ádám
    Dobos Ádám

    I really dont like these changes

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster

    How about addressing the completely broken mechanics of the EBR's in this game? It seems to me that wot damage themselves as well as the game.

  • Qwertyness

    I feel that gold rounds and standard rounds need a rework as it shouldn't be a "dab the 2 key" and just have a better chance to do damage. They should have kept the changes they wanted to do before where the standard rounds have higher damage and lower pen and the gold rounds had higher pen and lower damage as you then have to make a choice of more damage or more pen

  • Giovanni Marcolini
    Giovanni Marcolini

    It seems they want us to use more premium rounds, aka "2 key", cause HE is no more a valuable choice against the thick armor(dunno why all top tier clan reward tanks have it) and so we will be pushed at buying the premium account

  • Jong-Won Lee
    Jong-Won Lee

    just yet another reason to play tier 4-6

  • Neol Adams
    Neol Adams

    I agree baby!

  • Cogzed

    They need leave it the way it is.

  • Radek R
    Radek R

    Daily dose of drama for the wn8 1000 average players. You won't be able to just splash a anymore, now you will actually have to THINK and KNOW the tanks weakspots and models. Armour will actually mean something with those changes, it's a 100% from me.

  • John of Salisbury
    John of Salisbury

    They are not able to make a good spotting sistem, introduced magical sixth sence, remaining spotted even after you brake line of sight, silhouettes through opaque foliage and greenery, yet they think the HE is the problem, the devs seem to think we are stupid or something.

  • MTR25

    Oh lovely now the chiefturd is unkillable, this change is actually garbage

  • John Hyman
    John Hyman

    Makes me wonder who at WG is sitting around mucking up the reality of the game. Makes me conclude it's a feeble attempt to force more premium ammo usage. Makes me amazed that QB doesn't recognize that most ordinary (mediocre) FV4005 players miss two out of three shots because that gun is abysmally inaccurate. And makes me agree that hull down super-heavies and many heavies will be impenetrable. Not in favor but when did WG listen to the average every day users?

  • Jonothan Gibbs
    Jonothan Gibbs

    well now ig i cant have fun in my T49 anymore

    • G.D. Graham
      G.D. Graham


  • Yuuzhan2

    these are stupid changes

    • Underpower Gaming
      Underpower Gaming

      Yep, i love when my High explosive does not explode....

  • Iddra

    Good. People shouldn't brainlessly spam HE and still do half the damage.

  • Jan Dudiňák
    Jan Dudiňák

    Gold ammo is a much bigger issue. Armor is pretty much useless. It destroys the game and all the fun. I would make it for gold only as it previously was. The game would make much more sense.

  • Herzog Igzorn
    Herzog Igzorn

    What about artillery? Aren't they using HE as well? All the time, players are complaining that artillery is annoying, i.E. when T92 HMC is hitting a Maus for approx. 600 damage. Now they adress HE damage and artillery seems not to be affected but only regular HE shells? Can you confirm on that?

  • Akif Aiman
    Akif Aiman

    WG: "Fixing" things that community don't want to be fixed because fuck you that's why

  • Erik Blaat
    Erik Blaat

    This will increase goldspam, nice going wargaming 🤮

  • Jammie Carl Gregory
    Jammie Carl Gregory

    I agree this would be a major game breaking change, I don't see this happening. They should keep focusing on small rebalances, like a small buff to low and mid caliber HE shells so they aren't nearly useless. Or give the Super heavies who use spall liner a bit of Heat or Hesh round mitigation and maybe some artillery splash resistance, since they are always focused down by gold rounds make it more expensive for the wallet warriors to murder them, if that's the problem.

  • Steve Everheart
    Steve Everheart

    Great technical video! I don't think about it that much, but these changes would affect the game dramatically. I often use HE to knock out guns and tracks of otherwise invulnerable tanks. These changes will make some match-ups almost pointless reverted to scout in some cases. I would hope they would work those things out in matchmaking, but who knows.

