Today on Christmas I'm going to spill the beans about how I started playing World of Tanks and what keeps me hooked!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

  • Lemon_ exe
    Lemon_ exe

    I like this game cuz you don't need to be good at "gaming" (like sweating in call of duty) but you need a brain and have a strategie

  • Agent Hitler
    Agent Hitler

    That's why I hate premium tanks.The players will either be god-tier or horse shit.

  • Tuareg Akavir
    Tuareg Akavir

    this game is a rigged crap. the more you pay into your account for whatever reason (like buying prem time, consumables, crew training, prem tanks etc.) the better soft stats (higher penetration rolls, lower deviation roll, better spotting) you get and also better teams, if you dont pay, it goes the opposite way, you will have harder battles with worse teams, your shots will go more to the edge of the aimcircle, you will have lower pen rolls... all this just to make you frustrated until you start paying

  • Tanders p99
    Tanders p99

    Chill and fun don’t go with wot

  • Victor

    Game is garbage, I install it every few months to see state of it. It amazes me how worse it gets each time compared to earlier updates. WOT barely has anything to do with actual skill. What decides victory? RNG and OP tanks. Goal of game is to frustrate you and make you spend money on premium tanks and gambling boxes. That's the model how they make money and probably won't change ever. Save your nerves and money, pay for something that is enjoyable to play. Vote with your money, that's the only language WG understands. As long you give them money, they will not fix the game cause strategy works (for them).

  • bikebudha01

    QB plays WOT because he makes money at it... end of story...

  • Zen Masters
    Zen Masters

    Same here, went for the Tiger 1 first, forst X tier was E100, and rest is history lol. Never managed to get the Type 59 when it was on sale, back in the day.

  • mwnciboo

    Eve Online...I had to stop. It was like a full-on stock trader. With multiple screens, excel spreadsheets, making shipments out of JITA. I traded billions. Crazy. I realised, for the hours and money I put in, I should just start day trading.

  • john banks
    john banks

    why i keep taking long breaks from this game, being on the losing side so much...so many people will not listen to advice, watch videos or pay attention in the game so they just rush to the opponents and die in a min or two..no matter how much i get better i cannot win the game solo..i have had my moments where i do great..but in general i need others on the team to do their jobs and if they do not..losing side..and i get so tired of being in losing teams in open public games. This game gets so repetitive that way..so even though i was one of the early starters of the game..played from day one i now have to take long breaks because people just will not actually TRY it seems like

  • Cole Jordan
    Cole Jordan

    i first started playing on XBOX and the only reason i downloaded it was so that i could use the party feature

  • CT Yankee
    CT Yankee

    Forgot to mention how realistic it is; like aiming and firing at a track for 3 rounds and NOTHING happens to it. Or how almost EVERYONE who plays it has no idea about real armor tactics. OR how WOT explains how to even play it like War Thunder does.

  • Mordaan

    you fired gold at the end.. the 430 didn't.. that's all there is to it.

  • Pawar Om_2032
    Pawar Om_2032

    which laptop you use?

  • Neon Gamer
    Neon Gamer

    Geez man the last time i watched QB, he didnt have a santa claus beard.

  • Heinz Guderian
    Heinz Guderian

    I was at the WTU on Ft Bragg waiting for surgery after a deployment(2012). Every commercial break on TV included at least 1 for WoT, sometimes multiple commercials. In my stupor I decided setting up an account would make those annoying commercials go away. They didn't, and I still play every day.

  • Al

    I played since beta too but still at tier 7 dont play much but I still do, wot and wt for me hahaha, man but still watch your content still hahah

  • MrJoeGarner

    I had been playing Warcraft, the community was horrible then and still is as far as I know. Here in WOT there are some toxic players, but you don't end up dealing with the for more than a game. So, I love this game and have been playing for 4 years now, and it has taken me a while to learn the in's and out's of the game, but finally I am moving up in the game as I wanted to.

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • TN RC
    TN RC

    Merry Christmas, Quickybaby!

