In World of Tanks the Badger has the highest DpM and is arguably the best frontal destroyer in the game... so why don't I love it?
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • Khadar

    two of the most frustrating tanks during a grind are TVP VTU and SU-100M1

  • todor92

    Before they nerfed the armor it was much better. At the beginning it was pretty much like T110E3 with pretty much the lower plate as only weak point. Nowdays some tanks with high gold penetration can even pen your upper plate/front armor directly.

  • Brian Forbes
    Brian Forbes

    Ive basically quit WOT...been having serious RNG issues and its getting old real fast. Rhm's and Skorpion G's have horrible armor on their turret and several of my tanks have been not penning them with HE, getting splash dmg but thats about it, even though the HE pen is well above the armor of their turrets

  • yssing

    The T57 heavy.. My god, that tank sucks

  • Luke Kibzey
    Luke Kibzey

    St. Emil. The grind is awful.

  • chompers21

    I like the tier IX better

  • Groky02

    AT8, 26% win rate and block 4000 dmg every round, but never win

  • TheFireman142

    yes pls, do video which tanks are better tier 9. Now i got plenty of tier 9 and wonder if I want to buy X instead or not, if its worth it :)

  • Kutejikashi

    I don't know... I mean, for me, I would prefer this tank over the conqueror... I mean yeah, I understand the importance of a turret, but for me, the Badger maybe have the better gun of them both? A bit more Alpha, better standard pen, better aim time, same-ish mobility, same hull-down gameplay and for me a little better than the conqueror... I might be stupid and crazy for saying that but hey, that's just my opinion

  • BadCorps

    The Badger is a bit of a disappointment

  • Ahsan H
    Ahsan H

    I simply effin hate the badger. The line was great upto it

  • Branko Popovic
    Branko Popovic

    oh it's like AMX 30 and AMX 30 B when they were in the game, i'm so glad i never sold my AMX 30, it's one of tanks i have most fun playing

  • DarkBee

    I'm in the same boat.. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with the Badger but I love the Tortoise. Most of the time people see a Badger and they just fire HEAT rounds, negating your armor. Then on top of that, your gun just isn't punishing enough to make them think twice. It's not that it's a bad tank, just rarely seems to live up to expectations; just like QB says.

  • BigFist OSmashem
    BigFist OSmashem

    I don't love my Badger either

  • robert gatehouse
    robert gatehouse

    Is it just me ...wdoeshen you get the next tr tank does wot give you and your new tank an rng and nice match making for a certain period of time or battles ?

  • gabriel reyes
    gabriel reyes

    Amx 50B 1 time out of 10 will get me an epic game, the rest are just sad to watch

  • ecpgieicg

    QB: Panther 8.8 is a terrible tank despite of being a DPM god, bc no armor, no speed, no alpha Also QB: Tortoise is a great tank due to being a DPM god, despite of no armor, no speed, no alpha

  • Rer1Rer1

    Jagdpanzer E100. It's got huge alpha, but the DPM is so poor compared to Jagdtiger. The german TDs at all tiers got this perfect balance of big alpha and nice DPM except the tier X.

  • davetheman1987

    At least you can play WOT, wargaming completely killed console's version with the last update. Totally screwing over it's community.

  • Zanarkand

    I love the Badger, got it 3 marked. It's just a beasts, it's even a grand side scraper imo

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • Flamdring

    @QuickBaby, you should definitely make a video about tanks that are worth selling and keeping! I feel the same about my Foch B now, because it seems that while you gain 2 more shells in the magazine, the reduced mobility and agility compared to Foch at Tier IX are not worth it. Meeting Tier VIIs with lower armour and less HP meant I could be an assault TD whereas at Tier X you have the same gun as at Tier VIII which is not ideal. And wish you all a Happy 2021!

  • Jayzcee Graham
    Jayzcee Graham

    AMX M4 51 at tier 9 is better than the AMX M4 54 at tier 10.

  • William Ludwick
    William Ludwick

    Seems to me that WG should stop all these rebalancing changes (buff and nerfs) and just limit "gold" rounds a tank can carry. Like they should designate a "standard" round for each tank - HE for Arty, AP for Heavies (or APCR for certain ones like it is today) - and you can carry the max number of those rounds. Then if you decide to take any other type that is non-standard, you're limited to the number and your max carry goes down. So if you can carry 40 max, you could take all 40 standard rounds or each gold would count as 2 (maybe more). So 20 max if you only took them (or some combo like 20 standard, 10 gold and you're maxed out). I know this will probably never happen, but I think it would help tanks which are designed to be frontline brawlers get back to somewhat normal. It would really make certain tanks have to really plan what they will take in terms of ammo.

