ULTIMATE AMBUSH in World of Tanks!
Today in World of Tanks we're going to have to hold our resolve and set an ambush in the FV 4005 II!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • WazheadBoci

    No arty, enemy waited for the reloads gj :)


    European players laying down not giving a fight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    Win ratio is being wrecked by fake robots 🤖


    Tier six and five you can’t play right now cuz the team players refuse to fight They play it for fun they refuse to play to win


    So why are people on my team Just laying down and not giving a fight PlayStation and Xbox platform What is really going on Why does it feel like it’s me vs 29 I hope they are people more like a bot on easy

  • Schachi

    They once tried to carve Chuck Norris' face into Mount Rushmore, but the granite wasn't hard enough for his beard.

  • CBKillas

    Game is paid trash.

  • Rosivok

    even though the holiday is over, there is still a filthy amount of gold ammo being spewed in almost every game.

  • 2 Short
    2 Short

    You let your guy get killed sat and watched him literally and didn't get the kill for yourself 🤦‍♂️👏

  • Fritz Müller
    Fritz Müller

    For this tank u need stupid player, so pay for all, get privileged

  • vanvan22

    Right QB, good ambush, but better hard hitting tank !!!

  • Wayne Alan
    Wayne Alan

    Chuck Norris does not do push ups. He pushes the world down.

  • Dougie Fresh
    Dougie Fresh

    talk less

  • Goratch the mule
    Goratch the mule

    I have 3 premium Modules in mine xD


    Well qb the 263 is tier 10 not 9

  • beastt

    Nice video!

  • loneZombieHeart

    gg. But that WOT mechanic is crap. A TD as big as a House, wont get spotted behind a Tree.

  • The Godlike
    The Godlike

    nice... i played world of tanks after 2 months... and by standing in one place i dealt 8k dmg and 8kills on overlord and carried the game :P, FV seems to work

  • Game Tribezzz
    Game Tribezzz

    U ded?

  • Mihael Rusan
    Mihael Rusan

    Can you mak a video explaining wich tanks are the best 2 buy with bonds (whic ones are worth it)?

  • Goois Jochie
    Goois Jochie

    Question: shall I go for the 430u or the object 140?

  • EVO WoT Replays
    EVO WoT Replays


  • fatih imral
    fatih imral

    I do not play WOT anymore but still watch QB

  • Bartek

    Very nasty way of playing, they must be soo angry at you

  • Carter Wilde
    Carter Wilde

    Everyone is still loading gold...

  • George Ramirez
    George Ramirez

    why is an actor the most dangerous man in the world

  • Precursor

    Yeah, these tier X vs tier VIII videos are getting old.

  • Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus
    Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus

    Hello there dear tankers. What do you think, shouldi buy the Jgdpz E 100 or the Grille 15?

  • Anthony Simpson
    Anthony Simpson

    So after way too many battles putting up with all the immature, entitled idiots who can't wait to scream "CAMPERS!" , usually of course from the safety of the garage, at anyone who dares to wait behind a rock to catch out any unsuspecting enemy you are now suggesting that I wait behind a rock to catch out any unsuspecting enemy? Sounds like a good idea to me.

  • David Xu
    David Xu

    Sixth sense should just be free on every single tank like it is in world of tanks blitz. Also premium shells like APCR should do less dmg to compensate the better pen like in world of tanks blitz

  • Samuli Liukko
    Samuli Liukko

    I would love to see Quickybaby reacting to the tier 10 video AwesomeEpicGuys made🙏

  • БалалаечНиК 6aJIaJIaiwHiK
    БалалаечНиК 6aJIaJIaiwHiK

    Привет! На RSloft появился новый канал и ищет своих подписчиков. Если тебе не лень посмотри и выскажи свое мнение. Автор 6aJIaJIaiwHiK, это я, будет очень признателен за подписку, лайки и комментарии.

  • Medionxtr

    Arty would have been able to stop your ambush...

  • Rikard Johansen
    Rikard Johansen

    total broken piss game

  • stu harris
    stu harris

    This is the first time I have been compeled to comment. If this was your ''Ultimate'' Ambush, I am really disappointed. I am annoyed that you just let your teamate be sacrificed (Jagpanzer) for over half of your damage. Sure, the 703 was going to die anyway, but the only reason you survived was due to the Jagpanzer. I ususally like watching how you respond to all us 'Donkeys' get slaughtered, but this one- NO! You just left the Jagpanzer to take the focus so Your Tank could score.

