THE DREAM GAME in World of Tanks!
Today I'm going to have a game that goes so well in World of Tanks I must be dreaming!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • Lord Ganimer
    Lord Ganimer

    I remember one game in the ISU 152K where i hit all the shots that I took, even those that weren't fully aimed or over a pretty long distance. It wasn't a crazy high damage game, only about 4800 damage caused or so, but it just felt sooo good to hit every single 750 alpha damage shot with that troll gun.

  • Tuareg Akavir
    Tuareg Akavir

    this game is a rigged crap. the more you pay into your account for whatever reason (like buying prem time, consumables, crew training, prem tanks etc.) the better soft stats (higher penetration rolls, lower deviation roll, better spotting) you get and also better teams, if you dont pay, it goes the opposite way, you will have harder battles with worse teams, your shots will go more to the edge of the aimcircle, you will have lower pen rolls... all this just to make you frustrated until you start paying

  • Robert D.
    Robert D.

    you forgot that enemy is always looking on other side

  • Bob Raoul
    Bob Raoul

    Could you show which equipments you're using ? Obviously no cammo net, no binoculars, Vents are on, off course, what else ?

  • Lazar Nikolić
    Lazar Nikolić

    Wasn't there one medal if u kill someone while on fire or something like that?

  • vinh tran
    vinh tran

    How do I get eight bullets in the magazine ???

  • Adamson !
    Adamson !

    haha I got fadins medal in my russian arty when i was 1v3 :D it was intense battle

  • codx xx
    codx xx

    real sharp- not wot, you are... good focus like NZT USAGE :D

  • Şeyhmus gülen
    Şeyhmus gülen

    Premium Shells?! Don't even want to imagine that in Warthunder...

  • Vincent Sluga
    Vincent Sluga

    kemp bush

  • HappyGnom

    "THE DREAM GAME" not really it still has 1 spg in it

  • DonQuixote

    You can i get this tank

  • Oostewald Van Graan
    Oostewald Van Graan

    I'd like to know what equipment to use on my B-C 25 t with this new equipment I have Vents, Coated Optics and Vertical Stabz what do you recommend?

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge

    The only thing that matters in world of tank is what team the matchmaker puts you on. And if you decide not to spend money on the game, good luck. You better get use to getting stuck with player that done have a clue how to play. I mean absolutely worthless players. Since I quit shoveling money at the game I NEVER have more wins than losses. Just now 6 games and 2 wins. Id have more fun in here bashing this POS game.

  • wot boy
    wot boy

    Make for T110E4

  • South WestSellerss
    South WestSellerss

    I sent you on Christmas Eve a request to be unbanned on twitch but you have no Christmas spirit 😞😡

  • HouseOfHam

    My best game was a couple weeks ago. Got 8 kills playing MT-25 (tier VI Soviet light) in an Encounter battle on Redshire. Got Radley-Walters, De Langlade's, top gun, and high caliber. 1361 exp (more than enough for M) and 2358 damage. Oh, and I got Fadin's a couple days ago playing arty. One of very few times the game lasted long enough where I used all of my ammo on G.W. Tiger.

  • Yamato

    Just wondering, have you ever tried World of Tanks blitz?

  • DoDmeetDeath

    Hey @Quickybaby , did you had a booster running or did you got extra rewards for a mission? Because, without some extra reward which did not got shown at the end, you had made a loss. How would you even be able, with a reward of 82'000 credits, but resupply costs of about 96'000 credits, to make a profit of 27'000 credits?

  • TD Johnny
    TD Johnny

    i don't know if you read this comment but anyway ... greatest thanks for you mr.Quickybaby, working and living in China i have only RSloft as an opportunity to have a look on the game i like so much (yes, i have VPN but the internet connection is so horrible that i cannot even play on russian servers and to start again from the very zero point on chinese cluster ... well, no, not that strong). you're the guy who makes my life better, thank you. really, greatest thanks for making me happier a bit. best wishes, stay healthy, drink hot water, you're the best

  • Amzar Nacht
    Amzar Nacht

    8:26 - You need to show which 'mission' you completed for the extra 50k, because 82 - 91 - 5 = -14

  • Ken B
    Ken B

    I wish we all had the MM you do. We could pray to be is good as you.