  • soad11dude

    I grinded the fv 183 back when it was about to be removed. Sold every tank up the line to make sure I would have the credits to get the delicious death star. Which also gave me the badger for free technically I also seem to hate the badger. And wish I had kept the tortoise. The tortoise has a better gun arc as well, which makes a huge difference for coming around corner. Badger has a 30 deg arc. Tortoise has a 40 deg arc The weak spot on top of the tortoise is smaller and can be hidden when going around a corner sometimes. Unlike the badgers lower plate The premium shell pen on the badger (320mm) is actually LOWER than the tortoise (326mm) The traverse speed on the tortoise is also higher than the badger... The shell velocity on the tortoise is slightly better... The badger does have a better pwr/weight and camo.. But all this AND a jump to tier 10? What a joke.

  • Dr. Lareme
    Dr. Lareme

    Had it, sold it. It is not even equal to the Tortoise.

  • nekorain

    Badger does better when trading shots tho.

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy

    I love the Tortoise and play it a lot. I recently unlocked the Badger but am in two minds whether to get it. It just doesn't seem like a big improvement. The first tier X I got was the Jagdpanzer E100 TD but I found it incredibly frustrating after the Jagdtiger before it. The Jagdpanzer with it's long reload meant I only got a couple of shots off in a match and then usually got obliterated with gold ammo. I sold it and put the crew in a Grille 15 which is much more fun.

  • Ludvig Nilsson
    Ludvig Nilsson

    For me the best tank like this is the at15a its so incredebly fun to play just stand in the open and spam with its 3.5 sec reload time its amazing blocked 6500 in it today in an lower tier game tho

  • angus harding
    angus harding

    Strikes me that removal of Deathstar and replacement with the Badger Turd is the problem here. The Deathstar was the prize for the terrible British Assault Tank grind and made the pain worthwhile...Why would you do this for the Badger Turd. And if you don’t think I’m right, think about how many you see in play...I think that answers the question as why you don’t like it...loads of potential, and great in the right situation (1 in 20/30 games), otherwise a turd. Best way to get it fixed is to not play it at all.

  • Oliver Grljevic
    Oliver Grljevic

    obj 704 is soo much better tier for tier than obj 268

  • Clayton Whitman
    Clayton Whitman

    I feel this way about the old FV4202. At T10, it was a beast (for me)!! But when they made it a T8 premium and replaced it with the AX, the AX just does NOT work for me at all!! It feels like the cupola got 10 times bigger and the rest of the tank sucks too. I won't play it anymore.

  • Nathan Dross
    Nathan Dross

    I agree 100% so much so i sold mine...

  • Daniel Hjelmberg
    Daniel Hjelmberg

    Cut of your beard or have a full beard

  • Thanh Binh Cu
    Thanh Binh Cu

    french heavy tank t9 & t10 is the same

  • Freddylit

    I didn't even realise you were in the game until I noticed my name in the post game stats. I was the tvp 😁 Great to play with you after so many years.

  • Ferenc Fajkusz
    Ferenc Fajkusz

    47k credit without rem account? joke.

  • JAG 247
    JAG 247

    Quicky I’m back to this channel after 4 years lol glad I am tho

  • Ralphy’s Replays
    Ralphy’s Replays

    if you are talking dpm the AT8 with the 75mm gun after the 5 pdr. loaded with H.E with bond equipment and the best crew like at max with premium consumables, and a gun rammer directive the tank can get 6,200 dpm

  • Chris Ramos
    Chris Ramos

    The tank that comes after the T29 is a strict downgrade when fighting tier for tier.

  • Lethyss

    I love the Badger though 🤷‍♀️

  • Adamn adissident
    Adamn adissident

    Welp I wish I sucked this good at a tank too Quicky

  • John Uselmann
    John Uselmann

    You did one a while ago called T10 tanks that are NOT worth it in World of Tanks, but I'd love to see an updated one!

  • Oliver James
    Oliver James

    This gave me flashbacks to when I was younger and used to have my grandma look after me as she'd always call me barmy 😆

  • chrisp8767

    That was a great video. Would really look forward to your reviews of Tier 9 and 10 Tanks to sell or keep?!?

  • BlackMasakari

    Yeah, that's a good point, QB, kinda the same, when you think: i play a wheelie and i got bad viewrange: can i really do "passive" scouting ? yes, if the situation is right for it. Did 9k passive spotting today in my lynx and finally got teh ace, that allows me to sell it.

  • Jaden VerDuin
    Jaden VerDuin

    The deathstar and the crapbarn are way more fun to play in my opinion.

