The WORST Tier 10 Tank in World of Tanks...
In World of Tanks there is one vehicle that stoops lower than any other, ladies and gentleman, I give you the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • Linus Vestal
    Linus Vestal

    From the US, I picked the Russian heavies to go for first. They looked the coolest to me.

  • osmacar

    Me picking up the Brits was coincidence, i wanted the strongest starter

  • Izzy

    I'm American but wanted the e100 not knowing how bad of a decision it would end up being till I got there. Now I main the stb-1 and really wish I could trade the e100 for any other tier 10.

  • Jeremy T
    Jeremy T

    I know I picked my nations tanks as my first tanks. They I went with Russian because well russian advantages...

  • vaudou74

    it s a light sniper with very good HE with massive damage drop over distance (unlike the leopard1)....good hull down as well and it s a massive flip wagen too....

  • decal

    im from Russia, live in America, and I went for the German JPanzer E100 first. a bit of a mixed bag

  • hugo lopes
    hugo lopes

    Im form Portugal... there is no fu*#"$ Chaimite in the game...

  • Rudi Angi
    Rudi Angi

    When I started playing I went for WTF 100 but I couldnt make it before the Grille came in. I am hungarian btw. Then I got the 103B as my first T10.

  • Potato Masher
    Potato Masher

    Ngl after they took away tank companies the skill of players has gone downhill, @ me

  • ENG 08:18AM
    ENG 08:18AM

    it doesnt matter if the tank is bad if the hands that move it are windowlickers, give all the 44/49 % 279 theyll still have 44/49.

  • Schokolaal YTK
    Schokolaal YTK

    QB: "Most people go for their nations tank as their first tX" Me, a german: *currently grinding the 7th tX, out of which 6 are soviet and one is french 👀...🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Skittle

    I'm NA but I'm going for the obj 277

  • Logan Paris
    Logan Paris

    german ships also suck in world of warships. why WG hate german so much

  • Jamison Fitzgerald
    Jamison Fitzgerald

    I’m American and I went for the German Heavies because of the King Tiger

  • CBKillas

    Just pay more.

  • Mcgravier

    I'm so glad I moved to War Thunder. WoT is getting exponentially more cancerous every year

  • perking

    How has this been the worst for like 3 years

  • Darko Popovic
    Darko Popovic

    Am from Serbia and at that time there was Yugoslavia and we dident rly made our own tanks we copied Soviet tanks and made them similarly. And i am a person that dont want to flow with the meta, more play outsider's and proove them wrong. So i picked China as my first nation cuz they also copied Soviet but made them more versatile

  • Aryan

    Nah I went straight for the russians

  • omachi

    i went for the is4 line when i first started, had some fun with kv-4 for some reason, even got a mark but when I got to the ST-I i immediately regret my decission

  • ASDFanatic

    nope, I picked the Russian tank lines because even my 12 year old self knew there was a Russian bias :D, also the old KV-1S... it was a monster.

  • Funsized Fireball
    Funsized Fireball

    Canadian here. I did not pick my nation for my first tank.

  • ي شخص
    ي شخص

    I'm from Britain but when i started playing i thought China would be a good tree, idk why

  • Merksl 75
    Merksl 75

    Im German and went for Kranvagn

  • Ilkanar

    WoT ended when WG destroyed old ELC

  • Merp

    Of course I picked the US tanks when I started, but I learned quickly the Russians were the ones to have so American and Russian back when there was just 3!

  • cdb2396

    Lols. Ur only chance is to let others suicide before you can do anything. Sums up world of tanks atm. Take away the gun of the ebr and increase mobility of other to give them a chance

  • Quinton N Wally
    Quinton N Wally

    I think we all wanted the tiger😂

  • Molten Sh4dow
    Molten Sh4dow

    First tier 10 I went for was Jagpanzer E100, I was playing random low tiers in the beginning, the first tank I actually liked was the Hetzer, so I stuck with that line and kept going.

  • Ken Van de Burgt
    Ken Van de Burgt

    I started German tanks because I used to play sand table games like Cross of Iron where German tanks were the best bar none.

  • Darion Balkaran
    Darion Balkaran

    Im Trini and I went for the russian IS4 first(got to tr9 and forgot password) started a new one 1 year later and started T110E5 and T110E4(the turnable turret one

  • CecilSaxon

    Whatever the worst tank is I have it for sure

  • Juan José Del Pino Rivas
    Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    WG sure had big balls when they nerfed the light tanks and specially this tank when it had way more alpha and it was competitive.

