Keep Calm and Carry QuickyBaby - World of Tanks
Today Phatviking is going to carry me in World of Tanks.
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • Nerd

    As im late to the comments i doubt that QB sees this but a reason for the player barely using sniper mode might be because it causes lagg for him im the bushes. It happens to me on prohkorovka or ghost town. My frame drops so i barely zoom in to prevent the lagg.

  • Zhengyi Sun
    Zhengyi Sun

    This person only uses 8x scope... in a tank like that... truly impressive...

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge

    The only thing that matters in world of tank is what team the matchmaker puts you on. And if you decide not to spend money on the game, good luck. You better get use to getting stuck with player that dont have a clue how to play. I mean absolutely worthless players. Since I quit shoveling money at the game I NEVER have more wins than losses. Just now 6 games and 2 wins. Id have more fun in here bashing this POS game.

  • Justin Kashtock
    Justin Kashtock

    Really it depends on what I'm doing: If I'm running credit boosters or having a grind session, it's on to the next one as soon as possible if I die early. If I'm just having a relaxing time wasting game in premiums or in some of my "greatest hits" tanks like the KV-2, then I might hang out after I die and offer intel to teammates about things around them, but I try not to armchair general - I just give them the info and let them do with it as they wish. Full disclosure: I'm the type of person that knows how to play well but gets swept up in the game play and tunnel-visions on what's in front of me, but when I'm not actually playing I can provide much better analysis of the battlefield. When I used to do clan wars and skirmishes, our win rate was actually far higher when I died early as the play caller and could focus on the macro than when I was trying to call and actively play.

  • Gustav Gans
    Gustav Gans

    RNG had mercy with the Borrasque.

  • Mrcool179

    I think QB really just likes saying Phatviking hahah

  • Marek Krajčovič
    Marek Krajčovič

    "Sokol" in Slovak language means eagle

  • Viking Zero
    Viking Zero

    i so agree with you sir.................give players a good rep and get something out of it.............yes the players giving the plus rep should get a badge of some kind like a badge of honour and same for the player on the reseving end..............and on the flip side the voxic player should get a black mark...............I hope to see that someday and hope it will remove toxicity in the its one of the reasons I left the game

  • tvardet

    Always leaving bcz never happened in my games that anybdy do anything heroically. 3 minutes in battle I can tell it's lost for 13 tanks at one flank so when I die I move to the next game knowing there will be another one side mongols. It's very frustrating but oddly satisfying to wtaching them dieing in scissors

  • Ilari Lapikisto
    Ilari Lapikisto

    I always instantly leave after I die.

  • quan2um kille0
    quan2um kille0

    I finally got it! The meaning behind the QuickyBaby name. He is named QuickyBaby because he WAS, a Quicky Baby. If you know what I mean :D

  • A Girl Named Julie
    A Girl Named Julie

    The right play at the end would have probably been to get unspotted, get away behind the house as cover and re-approach from distance (I know it how it can be when the adrenaline rush basically controls you though)

  • Jason

    Speaking of carrying... You know, the EU and RU servers are hilariously easier to play. I used to play in SEA where there are only 6000-12000 regular players a day. In SEA, there aren’t too many noobs. I have a 51% W/R (Lemon) in SEA and 59% W/R (Unicum) in EU. Everyone in SEA is so darn competitive and egotistical that it feels more like a hassle to play, whereas EU, a lot of people (the tomatoes) just play for fun. The atmosphere is SO MUCH more relaxed.

  • Roster Maan
    Roster Maan

    hey Leute falls jemand von euch noch einen Clan sucht seid ihr bei uns herzlich willkommen. meldet euch einfach bei mir: Roster81 liebe grüße von den Piff-Paff-Panzer Berlin [PPP-B]

  • igor NoLe
    igor NoLe

    he play on 40 inch monitor i do that same only 2x or 4 x zoom :)

  • Bill Brydon
    Bill Brydon

    Forty-six more HP than he needed.

  • Goku

    how did you hit that first shot i call fckn bs there bud u have some auto aiming at there weak spot mod or some shit that was straight up cheating

  • Gary Dunken
    Gary Dunken

    This video and your commentary on Bourasque's play was enjoyable to watch. Thanks QB

  • Sleepy_Simon

    @QB: great video as usual, but always keep in mind: "Assuming makes an ass out of u and mi(e)" ;)

  • tom bez
    tom bez

    Definitely Hero of that battle 💪, imagine this bounce from standard will be 10th kill... would be nice if WG can add another medal 🏅,,stady hands "and 500k credits on top 🤔

  • Daane Mest
    Daane Mest

    I somehow get the impression from this vid that you havent found the sweetspot on the ridge.

