World of Tanks is bringing a new tech tree of Italian Autoreloading heavy tanks in update 1.11.1 - here's all the new tanks!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • Sighduf

    Still I prefer to shoot 3 times get 960 (+ probably a fire or ammo rack expl.) and hide for 1 minute then repeat instead of going with "normal tank" shoot once do arround 400 damage and then be eaten by any magazine enemy.

  • onni halme
    onni halme

    i really dont understand why wargaming seems to think nowadays that people like tanks with useless dpm. The meta is short games where you need to be able to bang out as much damage before your team is annihilate or your team does the same to the enemy and a tank that can shoot 3 times a minute and is propably not even going to hit those 3 shots and even if they do theyre not going to pen the enemy without gold.

  • vonblunder

    OMG the moustache, please find a barber...

  • Ade McGuinness
    Ade McGuinness

    Lies, all lies, every Italian heavy tank is trash and you would better placed in almost every other equivalent vehicle from any other nation. Keep peddling this trash to keep the game money rolling in...all in all less enjoyable than a bout of the trotts.

  • plugusmaximus

    I find the shagginess of your moustache disturbing now.

  • Just Doing It Jim
    Just Doing It Jim

    You take your underpowered heavy and use it with the mediums and all through the battle the haters are trash talking you for not face hugging the enemy heavies with them! So, as a big FU to them I add them to my blacklist. First to silence them, but more importantly so I can spot them and target them specifically in later games when I'm in my arty! Have you ever felt like an arty was picking on just you? Well, you might've just pissed him off in a previous game!

  • Johnny

    I have found the tier 9 is best with the stock turret and 2nd 105, the handling and aiming time is far better and the stock turret has more armour .

  • Julian Moore
    Julian Moore

    Time to grind out this bis

  • Jarno

    So tier 9 is much better than tier 10.

  • Peter

    What if tanks with the reload compensation were buffed: So that if you had max number of shells reloaded already, switching to a different shell type would grant the reload compensation for the first shell. Or with the intuition perk it will sometimes grant you the first shell right away AND compensate the 2nd!? or is that too much lol

  • Peter

    13:10 in 2021 45kp/h forward speed on a heavy is bad.

  • jdubflylo

    Yet american tanks have a 2 meter tumor which kills tank crew and he when shot

  • Bartek

    Hi. Is there an spreadsheet of some kind with recomended quicky setups?

  • Jos power
    Jos power

    So, why they make these bad italian heavy tanks? Do they hate italians? :-) If these are the tanks comin out.. I think no one play them.

  • Tako C.
    Tako C.


  • South Side Boyz
    South Side Boyz

    They need to figure another way. Adding more tanks to the game, will not last for long.

  • TheProfcritic

    Hmm, I found it rather disappointing you did this video but then only did a separate vid on the Tier X. I want to see that tier 9 in action dude. Tier 9 is where more fun is!

  • Matt Carney
    Matt Carney

    maybe they should stop making tanks premium counter parts better

  • Stefan

    Beards really aren´t for everyone I guess ;) But I am sure the thing boosted your camo rating :)

  • SorinL

    It will be nice to see this tanks in my team camping on the red line waiting to any other heavys ....

  • Johnny

    KV1 laughs with 3000 dpm at tier 5

  • Omegaseven

    This weakspot on the top of the Rinoceronte seems like it has been added afterwards to make it weak on purpose. Any decent gun (even russians, with their infamous RNG) can hit this spot and rip this tank in pieces. If this tank had a decent gun, it wouldn´t be big of a deal, but it would be too close to the italian mediums, imho. If this tank had decent armor (AS A HEAVY!), you could kinda compensate the gun, but WG decided to, again, armor an italian tank with fucking lasagna plates and even add a huge weakspot on it. As much as I adore italian meds, the heavies seem like lost time and I should grind other tanks.

  • Flavia Pitariu
    Flavia Pitariu

    The rhino could just get a reduction of after firing bloom and gun handling. It needs the weakspot removed as it nullifies even the bare amount of armour

  • Flavia Pitariu
    Flavia Pitariu

    The mod 66 looks like a squashed borasque

  • redslate32

    "...weird triangle that's on top of the vehicle..." That's the Rino's 'horn.'

