Rating ALL Tier 8 Premium Tanks in World of Tanks!
Today I'm rating ALL Tier 8 Premium tanks in World of Tanks!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • Will H
    Will H

    POV: you’re here to see if the black auction tanks are worth it

  • JarandRam

    Its hard to find good ebr75 players. Most of them play it as a speedy brawler, when its still an active scout with the bonus of having an autoloader. Most of the ebr 75's i play against diest first, almost everytime.

  • Juan Rodríguez
    Juan Rodríguez

    Hy Quickybaby thanks a lot for that huge review, yours are the most accurate reviews. But I think you must redo the full work cause you miss AMX 13 57 LOL, it was on sale in the advent calendar. What do you think about it?

  • Golden Storm
    Golden Storm

    AMX CDA hawe 1 of the highest shell welosity on standard ammo in the game , 1.525 , just seying :)

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos

    so if the mess with the bourrasque, I can get a refund, right? I didn't get it in the marathon.

  • Tony Reese
    Tony Reese

    all my crews must start from scratch !? ... no WG ... just NO

  • Terry

    The jp 88 was my first premium its was awesome for a couple years now adays not so much.. thanks QB its about time to upgrade my garage. This was very helpful. Have a great day

  • TheMomentChannel

    The ISU-152K is basically a waste of money because it’s literally an ISU-152 with 26 extra penetration and a slightly different appearance

  • Robert Vanderbush
    Robert Vanderbush

    You forgot ISU-130

  • soulhunter ex
    soulhunter ex

    its the same pattern all over again. newer tank having better stat so that WG could squeeze hard earn cash from player

  • Pierre Laroche
    Pierre Laroche

    Great review. I don't remember anyone doing a tier 9 tank review lately. How about one of those?

  • Klanker

    Love that as a returning player i cant buy ANY p2w tier prem while having to constantly face them in battle, this game is as shit as i remember.

  • todd mctodd
    todd mctodd

    that Progetto 46 isn't pay to win. average to below average mobility, poor gun stats and no armor to speak of. you end up having to play so far back the crappy gun isn't dependable. if the tank had a regular gun it would be garbage, only thing that saves it barely is that you follow up a missed shot quickly, beyond that it's terrible.

  • Maciej Urbański
    Maciej Urbański

    Heey QB! Maybe new comparison of tier X tanks?😊 Greetengs from Poland😁

  • Yuuzhan2

    I love my M6A2E1.

  • 16killjoy

    I don't think preferential mm exists on the Na server, I see tier tens all the time in the super-pershing. Don't Nerf the BBQ because it's honestly perfect. The 2 second burst is the only reason I play it otherwise I'd sell it.

  • EllendigeTullip Jägermeister
    EllendigeTullip Jägermeister

    Please for Tier X as well QB! I would highly appreciate it sir! :) Thank you for the time and effort, it is truly astonishing :D

  • R Kanava
    R Kanava

    *Please do a crew skill tier list*

  • Snafu Proxy
    Snafu Proxy

    thanks for this : getting the right T8 to help earning credits helps out - I play Lights best, I don't know why it just suits my play style

  • JookySeaCpt

    Revalorise does NOT have preferential match making. Good luck in those tier 10 games!

  • Bartek

    "Super Competitive" section is almost pure russian. This tells enough about balance in this game.

  • J S
    J S

    How would you rate in terms of Credit Makers for this list? Have they changed much since your last video?


    The JagPanzer 105 TD is also a great sniping vehicle. It is mobile, has great muzzle velocity on its apcr standard rounds, does decent damage,, has amazing camo rating with a net, but on a rammer and some binocs.... and ya, you are the invisible sniper. It moves well so can relocate easily.. I often rush in to assist my team when they are fighting around corners.. it surprises the enemy and you can do damage while your team follows you around the corner and destroys the side scrapers.


    The French td , the CDA... has a great gun, great shell velocity, good view range, good camo.... good alpha damage. accurate. You highly underrated this particular TD. It is also quite mobile. It is not a brawler but it is an awesome sniper that can relocate when needed.


    notice that most of the pay to win tanks are OP light tanks??? Ya, wot needs to balance that. These little gokarts can do to much for what they are and the armor they have.

  • Halil İbrahim Keleş
    Halil İbrahim Keleş

    Too many wrong things in that list..

  • JohnnyMaverik

    Premium vs tech tree would be really interesting.

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge

    The only thing that matters in world of tank is what team the matchmaker puts you on. And if you decide not to spend money on the game, good luck. You better get use to getting stuck with player that done have a clue how to play. I mean absolutely worthless players. Since I quit shoveling money at the game I NEVER have more wins than losses. Just now 6 games and 2 wins. Id have more fun in here bashing this POS game.

