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Some tanks in World of Tanks that just don't compare to their T10 counterparts here's why the STRV 103-0 is a "diet tank".
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  • Blackfly Canada
    Blackfly Canada

    That STRV 103-0 is one of my favorite tanks and makes the game somewhat more enjoyable for me. If ya wanna play a tier 9 tank, this one crewed out, is awesome.

  • Elie

    I often bounce a UDES with my 122mm gun, I'm not sure WG is clear with these stats really...


    top hatches and cupolas should not count for much damage as they really dont do a thing to affect the ability of the tank to fight. doesnt damage the armor, the gun, the engine, the tracks.. nothing. it is stupid that they give you so much damage for hitting useless things like that.

  • Ģirts Beiers
    Ģirts Beiers

    I got tier 8 prem, tier 9 and tier 10 STRV tanks and no regrets. Love those things!!!


    "There aren't any turreted Swedish tank destroyers" thanks a lot QB, now Wargaming has new ideas

  • dc10ization

    QB, good luck with the heat shield on the tier 10 Swedish tank destroyer if the HE changes (currently tested on the sandbox server) go through and will go live. It’s like heat shields are non-existing. Kind of weird why WG was selling premium tanks back in the days were HE screens or shields were the main selling feature and now they might become obsolete.

  • Darko Popovic
    Darko Popovic

    I would love of your videos would be a bit shorter tho. Short, on point, straight to the meat, funny, informative

  • Sirbutz Official
    Sirbutz Official

    You are soo limited in this tank ,need map need the game to be 50/50 as players quality to can do some

  • Eberle Gabriel
    Eberle Gabriel

    I no like tier lX

  • Downhill Squad
    Downhill Squad

    T30 is also powerful with the big gun 😍🔥

  • Nico Hagl
    Nico Hagl

    T10 is the Wort Tier

  • Nico Hagl
    Nico Hagl

    I like the t9 more

  • Hi Yall
    Hi Yall

    Comment for the algorithm.

  • Dnows Unknown
    Dnows Unknown

    I do so well in the Strv 103-0... but my winrate is like 38%

  • Syntiseised

    The Three Musketeers

  • VenomBronyPL

    If they will start to delete tanks one random streamer dont like , we could have only 10 tier tanks. I came back from little break from WoT and i can already see 50% tanks are gone from the tree (shop is lacking some tanks too) , if you dont like the tank , sell it and move on , no one is forcing you to play it ay?

  • VapeOn

    Hi QB if you find time, a vid on what Tier 8 and Tier 9 tanks are worth keeping would be very helpfull as I have unlock several Tier 9 and 10 tanks but as a medium play I do not have enough credits to buy any of them, so selling tanks not worth keeping would help me progress.

  • MatTheDerp lawman
    MatTheDerp lawman

    The fact I'm just 20k exp off of getting this tank and hearing the tier 8 and 10 were better for their tier doesn't not fill me with confidence xD

  • World Of Tanks Gameplay
    World Of Tanks Gameplay

    I wish u warmly welcomed me.. looks like it's winter time


    Yea ive disliked this tank so much im still trying to get the tier 10 hahahah

  • Pecinskey

    Score going from 1


    The Strv103-0 is actually EASIER to score serious damage with than the 103B thanks to having fewer tier X enemies to deal with so you can get a very good shot/pen-ratio. The 103B has clearly better mobility sure, but if you focus on that, uh, shouldn't you have a TD actually focused on mobility instead? The extra armour over the S1 is just enough to cut out a lot of shots, while the lower tier means a bit fewer enemies with big enough caliber to overmatch it. Simple fact, my most dmg done with Strvs? 5.7k with the Strv S1, 5k with the 103-0 and yet just 3.5k with the 103B. Because the 103B has to face more enemies with exceptional spotrange combined with more higher calibers and far more bigger HE-shots. The difference in armour and the nice boost to mobility just doesn't make up for all the advantages others get that counters the best sides of the Strv. And the same thing applies when stepping down to the S1 at tier VIII, far less enemies capable of spotting you if you place yourself well, in the game i scored 5.7k dmg, i ended up defending a whole side of the map by myself for more than half a game, and until enemies overran on all sides and got close, i remained unspotted. Absolutely no chance of doing that against several tier Xs or IXs, one of them is bound to have enough spotrange. I've done the same repeatedly on other good snipermaps as well. Much much harder to manage with higher tier Strvs. And in regards to equipment? All 3 my Strv uses camonet and binocular. But then differ for 3rd slot, S1 uses grousers to make up for its drastically worse terrain resistance, 103-0 uses an autoloader, while only the 103B uses a turbo, because only it can make truly good use of the turbo. Also, the way you talk about using Strv at ridgelines? 9 times out of 10, trying to do that gets you instakilled. And having been on the other side, i've also killed off literally dozens of Strv trying to work ridgelines, because they become supereasy targets like that. NOT a recommended tactic most of the time.

