"TIER 9" PREMIUMS in World of Tanks?
World of Tanks - Object 274a. Today I'm talking about a T8 Premium tank that might as well be T9!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


    I don't care what anyone has to say. THIS GAME HAS RUSSIAN BIAS! It sure af is not intentional and there are good tanks in other nations, but if you disagree you are literally a tool.

  • Darko Popovic
    Darko Popovic

    I wonder when will WG implement premium tier 9 and 10 like theee is in WoWs

  • Anton Mayr
    Anton Mayr

    balancing 600 vehicles is especially tricky when you don't play the game yourself, have no clue about it whatsoever and simply don't care because you will make lots of money from adding an overpowered premium

  • Brenden Pischke
    Brenden Pischke

    In the great words of Syndrome, "When everybody's super... no one will be."

  • Launomies

    So is this just t54 mod1 buffed... What a shame. Even if i had this tank i would stick to the mod1 main:D

  • Iron Road
    Iron Road

    If WG never made premium tanks better than the tech tree counterpart they wouldn't be having this problem.

  • Ben

    At this rate, I wonder if they'll ever undo some of the nerfs they made to the Type 59. 185 pen is just disappointing in 2021. Hell, there are many T8 prems with nearly as much standard pen as the Type has gold pen. Thank RNG it has preferential MM, because it would be so screwed otherwise. Still, you aren't doing your team any favours bringing a Type to the fight instead of a 274a, progetto, or baguette.

  • Blackfly Canada
    Blackfly Canada

    I have a Type 59. And I have played many many games in it. It was always awesome. Until well now, as it feels totally sub par. It's sad, as that tank was the tank to have. The T-44 also suffers from this terribly as well.

  • Matt

    I'm fairly sure the T-54 has 120mm frontal hull armour. You said there was only 5mm difference. I do agree though that the vehicle is more like tier 8.5. It seems like all the marathon reward tanks are a bit OP these days... Standard WG balancing...

  • john sun
    john sun

    QB surprised that WG is a moneygrabbing bunch of assholes. Shocking....

  • Cosmin Cojocea
    Cosmin Cojocea

    If you're interested in buying this tank, watch a review from someone competent who's played a reasonable number of battles in it. Having a handful of decent battles in a tank doesn't mean the tank itself it's decent. It's not a bad tank but nowhere near S tier premiums such as Progetto or Bourrasque.

  • Bogdan Silviu Ilie
    Bogdan Silviu Ilie

    considering that 60-80% of the games u play with prem tanks u are in t10 vs 279e, bobjects, deathstars etc... they need to keep making them better - a few years ago it wasnt like this... most ppl played t6-9 not 10 like now cause of how easy it is to get to 10, and cause of bonds and bonds equipment.... so all in all a while back u played amx cdc or panther 8.8 vs t 6-7 so u could make a difference even in a bad tank.... gl with those in t9-10. and most ppl play with tech tree t8 tanks for what 50-100 battles and move on to tier 9 ... while u play hundreds if not thousands of games with premium tanks to get those credits ... so yeah ... new prems are OP compared to tech tree tanks but at the current state of the game they should

  • mees baudoin
    mees baudoin

    3 major problems in wot 1: op premium tanks 2: gold rounds 3 and most, artillery If these get changed or atleast artillery ill reinstall the game

    • mees baudoin
      mees baudoin

      @Anton Ottinger hahaha thanks, its never going to happen bc wot doesnt care about their people just wallet

    • Anton Ottinger
      Anton Ottinger

      good luck, maybe in another lifetime

  • mees baudoin
    mees baudoin

    Tier 9 is the sweet spot

  • Terminator Gaming
    Terminator Gaming

    QB you had a ghost shell against the even 90😅👻

  • Harry Qiddel
    Harry Qiddel

    Lol remember when the only .5 tier tanks were preferential mm tanks like the is6 and it was half a tier lower than what they were at? And they were actually still able to do well? Damn...

  • Rényi Regő
    Rényi Regő

    Maybe the Löwe just because of it's great penetration

  • Jamie Grant
    Jamie Grant

    Just say it as it is- powercreep

  • Paul Negrescu
    Paul Negrescu

    This dude is so lost in his paper stats, swear to god ... HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU SAY THIS TANK IS FAST AND TAKES ITS POSITIONS FAST!!! AND DON T EVEN MAKE ME START ABOUT HOW SHIT THE GUN HANDLING IS. QB aka OVERHYPING SHIT TANKS SINCE BETA. Obj274a is BALANCED t8 medium BRAWLER tank (similar to 430 and 430u without op armor/gun combo)

  • Oleksandr Prykhodko
    Oleksandr Prykhodko

    Can you please do a video recapping all the premiums and reward vehicles you have on your free to play account? I know you probably covered this on stream but it's sometimes hard to keep up to date.

