The Waffenträger auf E 100 was removed from World of Tanks long ago, but is the new Tier 8 GSOR 1008 the spiritual successor?
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • Thomas Desjardins
    Thomas Desjardins

    terrible play

  • secallen


  • secallen

    uch DIXK

  • Dan Barnett
    Dan Barnett

    Nice click bait qb. You are just selling out and your channel is getting worse.

  • PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1
    PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    yes wtf e100 at tier 8 is what wot needed

  • Jammie Carl Gregory
    Jammie Carl Gregory

    a tough tank to fight against but a lot of that is due to it be new and a bit rare, like 40+sec reload on these things, that is good to know

  • Petronel Gabor
    Petronel Gabor

    I remember first time WTF E100 came out i went in a tier 10 battle with my kv2 with some friends and I've hit 2 of them for 900 dmg each , didn't stop laughing for 20 minutes, kv2(tier6 back then) doing over 2k dmg in a tier 10 battle 😁

  • Blasniko

    Great click bait

  • David Rosca
    David Rosca

    No problem , my Rhm B WT with 15cm nuke launcher liked them alot

  • Just Doing It Jim
    Just Doing It Jim

    I just looked at the tech tree (1-28-21) and it's not available. Apparently WG agreed with QB and got rid of it.

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge

    Again today I went on WOT and again three games, three losses. Put on horrible teams with people who had no idea what they were doing. Whole sections of maps abandoned and scouts who hide like there life depended on it. Since I quit shoveling money to WOT its loser teams over and over. Playing with so many horrible players really ruins the game. 4 out of 10 at best. After eight years of playing I no longer have ANYTHING good to say about this game.

  • Stork

    Lot of people don't realize how heavy the pen fall off is on those shells at max ranges it's better to use standard ammo if you're trying to pen something

  • Tom

    I got this tank from 4th box and I am so happy I got it I just love it so much

  • Kurgosh1

    Can it clip out a Maus from 500m away, inside 10 seconds, all while sporting one of the best view ranges in the game? Not a WTF E100.

  • chompers21

    What tank? It's German? Good to know!

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • Foo Join
    Foo Join

    Sitting in bush with me 15cm rhm derpy german ._. Ezy.

  • tvardet

    It's BS to play against it

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • Lil Chlamydia
    Lil Chlamydia

    there we go, another bookoo bullshit p2w OP auto loading tank, this time within a lootbox.

  • Therockypony

    One more tank to add to the SPG focus fire list, gonna be fun making their life miserable 🤗

  • GeneralFun_Videos

    This tank is absolutely overpowered; whenever I encountered these things they are on the enemy team, kill me and my team very quickly are killed by it in specific

  • 22nd account Due to censorship
    22nd account Due to censorship

    I got this, borasque and the alpha 750 kkk final boss in 75 boxes. Never wanted the armored prosciutto and was aiming for this one. Lovely

  • Desolator 0690
    Desolator 0690

    This tank is so annoying... i never met a single player who doesnt shoot full gold in this tank.

  • Roy v
    Roy v

    I think the GSOR 1008 blindfired by my deathstar to the garage would suggest otherwise haha. Love that GSOR though, amazing playstyle. RIP Skorpion G.

  • Raimo Jackson
    Raimo Jackson

    QB, you're quite a logger. Lucky too to have no skilled arty in the enemy team.

  • Jin-

    Another bullshit game changing premium. It fits nicely with the Bourrat, EBR and Progetto.

  • Mmm Hhh
    Mmm Hhh

    how is that thing not OP against t6...

  • Rick Evans
    Rick Evans

    Another broken premium tank. Yes, I said tank, not TD.

  • Dudl 294
    Dudl 294

    wow i would love to have teammates like u

  • Grand Gousier
    Grand Gousier

    I'm not a very good player. I'm an yellow WN8 player and i love this tank !

  • Samuel Bootle
    Samuel Bootle

    The game has gotten where free to play players don't have much to look forward to. Pay to play and tanks you can't damage except from the flanks makes the game really frustrating. We need a option to only play against tanks in the regular tank tree.

  • LeyPlaysZ

    Tbh..i stopped playing wot becauae of that premium shit and every germqn gets nerfed and uff..bust saying thats a game normaly about ww2 and germany is like the weakest country. Anyways..the same is in war thunder that I acutally play. Germans are in every game so weak omg..normaly the 88 should shoot the shit out of a sherman but not in war thunder lol. But the difference beetwenn war thunder and wot is the pay to win and ptemium shit that wot has and its sucks. But i still watching your vids qb becauser there funny :)

  • Daniel Claridge
    Daniel Claridge

    About time the bits got something utterly DISGUSTENG. Centurion ax was my first tier 10 so you can understand my relief it isn't Russian 😂😂 or Italian.

  • lana turner
    lana turner

    Hi there, QB just wanted me to tell you the Covid vaccine is very dangerous and none of you should ever even consider taking it.