  • cristian cucu
    cristian cucu

    m44 arty 8 kills and not stolen when i actualy got it hi hi hi

  • welcome2thejungle

    u should relly make a vid on wot blitz quickybaby .like if u agree

  • Henry's Music And games
    Henry's Music And games

    Hey I got a underrated derp tank Ike 103 is op most of the time 1 shot kill it t5 Swedish tank destroyer

  • slayingdemon

    my best game was in my type 4 heavy before they messed with the derp gun, i had 9 kills 19kish dmg 22kish blocked dmg 4kish assist dmg, and we won the game, wish i still had the replay of it :(

  • 22nd account Due to censorship
    22nd account Due to censorship

    Would you fooken do something? It's been over 3 days of no content dude

  • MrChilly2468

    Death by 1000 paper cuts

  • Ren Zo
    Ren Zo

    Hi if u could help me how do I earn the event coins I think it was called ox coins i have 14 already idk how to earn and use it if u can pls tell me it would be helpful

  • drakojan77

    Hey quicky why you not in team clash?

  • Baizuo Lives Matter 'not'
    Baizuo Lives Matter 'not'

    p2w tank, one of the reasons I stopped playing.

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B

    War thunder is so much better

  • Thiemo Kellner
    Thiemo Kellner

    WG seems barking mad. 82k earned, 4k spent for repair, 91k spent for ammo make a plus of 28k. As transparent as their award key for experience.

  • sathish vasavan
    sathish vasavan

    To get clipped by this mosquito tank is one of the most humiliating experiences in WoT.

  • Joshua Shin
    Joshua Shin

    Everyone: literally QuickyBaby: nOn-FigUraTiVeLy

    • El Ciervo
      El Ciervo

      TBF "literally" has lost its original meaning by now.

  • Sha

    Do T49

  • Timothy Tan
    Timothy Tan

    mr.quickbaby how do i send to ypu replays

  • Ginger Bread
    Ginger Bread

    Wargaming = selling victories to the bad one;) $$$ Keep the abuse till your wifes gets fat.... clowns

  • eBell05

    @QuickyBaby any chance you'll post post past tech tree showcases? Especially great ones like the JP E100 from November?

  • EVO WoT Replays
    EVO WoT Replays


  • Joe de la Hiti
    Joe de la Hiti

    Quicky's handle on the asian server is Ho-Lee Kau

  • SuperZeke3

    why not in team clash this year?

  • Michael

    Interesting, when you have a machine gun, it is easy and common to light tanks on fire.

  • Dirk te Brake
    Dirk te Brake

    I thought I had a banger doing 3.4k damage in my stock bc12t

  • Bruckoosk

    @QuickyBaby your why do i lose all the time video : does not apply anymore on WoT since almost every game have 2 -3 ebrs or suicide tanks that just put the cherry on bad mm.. my xvm showed that i played 16 out of 20 games in team with less than 48 chance to win so i think WoT is grouping better players into one team and less experienced or suiciders players in other. I know i am not so experienced player and i know where i can improove my plays but how to win the game with -3 tanks in my team after 1st minute of the game all the time? how to win the battle where most of the team doesnt do any damage but drive across the map like blind flys?

  • nikoladd

    This tank is plain filthy. .. but in a pay to win game that's what goes around, considering the 432 in the same game.

  • Robin Khn
    Robin Khn

    That tank is freaing op. Sure, you could say that there is the T71 DA which has also a big magazine, but the intra-clip reload is 2 seconds, which means it takes 10 seconds to full unload compared to the 7. Yeah, the burst damage is higher, but more often than not u dont have 10 seconds to fully unload. Plus, the camo of the AMX is better.

  • Rich L
    Rich L

    Mate after years of watching you this may be the best game and commentary I've seen. Well played

  • Tomáš Mičuda
    Tomáš Mičuda

    Hey quicky why you haven't joined team clash? Was hoping this year you'll be around... in case you picked some team, where do you play?

  • Lolo Lolo
    Lolo Lolo

    143mm premium ammo and penetrates on everyshot while my su152 with 250mm heat penetration will bounce 4 shots out of 5 , this game is sometimes a joke

  • Richard Hill
    Richard Hill

    you can't buy this tank at the moment tho can you?

