Rinoceronte - Tank Preview - World of Tanks
World of Tanks - Rinoceronte. A new tech tree of Italian autoreloading heavy tanks is coming in update 1.11.1 here's the crown - the Rinoceronte!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • Cinnamon Noakes
    Cinnamon Noakes

    Fictional tanks killed this game for me personally

  • FrostyLlama

    Idk if other people know this or not auto loaders on console have a different reload than they do on pc on console you have to wait for the whole clip of shells to load on pc it's just on shell wargaming please change this on console

  • chompers21

    They nerfed the gun handling in the regular game stay with the tier 9

  • Charles Robson
    Charles Robson

    I just really think it stinks that after 7 odd years of playing that those WG devs dont have enough grey matter to put these kind of stats in game and let there PAYING!!! customers make an informed decision...instead we have to go to off game web sites to get the REAL stats for in game play...........This is how communism works comrade!!???!!!... You have to go out of the country to get the real story of what's happening inside the country!!!.

  • Unbekannter Nr. 1
    Unbekannter Nr. 1

    40 minutes of don't buy this shit!

  • Wan Ikmal
    Wan Ikmal

    I think this tank needs to combine the mechanic of the inverse autoreloader like the is3a to make it good. And the autoreloader should be called "improved inverse autoreloader" to compensate for the 17 sec reload at the last shell reload Edit: Hopefully my comment gets pinned

  • Quicklysaw6

    Playing the tank now it’s easy to get 4500dmg in a game, but it does take awhile. Lord forbid I fire the last round in the clip.

  • Niht Hrafn
    Niht Hrafn

    Watching that it seems a good vehicle that will teach you to be patient and to learn to think on how to do your next move. As opposed to the rush in and die scenarios that is prevalent nowadays.

  • Zbigniew Zalesinski
    Zbigniew Zalesinski

    At current state of this game is that when wg releasing a balanced tank it is immediately not longer a valid to play as other OP tanks simply make everything else garbage. Please focus on fixing stupid RNG and 15:3 simulator games instead of adding more tanks.

  • goosejjs

    Thing is trash

  • UN Robotic
    UN Robotic

    Only 3 CREWS

  • MrJohnboy1965

    Unless the enemy is counting shots , like in the Char Futur'e , i always play like im loaded and ready , ie forward/back making them think im looking for a shot even when im empty . Also that week spot on top is hard to hit you need to be fully aimed and yer right the Rino isnt going to punish that . 🤔 Turbo giving a 2kmh increase dont think is worth it . " Race into position " With a turbo charger ? Um no . Seems to have been nerfed on the live server gg wg

  • pebe1900

    this is one of the wurst t10 heavy tank :D of wot i already have vs 20 of them and the al where just a one shot hahhahah

    • Wan Ikmal
      Wan Ikmal

      Put in the "improved inverse autoreloader" in it and it will be a beast

  • ibrahim raffai
    ibrahim raffai

    the reason why they are afraid of pushing you quickybaby is because they think that there are tand destroyers chilling in the bushes behind you thats why

  • Skott62

    Well as far as us all speaking up to WG. For years WG has demonstrated time and time again they do not care. They listen to their super testers up to a point and the top clans up to a point. Otherwise if you are not in either of those two groups they dont really care. The game is grossly unbalanced and has been for a long time now but WG really doesn't seem to care about it. The only good news about this Italian heavy line is that it didn't change the meta. Which is a good thing.

  • William Griffiths
    William Griffiths

    Thanks for Everything you do for our WOT Community QB...Please know it is Never Taken for Granted! :)

  • Bo Gu
    Bo Gu

    Thanks for the video. I would rather WG increase the reloading time of the third shell or increase the aiming time than make it the worst gun handling at tier10 if there is no room for rebalance. Gun handling is soooooo important to me.