  • Der T3rmin4tor
    Der T3rmin4tor

    For me world of tanks is a fantastic game. I love the consept and everything, also for me the premium tanks and premium ammo and stuff isnt a big problem. But ohhh god it is a Rng party at its finest. I hate it when a game is so rng based like this game. You shot a tank multiple time, shells fly left and right but never where you want them to go. No matter how long i play this game a day, there is always the point where i lose a fight just because rng and that is the moment where i alt+f4 and dont touch that game for the rest of the day. It is sooooo frustrating to play a game that doesnt do what you want it to do. And dont start to talk about realism, just google it. there are papers that show that tanks were dman precise when standing, dispersion of 10 cm at 1km range. Moving is a whole other catagory, as they didnt had a gyrosystem and laser guidence. But still. Also dont start to cry about bush campers, other shooters have a way better precision system and have the same campers and it is playable. I rather have a reliable system that actually does what i want it to do, than a rng based system where i am from time to time on the lucky side. Because even though statistically it is 50/50 or close to it, it will always feel like you are on the losing edge. Oh and i wont even start at damage range, that duck is absolut mind boggeling stupid. There is a reason why every popular shooter has fixed damage and weakpoints rather than a damage range. Sorry but when what is the excuse when i am lowrolling a leaving the enemy on 3 hp and he gets a high roll and kills me, even though i shoot first while being unspotted. Well i know the excuse, "Duck you, just duck you". Thats the excusse.

    • Der T3rmin4tor
      Der T3rmin4tor

      Oh and i would also like a system where the aim circle is devided in certain spots, like inner circle 65% hit chance, middle circle 25% and outer circle 10% so we have at least a little bit more reliability.

  • Crock

    U got 9 stripes on ur E100?!

  • Loadstone

    War thunder

  • Jonathan Parsons
    Jonathan Parsons

    As an American; not sure America is doing too well... Hopefully things will get better

  • Dingerboy

    found your channel. love it bro

  • Tony

    You play the game because you get paid to. Be honest.

  • DA HUNTER21111
    DA HUNTER21111

    WoT is so garbage that i quit it for war thunder even doe i spent hundred of dollars on it, its just not enjoyable anymore

  • Furipuri

    You're such a wholesome person

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • TheWamjet

    Why I don't play WoT: the talentless gold spam per video #1.

  • RèéD '-'
    RèéD '-'

    15:50 is that not how it works 0.0 oh no I’m stupid

  • Sighduf

    I am not playing it since 2014 but like to watch how other plays.

  • Sighduf

    Enemies Tiger 2 did 393 damage :D

  • RJay Yans
    RJay Yans

    Well .. QB videos made to comeback to WoT every time I ignores it for months because its getting ugly..

  • HENRY da8th187
    HENRY da8th187

    Why we dont play world of tanks.

  • Nuke Hall
    Nuke Hall

    Have you all heard of our lord and saviour War Thunder? Better graphics, more realistic, vastly better damage model, larger variety of vehicles, come my friends join me

  • Mike Sa
    Mike Sa

    This is soo boring,wot is shit, war thunder is a lot better

  • ragnar lothbrok
    ragnar lothbrok

    New drinking game every time he says world of tanks or tanks or tank take a shot

  • MoparMan

    Good for you, QB. Personally, I left this shitshow about 7 years ago, when I saw where it was heading, and how WG basically gave the middle finger to it's customers all the time...

  • Levi Quintero
    Levi Quintero

    As an unofficial official representative of giajen entertainment, I formally invite you to play War Thunder.

  • Zuluparaszt3

    In the closed beta there was only the maus:/

  • DarkRedZane

    I first played this game back at 2012 and man I immediately got hooked up. My fun and unforgettable experiences was: >My Hetzer casually getting top gun medals and even a couple of radley walter's because enemies get one shotted of Derp Gun >Frustrated why my T1 HT cannot penetrate KV-1 >Envious of those Stuart light tanks because of their speed >Sui-scout (Suicide scouting with light tanks) was still a thing >Always wondering how I get one shotted by enemy artilleries every damn time (AP shell) >My M6 1v1 against Tiger II and winning the game by flanking and permatracking him from behind a building >How I felt I got scammed into T32 from T29 because of literally the same gun but a tier higher >Solo hard carrying a game 1v7 with my JagdPanther II with 2.5k base exp after I won (I was still a noob back then so this was a very memorable game to me) >Joining my first Clan War with my M103 (because our clan got short of players and I'm the only one who has at least tier 9 available >Finally having my first Tier 10, T110e5 and being able to constantly be on CW's >and so on...

  • EsDeath Kirigami
    EsDeath Kirigami

    "tanks" to you that you make the videos!