  • T C
    T C

    QB just discovers WOT...

  • boristhebarbarian

    in what slot do you put the turbo? slot 1 so you can keep bino and camo at expense of reload?

  • Martin Nordling
    Martin Nordling

    Play war thunder instead!! This looks awful

  • Austin Bunyard
    Austin Bunyard

    Why sell it if u talk u up weird

  • Brian Shriver
    Brian Shriver

    another clickbait video by Quickybaby NICE

  • Ocean1cbanana2

    In the year-ish where I was able to play the game, I never figured out how to change to Siege Mode and back on TDs. Which button is it?

    • Hat Man
      Hat Man

      Siege mode is only on a select few tanks, like the high tier swedish tank destroyers. Those tanks have fixed casemate guns, which means they have to rely on hydraulic suspension to take aim.

  • TheSTRVman

    Door wedge baby

  • arne poulsen
    arne poulsen

    u guys pay to play a broken game u know that?

  • Tony Valdez
    Tony Valdez

    Showing Swedish TD. Talking nearly whole video about how ammo work:):)

  • Andrew Patrick
    Andrew Patrick

    The Strv line is so weak now. 😭😭😭

  • Bren Beeler
    Bren Beeler

    The premium tier 8 sucks ass don't buy it

  • 我爱猫猫

    All I hear is "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah world of LAG blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah sell all your tanks blah blah blah blah blah blah"

  • Eddie__75

    I have only this tank, yes, I could not help to download the Sandbox install and try out the tier X TD. I like the tier 9. But what a tank. For the first time, I really want to play a tier X tank. So I have also 2 tier X arty. But I am Swedish, so I want and can play TD:s. I am born with shaking hands, and no it is not Parkingson disease, that you can not be born with. So I am one of few who has sold my T29. The only high tier heavy tank is my Emil 1. Now it is only to save all the money, from 0 until 4.880.000 credits, because of course, I took the discount to that tank. Play lower tier to get it. I have learn so much from you QuickyBaby. Thanks a lot. I really mean that. Now I am in a hard time, no not Corona, it is one of many operations, who now is painful and I can not work.

  • Jotham Flores
    Jotham Flores

    Hey what are your in game settings I would like my hud to look like yours

  • Raymond Rainwater
    Raymond Rainwater

    No need for any other tier nine TD if you own a Conway seriously.

  • Ragazzos

    Lmao i thought it was the s1 premium i was like :00


    Can't believe it, I've just stood in dog shit and walked all over the new living room carpet, why is everything so fucking depressing lately? My god it fucking stinks as well 🤮

  • Damir Cokic
    Damir Cokic

    Tier IX tanks are played just to get to tier X. And never again...

  • Juan Martin Coronel
    Juan Martin Coronel

    Is QB invite code from a few days ago still available? someone remember it?

  • Jin San
    Jin San

    Im gonna go this line next ,tier X is crazy ,pimped out 5.25 reload 390 alpha with laser precise gun ,490 view range and kickass 50% cammo.Vents ,rammer ,optics no silly turbos ,wing diffusers or spoilers.

  • William Henry
    William Henry

    Hey QB can you do another one of those tier list videos for all of the tier X tanks.