    • Wan Ikmal
      Wan Ikmal

      Put in the "improved inverse autoreloader" in it and it will be a beast

  • Souless Shadow
    Souless Shadow

    Honestly after playing the Rinoceronte on the test server, I'll take my Kranvagn and T57 over it. I like it, I like it more than my T57 for heavy frontal engagements especially(T57 is more of a hull down heavium support which is why I run with the mediums) but the Kranvagn I would take over it any day personally. Nothing wrong with the Rino, is just prefer my high armor full on autoloaders and the Kranvagn is just hard to beat tbh

    • Wan Ikmal
      Wan Ikmal

      Put in the "improved inverse autoreloader" in it and it will be a beast

  • FighterPl Nation
    FighterPl Nation

    One thing for when you said that advanced players will have to start to learn which tanks have 40mm of deck armor. Advanced players won't play this tank.

  • R. L.
    R. L.

    Ebr Fock up the game.

  • hedger0w

    Yea, let's complain WG NOT releasing OP tanks.

    • Wan Ikmal
      Wan Ikmal

      Put in the "improved inverse autoreloader" in it and it will be a beast

  • Art intelligence
    Art intelligence

    weak head

  • BasicPokemon

    why are they making these new tanks so terrible, this tank is completely useless.

    • Wan Ikmal
      Wan Ikmal

      Put in the "improved inverse autoreloader" in it and it will be a beast

  • E Ringuette
    E Ringuette

    the fact that the tank gun handling and dpm are bad is true. But i have absolutely no problem that it have a weakspot on the top of the turret. i am tired of the impregnable hull down tank with only HE can do little damage.

  • Alen Zlikovski
    Alen Zlikovski

    I played wot from beta. I sell my acount. U think u playing a game ? Nope Rng plays it.

  • Michael

    what is the compensation mechanic?

    • Wan Ikmal
      Wan Ikmal

      @Michael the compensation mechanic will blink at the 11 or 10 second mark. It will progress from having i believe 11?% reduced reload to the 2 sec mark when the marker brightly shines and a long beep sound will appear and u will get the 50% reduced reload for the next shell

    • Michael

      @Wan Ikmal does it blink every time or x% of the time?

    • Wan Ikmal
      Wan Ikmal

      The compensation mechanic reduces the second and third shell reload. If u get the indicator to blink brightly on the 2 second mark,it has a 50% reduction for the next shell. Like the 15 sec reload becomes 8 seconds

  • TheProfcritic

    Come on dude, make a gameplay vid on the tier 9 Progetto 66 !

  • Ninja Plays Games
    Ninja Plays Games

    I wouldn't grind for it as it stands right now.

    • Wan Ikmal
      Wan Ikmal

      Put in the "improved inverse autoreloader" in it and it will be a beast

  • Melik Eren
    Melik Eren

    İts good

  • Last Boyscout
    Last Boyscout

    Its a tankdestryer

  • FanFan

    FFS, everyone complaining about broken tanks and op premiums, but when this BALANCED tier 10 tech tree tank is out, everyone complains it is shit. PS: same about Progetto 65, everyone said the nerf rekt it, i never played it before the nerf and, atm, is my best performing tier 10 (avarage dmg)... -> balanced! Previously it was OP.

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi

    The fcked up thing in autoreloaders is that they always reload the "3rd shell" as the shell in the gun breech, not as the last shell in the magazine. Ironically, you should have the ability of mixing your drum in a normal autoloader system which would make that system much more flexible 😂 And even more hilarious is, that Wargaming in their infinite eosdom decided to "balance" the vehicle by giving it a small ammo capacity

    • Wan Ikmal
      Wan Ikmal

      Put in the "improved inverse autoreloader" in it and it will be a beast

  • thorsmith59

    It's not Russian so they won't make it useful especially in competitive play! As it is it isn't worth grinding. Buff the reload and the dispersion both and maybe it will be worth it!

  • thattwistyguy

    so after watching the video, I feel like if it had slightly worse accuracy, but +200 hp and +10-15 armor on it's horn, as well as 1 second off of it's second and third shell and about 10% better overall dispersion it would look quite a bit better as a vehicle

  • Saiph

    Just imagine any other decent tank in the same scenario

  • StronkiVods

    Seems like it might have to be played a bit like a TD.

