Is the 122 TM Lunar Challenge POSSIBLE in World of Tanks???
The World of Tanks 122 TM Lunar challenge requires huge amounts of play - is it even possible? I answer!
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QuickyBaby's FAQ


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


    The special style is nothing but gaudy... stupid looking... ugly as fuck. WOT is just desperate for money, that is why they are doing this.


    "all of the grinders".. LOL. you mean basement dwellers with no lives????


    The dpm is horrid,, and there is nothing good about this tank. It is nothing but a russian knock-off.


    The tank is ugly, slow. and with a 17 second reload, hell no Im not spending money on a medium tank that has the reload of a damn arty... that is nuts.

  • Josh Boudreau
    Josh Boudreau

    Too much to do, I was grinding my ass off and burnt myself out. These short missions that are this difficult discourage, turn people off and burn players

  • Narguhl

    If anyone is watching later of comparison and to lazy to calculate: I bought it for 6,9€/90% off (200kXP needed) after playing exactly 440 games at about 450 XP. So I 'payed' half the time and 10% of the money. Okish deal. Tank feels good so far (atm... before ninja nerf :p)

  • Dimitrije Jovanovic
    Dimitrije Jovanovic

    My first completed marathon... Never again

  • Raymond Eskridge
    Raymond Eskridge

    Am I wrong in thinking that Wargaming during everyday battles gives you more Base Experience for Premium vs Regular accounts. I thought if you earned say 500 Base Experience regular and say 750 for Premium if you had a Premium account they gave you the 750 towards Tank, Crew, etc Experience. The reason I ask is because for this Lunar Mission it doesn't matter if you have a Premium account, they are giving you the LOWEST Base Experience that they can. Which in my OPINION is very Sad and Shady.

  • flodA reltiH
    flodA reltiH

    It's nice watching WoT videos after you've uninstalled the game. Knowing you don't ever have to worry about WG and things like marathons and RNG amongst others is a good feeling lol.

  • wEight

    I miss viewing these marathons knowing I would never complete them because of a life I have unlike many. lol

  • Jemmy Christianto
    Jemmy Christianto

    Finally i was finish this time

  • Czech Boy
    Czech Boy

    Sad is i actualy get it... Iam died inside. It takes me only 10hours per day.

  • IvanL99

    I finished Marathon in 4 days u can check my video on yt :D

  • Siew Kim Ng
    Siew Kim Ng

    I'm 20k xp from finishing Stage 10...

  • Dan Olteanu
    Dan Olteanu

    Why are you talking about euros? You should stick to your pounds and leave euros for the people that live in the EU...

  • Arek Mag
    Arek Mag

    with avg exp 800 and 65% win ratio it took me 6h to get 30k exp today, so yeah, QB 3,something game time is not gonna happen

  • martytube821

    Not worth the time or money any more! I did finish 2 of the early marathons think the progetto 46 and british heavy when the marathons had i think 4 more days to complete them. The tank is blah for a blah tank tree.

  • Jammie Carl Gregory
    Jammie Carl Gregory

    I've got a few for free, but usually i just pay the last 10%. Just give it everything you got every spare minute of each day until it's done imo, because something always comes up in real life that makes in impossible to finish on a schedule for me. To new players I would say find your best tier 6-8s and use those to grind this out, and try to focus on being fast and aggressive, don't waste time in long drawn out draws(turn of assault mode), winning doesn't matter so much as xp per minute and getting in the top 2/3 of your team. Sometimes I can make more just running 1-2 minute EBR suicide scouts in xp per minute than in well played long games, a very different play style than what I usually do but it's educational.

  • Joonas Varjoluoto
    Joonas Varjoluoto

    Do people really believe its unfair for better players to be rewarded for their superior skills? Seems fair to me in video games just as it does in life.

  • Abdullah Ansari
    Abdullah Ansari

    It is literally impossible to get this while free to play. cuz it would actually be more effiecient for u to get a minimum wage job and use the salary to buy the tank

  • Jason Aradas
    Jason Aradas

    Seems like the T-34-85M marathon was the last marathon that was actually doable for someone who doesn't live on WoT.

  • Tina Kettering
    Tina Kettering

    Do I need this stupid "medium" for 4 minutes battles, for medium gameplay, for TD positioning, for frontline? Do I expect any fun? Definitely NO. Not at all. This tank is useless.

