MOST KILLS in 2020 in World of Tanks
World of Tanks Panzer VII. Today Watert is going to get the most kills in a single game of World of Tanks in 2020!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • Some Soviet
    Some Soviet

    Man and on my second account on blitz I've gotten in a 1v7 and clutches with the vk 72(aka pz 7) with 1 hp and I forgot to turn on replays before that battle

  • Mico Pesonen
    Mico Pesonen

    1:26 I actually had the same bug when I was using shaders in minecraft and my gpu (2060) didn't have the latest drivers

  • CBKillas

    To bad WoT is now paid Trash.

  • Tuareg Akavir
    Tuareg Akavir

    this game is a rigged crap. the more you pay into your account for whatever reason (like buying prem time, consumables, crew training, prem tanks etc.) the better soft stats (higher penetration rolls, lower deviation roll, better spotting) you get and also better teams, if you dont pay, it goes the opposite way, you will have harder battles with worse teams, your shots will go more to the edge of the aimcircle, you will have lower pen rolls... all this just to make you frustrated until you start paying

  • Maveric Morph
    Maveric Morph

    He didn't win, the enemy lost.

  • Jim Bernhard Bårdsen
    Jim Bernhard Bårdsen

    No Pools medlaje in 14 kills?

  • gillafunk

    Congratulations dude Mind blowing

  • Emi 3008
    Emi 3008

    2016 a hetzer destroyed the whole enimy team so 15 kills

  • Galax LordCZ
    Galax LordCZ

    Fun fact the Lowe is actually the Panzer VII, I have no idea where WG got this design of a PZ VII but it is BS.

  • bikebudha01


  • Tadas P.
    Tadas P.

    will you be ready for the full swearing of the mind

  • Bradley Behrens
    Bradley Behrens

    Low damage, no excessive gold spam. Nice game.

  • Kyle Brett
    Kyle Brett

    5000xp ...under rewarded performance.

  • Rice Tanzania
    Rice Tanzania

    I do not think that beard suits you very well.

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge

    Again today I went on WOT and again three games, three losses. Put on horrible teams with people who had no idea what they were doing. Whole sections of maps abandoned and scouts who hide like there life depended on it. Since I quit shoveling money to WOT its loser teams over and over. Playing with so many horrible players really ruins the game. 4 out of 10 at best. After eight years of playing I no longer have ANYTHING good to say about this game.

  • George Arvanitis
    George Arvanitis

    Lucky bot

  • Male Nurse
    Male Nurse

    Good choice, but that is exactly why people complain about tier 10 tanks being matched against tier 8.

  • bajen

    All that and he didn’t even make 100,000k profit!? The credit system in this game is fucked

  • Oliver Von arx
    Oliver Von arx

    Un!! Be!! Lie!! Va!! Ble!!! 😵🤩

  • Joao Sampaio
    Joao Sampaio

    I'm not saying he is a bad player, I'm only gonna say I want that rng in my life. Never have I ever been able to hit such insane shots in the same game. This man single handily managed to loop perfect shots. And as much as I would like to say that's just skill. It's not, it's skill and dumb luck... Regardless it was a great game and there was definitely skill involved.

  • Stellar Feller
    Stellar Feller

    Panzer VII Is my favorite tank and this proves why

  • Jared Agar
    Jared Agar

    RELIC player.. sadly this game was not balanced nor fair. Its a player that spends thousands of dollars to be in a clan and not only shoots premium but RNG is literally always in their favor. Its really hard to think that a wargaming favored player could legitimately be the so called " most kills" of the year when they brutally pay to win.

  • Michael De bondt
    Michael De bondt

    I think war thunder is a way better game the diference in realism in game mechanics and grapics are uncompairble

  • Studio 52
    Studio 52

    Like one man said: "Do whatever u want, if u dont have luck, u will do nothing"

  • Hard North Outdoors
    Hard North Outdoors

    all that and only 97k creds..... WG needs to give a bonus when that happens.

  • Sighduf

    8:50 gold in tracks shood be 0 damage for me it always is.

  • Sighduf

    UDES and PATTON shold bounce that shots but WOT decided otherway. I would not pen them.

  • Sighduf

    3 free kills of arty go to him and let him to kill them. As well 2 of kamikaze so it is actually a 9 kills battle. Not impressive just a luck.

  • Sighduf

    And as I expected arround 6k damage is not impressive... There is a lot of replayes with arroung 10k damage. He was just lucky. And in my opinion hist first 5 shots was just stupid.

