Let's Talk About 2020
While 2020 was rough one thing that I appreciated more than ever was the community that has developed around my content. Thank you all for making my 2020 as good as it could possibly be all things considered - here's to a better one in 2021!
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  • Marius Lastun
    Marius Lastun

    Very motivational video. Keep it up buddy, a big hug from Romania.

  • Leo Hall
    Leo Hall

    thank you QB

  • J D
    J D

    Spot on about a weird year. It’s down right uncomfortable like waking up and realizing you’re a stranger in your own home and neighborhood.Things are familiar but strangely different. Difficult. Almost vacant. It’s depressing and a lot of people feel the same way. But we’ll get through it together and get back on tract. GG by the way.

  • Marco Kerbl
    Marco Kerbl

    Thank god your mother is ok, could be really bad

  • Navy Seal
    Navy Seal

    Only just got around to watching this but that was some really heartfelt & wholesome content. Looking forward to 2021 - let's be optimistic.

  • Jackson

    Quickybaby, when I think we're in a simulation and find myself depressed I make my way back to your channel, always brings be back up.

  • Jackson

    I grew up on Quickybaby's videos, I hope he sees this because I remember content creators like SideStrafe I grew up on who fizzled out. I respect his hussle more than any other youtuber, he's built different!! I wish you the very best luck; you've taught me a lot a being a person and humility just from your youtube videos

  • The Ahearn
    The Ahearn

    Honestly, I know WG is bleeding players and dying but what exactly keeps you from calling them out on all the bs they pull? You are the BIGGEST WoT RSloftr/Streamer. Your opinion and voice carry weight. After seeing WG screw over console players then completely ignore them, how can you not say anything? You say you try to make the game better for everyone but show that you dont actually mean that or actually give a shit. Been watching your videos for almost a decade and I'm truly saddened by you showing how two-faced you are and how little you care about making the game better and actually making sure the community is just that. Goodbye Quicky. I hope you start meaning what you say and start hold WG accountable .

  • Rudedog

    There it is even QB admits you can click while focusing on other things. Like a three course meal, preparing you long form tax return. No skill involved (my thoughts) dropping shots on people that they can not return.

  • Outer Kosmos
    Outer Kosmos

    Bruh, just sitting here with my 7000 iPads, watching you with all of them

  • Andy Reaper
    Andy Reaper

    I love how while you're trying to tell us something really important you're playing arty, a subtile showcase of the skill required to play it, you can totally focus on the message you're trying to convey while randomly clicking.

  • Tomasz Kurowski
    Tomasz Kurowski

    Cause i love You all. Dont take the experimental murderous product called a vaccine by corrupted politicians. Its them who are killing us through hiding natural remedies for cov. Educate. Fight for our rights. Dont let the fear based propaganda to destroy our lives, health, freedoms, families or buissnes.

  • schnellerboy101

    Quickybaby, I fell the same way about life sometimes. Also, yes, I also thin sometimes reality has fabricated and that other people are fake Its a weird feeling

  • Jeffrey Lebowski
    Jeffrey Lebowski

    Did I just watch somebody have a mental breakdown?

  • Erik Halvorseth
    Erik Halvorseth

    Its amazing that you can say so many good things about WG throwing away an initially great game - apart from that HNY

  • Rufus pagett
    Rufus pagett


  • ABC

    Your content is always amazing QB. And this video was no exception. Thank you for opening up. I love it when "celebrities" do that. It makes them more relatable. Thanks again and have a blessed new year.

  • Amr Shoukry
    Amr Shoukry

    I did a friend request in world of tanks for you

  • xxBlackyxx12590

    Thanks for That kind and great full Words! 2020 was allso for me Personally my worst Yehr on this Planet since I was born in 1990 I lost my job curse of the general situation I was lucky to geed a new job instandly but this New Job is so incradably hard and Stress full that I'm Braking under it... I head a Mental Brackedown shortly before Christmas and Took some time for me to Recover... But now the need to Work comes back so I'm going out again... I'm strongly sercing for a new job but it's absolutely not easy to find a good job in this times... Getings from Germany and all the good Wishes for you QB and ya Comunity

  • Rényi Regő
    Rényi Regő

    thank you for your awesome support via videos QB, love to see your streams and RSloft videos :))

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard

    Laggy all year.