  • mwnciboo

    The premium Pen uplift over time has diluted some tech-tree tanks. Like say the Charioteer Tier 8 with the Tier X gun, APCR as standard with 268 PEN, and two types of HESH (good for killing, TD's). But now these premiums, encroach on that and take away its point.

  • Matej Lieskovský
    Matej Lieskovský

    Remember when premiums were worse than the techtree vehicles? I played in the beta, haven't logged in since... long ago.

  • Jov Pal
    Jov Pal

    OLD game: Tech tree > Prem Tank NEW: PREM >>>> Tech tree wtf is this shit and rng

  • Mike Bechtel
    Mike Bechtel

    "Tier 6 and Tier 7 muppets", "a bunch of donkeys". Pretty much my game in a nutshell.

  • Lawrence O'Donnell
    Lawrence O'Donnell

    Wot console: ......first time? We’re full,of tier 9 &10 premiums

  • nico honore
    nico honore

    me trying to grind with my Tiger 2....nightmare

  • KRaikkonenSF

    You're saying you liked when the game was slower, but that's nonsense. You liked it when you could play tanks with OP crews and rations or 105 fuel, and be faster than everyone else to just spam and spam them during the first 2 minutes. Now it's much harder because everyone has good crews, and new tanks have kind of "equalized" many parameters of the game. So you can't be one of the only few who take advantage of everyone else and yeah obviously you dislike that very much -_-

  • wally yang
    wally yang

    Hi QuickBaby, thanks for the nice video. But I'm a bit confused about this tank. I have both the Obj 27a and T44-100, but for some reason, my stats on the T44-100 is way much better than the 274a (1400+ WN8 vs 1100+ WN8, 54% WR vs 46%WR) even though the alpha + pen is better on the 274a. Some background: both have 3-skill crews and I don't use any prem rounds (I just hate this mechanism) I don't really like the 274a compared to T44-100 for the following reasons: 1. The mobility of 274a feels very sluggish compared to other Soviet MT I use, T44-100, T54, or Obj 430. The hull traverse speed just feels really bad. And even though the top speed is good, I feel the bad terrain resistance just makes it useless most of the time. And power feels not good either, so I put a turbocharger which made it slightly better. For this reason, I don't really agree with ideas saying this is a tier-8 Obj 430. 430 just has much better mobility. 2. The gun handling feels bad compared to its peers, the long aiming time feels like a heavy. I suppose it sacrificed the handling for the better alpha and pen 3. The turret armor is good, but the hull armor feels bad, it certainly can bully some at-tier or below-tier, but any gold round or higher-tier can pen it pretty easily. Although the T44-100 has worse armor, the mobility makes me feel much easier to flex around different parts of the map with -7 gun depression avoid damage at all, but I can't do the same with 274a. So I'm interested in your thoughts on this, how to properly use its playstyle compare to 430 or T44-100, and what equipment do you run (I use turbo, VStab, and Optics) Cheers!

  • Eric Pesman
    Eric Pesman

    Another confirmation that WG is completely out of touch with their actual playerbase....

  • fatih imral
    fatih imral

    Mr. QB, your facial hairstyle makes you look older.

  • sebastien lautie
    sebastien lautie

    you could may be change the title to "tier 8.5" as you say it, I thought the video was about REAL tier 9 premium tanks. ;)

  • Kevin

    I like WoT a lot, but one of the biggest annoyances in the game is the power creep. Imagine a new Bourrasque vs an old Super Pershing. Or Defender vs KV5. Old premium tanks are virtually useless now. Waste of money buying tanks which are going to be useless in a year or two.

  • you tube
    you tube

    Miss the daily vids man☹

  • Adam Svítil
    Adam Svítil

    WOT GAMIN only 8 tier tank pre. 2021 premium 9 bruh

  • Merle Kutz
    Merle Kutz

    What about the LT-432 without any camo towards the beginning? Looks silver or chrome.

  • WR Gamer
    WR Gamer

    what is the most noob friendly line to grind as a beginner it wot?

  • Altheion

    Having gotten back into WoT as of late all I see are people spamming gold rounds 24/7 and 3 arties every single game, this is the most boring and frustrating pay to win game I've played in a very long time. Why learn to aim when you can just pay to penetrate

  • BreadPitt

    wargaming and balancing their games? contradictio in terminis............