  • Lord of the beans
    Lord of the beans

    Lets get a F in chat for thise who Spend 15k gold on the vk168 like i did

  • Oskar Zemcik
    Oskar Zemcik

    Now imagine some newbies buying those "pay to win" light tanks and trying to play...

  • Sha

    Me who is completing a referall program to choose 1 free premium tier 8 : *Visible Happiness* So basically : Progetto is the best tank for carrying games and multi-use in tier 8.

  • Zulu1

    I really want one of these for Tier 9; Those are the tank many people really care about considering how much credits you can lose at Tier 10 without a premium account and don't want to spend money on Tier 8 Premiums.

  • Vecio Alpin
    Vecio Alpin

    Dont buy anything until they dont fix the game. Keep buying they will never fix anything

  • TheGhostKillz

    Funny that I actually play T92 *A TON* better than HWK30

  • Sora k
    Sora k

    Thank you very much ✌️🌸🤗

    • Sora k
      Sora k

      I stop play for few year just back play bc luck down( I one of key keeper still have to works) want to rest by play tank ,hate mail come back as well lol (weird people)

  • ACE Internet Fighter Pilot
    ACE Internet Fighter Pilot

    i like to play my kv5 when im having a bad day. when ever i play it , it reminds me that it can always be worse.

  • Kyle Kinnibrugh
    Kyle Kinnibrugh

    Is the infographic, he makes in this video, available anywhere for download?

  • Dagnir

    32:54 - hah, glad to hear it. Bought LT-432 just before Christmas by pure chance (I don't play WoT at the moment, went to the website to see what was going on, and it was on sale).

  • Stephen Allen
    Stephen Allen

    Most of the good play to win and super competitive aren't even available in the US server which is a little annoying.

  • JohnBlund94

    It's sad he forgot to rate the E-25.

  • A C Vickers
    A C Vickers

    Seriously, You could just provide us with a list to take to bed! So you could save your voice!

  • Spy Smocking
    Spy Smocking

    Hi QB, id be nice if you ranked all of the TIER 10 tanks again as well since equpiment 2.0 is now here as well as some of the tanks were buffed (E100, E 50 M, T110E5)

  • yolo manolo
    yolo manolo

    Blackdog better than HWK30 what? :D :D

  • Gillette Obette
    Gillette Obette

    QB looks like a young king ecgbert (vikings) in this video

  • mwnciboo

    Man, you are looking like Viking Baby... Edit - Bisonte (sic) has a real weakspot either side of the mantlet, 220 pen+ and you are in. My Charioteer with 268 pen (tier X gun) rips through that turret. So many Bisonte players get surprised with a 400 dmg shot to the mantlet!

  • Ron Keech
    Ron Keech

    What about the regular type 59?

  • Joks WoT
    Joks WoT

    All good,but i think you could just replace primo victoria with centurion 5/1. Just because primo victoria is much,much better with standard and gold apcr shells.

  • hi im' ,are autism
    hi im' ,are autism

    Missing ISU-130, Nameless and Edelweiss

  • Ilari Lapikisto
    Ilari Lapikisto

    I watched the whole thing!

  • HolySwordofLight

    I love my AMX CDA 105. its is far better than just situational. it was one of my best tanks for Frontline, the shell velocity allows it to keep its distance and make the armor work. the Camo rating is really good too. I have bond equipment on mine and it shreds in frontline and open map randoms.

  • Daniel Aleksander Jensen
    Daniel Aleksander Jensen

    The Guard is OP. It only has 0.31 accuracy, but it feels like 90% of the time the shell flies to the very centre of where you are aiming.

  • Sanivde

    HWK 30 is better than LT-432.. comes from 4000 wn8 player.. HWK is just much much more fun with higher alpha dmg, better gun depression and turret in the front.. I don't like LT-432 really... on it I'm holding 2k dmg and HWK 2.3k + I started getting better on it so could hold 2.5k no problem... I see one problem that I would agree with is that worse players might prefer LT-432 bcs of bouncy armor letting it live a little longer if you do mistakes. you ain't getting punished for it as much..

    • Sanivde

      oh wait, I watched a little bit more and I see ELC with german M41 higher xddd.......... ok m8

    • Sanivde

      the fact that QB saying it's a big chuncky tank makes me cringe :).. trust me, tank is insane and better than LT-432 if you are pretty good on the game

  • Jack Joe
    Jack Joe

    Super pershing is good tank...

  • Sam Tom
    Sam Tom

    TS-5 is defeat magnet for me, 45% so far

  • Thomas Søby
    Thomas Søby

    Great and informative video, one of the lenghty ones, but rare as is it is on this platform, I swallowed it all with out ffwd'ing :-) Thx a lot!

