Object 703 II and the World of Tanks Economy
Today I'm talking about the World of Tanks economy, the Object 703 II and Wargaming's decision to not sell it for gold in the advent calendar.
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  • Oblivion2013

    7:36-8:00 LUL

  • Harrison Morin
    Harrison Morin

    Gold really doesn’t feel like it’s worth it. All I do with it is convert it to credits or convert excess XP into Free XP. It just feels like it’s there to make WG money, and I really don’t like the “use gold to buy premium tanks except some of them.” Hell, pick one option WG, don’t give me multiple.

  • Tanneguy de Courcy
    Tanneguy de Courcy

    "Coup de grâce": Pronounce the "a" as in "fat" or "happy"

  • Pascal Smart tiny
    Pascal Smart tiny

    But as you all know...so why do you mention again you give money to research ? Promoting yourself ?

  • Roster Maan
    Roster Maan

    hey Leute falls jemand von euch noch einen Clan sucht seid ihr bei uns herzlich willkommen. meldet euch einfach bei mir: Roster81 liebe grüße von den Piff-Paff-Panzer Berlin [PPP-B]

  • Levin T
    Levin T

    i started playing wot again after 7 years away and i never realized how much of a detriment a poor crew is to your capabilities. i don't have gold so buying a 100% crew with gold is out of the question, and spending 80k credits or more for a 75% crew is just not feasible for my credit gain without premium. equipment isn't the only consideration between paying players and f2p ones

    • Julia J
      Julia J

      it takes 10-20 battles to get your crew to 100% from 75%...

  • joe Cool
    joe Cool

    I actually "like" the Obj 703II...like, it's a "nice" Tank. I always would put a IS3 over it because i LOVE the IS3 but yeah, nice Tank.

  • Sponge The Bob
    Sponge The Bob

    Very nice clowning. Get paid with ingame currency to do charity event

  • Anthony Coles
    Anthony Coles

    wargaming are the biggest discrimination fuckers ever, clan players get way more than any other player

  • Александър Величков
    Александър Величков

    What month?

  • JohnnyMaverik

    Personally I've not played the game for several years and am not currently planning on coming back. I still maintain an interest in the game but in the end felt that purchasing premium tanks was being made a requirement to be competitive not only in playing those tanks, but in training crews to the insane levels that can be possible with the right time and resources. Also to be clear I was a player who did purchase premium tanks during my time playing the game and even completed a couple of the mission marathons, my issue ultimately was that the premium tanks being introduced were just better than the tech tree options and in many cases came with op crew members and ultimately it wasn't a business model i wished to support any further. Tier 8 strongholds and clan wars whilst not being the pinnacle of competitive play, was also something i enjoyed along with the tier 10 components, and i felt that it was quickly becoming a premium tanks required area for any seriously competitive play which ultimately i predicted would ruin that tier of competitive play in that people would no longer wish to play it and the scene would become tier 10 only (no idea if that came to pass TBH). I don't plan on returning to WOT until any sort of game reset (presumably WOT 2 if it ever happens) and even then would only be interested if war gaming could adopt a policy of all paid components to supporting the game ended up being purely cosmetic or small progression buffs for those who want to skip ahead a little in tech tree progression. I would purchase cosmetic options and do so in other games i play, a prime example (for me but there are of course many more) being DOTA 2 where i have put a lot of money into the game and never received any power or progression buff in return, nor would i have wanted to.

  • Maxi Sausepurz
    Maxi Sausepurz

    the imbalances in this greedy shitprogramm are getting bigger and bigger, dissatisfied customers will never spend any money on this fraud. mm was never so evil as now

  • GaroxisSupi

    Playing BC 155 58 and watching this while reloading

  • Nikolahav

    Lately i feel like QB is just wasting my time...Just a thought

  • Xadura bliad
    Xadura bliad

    i have 0 gold Lmao

  • philip staden
    philip staden

    I feel WG don't care about there free to play player's last year was why better than 2020

  • Lyman Zerga
    Lyman Zerga

    The problem with Equipment 2.0 isnt knowing what equipment to use but how bloody expensive equipment is nowadays 600k for equipment at tier 7 WTF

    • Julia J
      Julia J

      credits are much easier to get now than 5 years ago.