  • Dude Mulokovich
    Dude Mulokovich

    Quickybaby are u a German with good english pronouncement? Im a German too greetings anyways If u are not a german i realy Like ure Videos u are so funny somtimes

  • Arkon Slorman
    Arkon Slorman

    2:45 "wait until you got your opponents truly locked down" well, this sounds just like the strategy to go with in 2021

  • WoT Hog
    WoT Hog

    Try that again Quack with three arties on the enemy team.

  • Callista Tyrel
    Callista Tyrel

    No Artillery allows certain interesting things to happen ....

  • Reacting2 Youtube
    Reacting2 Youtube

    When are they gonna fix console wot because when my tank is low health my tank turns so black that I can't even see the weakpoints correctly

  • Steeljaw XXI
    Steeljaw XXI

    Sure the FV4005 Stage II is the most dangerous tank (in some opinions) in the game. But with Chuck Norris in the TC chair, he's demanding to know why he's not sitting in an FV4005 Stage II-2. Double the s**t in the barn, double the reload tea time, and practically flip the entire thing if you double shoot angled off the side of the hull. Come on WarGaming, you're disappointing Chuck.

  • yakolitz

    amazing spot


    Do you think dan tdm can play this?

  • The Average Beast
    The Average Beast

    can you do a video on the object 257

  • Gord

    Thanks, RSloft, for the 4th notification of this video. I watched it already so you can stand down.

  • NightBird

    QuickyBaby, you forgot your normal intro!

  • Escadrill

    Hi Quick....question...how u use camera view in game...when you zoom some point on the map ?

  • Garrett Bevelhimer
    Garrett Bevelhimer

    Legend says Chuck Norris got 4,000 wn8 in a 1998 dell laptop

  • Robert Half
    Robert Half

    I bought this tank after watching you make these kind of kills. I ALWAYS am killed before getting a shot off. Worst, I NEVER get a one shot result. I think I don't know how to get gold rounds and cannot locate any instructions. HELP!!

  • BrickbuilderX

    I hate Chuck, he is so annoying when he talks...and what is even more unfortunate, is that you can't give him the regular commander voice. He only has good stats to offer....

  • Zoris ASMR
    Zoris ASMR

    FV 4005 sucks on console :( (damage)

  • Mythicraven

    Hey Quickybaby can u do a review for the tier 10 Russian arty

  • Isaiah McLeod
    Isaiah McLeod

    What mods/settings is he using to have a damage/blocked/assisted damage next to his health?

    • Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus
      Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus

      This is not a mod, you have to look in the settings for battle notifications. You can set the date there. Are you new to WoT?

  • Tangled and Happiness
    Tangled and Happiness

    3:59 you should shoot the open top of the tank.... It was so annoying to see those chances go wasted.

  • allMONEYin3755

    this game is the buttest. war thunder is titts

  • I Recycle Oxygen
    I Recycle Oxygen

    I do believe quacky to be a smart player obviously but I wonder how much of this he consciously thinks during the game vs him just acting and reacting on instinct in the moment.

  • Icy Potato
    Icy Potato

    ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ That's my thoughts on this channel

  • Lejoncarl

    Well hello there! I got recommended one of your videos some days ago and i got some flashbacks when me and my friend used to watch u back in 2012 when we downloaded the game. Just stared playing again after some years. I’m glad to see that you’re still doing videos, keep up the good work :) And thank u for being a part of my childhood :)

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName
    Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    "I put Chuck Norris on my FV4005." Cultural appropriation!!!! (j/k - but we all know he belongs on the T29 T7 US Hvy)



  • Meshman 2015
    Meshman 2015

    Welp I hope PC dosnt get the same update console did... if it dose who knows how many players would quit

  • Debra Yoder
    Debra Yoder

    Hey qb when are you gonna do a review your 17k spotting game

  • Jao Bek1
    Jao Bek1

    do the review on 112 i think you never did one.