  • Dávid Soltész
    Dávid Soltész

    Hey, King Egbert...

  • Jon Ruger
    Jon Ruger

    Does quicky still play this game STA-2s are still awesome I see them in every game I play they have a good armor, health and gun combo

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    I would like to see QuickyBaby rank the lower tier premiums, I enjoy his take on things and well these tanks are more in line with my price point for buying tanks

  • Crystal Thomas
    Crystal Thomas

    I was out of wot for a few years got back to playing and damn is there alot of premium tanks now, when I played there were some but not this many

  • Glen Hill
    Glen Hill

    I just bought the STA-2 and it’s performing like absolute trash like you said. Wish I’d have watched this before buying.

  • Jonas Althaus
    Jonas Althaus

    *H O L I S T I C*

  • Paint in hand
    Paint in hand

    Tier ten would be a good one too...

  • Bla Blupp
    Bla Blupp

    So much knowledge condensed into 1 hour - thank you so much.

  • SB Prod.
    SB Prod.

    When I see my 2 favorite tanks in Decent Choice and Pay to Lose?? I cant agree with QB lol

  • JC_Velo

    Was jsut looking to return to WoT after being gone for 2 or so years, seems prettymuch all of my previously descent tier 8 premium tanks are now pretty bad, sad day..

    • Söldner Freak
      Söldner Freak

      not only your premium tanks, same goes for your tech tree tanks at tier 8

  • David Mah
    David Mah

    Only "Pay-to-Win" matters: @32:51 - LT-432; @36:35 - EBR 75 (FL 10); @42:00 - Progetto M35; @52:54 - BC Bourrasque; @1:00:30 - TS-5. The rest.. at your own masochistic risks

  • Timothy .P
    Timothy .P

    after how much you say the scorpion is pay to win in your videos I cant believe it didn't even make the super-competitive bracket

  • Kn0cik

    putting AMX CDC in alright and M6A2E1 in avoid was funny

  • Alex Cail
    Alex Cail

    7:57 - M6A2E1 thank you soooooo much for saying this about us founders

  • Chris Churchill
    Chris Churchill

    Was the ISU 130 mentioned? or the Tiger 131?

  • Ren Yi Project
    Ren Yi Project

    Nice review as always, but for God’s sake, get rid of that beard and hairstyle. Isn’t there some weird British law which prohibits to wear (face)hair this way? It should be...

  • Michael Blake
    Michael Blake

    I prefer the T92 over ELC 90, I f have rammed them to death many times now. I also have really good lucky with the mutant. One of the few tanks I jump to for xp because I seam to do dmg, block dmg, and assist in the 2k range for each category. That helps me with the xp daily. It amazes me how many games go way over 3k block in the mutant, think I had it up to 5k.

  • Askkutay

    i literally own 70 percent of those tanks but i couldnt get the feelings and joy that i am having with my fv 4202. for some reason i just love that tank and cant get enough of it. always remember your playstyle may vary your likes may vary dont obligate yourself to a tank that is said to be good op etc whoever those who say its good are they can be superunicums or average players whoever they are doesnt make up for YOUR decision before buying premium stuff always be sure what you like to play in the game

  • Dylan Loucaides
    Dylan Loucaides

    The amount of times a Bourasque has pushed up to me playing in my light, double tapping me from full to 0 and getting away with it is ridiculous.

  • Joseph Oberlander
    Joseph Oberlander

    The EVEN 90 ranks one slot higher, IMO, for two reasons : It is about the cheapest to run per match / makes profits when when losing, and they added it to the tech tree as a buy it for gold option a couple of patches ago. 6500 gold in the tech tree, making it astounding economy now - dirt cheap considering it also gets tech tree bonuses right before events (5800 gold or so is common). Equipment 2.0 just min/maxxes it even more. Definitely super competitive for what it costs.

  • Brendon Moore
    Brendon Moore

    Good job I came back this week and am so lost

  • Rowan Troy
    Rowan Troy

    Definitely want to see the Tier 10 tank rating video! Very useful.

  • jose vicente garcia chaques
    jose vicente garcia chaques

    Random mode in WOT = 5 min game if u win,and if u lose.Who cares that shit?

  • Darin Moore
    Darin Moore

    Please upload to bitchute as we are leaving yt as part of the purge.


    Oh my lord his beard is impeccable

    • azu

      he is starting to look like a skyrim character lol

  • JoYstiQx

    I've just come back to WOT from a good few year break. I can't seem to find some of these tanks on the store. Am I right in thinking they come and go from the store? or am I just not looking in the right place.