    Whats a high roll can someone explain it to me

  • 陳泰元

    Hi QB,I am a new WOT player,learned a lot from your video, thank you so much,but I found that there are a lot of vedios about specific tank, or tank analysis,which are focus on "tanks", some maps are hard to see in the videos, to a newbie like me, I want to learn more about how can I do in different map in deferent ways,I can see a lot of videos shows how heavys can do well in this map in this lane(east lane for example), but in some condition,I am not a heavy or I want to go to the other lane(mid or west),I have no idea what should I do,can you try to make some videos like this introducing defrent play styles in deferent maps? I think this will help new players a lot.

    • 陳泰元

      As my opinion, for newbies,where can I stay safely,and where can I find target to fire, is more important than "how can I penetrate enemy",if we don't even have chance to fire safely, surely we won't care about if we can penetrate too much ,hope you can release more map guide with real battle in deferent maps and deferent lanes. Thanks again. ,

  • Ponury Mike
    Ponury Mike

    Object 274a is pure kaku. Why? 1. Horrible gun handling. 2. Horrible gun depression. 3. Horrible mobility. 4. Turret armor is amazing (but only on paper). 5. Low HP. This tank is so awesome that no one plays it (even though you could get it for free). Don't believe me? Then go into tier VIII battles and try to count the number of Objects 274a. There's like one Object 274a for every 5 battles. Even bots don't use this kaku tank.

  • DarkZero008

    my go to "tier 9" is the liberté. I just love this one and it is by far my favorite heavy at tier 8. It just works

  • Geerlig Lecluse
    Geerlig Lecluse

    Yeah this is just another example of lack of balance in WoT. The problem of over-powered tanks exists in the tech-tree as well. Examples are the French tier 6,5 AMX12t light tank and America's heavy tier 7,5, the T-29. I have never felt under-powered in those 2 playing tier 7 and 8 respectively!

  • sam jackson
    sam jackson

    Thank you quickie baby for your commitment and being a great entertainer!!!! I've been watching your videos for years now

  • Andy Saltis
    Andy Saltis

    QB - Question - T49 - derp c/w improved aiming - does it make a difference?

  • Layne Bartz
    Layne Bartz

    Ok so I slowed the vid right down and when you shot at the and elf 11 it experimentally did go right through the tanks

  • Sylvan Writers
    Sylvan Writers


  • DanDaMan - Brawl Stars
    DanDaMan - Brawl Stars

    Play wot blitz it’s not really pay to win the game is reasonably balance and there’s tier 9 and 10 premiums

  • louis winterhoff
    louis winterhoff

    I really dislike the 274a. It's too good for t8, I cant even pen it half the time even with gold, and its just seems to slap you all the time. It needs a nerf.

    • Glimmy Glam
      Glimmy Glam


  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • Halil Kağan Yılmaz
    Halil Kağan Yılmaz


  • Kris Moore
    Kris Moore

    Balance is wack, 2/3rds of the tech trees are useless. Premium medium tank with better armor layout than over half the tech tree 8s. Every match, EBR’s, bourasques, these and defenders........ there are literally tanks so bad nobody plays them, but they are tweaked slowly, and usually too little too late. I remember when you shit when you saw an Is3, nobody ever charged a ferdi.

  • AndyHTx

    Why does the turret look like the top turret of the 50TP

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore

    The biggest rip off in gaming and your peddling this garbage to make a living. Never stops to amaze me how few life values people have when it comes to making money.

  • Martin Dogger
    Martin Dogger

    Tier IX premium tanks? WoT Blitz be like "hold my beer, we got this"

  • James Dodd
    James Dodd

    Hi QuickyBaby I must ask what GPU are you using and why would you need to overclock it?

  • Carde

    No worries it will happen for real, they are already selling tier X in WOWS...

  • Brandon Finkbiner
    Brandon Finkbiner

    mine is definitely the IS-3A. i average about 49% winrate, but in that tank, im rocking a 59% winrate.

  • Smiljan Tanacković
    Smiljan Tanacković

    Honestly, this tank has low skillcap cause gunhandling and speed realy hold it back and its not even that good as you are trying to portray it. WG did well to balance it and you are again giving false info.

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith

    Lowe, T26e4, and 274a are the EASIEST tanks to play at tier 8 with only a basic understanding of how they play. Those 3 tanks are the onoy tanks that I have over 100 battles and over 60% winrate.

