World of Tanks: Order of War - 1 vs 7 RTS
World of Tanks is testing a new game mode on the Sandbox where 1 player controls 7 tanks against 7 players on the enemy team - Order of War!
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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code "QBWOT" to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.

  • Lo

    Total War players, COH players, Men of War players, Dawn of war players: *Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!*

  • RedShocktrooper

    If this was done with lower tier tanks I'd be more inclined to try it

  • ACE Internet Fighter Pilot
    ACE Internet Fighter Pilot

    this shit looks garbage. if it costs me any of my credits then fuck this mode .

  • AssaultRazvan

    It is almost like The Commander for WoT Console version

  • Rufus pagett
    Rufus pagett


  • Layden Warner
    Layden Warner

    Reminds me of commander mode early last year. If I recall to keep the mode relevant you received a load of rewards every match. Also there was no restriction to playing commander back to back (no earning tokens). It was clunky but thought it was worth it if you need quick coins for a upgrade, or to buy back tanks.

  • Coolzombie

    I really want this to become a gamemode because I don't meet the requirements as I was playing on console for 7 years and now I got a pc

  • thorsmith59

    Looks dumb!

  • James Solomon
    James Solomon

    I don't have any tier 10 tanks and haven't been playing for a yr but I did apply and I got selected

  • Fuchsi

    Must be the good old Command & Conquer ai XD

  • AcedFox

    Place 6 rammers (E50's, AMX 50's, etc) in the list control them as a group and just ram the enemies 1 by 1 xD those you can't ram you can shoot afterward. (most likely NOT a working tactic, just something that came to my mind, but then i do not play the sandbox right now)

  • nenadmish

    Are you a military guy, something like a intelligence, or military planner?

  • Orlando Paço
    Orlando Paço

    On the game mode I agree with you, please, let it grow, but do trim! I too look like an ally cat when I grow.

  • Burleigh

    Hi QB what is this new Tier X clan wars tank Carro 45T ? Have you played it?

  • Piotr Wojtyna
    Piotr Wojtyna

    I really like QB's objective approach to wg ideas. It is rare to find any content like this on YT nowdays. You're my man QB. Cheers 👍

  • Hal shot first
    Hal shot first

    One issue I see with this is you only get to be the strategist very occasionally. Honestly? I could see this finding success as a standalone RTS where both sides play as commanders but in WoT we have to pay for repairs and ammo. No thanks.

  • james casswell
    james casswell

    Console has done this for about 2 years now on events

  • Pal Cabral
    Pal Cabral

    WG wasting resources on brainless game modes. Again.

  • GG life
    GG life

    qb i have been away for 7 months why do you look like you are 70? :DDDD what happened

  • Mangrey

    that Game mode reminds me of the Old CVs In Wows (The commander part)

    • Ben Lubbers
      Ben Lubbers

      My favourite part of the game, I miss it a lot. Sounds like this game mode might just get me back in the game.

  • Jake

    I feel like 3 strategists on one team with 5 tanks a piece vs 15 tankers may make it more fun. It still gives that direction where WG want to go while making it less dependent on the skill of the lone commander and more dependent on the skill of the group of commanders working together.

  • Lipbeat

    Why on earth do they not make it strategist vs strategist?

  • Lipbeat

    'that amazing feeling to be able to control everything' -Quickybaby 2021

  • Coonah B
    Coonah B

    Holy**** havent seen u for a year.. cool beard.

  • Manhetna

    Biggest egocentric pleb of wot

  • voltron240

    Strategist vs strategist and i still wont get any matches on AU server

  • welshhwomble .Jules.
    welshhwomble .Jules.

    Console got this type of feature

  • Daniel T.
    Daniel T.

    I'd like to see some CoH2 pro to wipe the floor with players as a strategist.

  • Billy from H
    Billy from H

    Just shave man haha =)

  • Johnny The Sins
    Johnny The Sins

    I still play evolve after 5 years

  • aleksander poptomov
    aleksander poptomov

    ofc u need to have billions of tier 10s this has to be another shit event

  • Sukacita Yeremia
    Sukacita Yeremia

    Somehow they bought WoWS RTS mechanics to WoT... Man they really love CVs

  • Jurassic Jaw
    Jurassic Jaw

    I saw the title and I was like..... _I love RTS games_

  • David Y
    David Y

    I don't even have 7 tier X tanks (I have a few tier 9's ready to upgrade I just haven't yet.. still using my original 5 lol).

  • Tomas Rusakevic
    Tomas Rusakevic

    At least Type5 and TVP managed to cross the bridge :D they could just suicidal jump from it 😂😂😂

  • ghostrider13bg

    7 is too much for one player. 3 vs 3 players who can control all 7 tanks would be better

  • NeebsGaming EU
    NeebsGaming EU

    crap game mode 1 out of 10...