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi

    You'd get positive reinforcement from not having a new bs overpowered premium every two months, not having the joke of a 3-5-7 matchmaker that stacks all green players on one team, and not keep making shitty maps where you sit in a bush on the opposite ends of a corridor where no one can do nothing but wait for the enemy to lose their sanity for it And fking 2 or 3 artiller every single game!

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi

    Qb: "Borrasque is definitely pay-to-win" Also Qb: "Maybe the best win ratio on any freely available tank" I saw the mental decline starting the moment he stopped shaving. Nothing good ever happens when men stop shaving

  • Nathan Hood
    Nathan Hood

    "Autoreloading medium tank" :P


    Didn't they bourassque have wheels rather than tracks?

  • The Vigilant
    The Vigilant

    Lmao just goes to show how ridiculous arty is...just NEARLY one shot Viking at the end of the game...but gg, amazing

  • M. Redleg
    M. Redleg

    7:23 someone explain to me how spotting mechanics are NOT broken? Look how close Borrasque is and no detection of the enemy. Absolute bullshit.

  • Barthalemew Nut
    Barthalemew Nut

    big shots at skill4tlu with those zoom comments QB, he uses low zooms because it makes you more accurate in snapshot situations. Training your aim to be better by not giving yourself the crutch of greater zooms increases accuracy, removing the time necessary to zoom in when making a quick shot.

  • L A
    L A

    i use the zoom the same way(1000DPI mouse,witch can do 7200 so its accurae),on 27" monitor, but i sit wery closely bechause i dont want to make biggert the minimap, it covers a lot of good info.

  • Cường Hồ Phi
    Cường Hồ Phi

    New meta?? aim

  • dbankerph

    That was a nerve wrecking experience to watch..AWESOME!!!

  • Mika L
    Mika L

    Happy New Year 2021

  • Bart Huylebroeck
    Bart Huylebroeck

    Hey @QuickyBaby, why don't you use your community to start a "+rep" campaign? This game could use a little more positivity :)

  • Tora Riders
    Tora Riders

    Bourasque is so broken. I am constantly seeing really average players get top damage in it. seems too good

  • bolt tanker
    bolt tanker

    Another OP bullshit bour

  • shadowish90

    love this kind of videos man. Would be awesome if you would include your face when you found out that it was a win . Would love too see that in this situations :D

  • Rob Bleeker
    Rob Bleeker

    In WoWs you are able to compliment players, BUT I have no idea what the exact function is, of this option

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • fnglert

    A possible problem with tying an actual bonus, like for example bonus XP, to complimenting someone is that it can be gamed.

  • J AN
    J AN

    Dislike, op tank on good map and decent mm (not 10) and fires all gold from the start. Less videos would be better instead of premiums firing skill ammo.

  • Shadewe

    World of the Worldships has the +Karma system

  • Night Raptor
    Night Raptor

    i leave right away but mostly so i can maximize my credit income

  • Masewero

    Damnit, another premium Italian medium tank, really wanted a heavy...

  • Sgt Grumpy
    Sgt Grumpy

    Phat , Awesome job !

  • durielvs

    im ono of those that suck in the progetto and loves to borrasque

  • Jesus von Nazaret
    Jesus von Nazaret

    i hate it when heavy tanks camp at the back of the map

  • Minnipirat Nørager
    Minnipirat Nørager

    On mobile wor blitz arfter the game u can give a compliment to both ur team and the Enemy team or a bad thing like afk or they didnt do anything

    • Minnipirat Nørager
      Minnipirat Nørager

      That could be good to be added

  • Eq_NightGlider_

    I know some people don’t use the 16-25x zoom because it gives a very false sense of accuracy

  • Taz6688

    I do agree with the "compliment" for good players like warships you can tag someone as "Plays Well" tanks need this, not many play well but those that do you should be acknowledge they have done so

  • Steve Roberts
    Steve Roberts

    I wish that wg would introduce a method of re-entering a battle as spector after you have quit. ( sometimes in frustration when I cock up.)

    • Steve Roberts
      Steve Roberts

      Spectator *

  • Juanhop

    Lol when saying Bourrasque does have bad accu. Published stats are one thing, real ones, other. Bourrasque is far more accurate than many other tanks. Jus watching this replay shows it.

  • RonEMac

    I try to watch every battle as much as I can - I learn more about the games I play I think if I stick with it. Even so, I need a lot more tactical work.


    Wait, how is QB at 650k! Well deserved comrade

  • Wai Chun Kwong
    Wai Chun Kwong

    this is why we still play wot after a decade.