  • Blifi77

    If the badger would be more mobile and flexible it would be a chinese premium (Tier8) TD ;) ;) ;) ;)

  • CalgarGTX

    Well the first problem is that theoretical DPS is a worthless metric in this game and I'm surprised you still haven't figured that out after all these years.. this isn't a mmo where you can DPS a raid boss continually until it dies so it's a moot point in every realistic scenario. As for the armor side.. as exemplified at 1:13 the lower plate is huge enough to be an easy snapshot rendering the rest of the armor useless unless you find the perfect hull down spot which is again, very situational and borderline theoretical. Add on top the RoF too low for perma tracking and you get the idea..

  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas

    I always feel the foch is the same way vs the 155.. the t9 is so much more fun for me

  • Attack444 444
    Attack444 444

    Jageroo is like that for me

  • R W
    R W

    It is so situational!!

  • lana turner
    lana turner

    Hi there, QB just wanted me to tell you Covid vaccine is very dangerous and none of you should ever even consider taking it.

  • Tesla 13
    Tesla 13

    I think the tier ten Chinese destroyer is like that. Tier for tier the nine is better for me

  • Michael Hornschuch
    Michael Hornschuch

    Tanks like that for me? Basically all autoloaders and autoreloaders.

  • Damon Phelps
    Damon Phelps

    The tarpin tank is more fun to play than the badger 🦡 sadly.

  • Mojje42

    grinding to get a tier X tank is just such a waste of time when most players just hit the 2 key and insta kill you..... almost stopped playing with the Maus because it's so useless =(

  • randy tessman
    randy tessman

    Agree that many lines are best at tier nine !!!!

  • Jaren Doose
    Jaren Doose

    I absolutely love my Badger. It is 3 marked with bond equipment and a good enough crew that I can keep enemies perma-tracked now. I still haven't sold the Tortoise though because it is still the better tank...

  • Edgar David
    Edgar David

    this tank in world of tanks BLITZ not pc it sucks

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi

    Most people think, "the world will change because I'm here" *I* can sit at the back of the map in my top tier heavy *I* can sit in one bush for 10 minutes and be oblivious to what is happening in the game *I* can play 3000 games in tier 1 because of my mirror glass self-esteem *I* can just have fun screwing around even though it probably ruins the game for 14 other people

  • Driskie

    Wait didn't QB already make a video on which T10s aren't worth it? LMAO

  • Scott Poet
    Scott Poet

    Think about that HIghest DPM tank in the game, but it only takes 6k damage in a tier X game to get M badge in a short game. Empirical proof the tank suuucckkkksss!

  • Cole P
    Cole P

    Like this video, any non-turreted tank. I just never have the luck with them.

  • Lukošiukas __
    Lukošiukas __

    I dont buy box beacous i not have a lot of money :(

  • Talatharas

    Maus says 'screw you, this my lane'.

    • Kommentator

      And rightly so. 😉 QB had the speed to synergize and/or relocate, which he both did one after the other ...

  • Mandurath

    Apparently this matchup was where the players were that can't shoot a badger when I play mine. The badger is the single biggest disappointment of a tank in the game for me. Loved the Tortoise, and after it was buffed even more so. They went and replaced my 183, along with nerfing it, with a turd. I was sooo looking forward to the badger too. Maybe you won't say it sucks, but I will. It has the big gaping weakness like they give other "heavily armored" tanks. But it lacks the intimidating alpha, and cannot fire fast enough to lock them down.

  • I-Am-Ely-Payne

    What about the wz - 111 - 5a, I feel is being underclass due to the obj 277

  • UberGeek Dude
    UberGeek Dude

    I would like to see a comparison video between 9s and 10s... Cost/benefit for getting the tier 10, most being 6M credits. I think a table that summarizes worth it or not. Similarly, I like the premium tier 8 comparison you did recently.

  • Hatbuster

    It's very similar with the Panther 88. It has INSANE DPM for a tier 8 medium now, but it's slow, huge, has terrible armor, no camo, mediocre gun handling and lackluster penetration (especially on the gold). When you somehow get a position where you can use the DPM, it's brilliant, but the tank is anything but "dynamic".

  • Ondra Váňa
    Ondra Váňa

    well I feel this way with my second ever tier X Jageroo, when Jagd just feels so awesome and when I play Jageroo I kind of regret not playing Jag instead

  • Dylan Wood
    Dylan Wood

    the OBJ 705A is sadly disappointing to me considering it was my first tier 10. I want to love it, but the gun is just really lacking

  • borax92

    My t10e3 is faster and gun is much better

  • Kohl Hammer
    Kohl Hammer

    To me the badger is just missing something

  • Border 92
    Border 92

    The gold spam lately has been ridiculous. Took 27 rounds in my 705A. 25 of them were gold ammo. As jingles says, they smash their face all over the 2 key and load the only skill they have.