  • RommelsLoveChild

    I've just finished the grind for the tier X. I sold this as soon as I did. Hated the grind. For me it's just average and the shots just never seem to fly straight for an "accurate" gun

  • Rob Miller
    Rob Miller

    So turbo binoculars and rammer?

  • Rene Chatto
    Rene Chatto

    okk im tier 9 2 years w/sweden td tank but i dont buy tier x so u know wat to do

  • Ugly Motherfoker
    Ugly Motherfoker

    Try war thunder. You won't be disappointed

  • Alan Helton
    Alan Helton

    I honestly like having this tank in the game. The heat shield if you look at the STRV history is an enigma all of itself. They didn’t let the world know about it for some time and they only deployed it during moments of national crisis. It truly makes sense why it is where it is in the tech tree from a historical standpoint.

  • _Madlad

    “120mm British armament on that British tank destroyer” -Quickybaby, (fascinating quotes from history)

  • Michael Clarke
    Michael Clarke

    So not showing the new line these up coming thing must be a bad line

  • Matcart 05
    Matcart 05

    Strange i did 9k damage with that

  • typeviic1

    I sold all my clown cars, as they are OP cancer and have ruined traditional scouting.

    • steve wallace
      steve wallace

      My thanks to you. I've not played WOT for about 2yrs, then I got back into it, everything I'd learned about scouting, the equipment set up, the locations, the bush mechanics was made obsolete by clown cars being pretty much unstoppable rushing around the map getting close enough to proxy spot.

  • cats always win
    cats always win

    why is turbo wild? dont get it sorry

  • Tomislav Valecic
    Tomislav Valecic

    Why would I sell it? Will that cost me some money? Does it take some space I need? And I have comfort to play with friend in platoon with T9 sniper :)

  • Leif Nordh
    Leif Nordh

    Most maps are really not suitable for soft skin TD. And those TD who love small, tiny maps are really not TD But rather assault Guns or bunker busters...

  • Carl Sagan
    Carl Sagan

    i might argue that the udes 03 is better than the 103-0 not even tier for tier just overall

  • Dan Lorbek
    Dan Lorbek

    Isnt 0.3 accuracy in transport mode tho? In siege mode you are much more accurate. Strv 103b also has 0.3 on the paper then.

  • Berk Kordan
    Berk Kordan

    need delete all tech tree of swedısh td s

  • Klaus Nooni
    Klaus Nooni

    Wieder einmal ein sehr schönes Beispiel, wie Wargaming Spiele vom Superstreamer manipuliert, lauter schlechte Gegner, die bescheuerte Moves machen, oder neinfach nur dumm rumstehen und sich abfarmen lassen, wie der T 30. Kleine Funfacts seiner Gegner: T 95/WN 8=1171 E 100=1234 E 50 M1=1160 E 50 M2=1164 Grille 15=703 Emil2=1300 Obj.257=997 T30=903 T30 Nummer 2=430 WtaufPz4=1083 GSOR=1455 Und dabei ist das Gegnerteam noch eins der besseren, Mister QB spielt meist gegen gelbRote Teams, um zu zeigen wie toll das Spiel ist. Das wie hier ein sehr guter Spieler im Gegnerteam ist, kommt ganz selten vor. Wenn ich seine Gegner mit denen vergleiche, die ich in Tier 10 habe, haben die im Schnitt1500 bis 1800 WnN 8, während QB's Teams meist 800 bis 1200 WN 8 haben. Ihr könnt das selber vergleichen und werdet feststellen, das Wargaming hier manipuliert.

  • mórk EMS
    mórk EMS

    94 haters wow wth how can you hate QB =)

  • Joshua Petters
    Joshua Petters

    I think this map is not balanced: the team with the best TD´s or viewrange always wins. I had so many games, where one team won the city and had no chances against the snipers, due to the open cap circles... On low tear it is even worse!

  • Marek Dřínovský
    Marek Dřínovský

    I double marked this tank yesterday and reached the top 10 on EU server, next day QB releases video about it. what the hell

  • Prince Harambe
    Prince Harambe

    Swedish TD from tier 8 tothe tier 10are total useless in current map meta.