  • R. Baig
    R. Baig

    In WoT Blitz if you click on a player name on the final scoreboard you can give them a positive rating. Different options are "Sociable Player", "Team Player", "Effective Player" and "Lucky Player"

  • Carl Khentan Allen U. Altovar
    Carl Khentan Allen U. Altovar

    i like how the standard B is supporting him thru chat

  • tweeotch

    I've seen a couple of guys on Twitch that don't zoom in for their shots. Really weird, but they play well. I can't do it... I have a hard enough time hitting stuff when I'm zoomed in!

  • Tomáš Airy Kořistka
    Tomáš Airy Kořistka

    To the final question, I play mostky Blitz, sometimes PC (Blitz it's faster and a lot easier) and it depends on the result of the battle... When it's something like 0:5 (WoT:B) or 0:10 I leave the game... But when those games are tense and clutch I watch them trying to help my allies (info or advice, such as use the HE on that tank because hes low and you have big gun etc, just the small little things) and overall I feel better when the game is lost or won and I know i did my best even after my death

  • Filip Sokolić
    Filip Sokolić

    Sokol_950 means Eagle_950 in croatian

  • Edson Kidwell
    Edson Kidwell

    Awesome game tip of the hat thanks for sharing it

  • Medionxtr

    31.12.2020 00:11h ; viewed 103027 times :-)

  • Edson Kidwell
    Edson Kidwell

    This is one I had really wanted but circumstances have forced my play for now LOVE and miss ALL MY TANKER BUDDIES pay attention in comments ya'll BREADCRUMBS are everywhere you control your actions thus the results stop crying OP tank play according to what you are seeing evolve moment by moment know your threats best to you all EDSON KIDWELL

  • Michael Blake
    Michael Blake

    32 X zoom with Essentials mod

  • MaddRIP1

    World of Warships allows you to give rep to layers, on both teams

  • FreeStormGXT

    Ym out to of this game to much pay to win everiting in this game is making you to poot money in

  • steelepls

    QB I quit the game when killed because it seems at times like no matter how well I do we lose because we leave a flank covered by only myself and maybe one other or they just sit there and die one at a time. RNG drives me up a short tree as well. Nice to see that even you do not always survive. Keep up the good work and God bless.

  • Tyler Newton
    Tyler Newton

    He may have some sort of disability that stops him from using the zoom. It seemed to come out when he was trying to aim and hold the mouse steady.

  • Animelordd

    3:34 ahah xD

  • Ocean1cbanana2

    That camo on your Bisonte looks really good. Which one is it?

  • Giorgi Kupatadze
    Giorgi Kupatadze

    Italian Autoreloading Medium Tank Bisonte? 0:19 What neighbours will think about QB?

  • Todor Todorov
    Todor Todorov

    To me personally seems like if you zoom all the way in, you gotta wait much longer to be fully aimed and then there is MUCH higher risk of shell missing the target due to RNG. HOWEVER, not zooming all the way you are faster on target and seems like much more accurate

  • wot #1fan
    wot #1fan

    The bourassque is so fragile. It has the worst pen. The worst dispersion. And its mobility isnt that good. Arty wrecks this tank. He got amazingly lucky with his pens and shots on the move. This tank is also one of the worst at tier ten.

  • wot #1fan
    wot #1fan

    Best win rate of any freely available tank. What does that even mean. The progetto is still way better. The bourassque takes more skill to play then the progetto by far. QB just likes to make up stuff to prove his point.

  • wot #1fan
    wot #1fan

    Dude QB dont mention that the bourassque loves to miss or bounce at least one shell every 2 round burst. Also its gold ammo pen is really low.

  • Mojje42

    if killed always go garage.... unless 1 team member left losing in WoT is easy, winning is hard so better to just get on with next match and keep fingers crossed your team doesn't do anything stupid or that the usage of the 2 key is even...... hate the 2 key ammo

  • the cellulon triptometer
    the cellulon triptometer

    The one thing not zooming in all the way allows is better connection to situational awareness. I think too many players when they zoom get tunnel vision. This is especially true when they have already been spotted, but think they have ducked into cover only to have someone sneak up and kill them while they are focused on zooming. So I think not zooming is a defensive playing style that helps in low armor and hit point vehicles.

  • Jorad Blitz
    Jorad Blitz

    We have the rep system in World of tanks Blitz, and basically does nothing, we have players so toxic that their rep is so bad yet still roaming the battlefields ..for example 5 stars is good and 0 stars is very bad, and even 5 stars in our game is sometimes toxic

  • Happy Trails
    Happy Trails

    Fun game. Ill hang out and watch close ones. Armchair assist if I can. Im sure its helped on some games. I notice some positive is better than any negative but also too much chatter can be distracting. Its fun to see how the close ones finish. Once I exited to find out one arty finished off the rest of the team. Sorry I missed that one. :)

  • Ace 42
    Ace 42

    Don't need to use a zoom if you're using an aimbot... Just saying.