  • Benjerman Vanderburg
    Benjerman Vanderburg

    I chose German heavy type myself . ..I am on American server. However I also chose a t14 also looking at a m 103

  • Birki gts
    Birki gts

    Fuck CVS. It broke the game

  • Birki gts
    Birki gts

    There where no Finnish tanks. But there where US tanks and my dad is a Yank. So I went down the US medium line. These days I play mostly Swedes.

  • Nerd Krusher
    Nerd Krusher

    I'm american, but I honored my german ancestors. XD

  • Reese Raymond
    Reese Raymond

    I'm an American, and I was automatically on the Russian tree

  • Allen Glint
    Allen Glint

    I'm Polish and I mainly play Swedish and French line.

  • Axel Gustâv
    Axel Gustâv

    yes, when I played I only played Sweden.

  • Lohith

    I think most of us will agree that we all went for the tiger in the beginning

    • Ockly Rajab
      Ockly Rajab

      Yeah, however now im more like to go Panther than Tiger

    • Lohith

      @Allen Glint I played since 2013 I went for tiger 🐯 . However I did fall in love with it.

    • Allen Glint
      Allen Glint

      I play since 2014 and I bought Tiger this weekend.

  • Christian Schipma
    Christian Schipma

    i’m american and have no american tanks

  • R E
    R E

    German here, first tank Leichttraktor, goal Tiger, started playing in 2011 I think.

  • Spider Cruzzer
    Spider Cruzzer

    I'm American but I went for the hellcat back in 2013 before the nerfs..didn't even consider t10 tanks lol

  • Daniel Revas
    Daniel Revas

    I'm American, but went heavily German and Russian in the beginning!

  • razorCD

    Man when the RU251 was the top tier scout it was absolutely amazing... But then the new tank was introduce and the entire line got screwed... They nerfed so many German lights, and even removed them... I think they never allow the German tanks to be OP for too long

  • M S
    M S

    no i picked russian tanks first because i saw that russians made the game.

  • SanKraN

    The Worst vehicle in the tree is the WZ-132-1, not MR panzerwagen, he is a beast!

  • Bryan Jonsson
    Bryan Jonsson

    When I first started World of Warships, I went for the US line first for the hell of it. And in cruisers, I'm not upset about that at all. The DM is a beauty.

  • Kane Enyo
    Kane Enyo

    Yup I picked the American line. I like to point and click roflmao

  • ThatSubieGuy

    I'm American and I went for the tiger and panther first, but my first tier 10 was the is7

  • ivan tanev
    ivan tanev

    did you pick your nation tank when you started the game for the first time lol my nation is not even in the game (-_-,) donkey, I am not angry just triggered (-_-,) lol

  • Insane

    I first went in the rusians tanks but im also pushing the tiger bc of ots history

  • Chris Mynhier
    Chris Mynhier

    E5 when I first started

  • The Titus
    The Titus

    I'm from America but started Germany because tiger tiger tiger. Never bothered picking up American tanks. Polish, Swedish, and French just seemed so much cooler

  • DustyBalz

    I'm American and went for the Russian t-34. Russian ww2 tank's are my favorite. Not to mention RNG is not to be messed with lmao

  • Daniel T.
    Daniel T.

    People don't shoot at EBRS because they're afraid to bleed credits. In one game I couldn't push heavy line with my E-100, because I was busy murdering EBRS, since nobody else bothered.

  • flodA reltiH
    flodA reltiH

    Ever since tires absorbed multiple shots from my 128mm I just couldn't with this game anymore.

  • john banks
    john banks

    the last couple of weeks since coming back just before christmas..have been a nightmare in MM. i am in losing matches more and more

  • CrowCandorra

    For now I have got 10 T10 Tanks, with at least 1 onf any Type. The only German (as I am) it the arty and it was the third. after Type 5 and Kranvagen. So no, I didnt go for my Nations Tanks. As a matter of fact till now I dont like a lot of german Tanks for the huge profile they have.

  • Scrat335

    American. About half the Soviet tech tree, a few German, Italian and French. N

  • Kramer 72
    Kramer 72

    I'm canadian. But I played for the American heavy line

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge

    Another joke of a day playing WOT with all the horrible players. How are you suppose to enjoy playing a game thats totally dependent on teamwork when strategically inept and selfish people dominate the game. Horrible.

  • AJMoustgaard

    Dane here... so I went French first... *shudder*

  • EliteBaal

    German here. I rushed for russian tanks.

  • carphuntingod

    dumb question, what mod are you using to put your view range on mini map like that?

  • Sneaky Bandera
    Sneaky Bandera

    I picked russion cuz its russian

  • GhostVvar

    I love using non meta tanks, like the PZ VII, WZ 132-1 or the AMX M4 54. Currently those tanks I have the best games in.