  • MTD_ GamingElite
    MTD_ GamingElite

    This and E25 destroy tier 7s so easily, its unbelievable (in hands of good players of course xD )

  • John McLaughlin
    John McLaughlin

    My sole Fadin's Medal was won in a Soviet Tier 4 SU-5 SPG (now a collector's tank) about 7 years ago. The last shell was fired point blank against a charging medium. It's still embedded in my memory

  • БалалаечНиК 6aJIaJIaiwHiK
    БалалаечНиК 6aJIaJIaiwHiK

    Привет! На RSloft появился новый канал и ищет своих подписчиков. Если тебе не лень посмотри и выскажи свое мнение. Автор 6aJIaJIaiwHiK, это я, будет очень признателен за подписку, лайки и комментарии.

  • Amazing Dance
    Amazing Dance

    There's no 💃💃 like me.

  • Roland Grobler
    Roland Grobler

    GG great game deserve to be in that top 10 spot...amazing game well done mate 👏


    This tank isn't fair. Before wargaming giving to all lower and medium tier an hp boost, the amx has already 56 shells. After the buff, now is harder to play with tier 6 , 7,8 because the enemy have more hp than before

  • eddebj_1 b
    eddebj_1 b

    For real i have been watching quickybaby since 2015 And he is very good at describing different techniques.

  • eddebj_1 b
    eddebj_1 b

    Arl 44 6k dmg 8 kills

  • Tsanko Petkov
    Tsanko Petkov

    Manipulative game

  • Oancea Matei
    Oancea Matei

    I once dealt 4k with the non-premium light and it felt amazing killing 3 arties at the end

    • Oancea Matei
      Oancea Matei

      GG btw

  • Luuk Derie
    Luuk Derie

    How does he have 27k credits positive with only 83k income and 100k expenses???

  • Sean Frank
    Sean Frank

    I just love my 13-57. Such a fun tank to play when you're in a mood.

  • Alden Forrey
    Alden Forrey

    Im a Tier 10 American arty T92 shot sent E100 German Heavy One shot one kill helped with 400 fire damage Hehe boy

  • Casian Gozner
    Casian Gozner

    Jagdtiger, 8000 dmg, 10 kills and 2500 base ex. That was the best game I ever had

  • staramuha

    Not even a word about Team Clash...? :(

  • Mega Fish2x0
    Mega Fish2x0

    There should a flame caused metal when youre in flames 8D

  • Brick Fox Productions
    Brick Fox Productions

    lol the thumbnail didn't make any sense until the end. That's pretty radical qb, glad you're still having fun. :D

  • Krazy Pinoy
    Krazy Pinoy

    When ever I play this tank I go for ammo rack and gas tanks since the damage is low. You can get alot of fire and re-fires since it spams shells so fast

  • Angelo Austria
    Angelo Austria

    2 fadins medal on hummel, 1 de langlade and 1 bilotte medal type 59, 4 bombardier medal gw tiger, 1 raider medal on ue 57, 1 tamada yoshio t-50-2, 1 kolobanov

  • Michael Clarke
    Michael Clarke

    Once again no crew shown before match so he had them max out crew again and failed to say anything about it very poorly played QuickyBaby, Claus does better reports because he shows crew.

  • WoT Hog
    WoT Hog

    Epic battle QB!!

  • TM

    This light tank was conceived by the AMX corporation, which was to mount the 57 mm L/100 gun. The project was delayed by difficulties in production, and the vehicle was still not ready for presentation by the 1950s. At that time, the manufacturing of a modified frame with a 75 mm gun fixed turret had taken priority and the 57 mm variant had been discontinued. This luxury car has an XP bonus of 20% and a Silver bonus of 40%.

  • Tiberiotertio

    Hmm best was in a Pz S35 10 kills but all I got was a high caliber which I thought was a bit of a rip off.

  • Ugly Motherfoker
    Ugly Motherfoker

    Please play war thunder and stop playing this sheity game


    Bourrasque, 11 kills, 6700 damage on himmelsdorf WITHOUT HITPOINTS LOST It just shows what matter op tanks can do to lower tier games... I actually hoped the game was good enough for qb to review it

  • Sorin Danu
    Sorin Danu

    Thats not the dream game for a LT. Probably a dream game for a MT...

  • Peter Chandler
    Peter Chandler

    That credits does not look right. Received 82k, spent 95 k maths shows you spend 55k - which is right. Incidentally got a Fadins the other day grinding the GW Tiger SPG because of its low shell count.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Because it doesn't count the premium bonus of +50%.

  • ghostrider13bg

    6k dmg game in Standard B before nerf, most intense battle of my life. It was on the lighthouse map, lost some HP at the start, but fought like I was fighting for my life. Top gun I think at the end, crazy game.

