STARTING 2021 OFF RIGHT in World of Tanks!
World of Tanks - ST-II. Today I'm going to start 2021 off right with an awesome game in my new double barrel heavy the ST-II!
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QuickyBaby's FAQ


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • Birki gts
    Birki gts

    The only premium consumable i use is the automatic fire extinguisher. Since they throw that one at you for free all the time and you only use it once every handful of games.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    All of those 8+ tier on bought tanks with bought shells bought upgrades are cancer of this game. Thank you..... says 6yrs engaged wot Player.... not a single €£¥ spend on It. And today i pulled 14 out of 17 games wins... Battles. :) Rest of you please go to general chat eu ( cry room ) zerim and itamtum are expecting you... Thank you :) glhf

  • The legendary Cat
    The legendary Cat

    Actually, you can max roll for 1100

  • Christian Kroemer
    Christian Kroemer

    Personally, I have always used small repair kits and med kits. Now, I have just collected so many large repair kits and med kits, it is actually cheaper for me to use the premium consumables.

  • Satyr Angel
    Satyr Angel

    YOU LOOK OLD , you need to shave ,you look homeless

  • Deathlok

    this game has nothing to offer, it's pure garbage, no balance and the players just camp all the time. I have more fun watching paint dry than playing this crap. Warzone is a much better fps than this, even WoT blitz at this point is better than the original. Fukin sad!

  • Kamil Szymczak
    Kamil Szymczak

    Have you also thought about "too little, too late, and a HEAT round into his lower plate" when he was talking about the Maus in the end

  • TokeTooMuch 420
    TokeTooMuch 420

    Sadly this game is completely shit on consoles now, good to see its still tolerable on PC.

  • Brendon Moore
    Brendon Moore

    I just recovered my account after years, what are the best tanks atm? I’m soo lost

  • Cameron Foust
    Cameron Foust

    This is the way 🙌🏼

  • ronzkie smile
    ronzkie smile

    cool to watch your play idol.. i play also this game to my laptop dell i3


    I use small kits on every tank and automatic fire extinguisher only on tier 10 even tho I have more than 20 million credits (I actually sell the big kits).

  • the LightBringer
    the LightBringer

    about the big consumables and stuff.. i actually use small repair big repair and small med in all my tanks i have not bought a single big repair or big med and have like 400 of each, from missions, boxes in holyday ops, and almost every other event

  • B JH
    B JH

    off right means what in english?

  • Roster Maan
    Roster Maan

    hey Leute falls jemand von euch noch einen Clan sucht seid ihr bei uns herzlich willkommen. meldet euch einfach bei mir: Roster81 liebe grüße von den Piff-Paff-Panzer Berlin [PPP-B]

  • Natasha Connery
    Natasha Connery

    Will they bring double barrels to console

  • Andreas Johansson
    Andreas Johansson

    But you are missing the point the large kits also gives passive bonuses ! you never metion that!


    Who do I contact to complain about the artie mechanics..terrible now,after the updates cant hardly hit anything

  • Terje-Andre Riis
    Terje-Andre Riis


  • Guardian Drake
    Guardian Drake

    I'd like to hear your opinion on LFG coming to World of Tanks. As also a World of Warcraft player, you must have seen what devastateing effect LFG had on guilds and raiding in WoW. Do you think the same thing will happen in WoT as well?

  • Leo Law
    Leo Law

    how do you plat the tier 9 WT auf Pz bad ping like 300ms but i love this game

  • Skott62

    I have always had a Premium account and pretty much only use the small consumables. In the beginning I couldn't afford the large consumables and had to make do with the small consumables instead. Over the years I just got used to using small consumables and have stuck with them as the norm. There have been times when I have had multiple dead crew but in most cases its just one at a time. My basic set up has always been small fire extinguisher in the #4 slot. Small repair kit in the #5 slot and small first aid in the #6 slot. With the Italian tanks I been dropping the fire extinguisher and using spagetti instead for that extra crew boost but keeping the small repair kit and the small first aid kit.