  • Juan José Del Pino Rivas
    Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Hahahaha, that weak point should be on the Chieftain. This is a disaster for this tank. I expect this line will be grinded by players the first two months and afterwards it's going to be sent to Oblivio like the ST-2 tank.

  • Mr. Jx5N
    Mr. Jx5N

    wg basically added another unbalanced, outdated amx50B line, but the only difference is the flag and maybe 5% more armor lol

  • mark edwards
    mark edwards

    i am a member of the magic circle still waiting for the tricks can you do the rabbit out of the hat!!

  • Bartos Tanu
    Bartos Tanu

    14:06 or 700-800 dmg in 3 seconds with a filthy borasque...

  • Bob Bobbers
    Bob Bobbers

    Cool, more autoreloaders to powercreep my rusty old IS-7

  • copeyhagen

    pube face

  • Matthias Labuwy
    Matthias Labuwy

    At least it isn't overpowered bullshit again. This video sounds like: oh no I wanted more overpowered tanks that make the good old ones even further obsolete.


    just for info the best shell velocity of heavy tanks is the obj 277 which is really OP in velocity i guess

  • Grey Mouser
    Grey Mouser


  • Mauro Moens
    Mauro Moens

    Pretty weird that the pc version doesn't have the japanese td's yet

  • Lucryatime

    first shell 13 sec second 15 sec last 18 sec and its balanced

  • claudio stoker
    claudio stoker

    Rinoceronte, horrible

  • Qtank009

    tier 9 looks fun. And thats all I care about... soo I'm going for it.

    • Adi Operta
      Adi Operta

      Tier 9 is awful too just compare it to the Emil II.

  • Steven Hedlund
    Steven Hedlund

    I'm not 100% excited about the Italian heavy tanks coming out. Only because I was expecting Italian tank destroyers to come out instead. Having to play historic TDs such as the Semovente 90/53 would have been a blast to play. Now we have Italian heavys that never existed.

  • jason bozh
    jason bozh


  • jason bozh
    jason bozh

    Does the "penis sheath" on this gun count as a hotbox?

  • Blue Loon
    Blue Loon

    Whenre they gonna stop throwing auto loaders at us, fuck off

  • Robert Saler
    Robert Saler

    don't forget to mention the new Tier 11 premium Italian tank the Ristorante . . .

  • Riaghan SW
    Riaghan SW

    how much free xp does this man have

    • Riaghan SW
      Riaghan SW

      Ah okay that’s a shame haha, pretty ridiculous though that they put 70mph tanks in the game, if you could call them tanks

    • Johnny Migouel
      Johnny Migouel

      @Riaghan SW nah, wg removed the turbo because the ebrs were too fast with it. The test server will close when the update is released but will be accessible again when wg will want to release the one after that.

    • Riaghan SW
      Riaghan SW

      Bro I’ve got it now and it’s sick thank you :) btw is there any way I can get my EBR 105 to 105kph, or anything faster than 91?

    • Johnny Migouel
      Johnny Migouel

      @Riaghan SW and the name of the update

    • Johnny Migouel
      Johnny Migouel

      @Riaghan SW yeah

  • Chris Bowling
    Chris Bowling

    Are they ever going to add at least first gen modern tanks? Well wargaming won't let it happen, because they don't want the Abrahms to make the Russian tanks suck more than they do.

  • Matt

    the teir 10 is fucking OP

  • Matt

    im sick of seeing tanks that would never exist being marketed as realistic tanks in wot

    • KajMak64Bit

      If Germany was winning the war they would without a doubt build P-100 Ratte... meaning that would be tier X heavy tank xd

  • logangamer studs
    logangamer studs

    the freaking test server just crashed

  • P.Tibor

    well i dont know why the wot make the best tanks at tier 9.....i remember in the old times was the shitest tier to play it was the t9 the best was t8 and t10 and t6 and now its changed soo much....t6 still fun t8 strange sometimes......t9 very good to play and t10 toxic :D

  • TornadoADV

    The T110E5 wishes it's cupola was as small as that "massive weakpoint" on top of the Rhino.

  • A S
    A S

    Don't let Peppy know you want to love the Rinoceronte Italian heavy tank.