  • Grumpy OldMan
    Grumpy OldMan

    easy mode without the standard 3 scumbags shooting at you from afar

  • cedy_games_vraze

    imagine this tank with the same gun mechanik as the T49 from the mirny event

  • DangRockets

    You look like Ming the Merciless with that goatee

  • Piotr Montgomery TV
    Piotr Montgomery TV

    They should BUFF KV-2's armour and HP to 3000, and put it on Tier 10, and BUFF it's Alpha to 2000 and penetration to 400mm, it would be like in War Thunder.

  • Gabriel Shavgulidze
    Gabriel Shavgulidze

    * sad FV215b 183 noises*

  • Mika

    who's the " most dangerous man in the world " ?????!!!!...you ?!!! :))))

  • Josshy TehComrade A18 TK
    Josshy TehComrade A18 TK

    My Favorite Line From Chuck Is "They Got Me" Cuz He Is The Commander Of The Tank And The Narrator... But If You Have A Different Commander Or Normal He Would Say They Got The Commander But He Or Herself Is The Commander... And I Have Chuck On My P44 Cuz Is My Only Tier 8 And My First Tier 8 Medium Tank.. Not My Only Tier 8 On A Different Account I Have IS 2 II..

  • Sinhareeb Hawil
    Sinhareeb Hawil


  • Shuffler131

    Why didnt you put him in the original death star as its still in the game?

  • WonkyWifi

    Must be nice to have that alpha and pen, console got nerfed all to hell.

  • Omar Saad
    Omar Saad

    "What HESH,that was me spitting on tanks"

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost

    On WoT console, its only like 1400 and the WoT console is absolute shit

  • atomic V
    atomic V

    fv215b 183 is worse :P

  • SorinL

    With what to equip the fv4005?

  • Layne Bartz
    Layne Bartz

    Anybody else ask themselves if this tactic will work with the kv -2?

  • armin kohani
    armin kohani

    i missed chuck only by one mission

  • Rick Deckard
    Rick Deckard

    you take way too long to take your shots. like all the time.

  • Dale Platt
    Dale Platt

    It can be a good spot, yes! As long as the other team does not have a single competent SPG... And Yes! They knew you were there, after the first kill... Keeping you lit or dealing with you was another matter altogether though... It was that magical combo of things coming together all at once though...

  • Eric Burke
    Eric Burke

    How do you get the damage up top left?

  • John R
    John R

    QB is lucky there's no 3 arty on the red team. Wouldn't have been able to pull off this game with arty.

  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby

    QB stealing my ambush spot that I've been using for.........THREE YEARS!!!

  • David Zarecky
    David Zarecky

    FV4005 looks like a tank produced by a nation which saw its last days as a manufacturing powerhouse in the late 19th century

  • Kutejikashi

    I fucking lost my chance to get chuck because my hard drive decided to fucking yeet me in like the last days of the event. I want to fucking die.

  • Warren

    Needs the Chuck unbreakable paint

  • Jan Kratochvil
    Jan Kratochvil

    I did the same with my Chuck :D and FV4005, i am not alone obviously.

  • Jan Kratochvil
    Jan Kratochvil

    I did the same with my Chuck :D and FV4005, i am not alone obviously.

  • Nikolaos Thalassinos
    Nikolaos Thalassinos

    Positional power, the new name for camping.

  • TCheslin7

    Got him in my Ebr he’s hilarious

  • Jukem 360
    Jukem 360

    Quickybaby i posted a replay in the Renegade on wotreplays (6k damage, 3k blocked, 2k spotting) had to carry too hard

  • Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore

    What is better, the American lights or mediums?

  • Jinan Hwasal
    Jinan Hwasal

    Kv2 derp him self when chuck point his gun at it

  • Javier Perez
    Javier Perez

    Fv is toxic for the game, it shoud have its hesh removed or the tank itself removed

  • jdev2010

    It seems this is different version than the hero’s version world of tank .am i right?!

  • ghost soldier
    ghost soldier

    Imagine if this tank has this damage in blitz

    • Elka Sir
      Elka Sir

      I mean, it's in the 183, but we have an autoloader in the 4005 instead

  • Pr3d4tor

    i will put chuck in the obj 430u.. lets see how it will work out!

  • Rishare hraje
    Rishare hraje

    How would it look with 6 arties?