    • Rowan Troy
      Rowan Troy

      They come and go buddy - some are there but a lot you just see each week.

  • Funky007

    Not sure how any of the pay to win tanks are pay to win as I can’t seem to pay anywhere to get these tanks. Therefore they are not pay to win...I can’t buy them.

  • 3NC3PH4L0ND1V3

    1:08:19 Skorp G "great performer"? BWAHAHAHAHA... I disagree. This is a scam tank imo. Before WG decided to put progettos, borats, hotwheels and 279e's in the game, YES it was a great performer. But now? They even nerfed the softstats to hell ad now you have 0.29 accuracy but the gun shoots ULTRA derpy when you move your tank/turret one tiny bit. The only real thing the Skorp has going is: Great alpha, decent mobility (not really that great) and it basically prints credits. If you ignore the creditmaking its not even close at performing "great". Its not even a "good" tank anymore. Just try it out QB: Drive this tank without maxed crew, without gold ammo spam and without consumables. Non-Unicums doesnt even perform "decent" in this tank. It is an overrated piece of garbage and doesnt deserve its reputation anymore. Thank you WG for nerving a tnak i paid for in a way i dont even want to play it anymore. Puhh, that needed to get out of my system...

  • Souless Shadow
    Souless Shadow

    "It's enough to make you want to sell the tank" Yep...literally did this lmfao. I got smashed but an ELC even 90 with HE rounds and died and it literally made me sell the tank. I bought it back as soon as the timer was up but yeah lmfao EDIT: Also I'd like to say..I feel offended that you put the STA-2 in the avoid section. That's easily one of my favorite T8 mediums and with a good crew and equipment setup with the right consumables and directive you can easily clean up a game with it's crazy reload. Also the Pilot is another medium I'm really good with and some of my best games came in it haha. I guess I just do best with the tanks people look down on

  • Th3An0th3r

    AMX CDa. QB is like: Meh its good in some situations. Me after 1500 battles with it: Yeh a 60% WR is some average stuff.

  • Ivan I
    Ivan I

    I don’t know gsors gun has such bad rng for me that I want to smash my head agains the keyboard

  • Marcin Głos
    Marcin Głos

    Turtle better than Skorpion... QBaby... Really???

  • Ethan Houston
    Ethan Houston

    Yes on the tier 10s

  • Samusaran

    41:25 Actually QB the Panther 8.8 has regular MM. It sees Tier X. This was the first Prem tank that WG released that decided Prem MM will no longer be offered on any Prem Tank. They had to cut the cost of the tank because no one bought it at 50 bucks or so when it was released.

  • Rahul Bhaskaran
    Rahul Bhaskaran

    my only opinion is Skorpion, Lorr 50t and E75 TS is in a super competitive section. Rest all are fine with me. BTW Somua is missing I guess. It is also a super competitive section.

  • Shut up James
    Shut up James

    I never agreed with anybody on the AMX Cda as I think it's a great tank and my stats reflect that - unicum and higher. I find its accuracy, shell velocity, pen, mobility and even the camo to be the highlights of the vehicle without any obvious downside, except a lower hp pool. Just like AMX 30 is op at tier 9 (btw also one of my all time favs) this thing's got the same gun and mobility (the top gun) at tier 8, just without the turret and the hp. If you enjoy playing agile TDs, this tank is for you.

  • xMtF54x

    Yall gonna laugh at me but the mutant was one of my favs back when i played wot

  • flapdrol_3

    pls also do a tier X review, I have 500 battles and i'm going for the ST-II and the german arty at the same time, so can you please make a tier list. that would relly help me. to wich tanks are play to win and play to lose. thanks you very much.

    • Rowan Troy
      Rowan Troy

      Don't got for the ST-II, stick with the IS-3-II, you'll only be disappointed. German artillery is tough going, I believe the French/USA/Russian arms are much better.

  • Dollt28

    Great vid

  • Sheed Chiu
    Sheed Chiu

    no nameless :(

  • Eagles_Eye

    yep wargaming did piss me off when they sold the mutant as premium, not once.. but twice ( before i quit wot, maybe they did it more often after) it was supposed to be a beta pack kind of thing that was never gonna be sold again ( back then it was pretty good too!)

  • BadWeatherGaming

    Haha my Ripper Patton has around 65% win rate 🤣

  • Greek Parrot
    Greek Parrot

    Great video

  • Sami Lindgren
    Sami Lindgren

    Did you just say Taiwan is not a part of China? Chinese trolls incoming in 3... 2... 1...


    Is there a time stamp list for the different tiers... 'pay to win, 'super competitive', ect?

Valentino - AI MAMI
1,5 мил
243 хиљ.
Valentino - AI MAMI
1,5 мил
243 хиљ.