  • applewow

    These challenges ruin the game for the free to play players. The last time I truly participated in a challenge was during the Bourrasque challenge during February 2020. I spent a total of maybe 80 hours over the course of those 10 day, all without a premium account. I spaced it out like you were saying, where I saved a 5 hour or so session until after I got the premium day. I also pulled 2 all-nighters to get some more base xp. Where did I finish? Stage 8. At that point I couldn't physically play any longer, and I just decided I'd ask my family if I could shell out the $20. THIS WAS NOT HEALTHY AT ALL. The only thing I did when I got home was play WoT. I was forced to grind XP as I didn't own a good tier 10 vehicle for getting high damage. I can't imagine the people who are F2P and will have to do the 10 stages and can't unlock the style because of the time - gated nature.

  • Iddra

    can you extend the base xp range to 900 or 1000?

  • Sam Tom
    Sam Tom

    I will be lucky to reach 6th stage because every time there is such mission my win rate drops down to 25%. over 110 battles so far and only 9KXP in stage 5...

  • BM8975

    TLDR: If you have a job and a life WG doesn't care about you as a player or a consumer. These things are just ploys to mass populate their servers as most players chase a carrot on a stick. I have more premium tanks than I can play right now though. If I need a general T8 premium I have the T-44-100. If I need to train a Chinese crew I have the Type 59. So save myself a lot of stress and frustration.

  • Alexander the Great
    Alexander the Great

    The only time I was able to finish these marathons was when I had no girlfriend 🤣

  • 368engbn

    I will speak for all the average player base and let WG know they can stick this tank and its challenge straight up their ass. Just another money grab...and for a crappy tank at that. I would think WG be better off investing some time into creating better maps than crappy tanks. Just my opinion, of course. I only play this game now due to having too much time on my hands.

  • SLiDaRiX

    lucky me, 1st stage 1 match :D

  • Brian Creegan
    Brian Creegan

    Yeah, No.

  • Ian John
    Ian John

    I'm grinding playing my bisonte & 703 & Scorpian and getting 2 million silver day on stage 6

  • Ian John
    Ian John

    I taking the whole ten days to get it free the Lunartic challenge

  • 22nd account Due to censorship
    22nd account Due to censorship

    Dew it!

  • Fi

    These challenges always seem to happen right when school is starting again. Such trash. Idk what I expect from Wargaming at this point

  • Loyidus

    got the type 59... so i not even try to get this ugly tank....

  • VenomBronyPL

    They really had to put this ,,only top 10 players" thing arent they ? Casual player wont make it i bet

  • don R
    don R

    Great video as expected, but no I don't have that much time to do these

  • Vineq

    The previously event, obj 122, the maximum stage I got was 8° really hard... I prefer to not spend time in this event .

  • Golden Jackwagon
    Golden Jackwagon

    I. Gald to see you hit stage 5 yesterday. Keep trucking quickfingers

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones

    When you complete the challenge and didn’t even realize there was one going on...

  • On The Fly
    On The Fly

    They want you to buy it with a feeling of discount

  • Alunita Inghinala
    Alunita Inghinala

    5 days, from morning to evening, grind done. I will not do it, last marathon i did from start to finish was TS-5 one, no more marathons for me.

  • Anissyah Romi
    Anissyah Romi

    It's not worth it guys....just buy another stuffs

  • Ken Van de Burgt
    Ken Van de Burgt

    I did 41 games for about 10k. Days 6 7 & 8 is about 30k day 9 is 40k day 10 is 50k. At 10k per day its at least 3 weeks. Mission is over in 10 days. I figure about a thousand games.

  • freaky disorder
    freaky disorder

    I think it good but WHY only the top 10? This means you have to stock grinding new lines, and for many of us that is the most interesting part of the game. Otherwise we would just play the handful of tanks that suit our style and budget and just play them over and over. I can’t see any reason to limit XP earnt to only the top10 except as a means to promote gold spam and premium consumable usage.

  • LaWraWaN

    the event seems slightly bugged.. I've got 850+ average exp and played more than 50 battles over 7 hours and I havent yet gotten the 25k daily exp.. which is super annoying... so instead of the 4 hours it should have taken somehow its taking me 8.

  • firejack007

    His calculation don't come out correctly. Hope he's not taking the time per day and multiplying x10 days. That has no correlation to games played. Except for the first level, the game per day calculation doesn't match total games. Some over, some under.

  • Marcus Boswell
    Marcus Boswell


  • General Saufenberg
    General Saufenberg

    it`s not to hard. it`s not worth it, because the tank is shit!!!