  • Therockypony

    I'm one of those better players who do fantastic in the IS-2-II. Feelsgoodman!

  • Jesus von Nazaret
    Jesus von Nazaret

    imagine premium artillery, so much salt, so much rage

  • Gameshooter379 Rowey
    Gameshooter379 Rowey

    Great I hit my head against a brick wall

  • eWorkNOW

    Can't know how I bumped onto this. Anyway Awesome clip ❤️😄. I also watched those rather similar from MStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these clips. MStar Tutorials also had amazing information about similiar money making things on his vids.

  • Bomjum Bam
    Bomjum Bam

    Wot PC is learning from Wot blitz 😎

  • Supernaut

    Who cares? I got the IS-2-II for in game currency and it is just as good or better than the 703.

  • Freddie Pearson
    Freddie Pearson

    I started end of feb 2020- love it got 4 tier 10s, I think having good friends to teach u how to play and set up your tanks deffo helps

    • Strpow

      Did u buy premium rounds? Those are so expensive. Thinking of playing again

  • Martin Frost
    Martin Frost

    I personally will think very carefully about getting lots of loot boxes next year (I bought 100 this year). Also with crew 2.0 coming soon, how useful will gold be in the future? We will have to wait and see.

  • Kenneth Fortugaleza
    Kenneth Fortugaleza

    Phantom assassin.

  • Toothmother

    i suck in that tank

  • UFw. a.D.
    UFw. a.D.

    No critics on the X-Mas-calendar(first day in December forgotten, only 1 tier VII and the best premium-offer, and the rest only tier VIII and the only positive, except this tank, is, that you can pay in different ways. No chance for a little gift, like the last years. WG should better repair their MM for fair balnaced battle under the aspect of tnaks and the player abilities and reduce their weird RNG-Multiple-Fighting-System(0-5% in my opinion). In the first battle each shot was a light high-role in damage and each hit, except the kill on the ISU, of the second battle a highrole. In my case I can applause, when I get nearly average damage with one shot in a battle. Your videos degenerate to a WG-advertisment. You said:"I only use the normal equipment" but you have forgotten to say that you use rations, which have the most impact on the perfomance of the tank. And in both battles nearly each hit a high-role, smells after a manipulation of your account through WG.

  • David C
    David C

    i play war thunder

  • Lucas Gomes
    Lucas Gomes

    Hey guys can someone help me. I got this double barreled tank but I can't aim my double shot; when I charge the double the cannons lock in place and don't move. Could someone explain to me why and how can I fix it?

  • guanaco

    Please allow me to represent all French speakers and ask you to check on Google Translate how we actually pronounce "Coup de grâce". Thank you!

  • Fletcher 413
    Fletcher 413

    If this is the PCs biggest problem then you guys are doing good, the console version doesn’t even look the same, it’s like a whole different game and a lot of players have quit because of it.

  • Emiko Akamatsu
    Emiko Akamatsu

    these snowflakes are s hilarious... there was a bucketload of tanks for gold in the Advent calendar but QB is weeping about just one that is available only foe real money and the WoT community is weeping with him lol. These was SkorG, 432 etc... if you are so addicted to the game and need particullary that one tank, tank stop moaning and fork out real cash. Having said that, I think it would have been great to see 703 II for gold but if I were on WG's shoes I would do exactly the same thing as they did without a wink.

  • mike voyage
    mike voyage

    Hey QB! Have you seen the new update on WOT console? Its sparked my interest in the game again and I'm starting to play alot more. What do you think about it?