  • Timberwolfe

    No Brothers in Arms at the end? Shame

  • muntean nicolae andrei
    muntean nicolae andrei


  • CIOC

    I think you play wot because: You want to hawe no fun You want to get frustrated You want to aim at a tank and the shell fly in the wot black hole Because you want to lose Enjoy

  • Da Farmer
    Da Farmer

    I started out going to down the American line in 2012 or Whenever the beta came to Xbox 360. My buddy went down the German line I made it to the Jumbo Sherman and man oh man what a beast that was. When it fully released I went up the American line but went to the M6 instead so so compared to the Jumbo. T29 after last package was a beast but I didn’t understand armor got to the t32 and was stuck on that tank for a whole year and got my tiger 2 at the same time. M103 was great after you get the 120 and before the nerf of 2019 the E5 was my all time favorite tank so damn much armor hill down but now it’s so so. My favorite tier 10 right now is probably the T57

  • Prout Sider
    Prout Sider

    Go play war thunder

  • DaJokrz

    I remember playing Eve Online. I took a break for 8 months, cane back and my account had been hacked and my toons gone. CCP basically said it was my fault for not using there authenticator (which they didnt have when I left), so i cancelled the subs on all my alts and left it behind. My main ended up in a russian corp, go figure.

  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perry

    I really like that the Tiger 1 has a 5.7 second reload and 2900 Dpm when you fully kit it out. >:D

  • ClickBaited

    I havnt seen quickybaby for 2 years, his facial hair has aged him 15 years in the timeframe of 2 years :O

  • Mike2020mike2020

    I remember I got my Closed Beta invite from an ad on free online games .com. It has been a long 10 years.

  • ROM GL
    ROM GL

    How about a nice experiment? Try playing from a random IP, not known to WG, I wonder if unicum winrate will hold.

  • bikebudha01

    The only reason to play WOT is if you get paid to (as QB does). I quit 6 months ago. This is the first winterfest I've missed in six years. I have ZERO regrets. Game is dead. Well, more accurately, the player base is dead. At least on NA. When there are only 2-3 competant (not great, not outstanding, but basic competance) on each team - it sucks the life out of the gameplay. Imagine you are a college level or pro football player. You show up to play and 3-4 other college/pro players show up while the rest of the team is high schoolers. You aren't going to have any fun. Either all the college/pros get put on your team and you breeze over a highly unskilled enemy. Or all the other college/pros get put on the enemy team and you're left trying to carry 14 retards. And on those rare occasions where there are 2-3 college/pros on both teams, it's far less about the skilled players and far more about which teams 10-13 morons fail faster. Don't get me wrong, I played the game for over 10 years. But last year January-ish, the game just turned/went sour. I "played" till June, hoping it was a temporary dip due to covid. But it just kept getting worse. Unplayable. Sad.....

  • Richard Maxwell
    Richard Maxwell

    RIP graphic card

  • Jon Childers
    Jon Childers

    @19:20 I envisioned C3PO talking to R2D2 as they are moving away from an attack

  • Phantom Echelon
    Phantom Echelon

    New QB festive t-shirt..."GET YER TANKS OUT FOR CHRISTMAS!" 🎅

  • Cosmin Cojocea
    Cosmin Cojocea

    You play world of tanks because people are stupid.

  • Grego Bobotto
    Grego Bobotto

    Eve Online! Omg so many great memories with that game! But like you said, it's like a second job... Do you still play Eve Online? I unfortunately had to give up.


    I started playing because i liked the stuG III td, and watching videos of it, i saw a replay of it in this game

  • Ammageddon89

    Why i watch your videos - they are more enjoyable than the actual game. Ive been playing 9 years, still haven't got an tier 10 tank. I have the JgdPzE100 researched, but nowhere near enough credits. And i am NOT paying 50 bucks for a Tank that is supposed to be free.

  • Robert Half
    Robert Half

    A "wierd Christmas," you say? Then you are noticing the steady decline of man, who, following the dictates of his, supposedly, supreme intellect, which has its roots in what was known in the distant past as the Cardinal Sin of Pride, to dismantle the long known Feast of Christ's Mass, and turn a Holy Day into a holiday, and make it the biggest payday in filthy lucre to commercial establishments, and rape and pillage human souls from the Sacraments of the Catholic Church in order to make them catastrophically vulnerable to the seduction of the evil ones, who saturate this earth in these last days. Any of this sound familiar?

  • Matias Garcia
    Matias Garcia

    Quicky i love your videos!!!! can you try to play warthunder and give us your impressions??? i dont know what to play!!!! greetings from Argentina!!!!

  • andrex604

    The t34 was the first tank i aimed for

  • Dawid N
    Dawid N

    Why? -for Money

  • Shane Hodge
    Shane Hodge


  • game boy
    game boy

    I was playing online shooting game and got an AD of World Of Tanks and i started playing it since summer of 2013. I have couple of accounts.

  • Lakishaaa

    @Laponac IS BETTER

  • Soul Marauder 59
    Soul Marauder 59

    1:47 cancer game lmao

  • NurS Wasser
    NurS Wasser

    Why u play wot? You have every tank. Seriously, for a player that is new to the game, there's literally no reason to play this anymore

  • Craig Clarke
    Craig Clarke

    You what I miss the most about WOT? The youtubers that cover it, almost makes me want to play again...almost.