  • Mark Sabaliers
    Mark Sabaliers

    Happy new year sir!.. 4 or 5 years ago i stopped playing world of tanks and well, i could say there are alot of changes happened here.. but the guy that i always looked for tutorials, tips and what not is always you.. so im just thankful that you still keep doing this. take care sir and keep safe!

  • tweeotch

    Hahahaha! I love the Matrix theory! I only started watching you this year, because I just started playing Tanks right before the crud hit. I'm still a Potato Donkey, but not as bad a Potato Donkey as when I started. A large chunk of my improvement is thanks to your Twitch streams and RSloft videos. Thank you for your contributions in 2020! Looking forward to watching QB in 2021! (I already watched the ST-II video!)

  • Zeke770

    Damn! Alright Granny squad, we’ve been found... In all seriousness I’ve appreciated your content. You’ve kept my tanking enthusiasm going. That’s been hard lately as I’ve quit the game after the 6.0 console update. See you in the new year QB!

  • Daddy Doom
    Daddy Doom

    didnt qb have like 2 million subs at some point? and if so, wtf happened to the majority of us?

  • dr_sh4d0w

    Can we not

  • Kristijan Tolic
    Kristijan Tolic

    We love you just dont ignore us and put those awesone videos on YT :)

  • louis winterhoff
    louis winterhoff

    Watching this in 2021, can confirm, nothing changed. Anyway love your videos Qb! And to everyone: heres to hoping the best of your 2020 will be the worst of your 2021!!

  • John Smalling
    John Smalling

    Thanks for this nice (and fun) video, and all the other super informative ones you do. Best of luck to you and all your viewers in 2021. OK "I gots to know": How are you clicking on the minimap and having it select your aim point?

  • Sponge The Bob
    Sponge The Bob

    25 minutes of ego stroking

  • Random Guy From Finland
    Random Guy From Finland

    How can I be positive when my wrist bone is broken and I can't play ANY GAMES. I just have to lay on my bed for about 24/7 for 4 weeks

  • Kim Madsen
    Kim Madsen

    QB - Your vids during 2020 has been great, been watching every single vid you posted on youtube, please keep it up, your content is great, have a great newyear Regards Darki ( GA-DK )

  • WillStunForFood

    QB, All the best to you and yours. Thanks for sticking it out through this past year. It's wholesome content creators like yourself that make up the silver lining of 2020.


    yes i have more years on this planet than you. I'm not like you, we don't even look alike. but I also follow you on Twitch because you are a fun personality and smart too. I don't like this video for the first time, but I will continue to follow you in 2021

  • dieporkidie dieporkidie
    dieporkidie dieporkidie


  • charlie drake
    charlie drake


  • PartyHouse188

    BC Tier 10 was 1 of the best artys.. Today it is the worst arty ever..

  • Silverwolf

    As has been raised by some others in here, thank you QB for being honest and open about how you've felt this year. You may not see yourself as a role model, but for any of the younger WoT players who may look up to you, hearing from a content creator such as yourself that it is okay to feel what they're feeling is extremely important, and a very healthy example to provide! It's certainly been a rough year for most of us I'd say, and nobody should feel like they have to 'compete' with anyone else about how bad a year it has been. I have friend's who've lost multiple family members, and friend's who've made it through basically unscathed, but everyone is valid in feeling whatever they're feeling about this past year, and nobody should feel that they 'can't' feel crap because they may know people who've 'had it worse'.