  • Sighduf

    "In this situation you asking to team didn't you done anything ?" While all tanks are 1% - 5% hp left and he is doing nothing just last hits not impressive at all.

    • Clayton Whitman
      Clayton Whitman

      wow, if that is all that you see, then you missed it entirely...

  • Sighduf

    This is not impressive when you playing Tier 10 and most of enemies are tier 8 and only 3 enemies are tier 10.

  • Rigger

    WOW !!!

  • The Jelly Roger
    The Jelly Roger

    Quick wargamming, the pzVII is OP, nerf it!

  • Hussein -
    Hussein -

    My best play was 10 kills in one match using tiger I

  • Greg Montecarlo
    Greg Montecarlo

    underpowered tier 10? that thing is OP as fuck actually....


    gioco manipolato e lo abbiamo costatato con alcuni test

  • 22nd account Due to censorship
    22nd account Due to censorship

    I am verry dissapointed noone got 15 legit kills in a whole year :/ Guess there is always 1 fast boi who gets the butt of some innocent tankster

  • 22nd account Due to censorship
    22nd account Due to censorship

    Bruh. Rtx 3090??? It's supremeluly overkill! Hell, a gt 980 is overkill for this game

  • Einoras J
    Einoras J

    That Raseiniai medal is from my country Lithuania

  • Andrew

    Kills 14 enemies, still loses credits without premium account. God job WOT.

  • princexamkx

    can I have you old graphics card?

  • Daniel Turan
    Daniel Turan

    Buying RTX 3090 but have 60hz monitor lmaooo

  • professional

    Comes to show OP tanks dont mean shit when you got skill

  • flodA reltiH
    flodA reltiH

    Three cheers for the worst triangle of 2020. 4:21

  • Crucial Custard
    Crucial Custard

    quicky baby: the raseiniai medal is so rare. *me: laughs in world of tanks blitz*

  • DarkRedZane

    When I read the title and saw the starting video to be Panzer VII I was like "How is that even possible?" Don't get me wrong, I love my Panzer VII as well but I just can't see it happening. But watching Lorraine and Renegade casually ramming a Literal Super Chad behemoth with their virgin tanks... Dear lord.

  • chin mungkuan
    chin mungkuan

    Tier 10 hiding like mouse

  • chin mungkuan
    chin mungkuan

    Different server different game play and strategy , tier 10 need low tier tank and make turning point nothing be proud

  • WazheadBoci

    So top tier only 3 t 10 tanks, dream setup sadly you will get like 5 % of mm like this. Also the enemy was just idiotic so this game is more of a luck rng was on part for some shots, so still gg

  • Drinking_ Buddy
    Drinking_ Buddy

    Captain Stupid and Lieutenant Lemming threw the game for their team.

  • Daniel Jipster
    Daniel Jipster

    qb why do you call every good game the game of the year lmao

  • 1234HonkyTonk1234

    MY BOY

  • lana turner
    lana turner

    Hi there, QB just wanted me to tell you the Covid vaccine is very dangerous and none of you should ever even consider taking it.

  • MegaStan316

    Quicky disappointed you should of gone for 6900xt

  • izanyaaron

    Cállate..... !! coño que no paras de hablar... !!!

  • Vili Finau
    Vili Finau


  • Master_Disaster

    No one expect the german Inquisition!

  • Lonzo

    3090 master race, heh? Or did you buy it from a scalper?

  • Felipe Cifuentes
    Felipe Cifuentes

    RELIC on TOP

  • Alvin Zhou
    Alvin Zhou

    oh god.. 5 years later... and he that beard.. looks so different

  • Tns Öztürk
    Tns Öztürk

    Quick fingers lol amazing job

  • 200IQ Given
    200IQ Given

    Great quality now, even better than before! I think you went from 70 to 160 fps😜

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge

    YOu will never find a game that is so ruined by all the horrible gamers. No other game ive played is so reliant on your teamates and to play a game with gamers that are so horrible is just intolerable. GAME IS RUINED BY ALL THE PITIFLY BAD PLAYERS.

  • S M
    S M

    LMAO this is a kid's game. Real tankers play War Thunder.

  • Humungus

    I like the way you say "Panzer" Sounds cool to me, a guy who speaks german :)

  • R.A.

    at least 6 of enemy team gave up.. 14 kills my ass..