  • DragL

    Oh. God have they done it again

  • MarcusDavidus

    nope this is progetto wanna be and it suck in that role. its squishy dont have real alpha dont have real camo is nothing speciala nd is freaking uk ... jesus christ uk ...

  • wayne s
    wayne s

    I miss my Waffenträger auf E 100, most fun times were when I would do a 100% HE load out. So dam fun.

  • Pullapelle

    Yeah, you would and you tried. Thank god there is karma...

  • shogo0083

    40sec reload more like very situation td, with high disspersion of shells nope its not new WT :P

  • Dark Booton
    Dark Booton

    Bounty Vents, camo net and binos. Love this thing. Concealment over 36% and I haven't even started concealment skills yet.

  • Stark Raven
    Stark Raven

    The best part? It's been released into the wild, it can't be changed now.

  • Phil Dalton
    Phil Dalton

    This bloke is the shit!

  • Phillip Thompson
    Phillip Thompson

    You wouldnt Download a Tank?

  • Thom Loomis
    Thom Loomis

    Another game breaking tank breaking the game. New wheelie....

  • McBawbagg

    SelloutBaby actually says this tank is 'balanced out' ....... More proof of just how outrageously hypocritcal he has become the last few years and just how far he is up WG's ass. I watch maybe one vid of his every 6 months and each time I am stunned by just how far he has sold out to WG. 2min 10 sec was all it took this time. Unbelievable!

  • Luka B.
    Luka B.

    Its medium tank, have too good despersions for td.

  • miroslav milicic
    miroslav milicic

    Omg. Pls change your name to Wot Shit Baby.

  • CrniWuk

    Yaaay! More autoloaders. Exactly what the game needs! Love how Wargamming listens to the community.

  • Pierre L
    Pierre L

    How did he equiped the tank ? thanks

  • S G
    S G

    3 21 pen premium APCR with 1400+ m/s shell velocity !! 11 degrees of gun depression!! Not sure if that was highlighted much.

  • Turboman14

    How does he get his graphics like that? Can I do that on a MacBook?

    • Jin-

      MacBook does not tell anything to anyone. What are your hardware specs? Why is it always Apple users saying just their computers names :S. It's like asking if my jacket fits well in to cold climate without actually specifying what kind of jacket i have

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard


  • kirsty morrison
    kirsty morrison

    the tank cold the gors is sooooo ovr pawrd

  • Firebird Sweet
    Firebird Sweet

    At least he didn’t whine to get radley walters. I was just in a game the other day when some clown was giving people grief for not letting him get his radley walters. Waaaaaaahhh!!!!

  • Riley


  • Amir Asyraf
    Amir Asyraf

    Anyone help me...I bought 5k gold tank but not in my garage...why??? stress.....

  • Harry Belelopoulos
    Harry Belelopoulos

    CLICKBAIT!!!! BOOOO!!!! Don't scratch old wounds.......

  • Retropaintball clips
    Retropaintball clips

    Its OP but grotesk is even worst! French super fast tank that pens all and kills all

  • Troy Nazzaro
    Troy Nazzaro

    Much more toxic than the wheeled av's

  • Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET
    Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    nah..... I would call this a t8 waffle IF it can clip a equal tier HT and still have a round or 2 to fire against another tank.

  • Daz J
    Daz J

    Let's all give wargaming loads of money to nerf them later

  • casper schoo
    casper schoo

    True that. And everyone was flaming wheeled vehicles, claiming they ruïned the game. WG is ruining it with autoloaders.. Late game in a tank with a 6 to 8 sec reload, you are screwed. Wheeled vehicles never made me think of stopping. All these autoloaders do.. Every game there's Gsor's, Progetto's Bourrasques.. It's horrible.

  • Bart Van Damme
    Bart Van Damme

    WG creating another broken tank? I don't get why people keep falling for it. Stop giving these scammers your money.

  • mihai dumitru
    mihai dumitru

    ClickyBaity I was expecting to see a WTF AUF E 100. They removed it from the game right when I was about to research it.

  • Farian Blinder
    Farian Blinder

    Same playing the mk 1 defender is a no brainer gameplay, nothing can pen my turret peek style, poggers

  • BlackWolf Space-Cowboy
    BlackWolf Space-Cowboy

    Total troll tank. WOT is determined to ruin what's left of game play. WOT is frustrating enough without spamming out tier 8 TD's with tier 10 pen.

  • Skott62

    I'm not very impressed by it so far. I'll get 1 clip off then sit for 40 some seconds and before I can get reloaded I'm dead because everyone knows it has a log reload so they rush it. The wheelies and light tanks just swarm it and not a thing you can do. Cant fight and cant out run them. Most of my battles just cant survive that reload timer. Its not a hard tank to pen either.

  • toaster microphone
    toaster microphone

    Guys relax it is just a tier 8 med with a triangle about it it is fine

  • Nathaniel Epp
    Nathaniel Epp

    Getting hit by this thing for 1250 damage in my stock, tier VIII heavy tanks has to be one of the most infuriating things in this game for me...