  • Martika Kotopoyli
    Martika Kotopoyli

    1...out of 8 wins...2400 stage1 in 1 1/2 hour...another great marathon always in 10 places. yep i slammed the clocks again. record afrer record.

  • Jesus von Nazaret
    Jesus von Nazaret

    not worth my time to do this, and not worth my money to spend on

  • Heather Hern
    Heather Hern

    Time to go sicko mode when my internet is back, I guess.

  • Johan

    Just finished the WoW HIZEN grind and grinding coal for the Thunderer tier X BB. Ill pass this one. That being said QuickyBaby this is a great video for everyone who want's to grind for the Lunar tank. Highly informative!!!

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken

    Honestly its not a question if its possible or not. You get stuff for free with every stage just for playing the game you play anyways and in the end you may decide to buy the tank with whatever discount you unlocked. For me its a win win game design, as the player gets rewards for free and can unlock a nice discount while wg can still make a bug to keep the server hamster well fed. I really welcome this kind of marathons.

  • Hugo Krithinas
    Hugo Krithinas

    It'S made for players to get tired and buy the dam thing.

  • Maarten

    It is not worth it. They hope you will buy it with 40 to 60 percent rebate. Which is still ridiculous. For that amount of cash I can buy a brand new game for my Nintendo Switch.

  • Mikutowo

    There is one BUT. You team must to win ;)

  • Josh

    The 274a having an insane turret, pretty troll hull armor and better dpm (to say the least) will just outperform this thing. Idk why they had to make those cupolas so prominent. Makes grinding this challenge an “ig.. I mean I’m already playing those tiers” and buying it a definite no.

  • goran marcic
    goran marcic

    It was never made to be's made to give you a sensation that you "earnd" the tank when you have to pay for ot that you don't think and just open the wallet

  • Raycu2

    Is there literally no communication in Wargaming's whole company? World of Warships already had an event that required a grind like this and the community hated it(Puetro Rico event for those not in the know). Since then they've made the events far more enjoyable but that one required playing the game as if it were a job. How they could fuck this up again as a company is amazing.

  • William Dozier
    William Dozier

    Another piss poor attempt from WoT ,most players if they have any sense ,won’t waste their time


    Im shooting for an 80-90% discount my defender is gonna come in clutch.

  • Andrew Templeton
    Andrew Templeton

    QuickyBaby love the content is there an update to date video on the current meta of WOT? What vehicles to aim for and what not? Just getting back to playing again and it’s all kinda overwhelming working out what’s best now 😅

  • Ifti Flo
    Ifti Flo

    At last a comunity contributor who says a premium isn't the end of the world.

  • Red Star
    Red Star

    its impossible in Russian Server ... they have some Groups there and impossible to win .... 90% of game finish 15/4 ..15/5 ......

  • mikhailabakunin

    Great video again QB. I usually get to around lvl 5 or 6 and buy the marathon tanks then. You say the Type 59, which I have from years ago, is still better than this so I don't really need to buy it. I'll play against it a few times this week and see how good it is before getting out the cc.

  • MrAdak

    Okay I'll waste my life and try to complete this, only lucky that I have one free week from school exactly when the event is happening so I'll try my best

  • vladasiler

    I cant baby i just cant do it again

  • Namegoeshere Orhere
    Namegoeshere Orhere

    Even if you make minimum wage it's only about 6 to 7 hours work. If you really want it and want to save some money just play like you usually do and see what discount you have at the end.

  • Cheg78

    Do I need a slow medium with an awful DPM for that I do not even have a crew for? No

  • Gta Player
    Gta Player

    Skill avg 1k. ..

  • Beer Wolf
    Beer Wolf

    I'd just leave it till the final day and use the discount I've accumulated from my usual play like I did for the CS LiS... I ain't going out of my way grinding out what I can afford from what I earn by the hour.

  • MP14

    Thanks for all the groundwork, reliable as ever. This always gives me a clear idea of what to do and where to grab the tank. I'm going for the tott french and try grind/mastery.. though yeah.. top dmg hmmn Good luck to everyone trying and thanks quickybaby ;)

  • MinhTem

    My bisonte c45 average exp 1000. That why fast to grind this tank. 2 days finish 1/3 stage 6

  • TheBlobik

    It seems like those are designed so that you do the 7 stages (half the effort) and then whip some cash to get the tank for 70% discount.