  • Future History Investigators
    Future History Investigators

    WG have one job, don't mess our KV-2 up

  • Maik Lehmann
    Maik Lehmann

    if ya wanna change HE ... make it useable in low Tier / small Guns ... than there its only Bullshit

  • CruStiii

    the only thing i may consider changing about HE is less damage but more crits and disables. but why rework someting that isnt broken? only thing they need to do is give AP more damage less pen, and APCR more pen and less damage and make the cost about the same but maybe higher overall

  • Maros Kozej
    Maros Kozej

    I know i get stomped for this but ... I dont like the fact I hold a position with a SLOW HEAVY and i cant go any where else on map the second i start going somwhere and i get Riped by 2 guys shooting HE at me ... why cant slow not mobile heavy armored tanks have this buff ? with still more and more super fast super pen super Gun deprecion super angled 90 mm inpenetrable tanks entering the game how do you want to stop power creep of E-100. IS-7, MAUS, T95 but that is just my opinion I dont shoot HE any way AP is the way

    • Maros Kozej
      Maros Kozej

      you just cant turn and reposition a maus or T95 if you realize your other flank needs help and any one can get your side and just AP you any way so why not just have some Frontal buff against HE ?

  • Darko Popovic
    Darko Popovic

    Ill put a day in a calendar when WG removes the gold ammo for a smoke screen or something and ill be happy to buy stuff from them. At the moment, as a non premium player with a life outside a game i dont care to buy premiums or play high tier tanks

  • Harry

    I don’t play much anymore but when I do, this means nothing when I’m in Type 5 and just get completely ass fucked by gold.

  • Patryk Kopec
    Patryk Kopec

    Yup. Im glad i quit the game few months ago.

  • Darth Calanil
    Darth Calanil

    I can already see a new "premium HE" shell that can do more damage and has more penetration

  • Kastriot Labi
    Kastriot Labi

    Finally ! I think they should remova the ability to penetrate the walls and its perfect . I hate when kv-2 bully tier 8 heavys like lowe by doing 400 damage face to face stirght at the turret . No sir no more

  • Niklas Johansson
    Niklas Johansson

    Fix the HE fast and easy= Just lower the average DMG on all HE. Instead of implanting a new he DMG system that is broken.

  • Ella DiAngelo
    Ella DiAngelo

    If they make these changes, I will seriously consider leaving the game for good after 8 years of loyalty, even after all of wg's other bullshit. This is too much and nobody asked for it.

  • Ivann Gamrikeli
    Ivann Gamrikeli

    The problem these days in wot is not he it’s GOLD !!!!!!!

  • Vlad Drakul
    Vlad Drakul

    WG's accountants did DEMAND this, so don't quibble, we all know the truth, so let's get real. they hate free to play or skilled thinking players. Pay to and have spare cash to win (see stock market) as in life

  • TheOneAboveAll

    skill in using HE? oh please...every moron shooting HE out of their HE100 or HE4 or 60HE can keep crying.

  • Ger Engelen
    Ger Engelen

    how is this going to effect artillery?.

  • James

    looks like wargaming wants to kill the game, if this goes into the game, forget about playing your HE tanks....all time favorite KV2 will now suck ass in tier 8 battles. For me this a tank killer update as I will have to open my rusty old bin and sell off 4 HE tanks as they will be useless if this update goes live. might as well go on e.g. website now and change "free to play" to "pay to win"


    Rip artys

  • Kooduh

    24:56 YES i agree with is point. a splash mechanic in combination with the new non-penetration mechanic would be better. i mean if they feel there is need to change HE which i don't believe there is a need. I'd rather the time be spent making more maps

  • Zeek Rg1
    Zeek Rg1

    Wg motto PAY TO PLAY Soon in the next year or two it will be pay to play and pay more to win .unstali g for the last time .

  • M.N.C

    Arty : what about me?

  • Kooduh

    they should not get rid of the splash of HE ... thats a bad idea

  • don R
    don R

    Rather have them fix the wheelies that defy the laws of physics

  • numerpk212

    I just had 11 kills in a game while listening to this video :D new record :D

  • NotYourAverageBelgian

    This would be a good thing if it would also affect HESH, which it doesn't. However, it is nice to see that arty doesn't do +500 damage anymore to super heavies.

    • Giuliano Caucci
      Giuliano Caucci

      So far the HE changes aren’t being applied to arty

  • kirt schaefer
    kirt schaefer

    wot kills themselves, i cant play without great anger anymore. or waiting for an update for a new premium to download specs. bad server lag and constant FU changes.