  • Lowie De wind
    Lowie De wind

    Its quicktbaby again in his toptier gameplay against paid actors

  • alex digital
    alex digital

    omg how i hate player trying to control other gameplay

  • wun1gee

    1100 potential alpha on this thing is outrageous. These double-barreled tanks are stupid. The game did not need made-up Harkonnen siege tanks.

  • Flavia Pitariu
    Flavia Pitariu

    I use mostly large consumables as I can generate plenty of credits when I feel like it. I sadly don't buy them at discount as I'm not addicted enough to this game to play regularly. I play sparsely. I tend to only use food though on tanks that can't use rammers or really benefit from them like long reload tanks, deathstar

  • Grant Lewis
    Grant Lewis

    I’m f2p and I usually use small consumables

  • fore54k3n

    At the end with the double shot I’ve always thought that’s where that tank would be super helpful. I’ve been that tank that got shot by other tanks some over confident have bounced which allowed me to do damage and eventually win the engagement. If they took their time sure they would have done damage but as you can see in those moments taking your time and having a double shot do the damage. You mitigate the possibilities for RNG shenanigans.

  • Tolakos Green Love
    Tolakos Green Love

    It's not only about "clicking once and fixing everything", it's also about having extra module and crew protection with those big consumables QB.

  • Martin Nassimi
    Martin Nassimi

    The premium fire exstinguisher is in my opinion really unnesecarry... i mean how often do you get set on fire, and how often do you not realise that you were set on fire? Sure it can save a hundred hp once every 50 battles, but thats not worth the credit costs in my opinion...

  • wot #1fan
    wot #1fan

    Love how QB told everyone to stack rotation and vert stabs to help gun handling witch i even did on bisonte is wrong. Rotation does not help gun handling. Its a mistake np just admit it so people know.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Well, people knew back in august that rotation device doesn't help gun handling at all and told him about it. But nah, he doesn't want to admit that mistake and still tells people to stack rotation mechanics for gun handling and not for rotation.


    i have never ever used the premium consumables since i started play WOT in sept 2018...Its a rip off

  • Tomáš Mráček
    Tomáš Mráček

    Hi QuickyBaby I use premium consumables on T10 tanks mostly, because I have a lot on stock from missions.Btw you did mentioned in some previous vids you play TDs with supercharger. Can you upload a game wih Chines T9-10 TD? Best regards

  • Silver Marksman
    Silver Marksman

    I default to non-premium consumables but if I am playing a tank that seems to take multiple crew deaths or modules damaged more often then usual, like I was in my CS 53, I would switch to premium consumables

  • Shane Lawrence
    Shane Lawrence

    I’ve always used small consumables lol. Very rarely do I use big ones other than my su 122 44 or my wt auf pz 4 to maximize my dpm

  • London Underground
    London Underground

    Ahh yes the new Russian heavy with superb armor, medium speed, Russian snapshot and now folks for a limited time deal get two barrels and outperform a td. Yes ladies and gents 3 tanks in one, laugh as everyone bounces off your armor, commiserate your fellows in td's as you out damage their pathetic performance, wave at the mediums as you speed past them. Then as you cross open terrain with a devil-may-care attitude enjoy a cup of coffee safe in the knowledge that you simply don't give a flying fuck!

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Are you talking about this pos?

  • K2020

    Hello Quickybaby, i am 56, playing wot since 2012, about 15.000 battles. Being old, i am playing most of the time a premium Arty 105 leFH18B2, about 5.000 battles, slow, only few shots, need time in between, than tired like an old man in real life..but having fun anyway. Like in real life. And yes i have a premium account on top of that. Why ? I don' t give a shit reducing my pleasure, knowing i have maximum 10 to 15 years where i will be able to play. I want it all and now.. another reason to have a premium account, premium ammo , etc.....or am i wrong ?

