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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • azgarogly

    There is another aspect of the game that content creators are usually missing totally. Regular player that would be a majority of target audience does not have 70% win rate in any of his tanks. Because they are average. And average is 48%. Matter of fact, 2/3 of all the accounts in this game have win ratio under 50%. So they have even less of experience and credits, less crew skills, no mission marathon free premium tanks, etc.

  • Pete Fahni
    Pete Fahni

    A classic free to play game, 25 Gold Ammo

  • GULIwer1980

    Pay2Win depends on your skill. You are very good so it only gives you an edge. If you terrible mashing that "2" gives a lot. WG will say we closing gap between good and bad players thx to pay2win aspect but they forgot that majority dont spend much money on WoT AND are weak players so if you are poor and weak you get double humiliation.

  • Mark Baker
    Mark Baker

    QB, I haven’t played since July. Pay-to-win and mod-to-win have wrecked WOT. I miss the game, but not enough to come back. I enjoy your posted still. Cheers (from an adult)

  • yacir Rahov
    yacir Rahov

    @ QuickyBaby with due respect sir, u cant be a fair and partial judge, of how competitiv a free2play acc can be, simply because, you had a paid for, acc for a long time, and you already "sharpened your blades" in a lot of T10 battles, u know the when, where to shoot, where to hide, the mechanics, the stats of almost, if not every gun in the game, now imagine you droped in the game, with no money to spare to spend on a (obviously unfair matchmaker game). like your terrible content on twitch.. gl to you m8.

  • David Giral
    David Giral

    QB being so diplomat: "Felt like I was losing touch with the way the majority of players play the game" is what WG told QB before he made this account... yet Crew 2.0 is happening... One day QB will stop being idealist and realize WG only cares about money...

  • Kokoete Antigha
    Kokoete Antigha

    Someone kindly explain please what Qbaby means by his free to play account and the chance to see what other players go through. I'm new to this and a player on WoT, and am I being told there's an account that is favoured by the game mechanism and another that isn't? I must be trapped in the latter cos I couldn't for instance swan so willy-nilly across any map like Qbaby did in this video and not get absolutely slaughtered.

  • GiantSalamander

    I Just hate the powercreep in Penetration thats Happening. I enjoy playing heavily armored Tanks but the at15 doesnt really Work If new premium Tanks Just have enough Standard pen that they don't even have to aim for weakspots.

  • David Sellers
    David Sellers

    The cover for this video is SO funny!!

  • Marvin Hollander
    Marvin Hollander

    At least shave your moustache, it's very thin and I think Tanya doesn't enjoy it either....

  • zinghiway

    😂 that french car with the classic gameplay die in less the 1 min

  • matthew kustusz
    matthew kustusz

    I didn't even play one of those matches don't need the tank don't want the tank

  • Gamelife11

    I finished the mission marathon and I don’t have sanity anymore

  • Rubentje

    You still spam gold so it is not a true beginner's experience.

  • 27tinus

    Totaly like those vids from your playsforfree account.

  • 092

    It's been 3 years since I have last played this game. Have any tips?

  • Tripp Rouse
    Tripp Rouse

    In the beginning when he did that drift thing into the bush how do you do it and can you do it on Xbox?

  • Daane Mest
    Daane Mest

    All online games should have a age verification not allowed to anyone younger than 20. that would fix most issues in most games.

  • Nateksubaru subaru
    Nateksubaru subaru

    1:04 lol

  • Gerard Ruiter
    Gerard Ruiter

    You will never experience the free to play that 'normal' players will. You play hours a day, 7 days a week. No one can do that.

  • Jorge Silva
    Jorge Silva

    There is not only paying players and free to play players. Most of the times, players are in between, ie they paid something, but they are not buying stuff all the time. Also, in time you can manage a considerable amount of silver credits and that is where its indifferent if you are buying stuff or not in endgame tier X.

  • Subcomandante73

    People moan about Arty but lets be honest, the real cancer in the game are light tanks.