  • shadowish90

    Love you QB, Love your content, Keep it up. The changes that were put in motion in 2020 will not stop in 2021. So be glad that you found what you love to do. That is HUGEEEE. P.S. plz bring back the good guy series. We all want more kindness in this world. Lets try to make WOT a better place together and as a final note for 2021 for all of you: Don't hope for the light, BE THE LIGHT YOU HOPE FOR.

  • Zoddom

    QB, even though I dont enjoy WoT anymore, you're still one of my favourite creators! Keep doing what you're doing and a good year to you and your family!

  • A Z L
    A Z L

    Thank you for encouraging us, bro :) subscribed


    I have sent you a replay, I hope you like it

  • Thomas Lorentz Baarman
    Thomas Lorentz Baarman

    Thank you Will and ogromnaja sposibo to Tania and the rest of yours who let us have your creative content so much. Keep it up man! QB you are doing oh so many things so well.

  • Teo LBZ
    Teo LBZ

    QB: **plays arty** Me: *Did not espect that reaction but thats ok* also if anyone is wondering why he is playing arty, its because this video isnt about the gameplay, its about the things he sais, and he cant say all these things in a heavy tank fighting in the frontline.

  • Feies Vlad
    Feies Vlad

    Such a shame you keep refusing to participate in the Team Clash events, alot of people in the WOT community and alot of your viewers on YT/Twitch would like to have you as a commander. You say that you don't want the players to play a tier they don't want or grind hours and hours. I played for the team clash event last year and it was quite fun, not a grind atall tbh, it took like 4-5 days or so to get the commander I wanted. Like I understand why WG dosen't wanna give away the commanders for the team clash event just like that without any effort. It's normal that they want you to put a bit of effort to get it since they invest time and money in this event, if you wanna get something why would you wanna get it if you don't actually want to play/put some effort into it. From all the events WG has done, it was prob one of the least "grindy". Anyway, hope you will change your mind next year.

  • TheCheetos44

    anyone know if the vickers medium mk1 was removed from tech tree?


    lets not. who want to even remember it? no sub or like for this video based off title. did not watch the video


    Ty for all QB

  • Salman Tamboli
    Salman Tamboli

    Hie QB!! That was so emotional. Love your work man. Thank you for existing.. even tho I don't play WOT anymore I still come watch your videos and it gives peace to my mind. Love ya From INDIA 🇮🇳

  • jfletcher

    How long until that baby of yours arrives if you dont mined me asking



  • Jesus von Nazaret
    Jesus von Nazaret

    do more arty videos, I enjoy the chitchat

  • Jesus von Nazaret
    Jesus von Nazaret

    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy your videos and hope you will continue for quite some time. Best wishes for you and your family, stay healthy!

  • sladan milosevic
    sladan milosevic

    Quicky giwe Us Good Guy video please . Hi from Croatia

  • Joshua Shimizu
    Joshua Shimizu

    Thank you for pumping out the content. When you think about those who are recovering from mental illness, whose minds have for the majority of their lives haven't been able to shut off, your content can act as a therapeutic, where they can focus on something fun/interesting, but more importantly, something that isn't a dark voice in the head. The less one listens to their demons, the more negative connections in the brain can be broken. That's how I was able to eventually break my fall into the pit of OCD. So, if you ever feel like you're just supplying content, just remember you're also supplying a therapeutic effect for some of your followers. Again, thank you!

  • Andrew Cooley
    Andrew Cooley

    I am from other side of pond and the idiocy in the USA makes me cry. I got infected but never really got sick. I am lucky that my job - school bus driver - is still getting paid even with the actual schools closed. I have a smart boss. If the money stopped we would have to find other jobs and not want to go back to bussing. I have a great deal of time on my hands so am playing a lot of WOT. I am just a duffer but you have to remember that this is not even a zero sum game as there are draws in it. I play SPGs in general. When I play other types I am somewhat dumb. I use to play chess in my youth. I stopped playing competitively because to become really good took too many resources that I could use elsewhere. Your reviews and content help me spend my time after I have been sent to the garage. You could probably update some of your reviews due to equipment 2.0 changes Thanks for the videos, I really wish you and THE MIGHTY JINGLES could get together again. Here is wishing you and MRS T the best for a happy and health new year. Sincerely, Andrew

  • Paramecium914

    Hey QB. Thanks for the content. You have indeed made my life better by providing entertainment. Don't feel like you need to apologize for expressing how you feel, especially after 2020.