  • LastEchoCorp

    i went with good ol Brittan for my first tech tree and now i have a Conqueror right along side the KV 2 but we all know why i wanted the kv 2

  • Reftous Warships
    Reftous Warships

    nope failed my way to the e100 and was like armor angling what dat lol took a jingles video to get me to understand and QB vids helped alott to so thanks Quickybaby i didn't turn into a unicum but im not as bad as i was :)

  • Aktuvor

    As a Dutch I'm appalled that the horse drawn wagon with a machine gun is not in the Dutch tech tree. Jokes aside. Went for the Germans for the JPZ and the Americans for the Sherman

  • Blood Raven
    Blood Raven

    OMG you are still playing it ..... its glad to see you are still up ..... gl hf

  • Howard Carr
    Howard Carr

    No, I am in the USA but went with German TDs first to get to my all time favorite, the JagdPanther.

  • Florian Daamen
    Florian Daamen

    My First tank was the cruiser II of the british line and I am german. I Play on phone so I Play world of tanks blitz. It would be nice if you did some blitz content in the Future.

  • PEKKA's Playhouse
    PEKKA's Playhouse

    I’m American I went Japanese and German

  • nudnud9

    i did pick the brits, because they're my nationality, and i stuck with them because i enjoyed the i was quite lucky! churchill-black prince grind wasnt pretty though.

  • Roberts Manguss
    Roberts Manguss

    and guess what war gaming gonna do shit about it ,fuk these morons p.s yeap i started wot and went for german tree

  • stephen Palmer
    stephen Palmer

    Still surprised people are playing this unbalanced crap game.

  • Yadah

    I'm Asian But my first Tier X was T110E5, its because I want to get T29 and M4 Sherman Jumbo cause its cute. My second was T62-A, third was Jgpanzer E-100(I thought it was good, so disappointed but at least I got E-100 Variant). Man I miss playing wot.

  • Kyles gaming world
    Kyles gaming world

    The EBR has made all other tier 10 lights obsolete. The Manticore and T100 has been played sparingly on CW.

  • Greg Kramer
    Greg Kramer

    I thought it would be the French arty.

  • Hannes


  • zakaria Hajjaj
    zakaria Hajjaj

    what is the easiest tech tree in the game ?

  • Elijah Wiens
    Elijah Wiens

    Yes german tanks 😍😍😎

  • kamil ignatowicz
    kamil ignatowicz

    when i joined in 2012 i went in my dads boots i started to go for is7

  • L Schwanz
    L Schwanz

    It’s not a bad vehicle it can actually be devastating if you know what you are doing. It is just very hard to use. Especially for new players

  • Cough Cough
    Cough Cough

    I picked multiple different nations at first Couldn't stick with one So I have Lot of random tanks from different nations at high tear now

  • Chuki Wölfen
    Chuki Wölfen

    Yes, i picked the nation tank. Btw im Spanish

  • schniedeldie

    German here - first tank was German, first tier ten E100. But as I suck at this game and as it's pay to win I haven't played it for years

  • Biak Skull
    Biak Skull

    The rhm is the only light I have and I have to say. You HAVE to be brain dead to get under 6k combined with this thing, its sooooo fun to play since its like an Ru that grew up into a medium tank

  • Nick Husic
    Nick Husic

    I'm British and I basically exclusively played British tanks fv215b was my first tier 10

  • Navy Seal
    Navy Seal

    I am British but my first tank line was the American Heavy M110E5 My fanatical friend already had a lot of T10's and said it was a good one to go for. On top of that, he had the T10 British Conquerer and my other friend (also british) wanted to go for RUSSIAN BIG GUNS, so we would have British, Russian and American together; which we thought was cool.

  • Bogdan Duceac
    Bogdan Duceac

    U will see 30 light tanks in a game for the next 30 days, because of the top of tree.

  • Greg Zemo
    Greg Zemo

    Growing tired of the WG negative bias toward German tanks...

  • my email
    my email

    I'm British I went for the German heavy, 7 years on I've got a British t10

  • Matej Pramník
    Matej Pramník

    There wasnt my nations tech tree back in 2012 :(

  • Elliott Gaal
    Elliott Gaal

    Joke's on QB, Canada doesn't have tanks

  • Cosmic Flash
    Cosmic Flash

    The joke is on QuickyBaby, I have heritage from across most of Europe, as well as Japan, the Philippines and Native Americans. Naturally the first tank I went for was the Tiger ( no not the 1 I liked the 2 more, looks cooler IMO)

  • Onar Smith
    Onar Smith

    Im american, and got the amx 50 b, amx mle 44 55?, super conqueror, and cent ax first.

  • Sad Poison
    Sad Poison

    I like the finish you and the Ebr side by side.

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