  • JB6789

    I finally understand why I am still a tomato/orange after all of these years. I thought I simply sucked at the game. Now, I have one more excuse! That being said, it is the only game I play. Not interested in World of Warships...did that for real as a boat driver on a 688 fast attack...frankly, that game gives me flashbacks of sea-sickness.

  • razorCD

    i barely reached 60% discount... god damn it was grindy.... i think with 3 premium tanks from those events, it will be enough for me...

  • Luka Dragovic
    Luka Dragovic

    As always, sincerely your salty baby.

  • HiTechOilCo

    QuickyBaby, this is a good video. Thank you! :)

  • Adam Chowdhury
    Adam Chowdhury

    The issue I have with this free to play account is that QB already knows about most of the tanks and their strengths and weaknesses, plus he knows all the maps and the best places in them. A new player on a FTP account would not really have that advantage to them.

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge

    I dont know what it is with WOT but it attracks some of the worst gamers Ive ever had the displeasure of playing with. Horrible. Takes all the fun out of it.

  • Dandy Highwayman
    Dandy Highwayman

    It gives you, an incredibly skilled player, a 5% advantage. But how much would it give an average player? Suddenly having that much extra viewrange, that much extra camo rating, that much faster track repair, 2.5% better crew, premium ammo etc.. I imagine the effect is MUCH greater for players who need the extra help.

  • Morrice Loy
    Morrice Loy

    Are you high? WOT is totally pay to win. If it isn’t, Wargaming needs to get rid of gold rounds.

  • Alistair Baben der Erde
    Alistair Baben der Erde

    Does quickly play WOT Blitz?

  • Ben Jerry
    Ben Jerry

    free to play should be, no premium, no premium ammo

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      No. Free to play should be what the name says. You don't pay any real money.

  • Oliver Von arx
    Oliver Von arx

    Can a mention real quick HOW STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL this game looks!!! I haven’t seen one ugly map in this game ever!!

  • thereal ryan
    thereal ryan

    75% pay to win i progress through tech tree over x3 as quick as my friend who hasnt spent a dollar

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Nice, except that's not winning.

  • ewok40k

    the problem with conserving hp in start of the battle - you might end up losing your teammates so fast you end up having no one to spot for, and getting rushed by victorious enemy team...

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones

    You fail to show the issues with the game for the free to play. It is simply a game of odds... you have to wait untill MM/WG decides you are going to be able to win... untill then you simply feed the chosen players exp like you get with your pay account. How many 15-20 game losing streeks do you see? How many times have you joined a game to see 1/2 your team complaining they can not get a win all day?? This is a glossed over lie abuot how you can play free to play and do well.. it all depends on WG not you playing.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      @Jim Jones Of course he is. He's just trying to please the masses to get views (money).

    • Jim Jones
      Jim Jones

      @VioletStatPedder - So what you are saying is Quicky is a liar as well. He clearly states that he believes there is a 5% increase for pay to win. I am only saying he is not seeing the true free to play experience in this game... you cite the exact information and call me a liar... classy.. so my response is to print this out and roll that paper up nice and tight and stick where the sun does not shine. Cheers

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      @Jim Jones Sorry but that kind of bullshit don't cut in here _"your poorly though out response only proves my point. "_ That proves the exact opposite and shows what kind of a liar you are. QB can get similar winrate on both his main account and on his F2P account proving that there is no "game of odds" for free to play players.

    • Jim Jones
      Jim Jones

      You do understand your poorly though out response only proves my point. He is seeing the good side even on his free to play account. He is NOTseeing the issues in this game as I stated. He has not seen the issues with this game and never will.. Do you really think WG would give a content provider with the following of him the same crap MM and RNG the regular people see. That is why you do not see a 10 game losing streak for him. But again cite his stats and tell me I am wrong and prove my point even more.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Consodering that QB has better recent winrate (last 1000 battles) on his F2P account, what you said isn't true.