  • Dan019191

    Got the renegade and bourrasque never again seeing these comments almost bring back painful memories 😂😂

  • Merauder777

    First time doing one of these marathons, because i like the Chinese mediums, forgive me if these are stupid questions but... 1) if i get say 6k base experience day 1, does the remaining 3k go towards the next part? Or does the experience only count for that day? Can i just binge hard 1 day to get ahead and then casual the next? 2) suppose i get 7 out of 10 of these missions, the remaining price after the discount... Is that in gold, bonds, silver? Direct money purchase? 3) given this is on base experience, is it typically better to use premium heavies or light tanks? Tier 8 and 6 respectively. 4) premium account multiplied base right? So even upon getting that premium day the base experience is what counted rather than with the premium right? I know, very stupid questions, plan on trying for this tank regardless.

  • 16killjoy

    Literally going to grind to stage 5 maybe 6 the first day and then buy the thing so i can get my hands on those universal training manuals. Then shell out the remainer of my gold from loot boxes to get a pretty awesome looking style.

  • Andrew Duke
    Andrew Duke

    Quickybaby, over three hours a day for ten days is not reasonable if you have a normal life, it's bloody ludicrous. I will never have that kind of time for a video game even if I was that good.

  • Supernaut

    All this for just a pixel tank? I don't think so!

  • GnatTheGnome

    So, once again, the top 5% of all players get another High-powered tank for free and all those trying to grind get seal-clubbed until they either quit or break out the wallet. WG once again proves that they ONLY care about the top players.

  • Lapin Logic
    Lapin Logic

    WG "Here is a FREE** Tank.....** To earn for free you must quit your employment and take up WoT full time"

  • reinout burgers
    reinout burgers

    Rather work an exrta hour and purchase the tank...cheaper then wasting 5 hours a day for the coming ten days..that said....i already have a lot of tanks

  • BadTrip

    Again.. the game is designed for unemployed Russians..

  • Ewan Cook
    Ewan Cook

    Let's be honest, this is such a clever business decision.

  • Don Hightower
    Don Hightower

    Another example of a greedy corporation pandering to the rich. Knowing us people that HAVE TO WORK will never complete this without paying out money. As rich people that DO NOT WORK will have all the time in the world to do this event.

  • Dady Madass
    Dady Madass

    Wazaap weekend players like me:)))

  • Martin Røpke
    Martin Røpke

    with so many reroll players lately and massive amount of players with a winrate way below 45% im thinking of taking a brake for 10 days, it will be brutal with players doing insane plays

  • TheProjaCraft Reloaded
    TheProjaCraft Reloaded

    Being a college student at the moment, every one of these marathons seems really really unreasonable for me to actually dedicate my time to and get the ten tiers done... But a tiny thought always lingers in the back of my head, like what if I actually try one of these for real and get it done with? Still wouldn't be sure if it is worth all the wasted time on a video game though...

  • SehmaInDaHood

    Sorry but i think this tank is crap. An the 3D style is still ugly

  • Jacob Balcer
    Jacob Balcer

    this is so ez dont be dramatic, when doing the top dmg mission just use a tier X med/ht/td while top exp stealkill with anything, while doing the exp missions just play with the tank that you're performing best with

  • StealthyDead

    Oh hell no. If I'm going to play 5-6 hours a DAY on a game that I'm on-the-fence about anymore at this point, it's not going to be for an extremely mediocre tank.

  • Chris Barnes
    Chris Barnes

    Always enjoy these challenge analysis videos. I can never grind to get free tanks but have once made 60%

  • James Porter
    James Porter

    if you have a life, job, wife etc then you have fuck all chance to completing this set of missions.

  • TotalRookie_LV

    Soooo, if the matches don't go all that well (which is the case today, for example), it might take 170-300 games in a single day to grind 50'000 XP? Fuck that! It's less for my average performance and much less for good games, but that doesn't really matter to make this marathon any more attractive.

  • Scruffycavetroll

    Is it time for spreadsheet baby?

  • Call me Sir
    Call me Sir

    Need 9 or 10 guys to grind an account...

  • Spitfire

    Doesn't Wargaming understand people have lives?

  • chris ains
    chris ains

    Another 'clever' ploy to either make us play this game 22 hours a day, or buy it. I am not doing either.

  • Ognjen Sinobad
    Ognjen Sinobad

    going 4 the challenge, i got obj 274a last day at 24h.... and i dont play obj