  • Laurenţiu Ghergu
    Laurenţiu Ghergu

    For various things you can only do with gold, such as changing the name in the game or experience packages for the crew, etc. it's ok, but there are also completely disgusting examples, for example: Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai would be 2500 gold in techtree if you want it with 100% crew, so 10.27 euros to buy gold then with it the tank, but if you go and take it directly from the site with money directly and automatically with 100% the crew (bonus), it's only 7.39 euros, at least here in Roumanie . In euro is not so much, but in RON is almost half price, beacouse 4,87 RON = 1Euro so 2500 gold means 50 RON, and the tank itself from the site means 28 RON

  • deathman254

    I think people are forgetting that the last offer in the advent calendar was never for gold.... last year it was the VK 7501k (the rear mounted turret German heavy). Now because it is a soviet heavy people are losing their shit... Gold is also now used in battle passes, on top of getting premium tanks in the tech tree. converting free xp, converting to credits, retraining crews, purchasing camo, converting free xp to crew xp... gold is still the premium currency.... just because you cant buy a majority of tanks with it doesnt mean it is less value... Ask yourself this, would you be throwing the same argument if you couldnt by the AMX CDC with gold or some other underpowered tank?

  • Graystoke _
    Graystoke _

    Correct me if I'm wrong but did they not do the same thing last year with the VK?

  • Armin S.
    Armin S.

    I downloaded the game, but I don't play it. Takes too long to move up in the game. Like I have my low tier tank which isn't even upgraded fully, so I gotta upgrade that first. Which is a bad vehicle even at best before getting to something I would enjoy. Even if I decided to invest, I don't know where to put my money to make it worth it.

  • Wizen Lamb3
    Wizen Lamb3

    Happy new year. I just deleted the game to start the new year.

  • viktor mikinator
    viktor mikinator

    i buyed 703 ll


    I find with premium tank spam there is an abundance of terrible players who paid their way to tier 8

  • Big Name
    Big Name

    Obj 907 video???

  • Michael Clarke
    Michael Clarke

    You are not smart it’s been out all ready like the loot boxes for the tanks you got that auto tank god how quick, quickly Baby forgot he got for free.

  • James Sadler
    James Sadler

    A game that allows 13 year old's to play should not have loot boxes over 18s only. Gold is being devalued for the sake of a quick buck. Kama will deal with this in the long run. If I was QB I'd be looking to partner with a game developer and make as fair a game as possible based on community feedback. Money would take care of itself if game was great!!!!

  • WillStunForFood

    No head nod before saying, "Hi everyone"??? Oh no it's *Serious Quickybaby*

  • Matthew Arant
    Matthew Arant

    I think the only thing world of tanks needs to be a perfect game is to rebalance the stupidity that is assault defense on ghost town and just get rid of artillery already. Artillery is the biggest form of cancer in the game.

  • Rafael Freitas
    Rafael Freitas

    I don't think that's why they are giving free premium days, I think they are giving people "a taste" of premium days to see if they get used to them and buy more. I'm guessing as people have more and more premium tanks they don't really need premium time to balance credits anymore, and so have been cutting down on premium time.

  • Klaus Nooni
    Klaus Nooni

    Nice advertising for Failgaming. Sorry, i dont support this gamerigger Company.

  • Redward

    I actually really like that they haven't offered it for gold because tier 8 MM would be dead with so many 703s,i bought 11 boxes,but still went for this tank because i think it is worth it and i'm not crying like the rest of you

  • Dustin Touw
    Dustin Touw

    To be honest, WG is just saying, shut up and pay me for stuff. A spend more get less action. I stopped playing WoT this year, it was my daily game a few years ago, but now I just stopped for those reasons of not caring about their community. It's just the ridiculous economy and the decisions they make with where they should head to with WoT. Take for example the Premium ammo rebalance, I know it could take quite some time before it hits the servers, but instead of getting updates from that rebalance we get a HE rework. Sorry what? Nobody is having critics on HE but they feel they need to rework it, most of the people want a premium ammo rework and this is what we get instead. This action with the 703 II is kinda the same, you may have bought some lootboxes for decals or just for tanks, got some gold, and now you need to pay more. It's a strategy I really disapprove of and hopefully they start to think twice about their actions and what the community wants.