  • Thunder clan King
    Thunder clan King

    Tier ten= 10000 credits tier 5= 5000 credits and ectra

  • Kova Kova
    Kova Kova

    Your forgeting about skills... No premium round cant help ppl who dont know what are they doing. So its more than 5%.for someone who makes very little dmg every game is more. They sould make good players play against good, med with med, MM sucks and gold rounds are even bigger problem. I didnt got shot by 279e or chief with regular roun not even 1 time.

  • Sgt Grumpy
    Sgt Grumpy

    You will always be a kid to me QB . GG PRO !

  • Mike Harner
    Mike Harner

    The best way to play the game is while platooned with people you actually enjoy. Without platoons, it's just not very fun. Teams are questionable, at best, so having some people you can rely on, or at least rely on to have fun conversations with, makes it far less painful.

  • Tj Vell
    Tj Vell

    Mr. Quckygrandpa what ist the best tier 10 Tank?

  • Jiří Šetlík
    Jiří Šetlík

    Gr8 comic-CON-tent, excellent commentary as allways ...

  • i am pain hepler
    i am pain hepler

    what is free2play account?

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Doesn't pay a dime to WG.

  • John Cline
    John Cline


  • Yuri Yurson
    Yuri Yurson

    10:34 Light tank farming a superheavy tank from 500 meteres with standard ammo. Gj WG...

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Yeah because light tanks shouldn't be able to penetrate the ass of heavy tanks...

  • Thomas Koutsoukis
    Thomas Koutsoukis

    Saving your hitpoints "for the later part of the game" only really comes into play, if there actually is a later part of the game and you are not in another 15 - 3 farming simulator. Not to discredit the statement, for it is indeed correct. It's just that, sadly, things rarely turn out that way.

  • Tim Gavigan
    Tim Gavigan

    Is complete the worst stock tank to play is the t28 prototype American tank destroyer.

  • Tim Gavigan
    Tim Gavigan

    When your platoon dot with someone and you die early what I do is simply exit the battle get back to the garage exit the platoon and start a new game and create a new platoon in the new game

  • Samir Qaisari
    Samir Qaisari

    I'm 10 and I am fan i play world of tanks I want Panhard Ebr

  • Evan L
    Evan L

    Hope you win the 122Tm and let us know whether you like it.

  • Chris Mahnken
    Chris Mahnken

    QuickyHamster - Looks like Richard Hammond.