  • Martika Kotopoyli
    Martika Kotopoyli

    i dont think we have the time to stay on a previous game. staying in game makes you lose time from gaining xp credits and propably finishing missions. i think when i will have finished all my pers. missions...trying 3 years now...then i may stay on previous battle.

  • Dylan Nix
    Dylan Nix

    16:00 Weird thing though, they implemented a reputation system into Blitz ages ago. It works really well imo and it sometimes even gives you that extra ego boost to keep grinding when you see people from your team send you reports for being a team or just an effective player overall, even your enemies can congratulate you on being a worthy opponent

  • Alex Saini
    Alex Saini

    Hello QB, I have a question concerning Gun Lay Drive. I have been watching your videos for about 3 years now and you have made your opinion on GLD very clear. I have a 100% crew on my KV2 (2 skills each*), ammunition is 22 HE, 4 APCR and 10 AP and the equipment consists of Vents, Gun Lay Drive and Gun Rammer. Do you think I should drop GLD for Vertical Stabilizer?? * Commander - Sixth Sense (100%), Recon (90%) Gunner - Brothers in Arms (100%), Snap Shot (90%) Driver - Brothers in Arms (100%) , Smooth Drive (90%) Radio Operator - Brothers in Arms (100%) , Situational Awareness (90%) Loader - Brothers in Arms (100%) , Repairs (90%) Loader - Brothers in Arms (100%) , Repairs (90%)

  • N M
    N M

    16:56 lmao

  • Shark Dark
    Shark Dark

    What a surprise, carried by a an OP premium tank using gold... I'm frustrated because the player's skill looks good but shooting APCR on meds, moving when launching reload close to arty spot and not using vision range but running in the arty line of fire were mistakes. I don't know if I'm happy of this carry or sad for the defeat of an arty...

  • Prokop Svoboda
    Prokop Svoboda

    good job video

  • toaster microphone
    toaster microphone

    Why does ever other 105 at tier 8 do more damage than the t32 and I think the vk a 10.5 does 320 average also

  • Teflon Hammer
    Teflon Hammer

    Some people don't use the zoom options. some people dont know its there I had a friend get to tier 7 before we realized i had more zoom than him. by that point he felt he didnt need it

  • nc30guy

    Auto reloaders are becoming a big problem in the game they need to be nerfed or given something to reduce the to greater advantage they have in this games combat style.

  • t1ghe

    One lucky son of a gun.

  • lynxCS

    fun fact: sokol means hawk

    • lynxCS

      @Ђорђе Добрић a jebiga sad ne znam ni razliku

    • Ђорђе Добрић
      Ђорђе Добрић

      falcon je soko a hawk je jastreb batice

  • Error Found
    Error Found

    Internet conspiracy: PhatViking is actually PhlyDaily, lol

  • T29 T30
    T29 T30

    I just got the game what tank should I get

  • James

    Medium tank? Are you sure about that?

  • Zymerix

    Is this game still worth playing for a newbie? I mean ... I do play it on console but latest update kinda killed it. So im asking if PC version is worth starting from tier 1 again

    • Zymerix

      Im at EU .... my problem when im thinking about it is that as a newbie... I will probably get blamed by my team full of experienced players since its community mainly full of veterans.

    • Dapper Sloth
      Dapper Sloth

      @Zymerix tech tree and server, starting on ru might be a little rough with the seal clubbers but NA might have less of them. Eu would be another area like NA but with the higher population might have more towards ru seal clubbers

    • Zymerix

      @Dapper Sloth I want spend some just a little to speed things up with free XP. Otherwise not really. What do you mean by "where you want to start"? u mean which tech tree?

    • Dapper Sloth
      Dapper Sloth

      Pc is a much better skilled lobby, depending on where you start to play and if you're willing to spend money would be the real questions

  • Herrscher of Bleach
    Herrscher of Bleach

    At least you PC players still have a game.

  • Leonardo Renzi
    Leonardo Renzi

    Imagine getting featured in a QB's video without even knowing

  • JerryIsGaming

    Favorite quote: "I'm an armchair general for a living on the internet".

  • LH TheCoolGamer
    LH TheCoolGamer

    Have you ever played wot blitz the mobile or steam version

  • Costea Razvan Catalin
    Costea Razvan Catalin

    What do you think about shared XP, is something that me and a friend come out. If you are playing in a platoon you can give your xp to your friend. Lets say I make 1000 xp in a game and I can give it to him halfed (he gets 500) or less 33% . It would be great.

  • Piotr Gbur
    Piotr Gbur

    medium tank?

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