  • Rick McKie
    Rick McKie

    Great channel! Love watching your tactics and explanation. Have you ever thought about playing some matches with Lemmingrush and Claus Kellerman? I'd love to see all three of you platoon. Each of you play outstanding, and seem to have different approaches to the game. Might be pretty cool. Keep up the great vids!!!!

  • Joor Dovah
    Joor Dovah

    isn't this on wot console already?

  • Prokop Svoboda
    Prokop Svoboda

    good job video

  • Jonas W.
    Jonas W.

    Is the sandbox server the same like the common testserver?

  • Pepa Hrb
    Pepa Hrb

    Why new mode? We need to solve old problems first. 1. Broken matchmaking. 2. Some years ago I heard something about gold ammo will have lower alfa damage.... 3. Why there are such a overpowered tanks. Why T110E5 is not as good as T95/fv4201 Chieftain, both are very similar, ONLY FRONT ARMOR, but wait T110E5 does not even have good frontal armor. Ebrs kiling top tier games. 4. Top tier game with 3 SPGs Is a nightmare. No comment WG. You Are kiling this game for some years. How long it will WoT take to die?

  • Zsolt Horváth
    Zsolt Horváth

    this will be like the wt auf e100 event cuz that was pay2win u bought boxes and u could play with wt e100 i feel like this will be too

  • ovesamaki Gaming
    ovesamaki Gaming

    I got accepted to the sandbox server and I dont even own a Tier X

  • Daniel O'Connor
    Daniel O'Connor

    Then you will have people lining up to play their tens for cheap

  • Daniel O'Connor
    Daniel O'Connor

    Reduce the repair and ammo costs for strategist and tankers by 50%

  • Jorian M
    Jorian M

    QB do you still make your modpack ?

  • Costin Cristea
    Costin Cristea

    WG shows once again how lazy they are at properly develop new features that are made for the player's benefit and not just for directly printing money for their company.

  • Arturas Milasius
    Arturas Milasius

    what a shit

  • Jean Longsden
    Jean Longsden

    I would sooner play the old Historical Battle mode.

  • Darkgift Roland
    Darkgift Roland

    If they want to make a RTS game, make a RTS game, wtf is this shit doing in WOT?

  • mangetuffa

    Looks fun I must say. Hope this will be like frontline so you dont get tired of it right away.

  • junaid shahryar
    junaid shahryar

    if u win as a strategist will u get a kolobanov's medal?

  • Jesus von Nazaret
    Jesus von Nazaret

    With current matchmaking it already feels like playing with bots far too often. So many games end in a 15:0-5 win or defeat independent of the chance to win at the beginning of the battle. I enjoy close matches where the result is only 3 or 4 kills difference far more than all those delta 10 or higher wins.

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper

    Manned the e100 and cancelled it's orders

  • Yeah Really
    Yeah Really

    Order of War in a nutshell: "Fine. I'll do it myself."

  • Narwhal Burrito
    Narwhal Burrito

    Maybe make playing the strategist reallllllly expensive

  • Crazy Fox
    Crazy Fox

    11:25 why did it come up as ramming damage ?

  • raptorrex11

    This is a rotating mode on console(minus the turret placements). So i'm curious why it's not on pc. If i remember right it came out before or just after mercenary update.

  • DiamondJosh

    Video idea: you react to some of your oldest world of tanks clips

  • TaskForce Wolf141
    TaskForce Wolf141

    Sooo, commander mode from console that has been in the game for like a year?

  • Monument of Sins
    Monument of Sins

    This is literally just commander mode ripped right out of console.. Good job WG.

  • towman1970

    I played a tom clancy first person game and you could put other characters on your command by putting them in individual platoons. 2 guys company A, 1 guy company B etc. then you were able to use voice command/key command to start or stop each individual platoon.

  • Vaikka Lauri
    Vaikka Lauri

    why you dont just participate at team clash mode...

  • Captain Pickles
    Captain Pickles

    It’s going to be difficult to beat Road to Berlin. I wish I had just grind more...

  • Dominik Polaček
    Dominik Polaček

    Is this the guy who "cares more about brand than the community" ? Triggered

  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider

    wtf qb can you talk any faster i cant believe sometimes that you even have a channel

  • MIKE

    sup crybaby

  • rumblerow

    Another game mode that isn't to be accessed by most players that don't have a garage full of t10 tanks. Why not make it t7 or t8 so a larger player base can participate. Bring out a new mode most can play. Don't alienate newer players.

  • Theo Stokes
    Theo Stokes

    Seems like a great concept, but getting it to work. Geez...

  • cristian cucu
    cristian cucu

    Well i can tell you this much => if this is limited to tier 10 .... well , let's just say that not all of us are tier 10 players and some if not many actualy have a family or and a job so yeah very limited and the rts part of it need a lot of work like maybe 2 or 3 % it is done only , but that being sed i do think it could be fun . If they actualy want to make this game put some real pve elements in it .... just imagine going on misions with your friends or iven alone in your favorite tank (in mi case t 34-85 ) just imagine the fun . Sory for the bad english .