  • madmandan1982

    First things first: Please like and/or comment this so it gets a bit of traction because I really think Will needs to read this, perhaps have a little think himself and - if he feels the need - even respond to it. Thank you! I’ve been a WoT player since the open beta. When a friend first invited me into the beta in 2010 I was instantly hooked. I’ve always been a huge history and especially a military history nerd, so WoT was right down my alley. I was still at uni at that time, so me and my friend had quite a bit of time to play. He eventually became very good and still is. Over the past ten years I have spent a total of around 200 to 250 Euros in this game, my friend quite a lot more. It’s been mostly premium tanks and gold for garage slots, barrack spaces and reutilisation of vehicle equipment, sometimes a bit of free XP conversion to help my progress and/or shorten a grind. Other than that, I played as F2P as possible, that means no premium ammo while it still sold for actual gold, no premium consumables. Personally, I’ve always considered myself more of a casual, yet spirited player. My stats are not particularly good, but not terrible, either. I even joined a clan at some point and we dipped our toes in some clan war activities (when eSports was still a thing in WoT), but I quickly realized that there was a “right” way to play WoT and a “wrong” way: Either you had the tanks that were all the rage back then (KV-1S and Hellcat for tier 6) and fully maxed out in every regard, or you didn’t need to turn up at all. So, that was it for me then, no more clan. Then the first fundamental change came to the game: Premium rounds could be purchased with credits now. I felt it. But I still felt that I could be a successful player without it, only using one or two shots max in any battle, often enough not at all. Then, midway through the French light tank tree grind, there came the nerf for those vehicles and then the all new American LTs which immediately powercrept the Frenchies. So, no more LTs for me, thank you very much. The grind kept on getting worse and worse with every tech tree that came along. I had started working full time and found it more and more tiring and frustrating to grind through this game. I played less and less and eventually stopped for longer and longer periods of time, only coming back for special events and stuff like that. But that kept on getting even grindier, so I stopped playing WoT completely around 2015 after the horrendous accuracy changes in patch 9.6. Didn’t uninstall, though. In November 2020, I was at my friend’s and he suggested playing a couple of rounds of WoT. I was in a particularly good mood, so I gave it a shot. And I actually had quite a lot of fun. After two weeks I even managed to do an ace tanker in one of my previously not so beloved vehicles. The game had become a lot faster, which seemed to fit my natural playing style better. Equipment 2.0 looked surprisingly sensible. Even though I didn’t recognize two thirds of the tanks driving around and the spotting system felt like a complete hack. In fact, November 2020 has to be my most successful month ever in WoT. Then came December and the Christmas event which, together with the 10 year anniversary gifts meant that I could enjoy the game without having to worry about the credit grind for new tanks. I managed to get quite a few of my old tanks to elite status and in January 2021 bought my first tier 10 tank. And then… the long term statistics hit back hard and with a vengeance. The better I did as an individual in most matches the more brutally my team would lose. I would get whole series of 6 to 8 or more misses over negligible distances with some of the most precise and fully aimed in cannons. The tanks that were not “meta” were more frustrating than ever to grind through stock. I sound like a broken record by now, at least in my own mind. In my real life, my job had picked up quite a bit at the end of 2020 and I regularly had to crunch and work long hours. So, when I finally came home after another gruelling day at the office WoT felt like a side job - and a pretty sucky one at that. I once more realized how broken and toxic this game has become. But I still want to have fun playing it. It could be buyer’s remorse and Stockholm syndrome combined. I’m kidding, of course. Nevertheless, I’ve once more quit WoT. And I’m not sure, if it’s for good this time. I think anyone who has been part of the WoT community as long as I will know what things in particular are broken in this game and should be fixed. Which brings me to QuickyBaby. I think Will is one of the sanest and most rational contributors out there. His analysis of the vehicles and game mechanics are highly competent and credible and helped me a lot over the years, even if I don’t follow this channel that regularly. However, I highly commended QB for starting his F2P account and thought it to be a very good and pure idea. Sort of a grass roots attempt to reassess WoT in the here and now. But lately, I realized that I can’t relate at all to his “plight” as a free-to-player. WoT is his job, after all. He’s become so good at it that it doesn’t matter whether he has the full shenanigans of his main account or not. He can’t nor should he dumb down his level of skill. This event’s grind is 40 to 50 hours a week? - No problem, it’s just a new project. And if you’re not good enough or don’t have the time, there’s always your credit card. I know that I’m misrepresenting Will’s arguments, but here’s the thing: I don’t know how many of you out there realize this, but the reason why QB does all his fabulous and profound analyses and statistics is because of his scientific background. And he should not stop doing this. It’s absolutely necessary to show how Wargaming do business and how the game is stacked against you. I also love Will’s game commentary as he lives through every moment, it’s superbly entertaining. But - and here comes the kick in the teeth - you should not consider his F2P account as aspirational. It simply can’t be because of the things I mentioned earlier. And I strongly believe that Will knows and understands this, too. He just might be - for lack of a better expression - professionally blinkered.

  • Shanu Dutta
    Shanu Dutta

    You can say, WOT is not completely Pay To Win in a free to Play account only with 50000 prior experience in the game. Imagine what it is like for a new player. For a free to play newcomer the learning curve is steeper than Matterhorn. I also wanted to thank you, I learned a lot about the game mechanics and know-how from your uploads and streams. You are awesome.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      You do realize that P2W has nothing to do with being a new or experienced player right?