  • Tsanko Petkov
    Tsanko Petkov

    Manipulative MM and RNG! This is WOT. First: Nobody uses gold! Second: T95 uses HE no reason! Third: 3500 stopped by armor with this tank is impossible in the real gameplay of people who do not pay! Now the children who watch and read this comment will say, he does not pay in this account ... Yes, he does not pay but WG watches and you watch it and from this follows a great advertisement of the game. Just imagine this person losing like the other 15-0 constantly or having a series of losses every day hahaha.


    Quicky baby come to bar barbados

  • Killertruth186

    The main issue about global map, is on getting the components and be able to make a premium vehicle. And another would be trying to get a premium vehicle that the game think that you have owned it despite rented it beforehand.

  • Symulatory i nie tylko
    Symulatory i nie tylko

    I unlock ST-II couple days ago, but don't know to buy him, cuz IS-3-II is great for me

  • Wosanda Keween Jayaweera
    Wosanda Keween Jayaweera

    9:52 Why does the tank look like wall-e lol.

  • Handcannonboi7776


  • Linerunner99

    I use premiums on all my tanks, but only for the passive benefits. I avoid actively using them.

  • silver hoop
    silver hoop

    this game sell only air,but kids pay them terrible.fucking wg and rng control this game.if you are must lose,you are lose and dont see enemy tanks

  • silver hoop
    silver hoop

    biggest unfair trash game

  • Jason Forden
    Jason Forden

    Lately, I've been funding my account by selling all the premium consumables which I don't use. Allowed me to pick up several new tanks during Holiday Ops.

  • Jason Forden
    Jason Forden

    I also got the ST-II during the Holiday Ops. I have not been enjoying it at all. The KV-3 was a monster when it was fully upgraded, and now I have this pin cushion ST-II. I don't know if its the size of the ST-II or the stock-ness of it, but I'm really struggling to get it to work for me. Thanks for the vid.

  • Fizzy

    IS 2-II and this tank double shot just gives me the heebie jeebies

  • mavisha clean
    mavisha clean

    i do mando fans...

  • vincent harrietha
    vincent harrietha

    you spoke of doing a video highlighting those tier9 tanks that are better tier for tier then there tier 10 counterparts... ??????

  • Axe Meagain
    Axe Meagain

    I equip the large consumables on every tank... i simply opt not to use them on the lower tiers and in most cases... i enjoy the buffs that come with them and do not have to pay to replace them unless i actually use one in battle.

  • Shark Dark
    Shark Dark

    I've started right 2021, first game of the year, first Ace with the Object 430 Then karma has strike : two days in a row with 33 and 40% WR, well that was fun...

  • Flojoair Flojoair
    Flojoair Flojoair

    i use the prem stuff cos it also giffing a bonus if not used

  • Henrik Celion
    Henrik Celion

    I agree with your conclusion, with one exception. I would NEVER recommend someone to use manual fire extinguisher. With automatic, you also get 10% fire protection. But most important, you'll only consume it in case you take fire, which is not that often. I use automatic on all my tanks (besides the ones where I use food instead), and I have never ever ran out of them so I had to buy more. I get plenty from just playing the games from rewards, missions etc. So again, never use the manual one. This is a cheap noob misstake. As a free to play player - make sure to sell all your manual fire extinguisher if you need some extra credit.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      @Dominik Schmitz _" It does what it says, you get set on fire 10% less often"_ Except you don't. You have two ways of getting set on fire. Either by getting hit in the engine or getting your fuel tanks destroyed. Most of the time you get set on fire from your fuel tanks so AFE doesn't have any effect on that. Secondly, -10% chance to engine fire is barely noticeable, considering that the worst engines have 20% change to get set on fire when hit. AUE reduces that to 18% (10% of 20% is 2%). So whenever you get hit in the engine it's (at best or at worst however you want to look at it) 2% less change to get set on fire. That's it.

    • Dominik Schmitz
      Dominik Schmitz

      @VioletStatPedder - And how is that useless? It does what it says, you get set on fire 10% less often

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      The +10% engine fire protection is totally useless. Most of the time you get set on fire from fuel tanks and not from engine fire. And even at best (worst engines) the chance to get an engine fire is 20% so 10% off of that makes it 18% chance to get an engine fire.