  • TehButterflyEffect

    "Be like Water, my friends." Now we know what Bruce was talking about.

    • TehButterflyEffect

      @JKSteve1124 The guy's username is Water.

    • JKSteve1124

      I know what he was talking about, but don't know what you're talking about.

  • Mark Roeling
    Mark Roeling

    Congratz Watert!

  • Edvin

    12:57 is that Sliphantom in the E-100 in the top right?

  • arbiter569

    It would be more interesting if the kills were actually done by a true tank vs a mobile artillery unit lol

  • Oliver Duell
    Oliver Duell

    Bro gimme a 3090

  • ROOKIE2222

    I had a game last year on console with 14 kills in my wt auf pzIV

  • Alex Z
    Alex Z

    Lorraine and Renegade yeah this big brain time.

  • Admiral RNG
    Admiral RNG

    that E-100 is definitely Sliphantom lmao what's he doing in WoT I wonder 👀

  • Brick Fox Productions
    Brick Fox Productions

    Merry Christmas

  • TreetopFlyer

    EZ PZ when the other team are muppets.

  • Randall Parker
    Randall Parker

    Panzer 7 is a beast. This player is rather smart with his approach. That belly plate at that angle is pushing 400 effective armor. Its the toughest part of the tank and morons love to no brain and spam belly plate shots. As you waste your gold on this monster it can then use its round arc to hit the top of your tank and overmatch quite easily. This thing is a closet td, a big slow meaty td that can bounce anything from any tank in the game somewhat without effort. Its also unreasonably easy to farm with. People underestimate just how clutch this baby is and blindly rush in. I play this mofo with 183's in my squad who make all other other tanks wish they'd never even looked my way! >:D

  • M_Swizzy22

    I love his team mates in the Arty, the M53 lost his mind, and the GW was actually giving good info, sound job by this lad, my best game of 2020 was probably the 9.7k I did with my Chieftain, which I don’t really enjoy, my go to high average damage tank is the WZ-111 5A, still hold around 3 year record of 11.7k dmg, my most kills is only 10 with like a tier 7

  • Paula Dimayuga
    Paula Dimayuga

    Comments: 599 comments Me: (comments) Comments: *600 comments*

  • Riff

    Guys from Relic are jerks. Thanks

  • Ahmed Recon
    Ahmed Recon

    Well played 👍🏻

  • MisterDipster

    I would be impressed if the VK 45 02 A made that result....:) No, just kidding, was a nice blend of cooleness, skill and luck, GG!

  • Dumlen

    I'm just sitting here wondering if it is "water-t" and not "watert" as in a Rick and Morty reference.

  • Frodo Beutling
    Frodo Beutling

    thanks wargaming for bringing gsor. another op premium tank that brings you money. im on the point to not want it not buy any premium - the point you rather buy nothing.

  • Crypt God
    Crypt God

    Cheers to this guy for proving my favorite tank is NOT useless.

  • Reftous Warships
    Reftous Warships

    was anyone else thinking the arty was pulling an emperor palpatin?

  • William Decker
    William Decker

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Cri Tele
    Cri Tele

    I need a suggest, Panzer VII or OBJ 705A?

  • Drejcula dk
    Drejcula dk

    Hi! For how much you sell you accaunt on world of tanks?

  • the anh nguyen huu
    the anh nguyen huu

    this guy talk too much but skill too bad :(((

  • accretia0

    did someone hurt his dog?? this is some john wick shit

  • 95ellington

    The last time I played WOT was 2012.

  • Sean Daniel Gonzales
    Sean Daniel Gonzales

    Just fully upgraded my Centurion 7/1 today hahaha

  • Vincent Sluga
    Vincent Sluga

    Can someone please explain why this replay has the grid lines on the ground of the map?

  • Greg & Nancy Spear
    Greg & Nancy Spear



    Game is rigged towards the favor of the big clan members so this doesnt surprise me. WOT has to keep the big clans happy so they keep spending money.

  • Quisidia

    Kieffer and Koukof said one day " For make a good game, you need some coward ally, some dumb ennemy and a little touch of RNG " A big gg for this player.

  • Alexander Zack
    Alexander Zack

    having such a game, not dieing and would still lose money without premium account......

  • cvr24

    Every game I play lately, it seems I have to carry hard enough to require a chiropractic adjustment afterwards.

  • Epic Speed
    Epic Speed

    I click this video because it looked good After video I can now win ww3