  • Alan Crawford
    Alan Crawford

    More room to play around inside the bush....

  • George Filipoiu
    George Filipoiu

    122tm - to be onest of u quickybaby is trash from all aspects. I happy i dont spend any money for this, but in the same time i regreted i lost my time for this garbage.

  • DeadPro98

    10:49 Yeah YOU get a 5% edge, but that % is much higher for new or less experienced player. So if you are a new new player not a smurf with 50k games under your belt that 5% can turn into 15% or maybe even 20%.

  • Silverghini

    Starting to look like Guy Fawkes QB...

  • carphuntingod

    dumb question... how do you replace the player icons in the team lists with the --%... is that a mod, or a settings switch?

  • Ben Loveday
    Ben Loveday

    When I first started watching I thought QB might have announced that he and his wife were having a baby lol.

  • James Mida
    James Mida

    Im a completely free to play player (guess not if you count buying 2 T8 premiums) so i never pay for any ammo or consumables with gold. After i started a new account to renew my stats, after 6 years of playing, i still have 55% WR just because of game knowledge. The most amount of prem ammo i carry is 5 rounds btw, i pay credits for them, usually never have to use them.

    • James Mida
      James Mida

      Although it is annoying when someone pens the front of my T110E3 like butter

  • Gang Plank
    Gang Plank

    Never thought that an adult meant someone that permaban a supporter after a single critique omegalul

  • Guard426

    I love the f2p account but one thing I think you need to think of is many of us can only play one or two hours a week which makes the grinding so much longer and frustrating.

  • Filip Ladzinski
    Filip Ladzinski

    gg Qb you get what is it like for f2p

  • Karel Vomáčka
    Karel Vomáčka

    I cannot be bother with those missions... There is so much of it, so I lost track and I want just play the game. I feel that chasing those missions just makes the gameplay miserible...

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers

    can you put your videos at 1440p?

  • Arthur O'Mary
    Arthur O'Mary

    Because in World of Tanks it's people that make the difference. Little people, like you.

  • Gryphus One
    Gryphus One


  • Tallonen

    This playsforfree account was a great idea and has produced incredebly interesting content for this channel. Thank you for that. Stay safe!

  • Vasy Blag
    Vasy Blag

    its more than 5% for sure. Why? Because you must consider your oponents too, not only your way to play the game if you play vs p2w players, sure they will smack you more often than playing agains f2p ones, and viceversa....if you play AS f2p your wins depends also about what kind of players you meet. Win rate is USELESS for this. Efficiency is the right parameter, DPG (damage per game), spotting and so on...simply your own performance regardless if is a win or not. This is what makes p2w peasants different from f2p players

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      @Vasy Blag _"any tank needs to be compared to it's counterparts, not to another tier or so"_ Yes, according to your specific definition of P2W. What if they released a T11 premium tank which saw T9 and T10 tanks? By your definition that wouldn't be P2W as it can't be compared to other tiers but to it's counterparts which doesn't exist. Whereas I would say that would be the most purest form of P2W. _"yes, there are more premium things "for free", but how can you afford them?"_ You grind for them. _"what about new "briliant" idea like battle pass where you simply win more top equipment by payment?"_ Again, top equipment is bond equipment which isn't available from battle pass (as far as I know). _"soon, there will be premium tier9' s too...i can guarantee"_ Maybe, but I doubt those will be better than T10 tanks. _"tier 10 CW tanks...good luck affording to get them as a completely F2P player ;)"_ Those tanks don't cost any money. I know players who haven't paid anything for their CW rewards.

    • Vasy Blag
      Vasy Blag

      @VioletStatPedder - i think i would be perfectly able to tell which is p2w and which not why? simply because p2w brings you gameplay advantage from start...so you can deal more damage (especially due to imbecile p2w ammo), you can spot more, you have better entire equipment from start or atleast FASTER and not to talkabout consumables...AGAIN all this added will bring you betterstats "better player", not necessarily better WR, but all other overall the same tank in the end? maybe...but all the stats behind? Getting it, performance on it? and while you may "mater it"...the p2w player will be way ahead with the next tank, huh..right? true F2P....what can i say...