  • Peizxcv

    Every pre-2017 premium is basically trash or average now. Even the mighty Type 59 is below average

  • Rodier Ratafakus
    Rodier Ratafakus

    Why you dont play WoT Blitz? Its one of most played mobile games and you will know there are tier 9 and even tier 10 premium tanks in World of Tanks (blitz) :D

  • Robster Vienna
    Robster Vienna

    in any other tank you as a unicum would have been performing equally ... this tank is still overhyped by only you ... HP, gunhandling, speed, this tank is crap for 98% of the people

  • Hoxton Martinson
    Hoxton Martinson

    Happy New Year! QuickyBaby! I heard the pandemic in UK is terrible, take care and stay safe!

  • andrej pavolka
    andrej pavolka

    What a new image! Are you skinny viking yet?

  • Gerard Scrooge
    Gerard Scrooge

    T7 & 8 are absolutely no fun anymore for "free to play" players. I've got games with more premium tanks than tree tanks. Having 8 shots of my ISU-152 blocked by these premiums makes no sense. I know that WOT wants to make money, but they are depending on their Free to play player base. But as more people like me put their account on hold they might wake up. LOL what will be the fun of T8 battle with only premiums.

  • Herastheblackwolf

    You noticed in your stream, that the russians will get the same tank they released for another nation. And oh "wonder" its better. Cis and obj, Skorpion SU130 .... This Company is so fucking bad in hiding their patriotism..

  • trendtraderx

    To make money out of the tech tree they could choose the worse one/least played and buff it. Then everyone will spend big to get it. Then choose the next dork tank. Rinse repeat.

  • Hadogenes

    i think the word youre looking for quickybaby is power creep, and it ruins a lot of games, but fixing it wont make wargaming money so they will never fix it

  • Carlos Saraiva
    Carlos Saraiva

    just another op tank to make you spend money

  • Tomas K
    Tomas K

    quicky talk about premium tank standards aplha 360, when t54 mod, have alpha 250 with poor 190pen, and 900 shell velocities, who meet tier 10 :D :)) well reality is suck's

  • Conker King
    Conker King

    The whole idea of balance in this game is a joke.. A competitive MP game has ONE FUCKING JOB : Get the balance right... WG are idiots.

  • Dirtblock Gamer
    Dirtblock Gamer

    TS-5 is op. With premium consumables you can get over 3800dpm. I´m so lucky i played it on event for free.

  • Sergey Trusevich
    Sergey Trusevich

    For me, the "Tier 9" tank at tier 8 is the Defender. I can casually sit in front of an Obj.704 or a T95 and block damage while ripping chunks off from an E75. Or I can get steel wall medals playing against tier 10's.

  • Tim Marcus
    Tim Marcus

    Oh when you say that a Russian game seems to have designed maps where Russian tanks have the best matches.

  • TheUnknownOne _1
    TheUnknownOne _1

    QB try play the Mobile version (WoT Blitz) XD

  • tobiseal

    Laughs in Bourrasque.

  • Daz J
    Daz J

    Have they fixed their crap MM yet sick of getting hammered 2 15 or 3 15 no fun anymore.

  • Undertow

    This tank is bad.

  • Jurnik Jilvacz
    Jurnik Jilvacz

    Please stop insulting our intelligence by telling us that balancing 600 tanks is tricky. Thats misleading as hell: Sure, having to tinker with excel spreadsheets of 600 vehicles to balance the values is a nightmare, but the game fails in so many higher level concepts that such fine balance is not even the issue (corridor maps, matchmaking, gold ammo economy, etc). Further, introducing a new vehicle into the existing ecosystem is a much more straight forward job. You craft the thing to fit a playstile and balance it against the comparable, existing ones. They just dump power creeped god tier 8s to force people to pay. Free players are just cannon fodder for the ones paying.

  • Demonic Kon
    Demonic Kon

    fixing the Meta could be so easy, just remove that +2 MM !!!

    • jhbd

      How on earth would that fix it? A porgetto46 will still be far more competitive than any techtree tier VIII med. The power creep is the problem.


    I just receive 1 mark of excellence badge what is that?

  • Yura Boyko
    Yura Boyko

    There are plenty of tanks like this, this one is the worst, with its low 1200hp

  • Masseffectless

    Dear quickybaby. I've been playing my FV4005 without prem HE for a day now to prove it can do good without 230 pen. Wish me lucm

  • Pedro

    I dare everyone to play AMX CDC nowadays in WOT....