  • Grumpy Ian
    Grumpy Ian

    I'll be honest, I don't really like this tank. I don't like the long reload.

  • moonmoonbirdcpt

    is this tank going to be loot box only tank?

  • Kontalero Nednufre
    Kontalero Nednufre

    Remember the days where you went with an AT-8 on the battlefield and had a good time. Nowadays you face tanks like Skorpion, SU-130PM, can't win against these tanks..GSOR just clicks you out with one clip...this game went from entertaining to annoying and it's more a job than a game you can enjoy...

  • Nachtmar

    ah, just another p2w gambling from QB for WG ... I hope you get paid enough for selling out

  • Josef Polerecký
    Josef Polerecký

    Where I can find the website to inspect and see the armor from the vehicles ?

  • Tsanko Petkov
    Tsanko Petkov

    Manipulative MM and RNG!

  • Erskine

    Thank you for adding so much quality content ! The game would be much less interesting without you... Merry Christmas ❤

  • James O’Keeffe
    James O’Keeffe

    🤮🤮🤮This thing is the most toxic tank in the game right now - it is so painful to watch poor players get ripped apart by this monster. The worst part is that unlike an Italian or Czech autoloader, this thing has troll armour and most players just camp at the back when playing it. Then after the first shot they just keep coming and all you can do is slowly watch your hp dissapear

  • Sonder Ling
    Sonder Ling

    Only wanted the Bisonte from boxes. Ended up playing gsor only sessions and never played the bisonte even once. This thing is pure fun.

    • Goku Black
      Goku Black

      Similar for me lol. Was going for the bisonte and didn’t really care about the gsor but it turned out to be a great tank

  • Cmdr Crook
    Cmdr Crook


  • kovar

    imagine if they did something good with it. Like why not give it 2s,3s and 4s interclip on every progressing shell.

  • Fu Simmo
    Fu Simmo

    I think you'ld make a bus look good in wot, you are highly skilled young man

  • TheWoolyninja4

    They are more toxic atm because when there are 3 to 6 of them on a team in an all tier 8 game getting spotted is immediate death.

  • soso coco
    soso coco

    0:37 my entire way of living was transformed completely with the help of, *Best Home Jobs Club*

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo

    Usually there’s a new video by now, but it seems Quickybaby is either late or taking a couple of days off for Christmas!

  • Benji908

    I opened 25 loot crates and I got really lucky and got this tank

    • Trix

      I opened 25 + 25 + 25 + 11 and got 2 x GSOR, 2 x Bisonte, 2 x Bourrasque, various low tier premiums. I got Bourrasque and Bisonte from first 25 boxes and next 25 boxes i got GSOR, Bourrasque and Bisonte. Next 25 i opened to get the credits and gold among other stuff, got 48000 gold and millions of credits from all boxes combined. I only bought the boxes when they were in discount, not before.

  • Jean-Luc Thiault
    Jean-Luc Thiault

    I'm not a good player. 47% wins, but in this tank I average 2k damage and 2 kills. There is clearly something wrong

  • Moist Bread
    Moist Bread

    In the mobile version of World of Tanks, which is called World of Tanks Blitz, the FV-4005 has an autoloader. It’s terrifying.

  • Daniel Zhang
    Daniel Zhang

    *see the title *ptsd enabled

  • Empire Forever
    Empire Forever

    Just FYI if you set it up as a sniper you can get the accuracy down to around 0.29.

  • Pavel Medek
    Pavel Medek

    Well.. I have to say I am usually not giggling but cursing so hard while playing WoT :D

  • Mannequin SkyWalker
    Mannequin SkyWalker

    This is the sole reason I left this game for WT. There used to be a time when I would be in a nice, THICC boi holding down a flank by my own but now I just don't have the skills for this game. I'm too noob for a competitive game like this.

  • Plastikdoom

    Ehh, they aren’t that bad to fight, can be annoying. I actually miss fighting that silly auto loader they took out. With my E-100, cent ax, m46, and T30, back when it was the heavy. My Rhm is sitting static, rarely played since the removed the only incentive for playing it, the t9&10 auto loaders.

    • Pokellector_NL

      Cool story bro

  • Gavin Gegg
    Gavin Gegg

    I saw this game live

  • Shark Dark
    Shark Dark

    So fun to take full gold by this tank when you play tier 6... Oh and obviously you are dead after this btw

  • Marshall Conner
    Marshall Conner

    This is why he is called "Clicky Baity"

  • Darkoni

    That head move on start of every video :D (Am doing something like that too xD )

  • Pr3d4tor

    i just saw how capable this tank is yesterday when it shaved of like 1200 dmg from my p.44 pantera in like 10 secs or less!

  • Michigan Skinny
    Michigan Skinny

    The premium shell penetration drops off from 321mm down to 220mm over 500 meters. Woof. Not useful for long range sniping unless top tier.

  • jiro sendai
    jiro sendai

    so i decided ride only tier6

Valentino - AI MAMI
1,5 мил
Valentino - AI MAMI
1,5 мил