  • Lauris R
    Lauris R

    I really Love this tank. It is the one with the best Stats at Tier 9

  • Birki gts
    Birki gts

    This tank was so disappointing. The accuracy was just so bad compared to the previous tank it was painful to play. And it didn't help that you lost a lot of top speed. Tier for tier, it was just flat out worse than the Udes 03.

  • MrAdak

    I don't know why but I enjoyed Strv 103-0 more than UDES 03, I get better matchmaking all the time, you're able to bounce shots, accuracy isn't that big of a deal for me, 0,3 is still good in my opinion, I like the tank and I won't sell it but thanks for the video QuickyBaby

  • Varun Balawade
    Varun Balawade

    Day 4 of asking QB to play World of Tanks Blitz

    • Isak Monstad
      Isak Monstad

      You're wasting your time. He already addressed blitz years ago and there is basically no chance he will begin providing content on Blitz. At best it will be a single novelty video.

  • Piotr Wojtyna
    Piotr Wojtyna

    Owned 103-0 for quite some battles and .... gun alpha ok, it bounce ocasionaly but gun handling is ugly, had the most troll shots in a row among any other td at same tier, is just meh 😒

  • A comunist Apple
    A comunist Apple

    Hey QB, i think these tanks are good BUT u have to suffer threw the ikv 90 B and the 90mm on the udes 03. 50k free exp is hard to get for a 49% player that chooses this line as one of their first lines. So... if u want to grind this line and get the udes how do u recomend to play the udes stock? As a spoter or as a damage dealer

  • Austin Jackson
    Austin Jackson

    At least it's better than the tier 10, I'd sell the 10 and keep the 9

  • Harap Alb
    Harap Alb

    Better sell the slow and inaccurate Strv S1...

    • Gavin Ledesma
      Gavin Ledesma

      Huh what are you saying? The accuracy of the S1 is amazing

  • Timor Eiswolf
    Timor Eiswolf

    I rather consider the STRV 103-0 a slightly better STRV S1, than compare it with the 103B. I'd still rather play the UDES03 (for it's accuracy and camo) or the S1 (because it always makes money), than the 103-0. Even against higher tiers. While the 103B is a beast, I still enjoy the UDES03 very much for it's speed and camo, allowing to play aggressively if you got used to it's 20 mm "armor".

  • Sindrix

    Why does QB say "millimeter caliber"? I've always wondered.

    • Sindrix

      @꧁SHADOW 2265꧂ Oh is that what he means by saying that? That makes more sense.

    • ꧁SHADOW 2265꧂
      ꧁SHADOW 2265꧂

      @Sindrix "with a calibre of 105mm" would've sounded better instead of what he said.

    • Sindrix

      @꧁SHADOW 2265꧂ I don't remember if 152 was the specific number he used in this video, but yes. He says 105mm caliber or 152mm caliber, etc all the time. I've never figured out why.

    • ꧁SHADOW 2265꧂
      ꧁SHADOW 2265꧂

      @Sindrix so he said "152 mm calibre gun"?

    • Sindrix

      @꧁SHADOW 2265꧂ Well yes, in a way. Shells are typically measured in mm for anything above .50 caliber. The GAU-8 on an A-10 is a 30mm cannon, not a .11811 caliber. Caliber is only represented in decimals, so anything that exceeds .99 caliber would have to be represented by either a whole number (1.181 for the above example) or converted to millimeters. But caliber and millimeter are both units of measurement, and units of measurement don't change based on what you're using them on. Handguns, rifles, and light machineguns have (mostly) interchangeable measurements between caliber and millimeter. Mounted weapons on IFVs like the Bradley, tank, aircraft, and naval weapons are measured in millimeters. I guess my point is that 152 or .152 caliber and 152mm are vastly different sized shells, and I'm confused as to why QB uses both words for the same gun. It would kinda be like saying your car is 18 feet meters long. One of those is 206 inches and the other is 708 inches.