    • De Lawrence
      De Lawrence

      I did, 2 games a few days ago and while I did good, 3k+ damage in both of them, 1100+ base XP, the tank still suffers from one issue, horrible soft stats on the gun. DPM is fine, mobility is stil fine(slapped a turbo on it wa wee, it's a different tank). It never had armor, that was it's shtick, big, fast, good gun, huge profile, clear upside and downside. The only thing it needs is a reduction in turret traverse dispersion, from 0.15 currently to maybe 0.11 and the tank traverse from 0.19 to 0.16. Do that and I feel like the CDC would once agian be competitive.

  • The Mad Titan
    The Mad Titan

    That’s why this tank meets tier X tanks in 80% of the time, that’s why MM is powerful. Match maker actually keeps all the OP premium tanks in balance and around 50 win ratio. Take Defender as an example, in the beginning you have a huge amount of battles where you are the top tier tank, nowadays you mostly end up as a low tier fighting vs tiers IX and X, that’s bcs Defender hits that win ratio limit too fast and MM keeps it in balance. But not just Defender, MM works like that for every single tank in this game. So, from my point of view I don’t see the problem. And btw, STB 1 will be nerfed after top of the tree special. I’m sure you all know why.

  • Andrei Grigoras
    Andrei Grigoras

    I saw the missiles go through the tanks , with zeroo damage!! This game is not fun anymore! Ilove this game but i will uninstall. Too toxic:

  • Andrew Vader
    Andrew Vader

    Can you made a video where this game is going? Haven't played in a few years lol

  • yx xy
    yx xy

    "Tier 8 techtree tanks can feel awkward for players to try and play" QB please stop beating around the bush, and say it: tier 8 is a festival of premium tanks, that have completely fcked up the meta of the game. Now tier 8 skirmishes are strictly about bringing premium autoloaders and waiting for the unfortunate opponents that did not have the money for it. Progettos, Bourrasques and such are so so out of the league for tech tree tanks, that they seem like aliens on the battlefield. It's like in Age Of Empires, when you brought in the cobra car (the blue with white stripes) and went to town on the poor peasants. So please please QB stop the BS ans say it out loud: tier8 is for players with big wallets, that feel the need to compensate for the lack of equipment in the underpants department...

    • yx xy
      yx xy

      @Söldner Freak I still enjoy tier 6 SH battles, not too many premium tanks to compeet with techtree vehicles (type64 is the only one).

    • Söldner Freak
      Söldner Freak

      thats the main reason I have quit the game a few years ago, I will come back from time to time for a few games but its sadly not great for me anymore espacially since the mid tier (6-8) was the place were I had the most fun (the reason might be that im a great player and the stockgrind for tier 9 was/is pretty bad) and they kinda destroyed these tiers with all the premium tanks and if I think about the hightier its so much power creep so im even less interessted in them (and to get there you have to fight threw the premium tier hell unless you grind insame amouts of free xp/pay to skip the grind)

    • Kiimoru Breaking Games
      Kiimoru Breaking Games

      Well said.


    I like tech tree tanks and i do not think premium tanks must get bether an bether

  • NewVegasNerd

    I've got a solution to tier 8 tanks seeming underpowered. Don't let them see tier ten tanks. Simple.

  • Mickleblade

    Add in small maps and corridors and a tier 6 can't even keep its distance or flank... I'm not saying go AFK but....

  • Dan Wei
    Dan Wei

    i mean the recent mediums are a lot less pay2winny than say a defender or skorpion, also why even bother comparing 274 to the long out of meta t54mod1 ?! t44-100, Lis etc all are better than some random ass tank that is out of meta for a long time.

  • Pavlos D303_PL
    Pavlos D303_PL

    I agree with QuickyBaby opinion because Obj. 274a could be on tier IX (its stats matches to the typical IX tier tank).

  • Permanently Disappointed
    Permanently Disappointed

    Russian tanks are stupid proof and drunk proof and the rest of the game accommodates them. Totally not intended, honest.

  • charlie drake
    charlie drake


  • potato killer
    potato killer

    i love the 274a but i can't make it work, i have a 41%wnr in the tank witch is my worst by far but i am averaging 2k damage so is it me that's the problem or is it the team?

    • Jurre Janssen
      Jurre Janssen

      Got it too man, just try to always go with some teammates and never alone

  • Karel Pompi
    Karel Pompi

    Tier 10 premium Bourrasque

  • Tosius


  • Widecrow -
    Widecrow -

    11:02 Did QB just say 'tier 8 meme-ium tanks'?