  • DamagingSilver

    If you weren't such a fence sitter you would have triple your subscribers by now,

  • Håkon Sønderland
    Håkon Sønderland

    Thank you. Take care ❤️

  • anthony howard
    anthony howard

    Happy New Year its 2021 Ready for lock down restrictions again Times running out says the bells of Big Ben We should march to no.10 Welcome to a Slave New World No worries been furloughed Really think they care for old? Critical thinkers just get trolled Essential worker? Or me so called benefits shirker Be like a Viking become a berserker What we need is a miracle worker.

  • Mihael Krmić
    Mihael Krmić

    Ouicky baby imam B_C155 58

  • Walker

    2020 forced the adaptations early bruh

  • Polar Behr
    Polar Behr

    SincerityBaby. +1 to 2021

  • Just Doing It Jim
    Just Doing It Jim

    Thank you QB for the content to fill those long hours of lockdown. Your insight and upbeat attitude always lifts my spirits some, especially when WOT seems to be picking on me. I'm sipping a tea and offers you a cheers for a better new year. Cheers! (Just a hint for playing arty. When firing for damage into a group of tanks, try to hit the middle tank full. You'll get more splash on the adjacent tanks than if you just hit the dirt beside them!)

  • Arnaud Hugon
    Arnaud Hugon

    Thank you so much Quickybaby. You really are the best content creator 😃 Hopefully, 2021 will be a better year

  • avatar691

    Well said QKB!

  • vanvan22

    Well....I like to see your vids on YT.... ! Well...do your thing, mean that what you like to do ! Have a nice, Healthy and happy 2021 man !!!

  • Travis Martin
    Travis Martin

    I hope your fortune and happiness continue to grow, Happy New Year to you, you lovely wife Tanya as well as the rest your friends and family.

  • Jesse Schwartz
    Jesse Schwartz

    Thank you for being here for us. We're here for you whenever you need it. Rock on man, and God bless.

  • Vimukthi Pathirana
    Vimukthi Pathirana

    Its not just luck man. Your personality and knowledge and how you present it is why you have your community i think. 👍 Keep your videos coming sir. Btw you have inspired me to do a phd as well. 🙏 bless you QB. Hope to meet you someday 👍 until then keep rocking

  • stormwarrior007

    Well glad it has been good for you To me it was quit the opposite 😅 Beginning this year I had everything I had a good job, I had a wonderfull fiancee, plans to marry, plans for children, having house... Now I have no job (due to covid) no fiancee and no future plans anymore Als due to covid I had to spend xmas and new year alone... But hey I'm alive thats want counts (healthy part not really cause I struggle with bloodclothering) I hope you can remain healthy and keep uploading videos cause I believe people like you are the reason some people to keep going with live and look forward to your next video Keep it up

  • TheLinkpark12

    Quickybaby if you could please show the community on PC how the wargaming has done dirty to world of tanks console. They have stripped it of what it used to be in world of tanks it's all like world of Arcade i have played console world of tanks since closed beta on the Xbox 360 and I feel that now that they have disfigured to the game that I love to enjoy and play. but I cannot play it anymore i i used to have crewsthat have maxed out skills I used to have maxed out fully done had every single perk now you're you have to choose a set amount of Perks and the fact that you have to spend some the standard currency to buy perk unlock and then the final row fast track you to spend I think 980 gold if you saw how it's devold into not World of Tanks you'd be shocked and horrified

  • anchors_aweigh

    ...You're heartwarming😊😊😊

  • Leo Timofei
    Leo Timofei

    I'm sorry man, but every time i hear Tanya i can only imagine Tanya von Degurechaff

  • gigirigips

    Happy new year folks !