  • Sardonic Spartan
    Sardonic Spartan

    I'll come back to PC when they give me credit for all the money I've invested into Blitz. Allow me to have my premium tanks on PC. Think of all of the cross over players they could get if they had at least some system in place. Players that would go on to play longer and spend more money.

  • Alessandro Giardi
    Alessandro Giardi

    Houston we have a problem: ST 2 is Op

  • Salman Tamboli
    Salman Tamboli

    Please play T54MOD1 QB! 🥺

  • Defiant76

    You always make that German tank's name sound like 'moisten'

  • Ivan Janković
    Ivan Janković

    I only us ap and im free to play

  • Eureka

    GOD I LOVE YOU. Just got the Tank and thought: fuck... its bs. But you really showed me something!

  • Nejc Logar
    Nejc Logar

    My best game in 2020 was with O-Ho derp gun 7k dmg and 8 kills. I did so much one shots and i was playing in tier 9 battle.

  • Steffen T.
    Steffen T.

    This tank needs a hull armor buff. The rest is decent.

  • 22nd account Due to censorship
    22nd account Due to censorship

    T10 with the highest alpha heavy of 850. 152k at t8 with 750 alpha only in lootboxes

  • 22nd account Due to censorship
    22nd account Due to censorship

    2 shot autoloader with worse stats cuz why not.

    • 22nd account Due to censorship
      22nd account Due to censorship

      Aka, shitty tank

  • Gary Choi
    Gary Choi

    Daily baby! No doubt with that one!

  • Niklas Hermansen
    Niklas Hermansen

    Does firing double register as two hits or one? I mean, is it possible to "1 shot" ammorack tanks with a double critical hit?

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Yes, you can bounce one shot and hit the other and so on.

  • Wolf Mauler
    Wolf Mauler

    Happy New Year! Hopefully I can get into this on pc this year. I know what you all think of console games, but WOT console was all I had access to and so just never switched after 6 years. However, WG NA have introduced update 6.0, which is not an a update, so much as a completely different game. Crew skills are now generic and have a cap of 9; if you had 17, 18 skills you're SOL. Looks like pc remains the game I fell in love with. See you all soon!

  • andy h
    andy h

    I use premium consumables only situationally as I’m free to play mainly I buy a set of loot boxes at Christmas as normally I can only average about an hour a day would be interesting if you could do a video on moving crews on your free to play as when I move up the tiers I very rarely get to start with 100% crew as done spend the gold

  • Cernotlapka

    Hey QB, I'm not playing for a while, but when they introduce reusable consumables they stated, that you pay them only once, even if you use them several times in course of one battle.

  • Christian Orsingher
    Christian Orsingher

    hey, what about doing a "2020 best moments"? It would be arrageous😨

  • sadsad as
    sadsad as

    Idk about you, but i started my year left

  • Gibus

    star wars fan :D +respect

  • moi

    I was hyped whatching this on stream

  • Shanenon Wolfe
    Shanenon Wolfe

    And also the new decade has technically now started this new year because you don't count groups of ten starting with 0 do you?

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Yeah, this is the first year of the new decade.

  • mcdoink123

    Always loved your vid about playing World of Tanks as cheaply as possible. It saved me hundreds of thousands of credits as a free to play player.

  • Batu Bölükemini
    Batu Bölükemini

    Benim gibi izleyen Türk biri varsa 5.30 da chat e bakın centurion kaynıyo takıma

  • Bradley Lombardi
    Bradley Lombardi

    can you do a free to play guide like tank to get one to use tofarm

  • Dan Spillard
    Dan Spillard

    Content creator sigma, nice benefit

  • Агага Агагакиевич
    Агага Агагакиевич

    I congratulate you on the new year, good health and good victories from Russia!!! By the way, a double-barreled shotgun on a Russian server is unpopular in general!))

  • chris ains
    chris ains

    It's almost like the enemy are paid actors. I wish they was like that for me. Most games the enemy play like they are a clan.