  • CocoDave37

    This is Steel Division inspired. Definitely different for WOT

  • erotaka7 Dark
    erotaka7 Dark

    I would not want to spend that much credit to play stratigist

  • NoobTeaBag

    So you say you have to play those games to be able to play at the commander. But on game launch no one will have the credits to play against one so who will they play against?

  • Toothmother

    If wot puts this mode in the game I'll pass.

  • Sanity ツ
    Sanity ツ

    Can u do a tank review on 4005 vs 183

  • Dante KSA
    Dante KSA

    try to finish ur shots then switch to another auto reloader tank (it always work very well and broken)

  • Dante KSA
    Dante KSA

    idk but it feel like u are not good as a Strategist xD u should take more care on ur troops always and that what we learned from all old games like general , command conqur and red alert even war craft 3 and star craft

  • William Monterosso
    William Monterosso

    I'm loving Order of War so far. There are some other minor issues with the pillboxes unloading at the slightest LoS to a player tank. It needs lots of AI tweaks, but it is overall very fun.

  • Bob Raoul
    Bob Raoul

    2:09 As it shows, a 7 light tanks team is possible

  • Zdeněk Bína
    Zdeněk Bína

    what happened to your beard, QB?

  • Masewero

    *cough cough* WoT Console *cough cough*

  • Krzysztof Wadowski
    Krzysztof Wadowski

    I think this mode would be perfect for "historic" battles. Hope it makes it into the game with possibility to play with not only tier X's.

  • IamRealistic1

    Monetize it some how? You said early on how much many credits you "LOST" being that it is tier 10's. That my friend is monetized, meaning WG knows how to get players to spend real money in a hurry. Another sad aspect is if this mode does end up in the game, is the likely hood that only top players will be rewarded while the vast majority of players get nothing. Not a good mode to consider.

  • Burleigh

    In team clash starting Friday. Which team will you join. I think you suit Circon

  • Fletcher 413
    Fletcher 413

    @QuickyBaby They used to have this game mode on the console version, but it wasn’t as good as the pc version seams to be looking.

  • Birk Daugaard Kristiansen
    Birk Daugaard Kristiansen

    lol stupid

  • Franklin Coffey
    Franklin Coffey

    Why in the world did wg not make this strategist v strategist

  • vk_o2

    world of bots :(

  • jaco sadie
    jaco sadie

    hey QB, trim your cookie brush a bit lol. hallo from NA server and keep up the fun vids

  • the cellulon triptometer
    the cellulon triptometer

    I could/would not want to play like this. As bad as match making is, one of the great things about WOTs is that both sides have roughly equal resources going into a game. With this, both sides have advantages that would be frustrating.

  • Edson Kidwell
    Edson Kidwell

    Quicky fire controller is what your looking for you direct your tanks via spotting and waving forward your forces

  • Edson Kidwell
    Edson Kidwell

    Sadly I have zero tier 10s my M60 went missing it was a reward for planning in some series alas tier 6 WWIi tanks could be wicked or early say invasion of Poland etc etc

  • Justneed Ductape
    Justneed Ductape

    LOL speaking about micro managemnt.

  • Edson Kidwell
    Edson Kidwell

    Hmm interesting battles like monte casino hurtenwald forest zigfried line not to mention the lost battalion of lake riga or well many KILLER possibilities in this scenario kudos to the game developers for their hard work

  • MatchuCT

    Starcraft players' turn to shine in WOT. hahaha

  • Michael LaBossiere
    Michael LaBossiere

    The strategist would often have a meaningful advantage since half the opposing team will often be committing hate crimes in chat. But a good opposing team could overload a single strategist.

    • Michael LaBossiere
      Michael LaBossiere

      @Lennis01 Good point; as long as the team is not terrible and work together to some degree they should be able to push the strategist enough to have a decent chance of winning. Much depends on the quality of the AI; the past AI events seemed to rely mostly on an advantage in numbers or superior vehicles to even things out.

    • Lennis01

      I don't think the opposing team even has to be all that good. Just aggressive. Putting pressure on the strategist quickly will force him to make mistakes and rely on ineffective AI to halt the advance.

  • Radim Ziegler
    Radim Ziegler

    there is one enormous problem with this game mode- a player that has 7 tier X. tanks will be infinitely better than 7 people who have 1-6 tier X. tanks.

  • Mark Elliott
    Mark Elliott

    Yet another exclusive for those players with enough Tier 10 tanks to play and pockets deep enough. Love QB to comment on how practical this is for a free to play account to engage in. The reality is they can't so this is another example of a pay wall.


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