  • TheLittleGuy

    Shitbarn gives me the exact same feeling as this...

  • Dennis Johnson
    Dennis Johnson

    For me its the FV4005 any other tank I play i can do well in. But when I play the FV4005 I swear MM goes, "Oop he's playing the FV put every unicum 279e player on the opposite team and give him all bots and make his dispersion .60" I don't get why my games in that tank always go so wrong. I'm a 50.7 wr player and after 18 or so games in the FV I've only managed a 28% wr or something stupid.

  • ncal08

    IS7 is frustrating or maybe I suck

    • William Ludwick
      William Ludwick

      I don't think that there are many tanks (I'd say very few of any) that really "suck". Mostly it's a question of "does a given tank fit my play style"? Often you'll find that when people say ones does suck or it's the greatest tank in the game, it's a matter of it matches how they like to play, so it amplifies their style so they tend to do well (not accounting for RNG or teammates who are bots or AFK, etc...) I personally like playing the IS7, but again it fits my play style. I liked the whole IS line. Also, it depends on my mood for a given day or time period, as I'll play different tanks and do well, but also the same tanks will suck in because I played them like another tank and they don't work well in that same type of scenario.

  • sandra hawrelluk
    sandra hawrelluk

    stilll using old video of the old game can't imagine why?? the new version is way past disappointing HA here you are, unable or unwilling to do your commentary using the new 6.0 and yet you produce these videos this leaves a few very good questions unanswered

  • HiveMind Craig
    HiveMind Craig

    I love my Tortoise, Top 3 tank for me. But I too cannot come to play the Badger all that much.

  • Theis J E
    Theis J E

    I can see how frustrating it is to only get approx 6000 damage......i think you should sell it ;-)

  • NRL

    Absolutely garbage on wot console. Hugely nerfed rof compared to pc. Makes it actually less effective than a tortoise.

  • Chris Ross
    Chris Ross

    I think I'm coming over to PC world of tanks.. console version is now and completely screwed.. it's turned into Armoured Warfare

  • Chris

    That Maus on your team...

  • Jack Mccabe
    Jack Mccabe

    Whenever i see someone in a badger they seem to die early in the game

  • baragon01

    Best way of playing a Tank, don´t read it´s statistics !!! Why ? RNG here in Europe is the worsest of all World wide, the statistics are often false Displayed in the Garage and Kommends or shouts on Websides are mostly from Players who are playing a Stile, which is not made for the Vehicle at all ! I have stopped counting the Tanks which are not good at all, which players wrote or said, because I have had and will surely have my best Games in them like the American T95 or the T28 before it. All in all: If you don´t like them the way you play, addept a new Style for them or stop playing them at all if you are stuck in your Gameplay !

  • Haris Bin Khalid
    Haris Bin Khalid

    For me its the K-91

  • Pascal Friedrich
    Pascal Friedrich

    Yes. Please compare tier 9 and tier 10 tanks that follow in sequence

  • mikepette

    I took off all the damage increasing equipment off and stuck all the survival gear on. There is enough dps without anything

  • Topi Salminen
    Topi Salminen

    QB: Badger is inconsistent WG: Ok lets buff Obj.140

  • Jordan May
    Jordan May

    I’m sorry, I like Quackybabs, but this video just felt like he was whining about the Badger not being overpowered.

  • Daniel Benner
    Daniel Benner

    Qb pls play in the next cw campaign get yourself a 907 or a vkk because the vkk will probably be removed next cw season.

  • Del Bennett
    Del Bennett

    For me it’s the FV4005

  • Timor Eiswolf
    Timor Eiswolf

    Return to STRV 103B. I think that's the right tank for you to just have fun.

    • ömər ismayılov
      ömər ismayılov


  • tony scott
    tony scott

    The E75 always felt like a better tank than the E100, but the recent buff has helped lessen that concern.

  • hA Sinpes
    hA Sinpes

    i have this with the VK 100.01 P

  • François Mouton
    François Mouton

    I would love the video about which tier 9 to keep :)

  • Gábor Kondor
    Gábor Kondor

    Back in the day, when they were tech tree tanks, the situation was similar with the amx 30 and 30b...tier for tier, the 30 was a great tank, the 30b was mediocre at best.

  • Michael Møller
    Michael Møller

    The french tier 9 HT is also better tier for tier than tier X imao

  • Tony Valdez
    Tony Valdez

    E3/E4 are best front line TDs...750 Dmg troll armor what more you need? 1:10 That is clear reason why Badger suck,lower plate instead of E4 where you need track him:) 3:30..this is where you need be,hulldown:E4:Muhahahaha!

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