  • heath nielsen
    heath nielsen

    QuickyBaby, can you put that mod pack you showed at the end of the video on to the description of this or another video. I don't have twitch and I would like to find out Where my shells go.

  • Jinan Hwasal
    Jinan Hwasal

    I just got 50tp and meet this tank kin but tier 9 its bloody ridiculous when it was hull down

  • SPDZfr

    I don't even know why people are still playing this game while devs are just like "We don't care about what yout think or what you want, we just care about your money".

  • pro KEKW
    pro KEKW

    all advent calender i only want 703 rigged!

  • Gilmer

    "Equipment 2"? Yeah, definitely not coming back.

  • Benett

    That they want to make money is one thing, but IMO they are a bit too greedy.

  • Andrew Gledhill
    Andrew Gledhill

    Shutup Quackybaby. Only a streamer like yourself would say that Equipment 2.0 was an OK patch. You have millions of credits and gold on your account to play with. So the equipment changes are not going to effect you that much. You can afford to equip all your tanks easily. I on the other hand am playing with a relatively new account. I am always short of credits. It was OK before, because at least I could have a couple of sets of Bino's and at least be relatively competitive. I would play a tank with Bino's until I could afford to fit optics. But now I am screwed over by Wargaming. Now EVERY tank has to be fully equipped at great cost right from the go. I got a heap of premium tanks in the loot boxes. I haven't even played half of them yet because I haven't got the credits to equip them. It will take me months to equip all my tanks. Sorry but equipment 2.0 has been an utter disaster for me.

  • robert flint
    robert flint

    WG wants everyone to pay to be a premium player......Being a NON-premium player in PUGs is like being a poodle at a pitbull party. You look all cute and fancy, but we really know what your there for. ; )

  • edward ashes
    edward ashes

    WG all about money money money

  • Trucky21

    WG is doing what they want and it is totally fine! This is their business and it is up to you to open your wallet or not. Stop crying to not have everything you want for f... sake!

  • Daniele Ronci
    Daniele Ronci

    You could name this video, best scout game of 2020.

  • Pat Davis
    Pat Davis

    Keeping one tank as cash only doesn't seem too over the top. If they extended this practice to cover most of the tanks you might want to buy, then this would be bad. It would probably even kill off the loot boxes. If the 703 II had been made available for gold, at such a gold rich time and when the tank was being offered for sale for the first time, battles for the next month would have 7+ 703 II's a side in them! there would have been just too much of a take-up.

  • funkyromero

    I was waiting to buy this tank from the calendar and spent a cool 100euros on boxes. Thus there is no frigging way I am spending any real cash on this. Dick move by wg. I allso think this should go directly to pay to win category.

  • Cataca_91

    560 000 gold U_U

  • Marc Savage
    Marc Savage

    If the tank was available for gold I would now own it. But FU WG I have already spent way to much money on loot boxes.

  • Farmer

    7:20 - While I agree, it has to be stated that the value of credits has been going down too. Grinding out a few mil for a new tank is a lot easier these days than it was before. As a result, the price of equipment has effectively gone down too.

  • tobin1677

    I mean, they announced ahead of time that the last tank on the advent set was gonna be cash only, so I can't fault them for it. Basically anyone with any sense knew it was gonna be like this when that was announced, and those who didn't either didn't see the announcement or were delusional.

  • sirisaak

    The mere fact that they ask 'full price' for a tank which is already one year old and not make it available for gold (which people actually PAID for) says enough for me. It just reeks of cash grab. Most soft stats of new premium tanks get worse after a few months anyway and I don't see these things performing that well in the game anymore the last few months. Secondly I've been watching gameplay including yours and it appears underwhelming in terms of pen and mobility, even in your hands.

  • Adrian Grigoras
    Adrian Grigoras

    It would have been honest and fair to have known about this from the beginning of the calendar. Personally, I would not have spent money on boxes but I would have waited for this tank. It's their game, it's their rules, it's their business. It's a great game but not an honest one.

    • Mark Locker
      Mark Locker

      Only for as long as we let them. Enough negative feedback, and some support from the CC's and just maybe.....