  • Eric R
    Eric R

    A much bigger issue in the game is the spamming of gold ammo which no downside other than cost, but the cost is not important to many players because it’s credits which is play money and players can simply play some tier8 premiums and use credit boosters to build up lots of credits so they will have plenty of credits that will allow them to spam gold ammo 90% of the time. But there is currently no downside to spamming gold ammo in terms of game-play. WG should change gold ammo to the way it is in WOT Blitz. In WOT Blitz gold ammo causes 15% less damage than regular ammo. Reducing the alpha by 15% for gold ammo, would provide a disincentive to spamming gold ammo constantly because there would be a tradeoff when shooting the gold. You get better pen but you lose 15% damage. This makes perfect sense, although it would be a buff for well armored tanks and may require some rebalancing to some tanks.

  • kirt schaefer
    kirt schaefer

    BS!...... I used to play with my clan almost every nite till 2017. now i play 1-5 times a month

  • Eric R
    Eric R

    I hate these changes to HE. There are way too many heavily armored super heavies that take up great hull down positions and if your in a tank without amazing pen and flanking isn’t an option, your only option is to splash some HE and hope to at least do a little bit of damage. This change would make well armored tanks even stronger and it would really disadvantage lower tier tanks and lights and mediums. It’s also not how HE works in the real world. Splash damage is a major tactical reason to use HE. This change will cause people to use far less HE, not more HE. Super heavies are already strong enough. They definitely don’t need the huge buff that this change would provide. This change would require every tank in the game to need to be rebalanced in other ways to offset the impact of this change to HE because right now we assume that tanks are fairly well balanced and this change will have a lot of unintended consequences. WG should just rebalance the few tanks that have totally broken HESH and HE and not change HE for every tank. And if they want mediums and lights to use more HE, then WG should just increase the HE pen for all lights and mediums.

  • Christo Marais
    Christo Marais

    Fk all the changes... Between the broken MM and stacked teams, 5min games, POS Rng, and tier rushing idiots..this game is going backwards fast...GG Done with shit after 5 years and 30k games....

  • Froodogga

    so, nerf HE rounds, forcing you to use Gold rounds = more money in their it any surprise?

  • YasumotoUS

    Evil QuickyBaby with goatee reminds me of Anthony Ainley's Master.

  • Brian Creegan
    Brian Creegan

    QB the still frame of the FV4005 vs. the BC25t shows the new mechanic, It's not a HE shell anymore the FV is firing Blaster bolts like from Star Wars. That is why it no longer detonates on intervening terrain, and does not splash any more. the Shitbarn, Deathstar, and Type's now have Plasma cannon !

  • Triumph_Spitfire_2

    Personally, if these changes went through, I'd simply stop playing the game. Now bear in mind, I've pumped about £300 into it over the last 5.5 years, so thats dead money in effect. I don't fire GOLD, never have, and I primarily play derps, because they're fun, and I absolutely adore the current HE mechanics, even when I get wrecked by other players firing HE. These changes are anti ftp in the extreme, basically killing one of the most enjoyable mechanics in the game, just so WG can line their pockets. I think that the only ammunition type that needs to be fully reworked is GOLD, half the damage for higher pen for example, but WG have demonstrated that they have no intention of changing GOLD because they think that people will stop spending money.

  • nikolai berglihn
    nikolai berglihn

    Stupid change!

  • pavepvpv

    What i can do when object 279e comes to peek when i have is7 and i dont any premium ammo? He is useless then

  • Deini M
    Deini M

    I am afraid WG ability to listen is some what apart with the guy who ask of your opinion and considers it valid only if he likes what he is hearing, and in general to much made up statements by WG that they do not feel the need to back up

  • Deini M
    Deini M

    I like how HE is a problem and GOLD ammo isn't, its not like I abuse HE but I don't consider that it's as bad as GOLD spam is in the game, so how about you go and make HE cost as much as gold and problem gone WG you still cash out you dirty corrupt lying game developer

  • Frostdraken 5
    Frostdraken 5

    So if I fire a 183mm HE shell and miss a scorpion with its 1mm of armor and hit the ground next to it I will do no damage???