  • hiatham salah
    hiatham salah

    and thx for u help me a lot dude


    QB: *pours his heart out on this video* Me: *Completely ignores his heartfelt advice, and analyzes arty positions and where to play so I won't be bombarded by Arty* XD

  • Lord of the Noobies
    Lord of the Noobies

    Hey QB, could you please find out which shells/guns/tanks are the best buck per damage for the credits spent? Like 56 dmg for 200 a shot/shell equals roughly 3.6 credits per point dmg... maybe that is worth a top 10 video?!?

  • William Brennan
    William Brennan

    Good morning William I’m on the NA server and I must say 2020 was a troubling year but having a wonderful family is most important, we living in the USA have lockdowns and political disaster, you have Brex it and Covid-19 but we have a common language and we have WoT happy New Year to all and as a friend of mine always says GIVE EM THE STEEL LADS THEY DON’T LIKE THE STEEL. badimage444

  • Ruben de Jong
    Ruben de Jong

    hey quicky how does your exp not go to your tank and (i think) to your free exp. every time your battle end you get like 1000 exp but it never goes to your tank if it is an premium tank

  • Eagles_Eye

    I haven’t touched the game in at least a year, did it get worse or better in that time?

  • Donut Dude
    Donut Dude

    This stirred a lot of emotions, surprisingly. Quite a few of your points hit home rather hard. Thank you though. You have given me a lot to think about. I am so happy to have been a part of this fantastic community for so many years and very much look forward to knockin' 2021 out of the park. +1 for ammo-racking 2020. You're awesome QB. Thank you for the brilliantly terrible content. Sorry I missed your livestream - I could barely see straight, haha!

  • Anthony Sarmiento Baronia
    Anthony Sarmiento Baronia

    Stay strong boys and girls.

  • Freakazoid aka Ben
    Freakazoid aka Ben

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Will! Stay healthy, you make great content!

  • Greg Zemo
    Greg Zemo

    Stay strong and true to yourself, pal. I wish you all the best !

  • niels

    talking about rollercoaster of emotions, "Rollercoaster" by Danny Vera hit nr1 in the Dutch top 2000 this year ;)

  • Dimitar Petkanski
    Dimitar Petkanski

    Great work Will. Wish you all the best for you and your family. I hope next year will be even more successful for you. Thank you very much for the way you entertain us almost every evening. Definitely I remains a big fan of you and what you are doing and the way you are doing it is great. Happy New Year!

  • Roberts Dambergs
    Roberts Dambergs

    Can you show for us your settings in video? 🤔Pls

  • Anthony Reardon
    Anthony Reardon

    Can u make an updated super Chaffee video need to figure out the equipment to use 😀


    Why do people sub to dislike?

  • Schrotara

    QuickyBaby as a life coach.

  • Setttak

    Act as human being. Show some of your real emotions, not just a YT mask............

  • Al Xen
    Al Xen

    Thank you, QB for all your work last year. Wish you and all community all the best this year.

  • c.t

    we love you quackybaby x

  • Xavier Stewart
    Xavier Stewart

    I can totally get what you mean about your community being part of the matrix! thats how I feel half the time anyway so in your position.. 100% xD. Anyway, being someone thats met you once briefly at a tankfest I can say that things seem fairly real from my point of view, haha. Tis funny seeing yourself and jingles in person though after watching a crap ton of your videos, certainly called for a double take.

  • I died long ago
    I died long ago

    Happy New Year to all 💪🙂

  • Simon Finney
    Simon Finney

    All the best for 2021 from one of your iPad grandads

  • Kratatch

    Imposter syndrome.

  • Tanking Trucker
    Tanking Trucker

    You are crazy for having that foomanchew mustache and beard

  • AD AC
    AD AC

    i never comment but this dudes videos got me through 2020