  • AlcidesBan

    Really a boring video, I was waiting some gameplay , I know the stats are important but this is really to much. Sometimes the stats aren't everything.

  • Free Fall
    Free Fall

    how about this guy going to play war thunder?

  • Pacifika

    Really, lose that pubic hair from you’re face , you look like a karate sensei

  • Guardian Drake
    Guardian Drake

    I'd like to hear your opinion on LFG comint to World of Tanks. As also a World of Warcraft player, you must have seen what devastat ing effect LFG had on guilds and raiding in WoW. Do you think the same thing will happen in WoT as well?

  • Wraith Executioner
    Wraith Executioner

    11:30 the is3-II which is tier 9 is compared to the obj 703? Did you meam the is2-II?😅

  • martytube821

    So the best tank in the Italian heavy line is a loot box tank gg wg! No wonder i dont spend $ on this cash grabbing p2w game any more!

  • rbwagner71

    Anyone have the total free xp needed to go from 7-10?

  • Prokop Svoboda
    Prokop Svoboda

    good job video is great i love heavy tank

  • C P
    C P

    I dont get it. If I already completed the ENTIRE Italian Current Tech Line, would I still need to play the Tier 6 to get that 57k experience to get into the heavy line? I mean I researched EVERY current Italian Tank with every module.

  • Skott62

    Sounds like the way to play these tanks is as a medium and go after medium tanks instead of other heavies. I have the T8 premium Bissonte and that's the way I generally play it and it does pretty good in that role but against other heavies its meh especially in a tier 9 or tier 10 match where its clearly out matched. Also the Kranvagn is not OPish IMO. As someone who only plays random games I dont see them very often in battles which leads me to think they aren't that great. If they were I would think I would see them a lot more often. I haven't bothered to buy mine yet so can't rightly say.

  • John Hazlett
    John Hazlett

    Nothing is allowed to compete with RUSSIA!!

  • wiggattelo

    it really just feels that wg is using rng for balancing and not even trying anymore

  • Dew Roo
    Dew Roo

    I loved going for the progetto 65 on console, once the heavies come out I'm going for that line immediately

  • Tikka Massala
    Tikka Massala

    whats the best tech tree tier 7/8 heavy at the moment in wot?

  • Adam

    tier 8: 6:08 tier 9: 14:30 tier 10: 22:38

  • Tak4r

    Anyone else thinking about how the Italian T7 get banged by T29,Tiger and IS, while French T7 watches because he was at this position?

  • Josh Boudreau
    Josh Boudreau

    Is this roll out for the north American as well?

  • helping helper
    helping helper

    Wow, stats on the Rinoceronte are terrible. Things you sacrifice yo get an autoreloader : -HP -Dpm -Soft stats (when moving and turning), they are the worst out of any tier 10 tank in the game! Except fv4005 and bc155 arty -Top speed and reverse speed is also bad compared to other tank in "Heavyum class" (wz5a, 113, obj277, fv chief...) -Weakspot on top is unironically great, it can be penetrated by any tank this tank faces, its not too large, but with terrible softstats of the tank, you cant effectively wiggle the turret to disrupt enemy aim Wg really needs to look into all of these stats, i see that they dont want to make the same mistake as they did with italian mediums, but this is too much. Hoping to see some buffs in the next iteration, mostly on softstats

  • Claus Kellerman
    Claus Kellerman

    fake video

  • pjpcarv

    "wierd triangle on top of the vehicle".... it IS called Rinoceronte which translates to Rhinoceros. ;)

  • George Doc
    George Doc

    REALLY appreciate the thoughts on the upgrade order, thank you. I would, however, have liked to see the crew loadout, if for example the commander is the radio operator.

  • adhad dawdaw
    adhad dawdaw

    competing with french t10 arty for loading that mag

  • TooOld ForTwoWheels
    TooOld ForTwoWheels

    Having watched your stream yesterday QB, it's fair to say these tanks are pretty awful in their current state. Some quick maffs says that the Progetto 54 does only 2020 DPM INCLUDING its initial 3 round burst after that as you said it drops into the low 1000s. That's a hefty price to pay for some minor burst damage and you can be killed in a 1v1 against most tier for tier autoloaders. Makes this whole line seem totally pointless.