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      @Vasy Blag You can't directly buy bonds or bond equipment. You can't just create an account and buy a T10 tank with bond equipment. Again, getting something more/faster doesn't mean pay to win. For example a F2P player might get 1 T10 tank during 5k battles whereas a premium player might get 3 T10 tanks in that same period. That is not what's P2W is about and that's not P2W. I could give you two identical setups on the best tanks in the game on two different accounts and you wouldn't be able to tell which one has had premium time/tanks/etc. and which one has been F2P. That right there tells that the game isn't P2W.

    • Vasy Blag
      Vasy Blag

      @VioletStatPedder - oh, really? what are the rewards for almost all improved missions then? Daily missions best example...one of them offer daily BONDS for premium account users only, of course Bonds can't be bought...right? sorry...think again :)

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      @Vasy Blag I understand that you have changed the definition of P2W to WoT. In normal circumstances you don't "compare them to their counterparts". Of course you compare them to the other options and not just handpicked ones. The best equipment is still bond equipment which can't be bought. Bounty equipment are worse.

  • Fried Beans Deep Fried Beans
    Fried Beans Deep Fried Beans

    can you bring back 'quickybabay best moments'

  • nvcnvn

    the fact that QB have all the vehicles on his "premium" account contribute to that win rate on his free account.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      @nvcnvn Actually he was playing stock T9 tanks like M46 Patton with the 90mm gun and T95 with the 105mm gun. But yeah, that's only a handful of games out of a 1000. His most played tanks were premium tanks and T10 tanks. You can also compare T8 premiums and see that he has similar or better winrates on his F2P account on tanks like EBR 75, Bourrasque and Renegade (top 3 most played T8 premiums on his F2P). The biggest difference comes at T10 where he has significant worse winrates on his F2P account probably because he's not willing to fire as much premium as on his main account (except on the STRV 103B which doesn't need premium rounds in the first place). So you can see that it doesn't really matter if you pay or don't, what matters is how you play. Meaning that the game isn't P2W.

    • nvcnvn

      @VioletStatPedder - I just mean his knowledge of the game. But still, aving all premium gears, try out all them combinations of equipment+tank to find the best combo for your play style is not cheap. Also for his recent win rate, I have an assumption that his recent f2p account already have full upgraded t10 tanks, and he use it to finish some missions marathons. I agree that WoT is maybe only about 5% p2w... for player with knowledge like QB. His knowledge of the game reduce the value of gold. But for some noobs like me, "just tab the 2 key" :))

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      His F2P account has a higher WR compared to his main accoint from the last 1000 battles even though he's played multiple stock tanks on his F2P account. What contributes to that?

    • Luis A. Alonso
      Luis A. Alonso

      That's for sure. Being a experienced player in the game makes a lot of difference. I started whan I call my "tier 1 account", (I wondered how high I could get my WTR playing only tier 1, so I went for it). In my regular account I'm struggling to reach 50% victories, and can't seem to go much higher than 4700 WTR. In the test account, with less than 500 games WTR is almost 4000, and win ratio near 60%, with a couple tanks over 70%. And the only difference is that now I have map knowledge, and battle dynamics knowledge.

  • Ivan Ignovski
    Ivan Ignovski

    Let The Adults Play... its the game...

  • Roland Mitter
    Roland Mitter

    I really love your content. I am not good player but it seems that everytime I watch one of your videos I did learn a tiny bit to make me a better tank commander. And not to forget: The overall quality of your videos including your comments are really high class. Thank you!

  • Bob Kowalski
    Bob Kowalski

    I think you should be using automatic extinguisher. Even as a f2p, I still use it.