  • Julian Thrussell
    Julian Thrussell

    Great fun to watch and to play. Dream game.

  • oqzh7

    What is that weird barrel movement from 0:45?

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Probably some replay lag.

  • Dr pepper 54
    Dr pepper 54

    Hi qb, I have a replay on wot replays in the Excalibur where I got 5.3K damage a kolobanovs medal and nine kills I think which is better than this replay in every way (no offence) and I would appreciate it if you at least had a look

  • soviet ?? gamer všech dob
    soviet ?? gamer všech dob

    my best game was in the scorpion g 5,945 dmg and 5kills but i think that my standart b game was more fun did 4,9k dmg and 10kills and i was stock :)

  • Martika Kotopoyli
    Martika Kotopoyli

    I remember long time ago when 1st started to enter the japanese tanks in i played ONI....9 kills - win - alive 8-9 more medals etc....LONG TIME AGO!

  • Benje Kriegler
    Benje Kriegler

    What is your opinion of World of Tanks Blitz

  • OverflowBit

    What's with the weird gun/turret movement from 0:45 to 0:54? Mmmmh

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Probably some replay lag.

  • Diton Trupp 21
    Diton Trupp 21

    My best game was in a T4 tank AMX 40 with nearly 8k combined damage (3k dmg, 4k blocked, 1k spot), 7 kills, a high caliber medal, a colobanov medal, a warriors medal, a lehväslaiho medal, a spartan medal, a nerves of steel medal, a hand of good medal. And last but not least my first ace tanker ever! (I'm sorry if some of the medal names do not compare with the real english names, I'm german, I play in german, and I'll definetily won't use google translate (I made bad memorys with google translate 😅))

    • Diton Trupp 21
      Diton Trupp 21

      Maybe I forgot to say that it was on Ruinberg?

  • Joseph Gehring
    Joseph Gehring

    I have a Fadins that wasn’t cheesed in the E25

  • Neftali Hurst
    Neftali Hurst

    Great game bro, loved every second of it!!!

  • whatwouldyoudo64

    Yes have this tank, and half my shots miss. What cheat mods do you use?

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Mouse and keyboard.

  • Τσάμπρας Γιάννης
    Τσάμπρας Γιάννης


  • Isak Monstad
    Isak Monstad

    I think my best game either was in December of 2019 when I got my first 10k dmg game, in a WZ 111 5A, or it was a few months back in 2020 when I got my third mark on the Centurion 7/1 (first tier nine i had three-marked) and a few games later got my first Kolobanovs while being on about 200hp.

  • Alwin Kraus
    Alwin Kraus

    Wait a minute.... he does receive 82k credits, spends 95k credits on ammunition and repairs.. how does he net gain 27k?

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      @Alwin Kraus Yeah, that thing has been bugged as long as I can remember.

    • Alwin Kraus
      Alwin Kraus

      @VioletStatPedder - so it must be a displaying bug then. In both collumns (standard and premium) he got 82k credits. Usually the values are different. I wasnt thinking about what i saw there i just reacted (somewhat too fast). Doing the quick math, you are right. (82k * 1,5) - 95k = 28k. The right collumn does show a wrong number.

    • VioletStatPedder -
      VioletStatPedder -

      Premium account gives +50% credits.

    • Pramakas Suryanegara
      Pramakas Suryanegara

      premium gives more credits, right?

    • peterkradolfer1

      Was looking for this in the comments

  • Martin Slivko
    Martin Slivko

    Very nice battle, but its a pity, that you are not in the team clash.

  • claudiu laurentiu
    claudiu laurentiu

    GW tiger Pig 6300+ damage... not my best game but my most lucky one

  • Stinky Llama
    Stinky Llama

    QB: my dream round with AMX 13 57 Me: Every battle with AMX 13 57 was like i'm in cloud nine. Please I don't want to include E25, I dont want to get dirty.

  • Jamie World of tanks
    Jamie World of tanks

    How do you get this type of world of tanks

  • Martin Dean
    Martin Dean

    brilliant game! took my amx 13 57 out after watching this,aced it with 3k damage and 9 kills! best game in a long time!

  • WarThunder _Loyal
    WarThunder _Loyal

    Hey Qb,Can you make a Review of the Pz.Sfl.1C Tier 4 Prem german Tank? Thx,Will be Really Appreciate it.

  • ev_masterminds

    Cool match. And well done off course 😎 congrats!!!

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