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis

    I'm amazed after all these years that you are still producing World of Tanks videos. Have You not gotten bored yet with this particular subject matter? Tell us what other games you enjoy playing, paint a picture that is more than linear. Thank You.

  • krishna carub
    krishna carub

    a lorraine 40t and the obj 703 in the 11 loot box pack and quit there then i came around for a second go and bought 22 of em and got shafted nicely this year gg wg

  • f regulski
    f regulski

    qb i think carrying the stabilizer on that tank is just silly. it has godlike gun dispersion stats, better than in a patton tier 10. id rather take improved hardening or configuration. that gun needs however a little bit of traverse speed, so rotation is nice to have. greeeetings

  • Sassy Saddles
    Sassy Saddles

    i used to love this game but now all i feel is hate

  • Félix Potvin
    Félix Potvin

    Hey look people we leaked that an op double barreled tank will be in the advent callendar where you can buy premium vehicle for gold so get your stocks up and get ready!!! Players: spend money to get gold and stuff Wg : ahah jokes on you you idiots pay us real money for it lolz.... If thats what you call a better marketing team idk what to say more mr QB I got gifted 150 boxes and only got 2 t8 tank and 60k gold , im still happy but still feel like i was scammed, and then they dont give us this tank for gold which i was waiting for and holding my gold for it since im still f2p , im not giving a single penny to these greedy apes

  • therese harris
    therese harris

    Hey QB is 0.27 dispersion good in wot blitz?

  • wahe :]
    wahe :]

    Whats the shell hit (?) mod called?

  • Staxu Eve Wot
    Staxu Eve Wot

    Hi @QickyBaby to me it looks like WG went absolutely mental this year, can’t blame them of course, they are just another capitalistic a$$holes like all other ones. I spent £17.1 for loot boxes this year, could spend more but I would rather give this money to guy singing on Buchanan St than get another : 7days of prem acc, 3k of gold, Matilda BP and some other tier 4 prem tank 🤬. So yeah I’m not giving them more money just for a fact that I find it disgusting, to put useless tier 4 and 5 tanks as a reward in loot boxes, you can’t even use them for any event or missions 🤯. Hope you collected all my tears in some fancy jar😂

  • Jeroen berkenbosch
    Jeroen berkenbosch

    "i will" ( american much ? ) , tsssss your a brit ? "i shall" ..... :P

  • ShadiC

    Just cant stop myself and bought 6 crates aaaand got =PZT15 TIER 3 PREMIUM+3days premium+2250 gold...... yeah they are really generous .d

  • Manuel van Schaik
    Manuel van Schaik

    I think WG making the 703 II not available for gold is just evidence that WG knows this tank is (slightly) OP and thus doesn't want many ppl to have it. I have the 703 since last year, and yea i think it's good that not many people have the tank now for gold, but it's also just so cheeky.

  • Dutchtanky69

    wow. you were talking about that other 703, but that was me. and i saw the replay of that match from my point of view and saw that you use the annonymizer. that's why i didn't notice it during the match. thanks for telling how to play that map tho. i didn't know how to play in that map with that tank so i mess it up every time

  • Lemon Aid
    Lemon Aid

    I don't play that game for years now but every time I watch something about WOT it reminds me how sad and waisted my life was these days..:D

  • Guus van Sprang
    Guus van Sprang

    read the article! it clearly states that the last offer will only be available for REAL LIFE CURRENCY

    • Mark Locker
      Mark Locker

      We did, we dont like it. We are allowed to disagree and have an opinion that doesn't align with WG.

  • Paduka

    How to get your modpack on your twitch chat command

  • Daz Marsh
    Daz Marsh

    Wargaming are really going down a dark path. They can take this tank and any other like this and poke it. I'm not interested anymore. Every year its more and more crap from them. Is it any wonder why the game is in the state it is. Laters Wargaming, I'm done with your bullshit.