  • Bradley Lombardi
    Bradley Lombardi

    did you play your tiers from t1 when your started the play for free


    Yeah this chrismast event thi g helped alot I unlocked several new tech trees i didnt have now iam getting the double barreled tanks currently

  • Arphila

    QB you recently talked about credits and gold losing their value as well as the economy of WoT. I still believe that if you have an account that's old enough and or you maybe spend some money here and there and you have a good handful of premium tanks you can easily rack in millions of credits, especially when big events like Christmas come around. Honestly it makes spending 20,000 silver on those large consumables as well even the food just a drop in the ocean. Also lets not forget about credit boosters, seriously if you can average 150,000-200,000+ credits for a decent/good game than it's super easy to spend those extra credits without ever feeling like you're wasting credits.

  • Jacob Ivy
    Jacob Ivy

    I only use premium consumables and equipment on my premiums I really like and my tier 10s, except tech tree arty. But CoV-19 quarantine + holiday opps + premium time from lite boxes = a wonderful time. I ground from tier 6 to tier 9 on the British heavy line, tier 6 to 8 in American arty, tier 6 to tier 8 in British mediums, tier 5 to tier 8 in the American medium line, tier 4 to tier 8 in Russian ISU-152 like, and a few other lines plus earned a ton of bonds. I’m just glad I always give myself a 15,000,000 credit buffer, or I wouldn’t have been able to afford the grinds.

  • ProfessorDuki

    I got this tank around Christmas and I can say it's one of my favourite tier X tanks, and probably best tank in my garage by statistics :)

  • joe Cool
    joe Cool

    They didn't push the UDES because this little bugger can take you out without beiing spoted.

  • joe Cool
    joe Cool

    Ohhh shutup with the Mandalorian...i don't have Disney+ and due the Lockdown lowmoneything i can't efford it. So no Mandalorian for us. Only the Pilot.😥

  • social3ngin33rin

    This tank has it all: armor meta russian bias powercreep The tier 8 prem is even better; it's a mobile armored turreted Jg100, but better because of the tier and vehicle performance.

  • Holden 308
    Holden 308

    👍. Been running the 703 2. Man is that a trolling tank! The gun hits and pens when it wants, armour is weak. The claimed 3 sec twin shoot is more like 5 seconds, and good luck hitting with the twin shot.

  • Shady Slimm
    Shady Slimm

    QB one advice if u want to maximize ur dpm , fire one shot, after 5 s fire one more , and then every 10 seconds fire again , instead of fireing 6 shots , u will get 6.5 shot and that will be almost 3k dpm

  • Tony H
    Tony H

    Should have platooned with the other 2 guys for a crucial contribution medal as a cherry on top- You were the only 3 left and you had 11 kills between you, so the medal would have been yours regardless of who got the last kill. C'est la vie. :)

  • Prince Harambe
    Prince Harambe

    QB Doesn't have 3 mark on his tier X tanks

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Except on 12 of his T10 tanks.

  • Michael Wittman
    Michael Wittman

    QB the content is awesome as usual! I noticed that you haven't done a stream set-up video since you're computer build a few years ago. Would you make one for us so we can see what the new upgrades are and you're streaming equipment is? I'd love to start streaming but all the vids I've watched have given me big $$$$ set-ups. Cheers and Happy 2021 sir!

  • Pruthviraj Rathod
    Pruthviraj Rathod

    Please tell me your name in wot

  • Kadek Wira
    Kadek Wira

    QB talking about Premium Consumable discount Me who ALWAYS use normal consumable : "interesting"

  • steelepls

    QB I use the premium consumables because I get so many as rewards and rarely have to pay for them. Nice job as usual. Take care and God bless.

  • kmoecub

    If you reallywant to start 2021 off right you''ll apologise to Skill4tu for your bullsht message about working together.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      What message?

  • RG 19
    RG 19

    When the Italian heavy tank is released, make the gameplay of it :D

  • Isaac Barrett
    Isaac Barrett

    We got that tier 4 german TD. It's a money maker. You should try it out. Coated optics, binoculars and camo net. Do a review

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