  • Mage653

    I started playing world of tanks 5 years ago. And the reason is THE TIGER 1 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vas1900

    Interesting, many ex eve-online played or play WOT. Myself included. Hmm

  • Servile Lupus
    Servile Lupus

    Good memories, I was downloading my WoW addons and Curse popped up offering a closed beta key.

  • Mikey Stevenson
    Mikey Stevenson

    Thanks so much QB, you've been a great creator for content and I've loved all of your videos, I started playing in 2012, and I've had breaks from the game, but I never stopped watching your videos, Happy Holidays from the U.S! And keep it up!

  • The Amazing Goldfish
    The Amazing Goldfish

    Merry Christmas Quicky and an happy 4th of July,.. LoL🏹🤠👍

  • Simmons327

    You should talk about your time in Eve! Would love to hear whom you flew with and how into it you got\.

  • CyberKnife

    Quicky Baby...the 3 millionth person to play WoWs in the beginning with the object of getting to play the Tiger. Then quickly became the 3 millionth person to be bummed out when they realize the possible best tank of the era is a POS in this game because it's armor isn't sloped and unlike real life in here every tank outclasses it. In WWII Tigers gave Allies nightmares. In WoTs they're a joke. Always have been from day 1.

  • True Grid
    True Grid

    it's fun?

  • lana turner
    lana turner

    Hi there, QB just wanted me to tell you the Covid vaccine is very dangerous and none of you should ever even consider taking it.

  • Copra Jor-El
    Copra Jor-El

    Those crashes are typical and way too common even with gaming rigs way better than required for top performance (claimed by WG, that is). Very good Belorussian coding, it is.

  • Dieter Paschkewitz
    Dieter Paschkewitz

    The Video in short he needs money to live off

  • Cyril Poon
    Cyril Poon

    @QuickBaby with 10 years of WOT, wonder if you will make a clip of showing how WOT evolve over the time e.g. graphic quality, etc? (Or already there is one?)

  • Five headed Goat
    Five headed Goat

    I play on console and Oml I was so lucky I played the tiger 2 before it got nerfed. It used to be so godly

  • Zonde LV
    Zonde LV

    Hey, how to lock ur turret?

  • Arkkis27

    Man it has been a long time.. I have been following you since those yearly years. Ofc played WOT during those days but stopped at around 2014.. And still here I'm still watching and enjoying your content in 2020! I think that says a lot about your work.

  • Tyler West
    Tyler West

    Rip console

  • Flying Berserker
    Flying Berserker

    I play because the competition manage to still be worse ( warhunder) its less frustating and i rage less than warthunder, but both games are crap honestly

  • XsplitX

    a q uses the rtx 3080 you ned to lower the clocking . by higher cloks there are bad interferences on the gpu try lower the clocking be 10 mhz

  • Dan Chesser
    Dan Chesser

    65andOver; NA Server: Hey QB; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. sorry for not being a part of your Paid subscribers anymore, but times are tough. I still play and still watch your videos, really like your content and still learning how to play the game. Keep making the videos and giving us some good laughs and some good tech tips. see you next year!!!!

  • Raphael boily
    Raphael boily

    That game could be so good if they remove arties.

  • Rock Carver
    Rock Carver

    Why are you having to "Overclock" your system? It cost you a battle but i would think that the super system that you have is plenty fast enough, is it really making a difference that you notice?

  • danbuter

    I gave up on WoT about six months ago. The combination of wheelies and arty just made it no fun at all. Glad you still like it though!

  • P cj
    P cj

    14:02 I thought I was the only one experiencing such issues. Im glad Im not the only one whose game client crashes in the middle of the game, bc of some gpu bug related to wot

  • Adrian Zimmer
    Adrian Zimmer

    How can you say that you made a good shot in in a game where it's random if you hit our not. This game is the biggest noob friendly game ever made. When you flank some one it means nothing you do like 300 dmg but it doesn't matter. I don't now why this game is out there making so mutch money

  • Hightown


  • JookySeaCpt

    I was introduced to WoT by some friends that I used to play DotA and WoW with. Playing in a platoon with them was what made the game special. Sadly as the years have gone by I have fewer and fewer friends to play these types of games with as real life obligations take over.

  • BreadPitt

    thank god. i'm not the only one with the latest version crashing every few games....


    Wish my pc could handle the ram and graphic requierments so i just play blitz.

  • Zlatko K
    Zlatko K

    "WHY I PLAY WORLD OF TANKS" - Because they pay you, and by the way, you make money here from commercials.