  • Kerem kerem
    Kerem kerem


  • Juan Zulu
    Juan Zulu

    Better a new tank is UP than OP.

  • Thezaret

    am i the only person that cringes everytime he says big weekspot, well i am gonna go play my liberte.

  • Christopher Stewart
    Christopher Stewart

    there is no cheese in my fridge

  • Poly Liker
    Poly Liker

    Weakpoint on gun = aim->shoot->miss->aim up a bit->wait 4 or 15 seconds->hope they're stupid enough to waste their shot->repeat

  • WillWoll

    Would be awesome if it had another gun option, maybe something statistically similar to an is7 gun that makes your gun depression 1 or 2 degrees e worse.

  • VA Crawlers
    VA Crawlers

    The direction this game is going to be in in two years: Hi everyone this is Quickybaby and today we will be taking a look at the m1a2 Abrams in wot, and see how it stacks up against the t14 Armata.

  • LPL 20
    LPL 20

    Fun fact, on world of tanks blitz the kranvagn is an auto-reloader and even though it has 1900dpm, its one of the best performing tier 10 heavies in the game

  • ニアアジアのゲーム部屋Near_Asia_Gaming


  • endre1989

    This tank will be just like the ST-II. Huuuuge expectations, with a huge letdown. I was so excited to get the ST-II, and now I can't even remember when I played with it. It's so bad it's not even funny. After few months this tank will be forgotten, just like the ST-II.

    • Wan Ikmal
      Wan Ikmal

      Put in the "improved inverse autoreloader" in it and it will be a beast

  • Bob Bensch
    Bob Bensch

    To me, this looks like an EXTREMELY UNDERPOWER heavy tank. I think they need to buff it in all the areas that you talked about at the end of your video whether it's a med or a heavy, I think they should buff all that stuff.

  • Eric Wiedenhoft
    Eric Wiedenhoft

    I'm actually happy to see a new tank that isn't OP. This may be WG trying to reduce power creep.

  • Edwin Vermeulen
    Edwin Vermeulen

    Quickybaby's wish list a autoreloading bourasque heavy tank at T10 ;)

  • Safety Doggo
    Safety Doggo

    thank god he explained how the italian auto reloaders work again

  • Christophe Regnier
    Christophe Regnier

    i played this tank like 15 times, and the dpm is the real turn down for me, this new improved reloading system is a good thing, but man does it really help you when u have spgs long reload time like xD They have to pump it up a little bit in the test server so we can really see what this tank could deal with a better dpm.

  • Der Failer
    Der Failer

    omg i dont understand that everyone wants to have 500m viewrange... its not neccesary at all in a heavy because you have to fight in a team and fight other heavys most of the time. the maps are not even made for spotting this far with that many corridors fuck that coated optic and commander has to have viewrangeskills... welcome to the new world of tanks where everyone needs to improve and try new things. please less whining! its terrible!

  • DarkFizo

    Imo it look quite well balanced. Though in unusual way of playing for HT - keeping your distance for most of game. Quite often you say you don't want falt OP tanks but then you start complaining "it lack this, lack that". OP tanks are bad. [New tank name] have weakneses. WG you might want to adress it. Contradiction opionions. Personaly i dont want to see all new tanks being godlike burst monsters. This one simply might be only for experienced players. Weak in hands of sunday player, good in hand of veteran.

  • Lancelot2000Lps

    A Real stinker at t10 i would as it not even play the italian heavy!!! Come on wargaming what have you done?

  • _____ V_____
    _____ V_____

    It ain't too bad. Treat it as a support heavy and go for a burst. Most T8 can be deleted in a single clip. Go careful. The longer the game lasts the more dangerous you get!

  • ShadowDark

    La gente de WG se levanta todos los días con la misma premisa, Como podemos arruinar aún más el juego.............