  • ivan krznar
    ivan krznar

    Try to do that with 5 cz and 6 pl proplayers in team

  • Animelordd

    0:09 the rock *yeet*

  • robert flint
    robert flint

    Another issue that needs fixed in WoT's........The fact that tier 10's make no credits....Just because that's how it's always been doesn't make it right. Rock on.

  • Tomi Nagy
    Tomi Nagy

    you don't need to play the broken wheeled vehicles if you want to win, you can play the op russian ones too

  • Grasshopper K
    Grasshopper K

    QB I've been doing a bit of an experiment for a few years now. I and a few of my friends and Clan mates have also found, using a automatic extinguisher, in *most* matches, results in less credits spent on an extinguisher overall. The 10% protection prevents it being needed and used, enough, that we've been spending just about as few credits with auto extinguishers, as we have in the same tanks, with small extinguishers. So, when getting free auto extinguishers, and collecting a few when on sale, we're all managing to keep ourselves around a spare stock of 50~ auto extinguishers. The argument brings up, the fires we don't see. We get many more shots off, do more damage, and earn more, because we don't burn up. Which overall, negates the occasion the extinguisher goes off when on 100~ Hp, and we die 2 seconds later anyway (as frustrating as that may feel). Selling the earned small ones is a nice injection of credits aswell. All in all, even at the worst of time, we don't spend much more on automatic extinguishers, and earn much more for it.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      @Grasshopper K I use food on all of my tanks but if I had to use a fire extinguisher I would use the automatic one just for the convenience of it. QB on the other hand tries to maximize credits on his F2P account so using small FE and selling automatic ones makes sense, at least to me.

    • Grasshopper K
      Grasshopper K

      @VioletStatPedder - It's certainly not a perfect science, and we could 100% be experiencing a placebo. I'm the only one who's *noted* down how much I spend. I bought 30 automatic extinguishers all 2020 in the space of 4500~ matches. I know a handful of my clan mates don't earn as many as I do as they have personally never earned higher than rank 3 rewards in wot.tankrewards, and typically only earned 2. I know *they* had purchased around 100 last year, in the space of

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      The protection is -10% to engine fire which is almost useless. Most engines have 10-20% engine fire chance so with automatic fire extinguisher it drops down to 9-18%. Barely noticeable. And most of the time you get set on fire by fuel tanks and not from the engine. There are some exceptions where the engine is in front and turret in rear. In those tanks AFE could be better than manual one.

  • Arto Koivisto
    Arto Koivisto

    Your videos are the Best

  • Bob TheBaconator
    Bob TheBaconator

    My honest opinion is that this game is currently ~60% pay to win. Between the gold spam at every tier and the trash powercreep caused by it to the amazing bonuses given from prem consumables, The necessity for premium tanks is astounding, especially when every time they make a new one, its so much better then all the ones before it.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      What does that 60% mean? Currently I don't see any P2W in the game. P2W was removed when they introduced premium ammo with silver in 2012(?).

  • Steve Roberts
    Steve Roberts

    QB. you are a great player and I think that premium consumables will be more noticeable for you. The vast majority of players suck ( I'm not great myself wr 50%) and the premium consumables don't make such a difference. On a side note, if everyone was ftp there would be no game.

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer

    that's why im never aggressive with my ebr at the start of the game so i can put the grandpas in a hearse

  • tomzicare

    WoT is p2w and not just 5% but way more. QB, you say F2P is rough but you have a massive advantage of having years of experience to know how to manage your account. A new player has ZERO chance.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      @tomzicare Close to 30. And I think I'm old enough to have critical thinking instead of just jumping on the bandwagon and calling the game P2W because that's "popular". As a free to play player you can get almost everything a paying player can get and none of the things F2P players can't get would give any in-game advantages. That being said, there's obviously advantages in paying. The biggest "advantage" is saving time. But that's not an advantage you can bring out to the battlefield where the actual winning happens. That's called P2P or P2A (pay to play / pay to advance). I'll be happy to challenge your Defender with my completely free Obj. 907 or Chieftain (which can't be bought in any way or form, not even with free XP) and see how many games out of 10 or 100 you win by paying. My bet is that you don't win a single game. This of course proves that even when you buy something you don't get an advantage over non-paying players.