  • Axel Gustâv
    Axel Gustâv

    Man, I love when thet call the S-Tank a TD when it was made, callled and used as a MBT, which it was, despite its apperance

  • Ya rith
    Ya rith

    Bruh, I just bought this tank 11h ago

  • Christian Alboroto
    Christian Alboroto

    Yeah I agree. I didn't really this tank as much as I did with the Udes 03 and of course the tier X Strv-103b.

  • Giorgi Garsevanidze
    Giorgi Garsevanidze

    He looks absolutely dashing with the beard.

  • johny cash
    johny cash

    You dont really like broken tanks,do you crybaby?

  • Ganesh 99
    Ganesh 99

    My first tier 9 love this tank

  • Moo

    Well, there are many tech trees where the tier9 is just better. Not in stats but because of the mm.

  • LE Gaming DE
    LE Gaming DE

    i wuld like to have the 103 A and the 103 C in wot too

  • Sgt_BiNghia

    Strv 103-0 player: Sold immediately

  • Ima9ineBreak3r

    I can't decide if I would rather get the Kranvagn or the STRV 103b. I know they are very different, but I feel that both are good hull-down, fairly mobile, relatively armored tanks. Decisions, decisions.

  • Marc Calo
    Marc Calo

    I had a good memory in this tank Getting DC'd and reconnecting just to see my S tank (this tier 9) bouncing all the shots (luckily it was in a hull down position) funny part was my tank was taking all the hits while my surviving teammates were picking off the enemy tanks shooting at me lol

    • ꧁SHADOW 2265꧂
      ꧁SHADOW 2265꧂

      You are lucky. I ran out of ammo in WoTB, and I kept tanking but my teammates ran instead of shootings the enemies.

  • nekorain

    I sold it before getting the t10.. lol

  • naejin

    I found the Strv 103-0 to still be a good tank, but I suppose relative to the tier 8 & tier 10, it might seem less impressive tier for tier.

  • RinRin A.
    RinRin A.

    Aww too late.. i alr sold this tank becase the tier 10 is pretty much the same

  • J D
    J D

    Kind of like the T 9 430. It really needs to be a “U”.

  • Sumona Florence
    Sumona Florence

    1:45 He forgot to do his 3x tables.

  • Emmanuel Soniega
    Emmanuel Soniega

    Agreed. I would prefer the tier 8 udes than the tier 9. 103 0 feels like a step down from udes aside from the armor and HP

  • Alton Bauer
    Alton Bauer

    1:48 *105 or 120 mm guns, not sure how many t8+ tanks have 40mm 😹

  • Shinkirou

    grinding through this tank right now, can't wait to get rid of it, UDES is so much better for everything that matters, which is just weird

  • Olav Hansen
    Olav Hansen

    I didn't realise the 103 0 had worse accuracy than the udes ans 103b. But in the udes I felt like I had to camp bush, but with the right matchup in the 103-0 I have actually annihilated flanks because of its dpm and bounce mechanics. It works really well at medium to long range fire exchanges vs medium tanks.

  • RussianMight776

    You should come to World of Tanks console, you think PC is unbalanced, on console nearly every tank has under 0.30 accuracy due to some new accuracy skill perks that improve accuracy overall, while on the move and while turning the turret so dah dah dah my T-10, ST-I, IS-7 and IS-4 now have 0.27 accuracy

  • Max von Krieger
    Max von Krieger

    AMX 30 B: Hold my beer.

  • Federico Spadone
    Federico Spadone

    The Swedes (Saab) didn't invent but greatly developed turbochargers, so I think it's kinda appropriate that they get the most benefit from it xD

  • Мой Папа сталин
    Мой Папа сталин

    "swedish td"

  • oneknowwhatsup

    40-50mm guns :D :D :D :D qb classic

  • James Boyce
    James Boyce

    I think the tier 8 premium strv-1 can autobounce 90mm

  • Mateo Seavers
    Mateo Seavers

    Hey Quicky, if Wargaming sent out a mass notification telling Players they're gonna reset the game and you could only keep 5 tanks (doesn't have to be 1 per class unless you want it to be) for some hypothetical reason, what would be your choices and why?

    • ul bu
      ul bu

      Shii.. that would be painful for someone having like 70+ premiums and playing only them.

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