  • Jeremy Zabel
    Jeremy Zabel

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: we got the Emil II and Kranvagn as autoreloading heavies in WoT Blitz, and while they have worst-in-class dpm, they end up being best-in-class damage dealers, simply by virtue of the flexibility of the autoreloader. Perhaps the Rinoceronte needs a slight buff to its dpm, but especially with that meaty 490 alpha, I think it'll do quite well as is.

  • Flluuxy

    watch wg nerf kranvagn

  • ms

    Video starts at 23:32

  • hristiqn G
    hristiqn G

    I know a very interesting mechanic for the Italian tanks! When losing switch your team.

  • 1000hracek

    When I saw the real accuracy hp armor dpm . Why would anyone use this tank anywhere ? It needs big hp buff or accuracy buff or lets say to make it unique massive penetration buff ...

  • Stewart Kelly
    Stewart Kelly

    Another effing autoloader to make life hard for the LT's... thanks for nothing as usual WG .

  • cristian cucu
    cristian cucu

    man until you are not play this tanc you wont learn how to play it

  • Ioseph Stalin
    Ioseph Stalin

    in summary of QB's wording, "alright situational"

  • Siltstrider

    I predict Skill4ltu renaming this thing the restaurant.

    • Hrvat Boz
      Hrvat Boz

      I predict he will call it the rhinocershitter

  • Julian Moore
    Julian Moore

    I dont like the statistics, but I feel like i can make this thing work later in the meta. Probably like a heavy medium.

  • KoriYuhBoi

    They need to buff the T69 it's no longer adequate to compete with the new tanks in the game.

  • M_Swizzy22

    This tank will have pathetically low MoE requirement for the 1st mark, but for the 2nd and 3rd it will be very hard to get, that’s what I think anyway... there will be the handful that will be flexing it with like 4k average damage, others will struggle for I’d say even 2,5k

  • Ariliquin Ariliquin
    Ariliquin Ariliquin

    This should have been tier 9 reward tank for Front line, it makes no sense in the tree its in, crew numbers stats etc

  • Grant Percival
    Grant Percival

    I would change the the damage to 420 and add a shell. You would have have more clip potential of 1680 but keep the interclip reload the same. The last shell to load in the clip would be about 12 seconds giving it a rough dpm of 2100, and it only get worse from there. It's similar to the Progetto 65 but a little more punchy. Just my thoughts, It would be the clip potential monster but not as burst-y as a T57 so opponents have time to respond and you have some flexibility in the tank to not just get over run. Or in contrast increase the damage to 560 and keep the shell count while reducing the reload time slightly.

  • Gábor Kondor
    Gábor Kondor

    I have been saving free xp and blueprints for this line, also decided I would use Chuck Norris in this, but it feels like a waste of time and resources now...

  • Eloy

    42 minutes for a preview? Really pfff How long will the full review be... Beginning is useful info. So thnx anyway

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      If nothing gets chanced then there's no reason for a review. If one thing gets changed then that can be addressed.

  • Cripplerzeist

    I was so excited for this ... but.. ugh...

  • hater splater
    hater splater

    Wot is broken

  • Polaris RSI
    Polaris RSI

    when this tank is on the ridge line, not only it's gonna make its opponent feels disgusting, but also to its player himself.

  • Marius

    regarding the weakpoints. i think this tank is really well designed, its just that it is outclassed by other poorlydesigned tanks. Frontally on a ridgeline you have excellent armor with 1 weakpoint showing and angeling makes some of the armor useable, its the rest of the tank (and other tanks, without weaknesses ) that are "bad"

  • Rudi Angi
    Rudi Angi

    This is not a heavy nor a medium, the inbetween you mentioned is called MBT

  • johny cash
    johny cash

    Not easy playing not op tanks,right...crybaby?