  • Chillr3nd

    QB change game


    I think they should give players more ways to spent gold. One of the main problem with gold is that if people have it, they usually have a lot. People get it from discounted packs or from the loot boxes, (because most of the players buy them for the tanks, not for the gold). So If WG were to release new tier VIII premium available for gold. They would make almost no money out of it, because most of the players that usually buy things from them have a lot of gold and they can just use some of it, not having to buy more. My guess is that if they would release new good premium tank and made it cost 20k gold, they would still make much less money comparing to selling it for low 15$. So they won't do it but if the money has no use it looses it's value. It's very dangerous for MMO and to be honest one of the priorities of WG should be to come up with the intresting ways to make people spend more gold. This change would be beneficial not only to people who pay but to f2p players as well. Because if normal way of getting money dosen't work for WG, they would have to come up with more desperate one, and this isn't good for the game.

  • Diallo Isaac
    Diallo Isaac

    Best moment of the day❤️

  • American_tragedy

    I know one thing ive been playing this game for over 5 years and if they do those dumbass crew changes that dez show cased ill drop this game its already a chore playing this game somtimes and if they take the crews ive grinded for thatll prob be my que to leave the game finally

  • ott rakkaselg
    ott rakkaselg

    ehh, IRM does not improve your dispersion, the bonus it gives, is taken away by turning and traversing faster. But that tank has very good soft stats as it is. Without IRM the dispersion values are 0.07, 0.08 and 0.04, with the IRM, yes, it shows, that you have better, but in reality in the gameplay it is the same and in some cases, it can actually be worse, because it can not always compensate for the whole of the dispersion loss by turning and traversing faster. It has been proven on some videos where it has been timed and so on. IRM is good for turning faster, but it will not make you more accurate. And, even if it would stack up like you think it does, do you really feel, that using up one slot to gain 0.01 on all dispersion values is worth it? 0.07, 0.08, 0.04 vs. 0.06, 0.07, 0.03. I mean, really? I would go as far as to state, that you would be better off using GLD there:) I personally would put coated optics on it though.

  • scott farrar
    scott farrar

    So as long as you don't get hit in the cheeks, or in the side, or there is no enemy arty you will be fine in this tank - got it!

  • Elizabeth Isla
    Elizabeth Isla

    Make $4500 with an investment of $2,000 within 24hrs, in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) investment, if you are interested let me know.

    • Olivia William
      Olivia William

      Are you there?

    • Olivia William
      Olivia William

      Do you know how much is ok for a start let me know if I can do this

    • Olivia William
      Olivia William


    • Olivia William
      Olivia William

      This is really helpful for my situation

    • Elizabeth Isla
      Elizabeth Isla

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  • Just Digital Simulations
    Just Digital Simulations

    I uninstalled the game after I saw the cash only day 25 tank. Wargaming have lost all grasp on reality. beta tester on console, un-installed after the HORRID patch that killed 7 years of crew skills, and this was the final straw for my short lived PC play. Adios WG, I am done with WOT.

  • Clark Clements
    Clark Clements

    Gold would only feel less powerful if you bought those lootboxes, which I never have.

  • Jabbawock1972

    "not a beginnerfriendly game" says the guy who played EVE ONLINE...lol

    • Mark Locker
      Mark Locker

      So do I, but at least in EVE you have the chance to play and grind in safety, in WOT you get owned by seal clubbers constantly, or at least you do on the Aus server.

  • Al Xen
    Al Xen

    Funny how last adv severed video. "See.." adv "..you soon". ))

  • Mario

    Hey QB, i beg you make charity marathon for earthquake in Croatia 🇭🇷 like you did for cancer

  • Clark Clements
    Clark Clements

    I have loads of Bonds. Only have 650 gold. It is still easily the best currency for me.

  • hrGordoN

    I dont understand what are you all talking about. Just to clarify for you. WG is the most generous game company I know. When compared to Blizzard games or MTG Arena, even Dota. WG gives so much free stuff and rewards all the time. You all crying are just cheap beggars, and we all know, you cannot be choosers then. So stop being so hypocritical and behave like adults.

  • lordchipmonk

    Wow, that Frenglish...

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