  • Arm0ry

    So the Rhino has high alpha high pen high shell velocity good accuracy It's a Scorpion with better armour :D

  • Claus Kellerman
    Claus Kellerman

    this is wrong qb

  • ytgregoar

    11:20 You know that the 703 II is good when QB accidentally comapares it to the tier 9 IS3-II

  • ytgregoar

    @Quickybaby The upgraded tracks on the tier8 actually boost ground resistance by 33% and traverse speed by 66%. They are at least as important as the engine upgrade.

  • Dylan Loucaides
    Dylan Loucaides

    Can you do a vid or a stream on the German light tank line again. I want to see how they fit in the current meta and how powerful they are.

  • Josh Digger
    Josh Digger

    Maybe now is when I should start down the Italian tech tree

  • Adrian Moldovanu
    Adrian Moldovanu

    They seem balanced

  • Amzar Nacht
    Amzar Nacht

    Unless they make some *dramatic* changes to the higher tiers this is already a completely dead line. No speed, mediocre armor, utterly horrible DPM, completely useless pen... they'll get flat out facerolled by mediums and most heavies. No clan will tolerate them, especially when a T57 heavy can dump a magazine into it, reload, and dump a *second* magazine into it before it can unload enough rounds to kill the T57.

  • George Brl
    George Brl

    they look like super-p43s

  • bestbattle

    QB, IS-3-II is a tier 9 vehicle. You should be comparing to the IS-2-II

  • Jay Chen
    Jay Chen

    Great content! But on a side note, there are rumors that the Italian heavy line would come by the end of January, do you know whether it would be possible for us to select Chuck's discounts for them? They extended the holiday ops slots and credit bonuses, but not sure if they extended these discounts.

  • MrSnyper360

    Lol auto reloader dpm always looks fucked. The prog 46 has shitty dpm and its one of the best tanks in the game. The bisonte isn't great which told everyone that the heavy line was going to be marginal at best.

  • J D
    J D

    Why is it it seems we’re doomed to play reasonable wrecked games in any type vehicles that become more bearable only with a 7 skills crew? The impatience I had sticking to tier 3 just to create a formidable crew created such a negative attitude you can’t help (and can’t blame a lot of others) jumping at buying (baffling inept) premiums. I stopped being suckered into thinking that new shiny premium tire 8 is going to be the answer. They never are very long after the honeymoon is over and WG turns the Nerf knob to full stupid.

  • Dave Schmidt
    Dave Schmidt

    Common test 2 will hopefully buff these tanks

  • Shrike58

    If these tanks have any basis in reality I think I understand how the Italian army wound up with the Ariete MBT! Screw the fancy $#!+ and just give us more armor!

  • James Irwin-McConnell
    James Irwin-McConnell

    the HE for the Rhino will be GREAT for killing wheelies! I'm sold

  • Jesse Ilola
    Jesse Ilola

    just gonna use my italian blueprints... no need to grind ..

  • B L A C K S U N
    B L A C K S U N

    whats up with all the fictional tanks?

  • James Irwin-McConnell
    James Irwin-McConnell

    i mean, with the turret on the tier 8, is it surprising? a LOT of tanks have "less" armor on the top turret, but better angles.

  • ꧁SHADOW 2265꧂
    ꧁SHADOW 2265꧂

    What I learned from the thumbnail: Carrot P.88 is a thing.

  • Jonathan vallée
    Jonathan vallée

    buff their dpm italian the gap is too big here

  • Rob Bleeker
    Rob Bleeker

    That was only a matter of time...There are already Italian Prem tanks in the game, a new line is usually to follow soon after.

  • Edward Cardona
    Edward Cardona

    That reload is ridiculous, it needs to be better. When the gun is the thing that's special about the tank with its autoreloading, you cannot just leave it in the dust and expect everything to be fine

  • Sargis Nersisyan
    Sargis Nersisyan

    Tier X is Pinhead Larry on a ridgeline

  • wun1gee

    Yaaay more autoloaders. Said nobody ever.

    • MrKiller007X

      What do you mean? These are autoreloaders, not autoloaders.

  • Q N
    Q N

    Wargaming loves making these tanks that seem designed to fight at range then force everybody to fight at close range with the maps.

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