    • Doctor Gorgomel
      Doctor Gorgomel

      @johny cash on that, we agree at least :)

    • johny cash
      johny cash

      @Doctor Gorgomel Kellermann its a disturbed person lucky to have some followers on his channel...i watched a couple of his videos and it was just wasted time for me

    • Doctor Gorgomel
      Doctor Gorgomel

      If this is too much crying for you, I hope you never watch a Claus Kellerman video. You may burst a vessel

  • johny cash
    johny cash

    If you cry more they will make every autoreloader some dpm monster,like is3-a,the u can start crying again

  • johny cash
    johny cash

    This guy,Quickybaby,sounds more and more like a crybaby...always wants that the new tanks were better then other tanks but then complayning that they are OP...what do you want,crybaby....i still remember you saying that wheeled vehicles are a good ideea,that they bring some so much needed change in the game...and now they ruined the game for everybody,beside you...right?

  • Jimmy Clarkson
    Jimmy Clarkson

    I'd like to take a moment to just point out how epic that gun sound is. i know its an irrelevant piece of info but cmon, that deep *thunk* when it fires coupled with the auto reloader whistle is so good

  • Yachting 80
    Yachting 80

    In needs buff before come in game.

  • Anze Likozar
    Anze Likozar

    You have been reloading for first 5 minutes all the time.🤣

  • Aljet

    Rinoceronte HE only video when?

  • Amit Vairagade
    Amit Vairagade

    everything can change its a preview but ends up making 42 min video 🤣🤦‍♂️

  • ott rakkaselg
    ott rakkaselg

    weakpoint is not an issue. it is a must, that has become more and more rare. and this weakpoint is rather small, it will not be too easy to hit it.

  • Alexandre SPENGOS
    Alexandre SPENGOS

    Wtf is this trash ????? And wait wtf it doesn't even have the same crew as the Business why wg just why are you crushing all of our dreams

  • marius stan
    marius stan

    Hello gentlemen, my name is Marius (maryostarcom) in the game, I am sorry to announce that my account was broken and they sold all the tanks and spent all the credits, the clan where I played could not help me too much and I beg you with all my heart to help me with what I can !!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!!

  • Zerbus gameZ
    Zerbus gameZ

    i have to be honest i wouldn't care that it has low dpm cause IF it would still have strenghts like improved autoloader or better gun, decent speed, it still has a turret that will be paper as soon as somebody presses 2 and it is balanced in the current meta, but why make everything bad i want to play that tank :(

  • InnosGesandter

    33:38 Well, Sir, there was no way to wait for the third shell, but you have spoken ;)

  • Vladimir Braveboy
    Vladimir Braveboy

    I think the T9 tank is much better tier fo tier.

  • Prince Harambe
    Prince Harambe

    Long reload time, paper armor so it's crap. Hype about this HT will fade away in 3 weeks ...

  • Stark Raven
    Stark Raven

    Still looks like something Wargaming dreamed up and never made it to a formal Italian armor design group.

  • John Doran
    John Doran

    How can the Progetto be such a beast and this be such a turd? Med bias?

  • CIOC

    Another usles line. Beter nerf EBR and improwe aim sistem and MM.

  • Rotta

    I actually really like this Tank it has a very good turret that is not inpenetrable it has a maybe a bit to inaccurate gun but it has low dpm which is a good thing imagine this thing going full ham having three 490 alpha shoots without a draw back. Most people are angry at this tank for not being stupidly overpowered but if it has something like a 2500 dpm and no weak spot everyone would be angry that it's to op. This is just a problem of this games community. And then QB acting like this tank should be able to hold back a push of 5 people on his own is also kinda stupid in my opinion no tank should have that kind of influence on a battle. The only thing they should buff is like I said the soft stats of the gun but not make it the snapshot God! And yea the Health is to low

  • Hat Man
    Hat Man

    Welp, now I'm glad my discounts are going towards the medium line.

  • Almir bigBoSs
    Almir bigBoSs

    Tank is shit

  • David Larson
    David Larson

    Sounds like another tank I'll nuke with 420 of hate

  • Sardonic Spartan
    Sardonic Spartan

    Hey Quicky, I would really like to see you cover Blitz,