    • tomzicare

      @VioletStatPedder - How old are you? You seem to have zero critical thinking skills. WoT is P2W. Firing premium rounds with credits on a F2P account yields a minus 95% of the time. Even if you hit all the shots you don't always make a profit. Unless you buy a premium account, then you can fire all the premium ammo you want. How about that game mode where you had to pay money to get an enhanced gun rammer? That's P2W every day of the fucking week. Premium tanks have been P2W since defender came out. No tier 8 heavy could compete with it and guess what, It Makes credits. I could go on and on but honestly, it's a waste of my time with someone so ignorant and so enrooted in fanboyism of the game that it's borderline vomit inducing.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      @tomzicare WoT isn't P2W. After they introduced premium rounds for credits P2W was gone. I think this was in 2012. There's nothing you can buy with real money only that would give you an advantage over something you can get completely free thus this game isn't P2W.

    • tomzicare

      @VioletStatPedder - WoT is p2w. This has become more and more obvious and even MORE obvious to people like me who played since 2012.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      @tomzicare Yeah but you can't call the game P2W if you get advantage from knowing how to play. Of course F2P is rough. If it was easy nobody would buy anything. That doesn't mean that the game is P2W though, because it's not. There's nothing locked behind a paywall that would let you "win more".


    Back in may day (old man voice) T-50-2 is the only speed boi unlike those wheeled citreons.

  • SeraphinoII

    I use technical experience for the important modules on the new tanks. Playing stock tank is just painful.

  • xtremzero

    we missed u baby

  • gdx

    How about playing with 50% crew on a stock tank without equipment ? That would be the real "playsforfree".

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      That would be "playsforstupidity"

  • gdx

    Why don't you present games that show us what a tier 9 stock tank has to go through? Maybe a clip of 100 fails would make a good video.

  • cyril sägesser
    cyril sägesser

    aren't the premium rounds on the T-100LT not worth it? only 16mm more pen but 2/3 of the shell velocity...

  • Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong
    Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong

    Remember when the time M24 Chaffee tire V is top LT in USA, even burn the whole tier X vehicle by yourself, still lose silver.

  • cristian cucu
    cristian cucu

    and if you want us to realy think what you say at 5:00 show the games with untraind crew cuz that is what a new player realy feels (i meen nothing bi saying that )... i am no longer a new player but i still remember that part ... i am a guy with a job and a family so that new player part was a bit long sory for bad english =>not an english man :D

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      This was about free to play and not about new players though.

  • A C
    A C

    1:00 best summary of EBRs I ever heard

  • Rob H
    Rob H

    The right tactic to use against EBRs, classic lighttanks remain relevant.

  • Hosybosy111 Minecraft
    Hosybosy111 Minecraft

    Who else watched this battle on stream the other day?

  • Thinguns

    6:03 penetrate 🥴🤤

  • Jin San
    Jin San

    but Quicky free to play players carry only 5 or none premium shells ,have no cammos on their tanks whatsoever and they pick silly crew skills which are mostly useless also they put equipment on which makes no sense like cammo net on a heavy so if you wanna really be free to play then you haveto be a muppet first

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Those are just muppet players, not F2P players.

  • Ian Bird
    Ian Bird

    Quicky did you miss a shot? Even on the move? Seems bizarre my LT 100 misses and bounces

  • Ian Bird
    Ian Bird

    Great ebr tactic against 1 Ebr try 3 in game. No fun at all

  • Jabbawock1972

    its still a shame that you have to play tier VIII premiun tanks to make credits to play the Tier X toys..economy on tierX is so broken..

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Considering that the game is completely free that seems reasonable to me.